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Found 7 results

  1. Shae Edward Davies-Coft

    Galaxy engines gravity issue

    Hey guys, firstly. Great job on the game. I have had astroneers since it basically came out in early early access on Xbox one and it has been absolutely amazing watching the game grow! You guys have invented a purely beautiful work of art and I have enjoyed countless hours of really entertaining and thoughtful fun. Couple of of things that have really really pissed me off. Tethers causing an immense amount of lag as the game has to account for every single tether in the gAme. While the re-breather is as good solution to this, 8000 bytes and nanocarbon alloy mean that it is only accessible to late game development. This means that to then mitigate the lag one has to then remove by hand all tethers which no one is going to do. The lagging is not too bad on single player and is manageable (still fucking annoying) but when we go to play online with each other, the HOST will lag so badly that the actual speed at which the host moves is reduced to about a quarter of that of the other members in the server . To the point the game is unplayable. The second point that that I am struggling with right now is this: i used the large rover with a drill bit 3 on t to dig to the core of the planet I am on. Super enjoyable digging down to the core, however, once I got to the galaxy engine the rover was affected by the central gravity of galaxy engine. I was was able to use the pink energy pathways in order to navigate to the very edge of the gravity affected area but when I arrived to the edge of the path, a giant pyramid shaped part of the gateway is the last part of the gravity area. I drove at speed Ed trying to clear the gravity and instead got hooked onto the very top of the pyramid! Now the rover over I have spent a good day building is completely stuck and there is nothing I can do to move it! I now have to abandon my rover, RTG and all accompanying items, let myself die and start again! Super frustrating. Please make ale it easier to escape the core with heavy machinery. As I understand the need to unlock all the galaxy gates, however digging straight to t is just so fucking satisfying! Please I beg you! Make it easier! I absolutely adore fore this game and I intend on playing it for years to come. If you fix these lag issues particularly with the tethers the game will run so much smoother. Maybe adding an an option or a function to remove all tethers once the oxygenated has been unlocked? That could be a quick fix. Thanks for for your hard work and your diligence in respecting your fan base and trying your best to make the game as enjoyable as possible! You ou guys are legends! Keeps it up!
  2. Hi !! I'm on Xbox One X with the last version of Astroneer, and the graphics performances are very poor !!!! The game is lagging, the fps is obviously under 25fps !! IT's clearly a regression as I noticed a fluid graphic displaying few versions ago !!
  3. Hey, I have a question. Should it lag/stutter so much in multiplayer when everybody is loading new areas or terraforming? It's really hard to play like that. Im playing on singleplayer normally without any issues, but here in multi, it stutters like hell.
  4. Brian Crivella

    Game crash and lagging issues

    [Xbox One S] So I have been having this game crash and it always happens when I go to put a research pod on to the vehicle, which it can be a pain sometimes placing it into one of the ports. But just about every time it tries to attach to where the vehicles tether together the game makes a funny sound goes black and I'm back at my Xbox home screen. Also in the the last 2 days when starting up the game it will either not load and go back to my home screen or when I get to the screen to select my save, when I push any button nothing happens and I have to reload the game. I have been experiencing some moderate to severe lagging as well, some times the game freezes for 5 seconds at a time and some times it will take several seconds for the terrain to load. I wanted to build a big base which I did and I'm thinking having too many base objects created and having too many teathers out could be causing this on the Xbox, just a thought.
  5. Adam Ross

    5 priorities

    1: keep the game from lagging after extended exploration 2: Add intelligent alien life, possibly as rival terraformers 3: Add story or universe-building 4: More space-flight and planetary flight options 5: Add ability to destroy base structures
  6. So I found a crashed solar panel, spent a few "openings" of the world to find the research for a winch to move it, and found it to have gotten stuck even though it wasn't actually in any bit of the ground. Digging around didn't help, so I decided to try one of the strategies mentioned on the steamcommunity forums: build those connector things (the 1 resin ones) to make a line all the way to it, then connect via vehicle. However, I also found that this line of buildings is constantly being rendered, even though most of them are never in sight. (Probably doesn't help that they also always seem to try pointing the little tube-out things towards the camera.)Attached screenshot shows this: every little group of white pixels is a connector. Note that I did try using a few tweaks in the Engine.ini (also mentioned on the steamcommunity forums) to try and up the fps - since it went from a reasonable ~25 to about 7 or 8 as I kept building it - which is why the colors are slightly more saturated/there are jagged lines. The big group of vehicles and whatever over on the right is my main base; the solar panel is obviously past the left side of the screenshot. Also, all of the connectors that don't have something on both of their slots start asking for resin (like they would when trying to make a larger base for printer/etc), even though they shouldn't be, after a reload.
  7. Gamer_GOD

    Lagging with my Laptop

    Hello, System era. I am lagging with my Laptop,i think 0-6 FPS. Try to make some Graphics lower or an Option in the Game. P.S. I like this GAME Bye thanks for you time GAMER_GOD