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  1. While playing the Steam version of the game with keyboard and mouse, there will be fraction of a second lag-spikes, and if you were pressing any button during this time on mouse or keyboard, it will keep going even after you let go until you click it again. It's a very small glitch, but it's just gotten me killed, so I felt the need to report it. It happens to me most often while I am digging.
  2. Input device: Keyboard & Mouse Platform: Steam How i achieve this bug? when i'm connected to my friend and i want to travel to another planet, then my space ship (shuttle) start glitching, for example i see just myself falling to space or just hydrazine fuel. After reaching orbit of planet everythings go fine and i can play normal as before leave my origin planet sometimes when i'm traveling through space to another planet and have this gliching travel, my game just close without any bug report or crash report window. it's littlebit flustrating when you have fu
  3. I’d really like to see keyboard and mouse become a feature in astroneer, is this something system era would be able to incorporate, I know a lot of people would find this useful and considering the type of game it is it would have no impact on other player but greatly increase the amount of enjoyment to be had out of the game
  4. I’ve posted this elsewhere but I’d like to know how many other Xbox players would benefit from having keyboard and mouse as an input option. It makes shaping the terrain a lot more controllable and just much easier to do everything. It’s seams astroneer was designed to use said but for obvious reasons it hasn’t been included so far. I know there are other issues concerning the game straight after realease but I for sure would love this to become a feature, thoughts anyone?
  5. As THOUSANDS here I face the issues consequent of using a AZERTY keyboard, and thereby the issues consequent of re-mapping keys: - Key re-mapping is NEVER saved, have to re-do it each time I log on - the forward key of any wheel vehicule (buggy, rover etc) is NEVER WORKING I stopped playing the game because of this, and came back recently as i saw you made some patches... I JUST CAN UNDERSTAND HOW THIS IS NOT FIXED IN PRIORITY, THESE BUGS HAVE BEEN DETECTED AT LEAST ONE YEAR AGO !!!! I CAN'T IMAGINE THESE NOT TO BE CONSIDERED AS MAJOR BUGS, BUT IT SEEMS SO AS YOUR PR
  6. On 15th November we got an Xbox update with the Mouse and Keyboard support and Astroneer would be played well better with this support than with an Controller. The controls with an Controller aren't bad but with a Keyboard and Mouse it would be more comfortable. Are you guys working on it to bring it to Astroneer?
  7. Hi ! I know this has already been reported but it is still happening everytime I launch the game. I'm a French player, so I play with an AZERTY keyboard and I need to change the key bindings from WASD to ZQSD in order to play properly. The problem is that everytime I launch the game, the controls reset so I need to change them back to ZQSD. I'm aware of this problem so the first thing I do when I log in is changing the key bindings but if this could be fixed, it would be very nice, much more simple. Apart from that, great game you created, every update shows more potential, and
  8. I was playing astroneer on pc then i found things called seeds then i was gonna scan them so i left them in the unbreakable surface of the spawn area and they were grown ups when i came back and i was a little bit "oh a plant?" and a little bit "this floor is unbreakable!" and i tried breaking it guess what? I was not able to break the floor so the plant was stuck there! and i kept dying to it!
  9. Hi, I use AZERTY keyboard. I redefine Z and Q for forward and left each time i launch the game... no problem In version 0.9.0, vehicul's command forward stay on W despite redefine... ok, i drive forward with W In version, 0.9.2, any key don't forward vehiculs... even i go qwerty keyboard. Too much for me... i don't want to play with only backward move in vehicul >< Some bugs are very fun, but this one don't make me laugh ? I don't return on game as long as this bug is there Best regards, good luck
  10. Hi all, I have 2 issues with the keyboard configuration, as per the following: - the Keybidding is not kept when leaving the game: I have to configure them again at each next game launch. - the Keyboard configuration can be modified for the "pedestrian mode", but when I enter a rover, the original keybidding is back (thus I have rather different keys to go forward when on foot and when driving...). When I exit my rover, I have the keys I configured back. And so on. I'm up to date (0.9.0 version), and I'm a new player (a few days), thus I don't know if it is n
  11. I'm unable to go forward with my keyboard when absolute steering is on but i can go backward and turn correctly
  12. Hi, I would like to forward 2 feedbacks about the keyboard config: When we change the keyboard config, the new key to go straight forward is not apply for the rover. In other words, the original key is still use for the rover and the new shortcut is used only for the player itself. The keyboard config is not saved when we leave the game. I must reconfigure the layout for a french keyboard ('AZERTY" instead of "QWERTY") on each restart of the game. Best Regards, Immé
