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Found 3 results

  1. Would it be possible to make the following keys/buttons usable in key bindings? Right Control & Mouse thumb buttons. I'm an old style gamer and have a lot of trouble with the WASD keys, and prefer the arrow keys. With a lot of (early access) games I’ve been using the mouse thumb buttons for jump and jetpack. I could have sworn that I was using that setup while the game was in early access, but for some reason I can’t use them now.
  2. Hi ! I know this has already been reported but it is still happening everytime I launch the game. I'm a French player, so I play with an AZERTY keyboard and I need to change the key bindings from WASD to ZQSD in order to play properly. The problem is that everytime I launch the game, the controls reset so I need to change them back to ZQSD. I'm aware of this problem so the first thing I do when I log in is changing the key bindings but if this could be fixed, it would be very nice, much more simple. Apart from that, great game you created, every update shows more potential, and I really enjoy being a part of that big adventure that is Astroneer. Keep on the good work ! (I play on Steam, from France)
  3. I came to the forum because the home screen says to come here to give feedback, but I didn't know where to put this topic. After the update, it's obnoxiously difficult to bring up the backpack with Q. Holding the key for the even the smallest amount of time begins to bring up the research menu, and even if you release the key before it comes up, the backpack stays closed. It takes deliberate thought to press and release the key as quickly as possible to open the pack without the action being cancelled by the game thinking I might want to open the research menu. It's very aggravating. In addition, the new signs that come up next to resources if you accidentally mouse over them is intrusive. One thing I admired about astroneer is it's minimal ui involvement. After a little bit of experience with the game, players know what the resources do, and those additional signs shouldn't appear. Maybe the signs could disappear after being seen a certain number of times, or even better, there could be a menu option to disable them, there could even be an option the remove the resource icons completely for those that would rather identify things by their appearance alone and not have to worry about incompletely clearing out a vein and having the icon linger.