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Found 7 results

  1. As you travel each planet, landing zones become really cluttered. It would be nice if we could color code and name each landing zone as needed.
  2. In order to differentiate distant beacons in horizon. How about including the possibilty of labeling them ??
  3. Loaded into my world and the Resin deposit that was near my start still shows the label 'Resin / Common' when going near it, although I'm pretty sure there is no more resin there, just a hole.
  4. MrrQuackers

    Be Able To Name Beacons

    You should be able to name each beacon. When they are in the distance, they all have the same icon, making it difficult to see what beacon means what. If we could label the beacon, then when you see it in the distance you can know it means something, like "Resin Deposit" or "Crash Site Research."
  5. Grooving Tune

    Multiplayer Bugs for Xbox One

    I play this game with my friends on Xbox One in the co-op mode. I joined up with my friend in his server. When we researched things, the server host was the only one that could see what we had just researched. I also notice in my single player the minerals have an icon over them as you get close. This feature wasn't present when I played co-op, nor any icon titles. The only thing that I could see marked was home base, never made beacons to see if those showed up. The days seem really short and the nights seem really long. Was that the idea? Maybe it is the planet I am on, not sure. Can you make the dust storm occur less often? Or spawn in more random locations? I got smacked with direct hits like 4 times in the matter of an hour. Carrying items is really difficult, maybe it supposed to be that way, but can you make walking/running while carrying an item easier to control? Turning your character while holding an item is very non responsive. Can you add a stacking feature to the back pack? You fill up you pack very quickly and if you are a ways from home the travel back to drop the items off and then returning back to mining site gets old. I understand that you can put storage on buggies and trucks to help with that issue but it takes time to get those vehicles. Not to mention once you get a vehicle the trip is no longer as bad. Just some food for thought. I will play it whether these changes are made or not, at least the non bug issues. Keep up the great work. This game is epic!
  6. Zhang

    Planet Naming

    My suggestion is that, when in the planet selection screen, you can name planets which you have previously landed and created a base upon. Background: While watching a video on different planets, I thought about using them for different purposes like a mining planet or something like that (I'm quite new to the game so this might sound awful) and so I thought that you could maybe name your planets. Uses: As I explained above, the uses would be to dedicate different habited planets to different purposes (e.g. a mining planet which you know has many easy-to-access resources). Overall, I believe it would help organise the game a little bit more.
  7. The ability to hide all labels (turn off UI) would be great. It gets very cluttered and kills my immersion.