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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I already know that this topic will call for discussion, whether one may judge this as an error or not. Now for some reason I think .... Yes. So I thought so all the time, the modifier button Shift would have flown out of the game. But, today when testing the "Rover version" I find in the Help just this hint that you can collect objects directly with Shift. Well what should I say, but it did not work for me! After a few reflections, I came up with the idea, then I try the other shift key. Behold, with the key it worked. That means summarized, the shift key is queried only for the left shift, but not for the rights. But since I am one of the few players playing with the cursor keys, of course that's not great. Here you should therefore please extend the query to both shift keys. I think that would be enough. If you want to make it more "professional", give the key to the key bindings. greetings Strike Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Rover Update (
  2. Can you do so that we can save the keyboard key settings ? Please... And quick
  3. I realized I could use the TAB key to put stuff that was selected directly into my backpack instead of dragging them to backpack. But if I use the tab key with my tethers they simply vanish. Instead I have to drag them manually with my mouse to the backpack. it's no biggie but I lost a lot of tethers before realizing this issue.
  4. FoxFireRage

    ESC key funtion

    The ESC key is set to pull up the menu (which is fine) but the function of an ESC key is normally to get out of whatever you are currently in. It would be nice if the ESC key would close your inventory or whatever screen you have open and only open the menu once all other in game windows are closed.