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Found 5 results

  1. Me and 2 of my friends were trying to get the wanderers dream achievement, we got to the last probe on Atrox and the wanderer appeared but me and one of my friends weren't able to take a picture with him to get the achievement while my other friend was able too.
  2. After the video ends I got out and walked around, which was fun. the only thing I wasn't super happy about was the fact that I lost that entire vehicle and the contents of my backpack. I do believe this glitch can be fixed by making it so that the car does not stick into the ground like you saw in the first part of that video. This is not the first time this has happened to me too. I look forward to your update on this game, I love the game you have created so far, please keep up the great work! Please notify me of updates on this glitch. Thank you for your time.
  3. I run this game on steam with keyboard/mouse. So The bug has occurred on the smelter where two of the storage ports are taken up by one immovable piece of copper. I say one because one port has three "micro blocks" of the copper and the other port holds the rest of the block. Both ports list as copper when hovered over but do not allow me to take them out. This bug occurred when I attempted to add a aluminium ore after already turning on the machine for a copper ore. ALSO: It may already be known but I'm confused as to why there are 4 spots for smelting when 1 ore= 1 copper and 4 ore= 1 copper. The machine seems to eat my resources! It works properly when I have both Aluminium ore and copper ore both smelting. Thanks!
  4. So I had a bug where presumably all you have to do is re-enter your pod to save the game. I did so several times and once I quit the game and came back I was at a previous save, an hour of play gone. I'm not sure if this is multiplayer specific or not.
  5. This is for the steam version. I loaded up the save file from before the patch and added another vehicle bay to an already existing base. It did not recharge power from the umbilical like all the other modules. As a workaround I placed a battery and solar panel on it which charged it up but that really shouldn't be a final solution. Exiting to main menu/desktop and reloading save did not fix the issue either. Also after manually charging the bay and building a truck it still refused power from the base.