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  1. Hi SES team, First of all - what a great update! I'm salivating at the thought of all the things I am going to do. Thanks for the quality of life changes as well. Some long-awaited fixes in there. There's this one thing I cannot help but whine about and that's allowing us to open strongboxes only by means of blowing them up with dynamite. Would've been so much more interesting if some of those could be opened by solving a puzzle. Nothing too complex, I don't want you to spend another couple of months of sleepless coding or anything. Here's a couple of ideas: What if the strongboxes had several connection points via which we could supply power. But not just the good old plug enough and wait until it's filled up kind of thing. How about patterns? The player has to power up a specific combination of slots to open the strongbox. It's not about amount, it's about finding the proper electrical loop How about keycards? Sprinkle some unique (shape-, sound-, colour-coded...) cards around the place which are used to open specific strongboxes. Naturally, there should be a slight hint as to which keycard is supposed to be used with a given strongbox but nothing too revealing Or maybe use control panels left over as debris from crashes. Similar or slightly smaller in size compared to the research catalogue debris, but with one important distinction - they have a function and it is to open strongboxes once plugged in a side slot Brute force strongbox opening can stay. I don't mind it. But I'm sure you will agree that something a tad bit more sophisticated and mind-straining will add that special flavour to the exploration process. Thanks again! Cheers, Avan