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Found 6 results

  1. Using Mouse/Keyboard as controls, with Keyboard Option "Vehicles Use Absolute Steering" set to "ON". Remapped "Forward" key from default "W" to "HOME". Remapped "Back" key from default "S" to "END". Vehicle does not recognize the new mappings, instead uses the default "W" and "S" keys for forward and back movement. Note that remapped LEFT and RIGHT keys function properly.
  2. Shifting from non-default controls (WASD) causes issues with controlling rovers. As with all games, I prefer the "home position" for keyboard use, which causes a shift from WASD to ESDF. With this config, the game does not save the config properly for vehicles. The intended ESDF becomes more like EAFS. Rebinding the keys does not help, rebooting does not help. This was reported before the September 6 update. With 2 reinstalled clients, the glitch is still in the builds.
  3. Summary: Rovers do not respect FWD/BACK re-bound movement keys Description: I bind my movement keys to ESDF instead of WASD in all games. Since the update, I cannot drive my rovers without restoring the default key settings. When I press E or D, the rover does not move (no power is drained either). For some reason, when I have bound ESDF as my movement keys (and R/W for terrain tool/backpack, all others default) pressing the A key on the keyboard causes the rover to reverse despite the fact that the key is not configured to do anything. Platform: Steam Ve
  4. Summary: – Steam – Mouse Keys 3-5 not bindable Description: Mouse Keys 3-5 not bindable. It‘s a standard gaming function, so i post it as a bug and not a suggestion. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | 1803 | 17134.345 CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR3 800Hz Drive: Western Digital 1TB (WD10EZRZ-00Z5HB0)
  5. Short and sweet - I'd love a button that I can turn on and it just walks automatically without me holding it down. Preferably a sprint. Please Other than that, I'm super happy atm - thanks for everything!
  6. 1) Clearer Instructions. When I first encountered the game, I was very confused when nothing popped up to guide me. After they tell me to press WASD to move, then what? Whenever the player makes a new move, it would be much better if there was a short guide to it to make the player feel more comfortable in the game. 2) More binded keys. I felt that keys were lacking. Using only WASD, E, Alt, Ctrl, etc, while nothing on the right side of the keyboard was a bit disappointing. One example: Maybe bind a map window on the key 'M' for the sake of convenience and dynamics of the game.