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Found 2 results

  1. A couple folks in the speedrunning community found that we could use custom mouse software to map PgUp, PgDown, and Middle Mouse Click to Left, Right, and Enter respectively. This lets a runner snap open their backpack, select an item to print with their side mouse buttons, and kick off the print with the Middle Mouse button. This saves a lot of time over the course of the run, as a runner no longer needs to wait for the backpack to be in view, to click the button, or take their hand off the mouse to actually hit enter. But what's good for speedrunning can also be good for accessibility. This change was really helpful for us to make all printer menus easier to use, but we're currently relying on SteelSeries or Razor software drivers to change what keys the mouse is sending, when it'd really be great if the client just let players change their controls this way in the first place. Could the devs consider making this configuration easier for all players to achieve?
  2. As title. Currently the backpack and the resource journal is the same key, meaning you are forced to cycle through the backpack and the journal every single time you need to do something in the backpack or the journal, which becomes really annoying really fast. It's also not possible to bind them separately, which is also a tad annoying. You've got a minimum of 14 buttons to use on the controllers (not counting combinations) so there's no excuse for only using 7 and slapping everything together on the same buttons - and there's no need to make the keyboard controls follow the same system as the controller. Oh, and the game's also still missing the ability to rebind the controller buttons (it's 2018 and this is basic stuff for a PC game). Obviously this isn't a high priority, but I find a lot of developers completely overlook the keybinds and how the games play because of them. And yet rebindable keys is probably the easiest thing to put into a game.