  13. Can you do so that we can save the keyboard key settings ? Please... And quick
  14. I know alot of people have posted about hosts on multiplayer or solo cant click on items or move items or platforms and even use vehicles. Me and my brother have made some observations on when we noticed it started happening and wanted to make this post to see if any of this info helps. 1.We are both on pc using mouse and keyboard. 2. We are both on steam. 3. We decided to build a huge base that extends far from the main black center, the bugs in question is the host cant click on item or anything in the base if the part of the base appears to be over a hallow cavern unde
  15. I've just mentioned this in someone else's thread, but it's getting on my nerves SO MUCH now, that i felt it needed a thread of it's own. the new 6.0 update has given us a new set of selection controls. now, we select some stuff with one key, some with another. I've yet to fully identify the logic behind which key does what exactly, but i imagine I'll get used to it. i'm able to customise my keyboard controls to my needs (Steam, on a PC). i don't like having controls spread over my keyboard, i tend to group them over at the right hand side, around the arrow keys and the enter button
  16. Oh boy this was incredibly sad STEAM, MOUSE/KEYBOARD I was going for a friendly drive on my big boy rover with my pal Tyler, when we hit a big boy hill and flipped our rover upside down. Tyler got out of the rover, and stood there, I also got out but immediately got back in. As soon as I got back into the rover, I transcended the mortal plane and phased into the planets core. Also every time I pressed E, no matter how far away I was from the vehicle, or if I was targeting something else, it would teleport me to the stupid rover. (I'm sorry it's not actually stupid). And after I restarte
  17. I am playing with a g502 spectrum mouse. I am have no response in game for the mouse at all, but the keyboard works fine. Is this a glitch or something else?
  18. Hello everyone, i have a couple of question: 1)Why can't we set render distance? I have the feel that's shorter than before, if i've the graphic-power, why can't i increase it? I think it's a nice graphic option 2)Why Q open the backpack AND the Catalog? I'd like to open/Close the backpack with Q not to open the catalog everytime
  19. So, I started a new game and was attempting to set up my platforms in an organized manner. I wanted to keep them along the North and South directions on each side of my pod in lines. However, when clicking on the last placed platform starter to set a new one, it will come out to where I want it initially, but then it will move, either before I place the resin in it to build it, or as it's being built. Making building my base in an organized manner completely impossible. I am using mouse and keyboard and my game is through Steam. I am on Windows 10 with all latest updates installed. The gam
  20. Platform : windows 10 (steam) Issue (bug) : I use a bépo keyboard (equivalent to Dvorak), I have configure the key in option, « é » for up, « i » for right, « u » for down and « a » for left but when I walk and I tipe the key « i » (for right), it's open my backpack in addition to going to right. When I drive, it work fine. Sincerely, Heziode
  21. Running Windows 10, (v1703). From time to time the character will move un-commanded. Pressing a mouse button doesn't stop the character. Pressing a direction key (usually A or D) will cause the character to stop but releasing the key resumes the un-commanded movement. Seems to settle down after repeated key inputs.
  22. I recently got a new laptop and it runs astroneer really well, but yesterday i noticed that the responsiveness of the tab, q, and e keys. They have to be pressed several times before the game registers the keys as being pressed. The game isnt lagging at all and the keys work just fine when i use them in chrome and in other games and programs. Any ideas as to why its doing this and/or how to fix it? Thanks.
  23. I was going through the settings to optimize my game, so I changed the key to enter the home-cabin/vehicle/ from "tab" to "q"(personal preference). But now it still says Tab if you're near it. I can only enter with q(which should happen), when I press tab, nothing happens.(which should also happen) I'm using a keyboard on steam. This might be fixable by having some system check which key is bounded to entering the vehicle/home-cabin
  24. On keyboard and mouse on steam, I have to press (most notably) e and q several times before the game registers me pressing the button and opening my terrain tool or backpack respectively. It has gotten bad enough that I don't play this game anymore. Please fix because this is still one of my favorite games. The bug is just really annoying.
  25. After not playing Astroneer for about ten days, I returned to the game and found a very unusual bug: Q, E, Esc, Tab, and Space all need to be pressed twice with about half a second in between presses for anything to happen. W, A, S, D, and Shift work fine. The problem is only with the keys that perform a specific, one-time function, like opening the backpack as opposed to moving forwards. After testing other games, I've narrowed it down to this one only. I couldn't find anything in the settings that changed it. I changed the key bindings, but still the problem was only in t