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Found 5 results

  1. I cannot seem to re-keybind the 'TAB' key in game! I would love to use it for something again... Anyone else run into this? Has this been addressed by SystemEra?
  2. I have a mouse that has 6 extra buttons on it aside from left, right and middle click. I wanted to bind Tether to one of these buttons but it wouldn't let me. I don't know if it is a bug or if it just isn't in the game. Make it possible to bind actions that are normally assigned to the keyboard to buttons on a mouse and vise versa. My fix: I have a Razer mouse so my solution is create a mouse profile that changes all the buttons to keys. Ex: When I press Mouse Button 5 it pretends that I pressed "T" on my keyboard.
  3. Hello This are points that i write since the CB/EA and till now here is nothing done! I think so you can frustate PC-Player / non Gamepad-Player. Meanwhile the development distinguished between LeftShift & RightShift LeftCtrl & RightCtrl LeftAlt & ReigtAlt LeftStrg & RStrg etc..... But Astroneer considered onnly the LeftKey variants!(?) So Player that play with the Curser Keys can´t use the Keys around that keys! So i can´t use RShift for modifier to fast collect Items. Also I cant Jump with Right Strg! (But wen i´m running i can jump!) There are some more cases, waht dosen´t work, so please for all Players how rebinding her Keycontrols, check all Cases in your Code and fix it please! THX
  4. At the moment, the only way to control the vertical steering of the rover mounted drills is to shift your view up and down. To me, this feels very counter-intuitive. I'd love to be able to control the vertical direction of the drill with either keybindings, or to be able to hold a button which enables you to change vertical direction with your view. Currently, you cannot look around without shifting drill direction, me no likey.
  5. When you change the key binding to move from WASD (American) to ZQSD (Belgium e.g.), you can't move forward in a vehicle with Z, only with W. That's kinda annoying ...