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Found 11 results

  1. So guys me and my friend was playing in a save file and after 2 day of playing other games we decided to go play it again. But I couldn't join him and it kept happen then I told him to create a new world then I was able to join him the funny part is he can join to my world I can join to his other worlds then I told him to send the save file to me and it stated the game and I was able to play it then my friend tried to join but he was unable to so I think world file is corrupt for a some way and we don't wanna trash our all of the progress we made so is there any way to recover the save file?
  2. I got disconnected while in a planet's orbit. Now when I try to join after a long wait I always return to the game menu and am unable to join the game. Other players are fine. Server reboot does not not help. Anything that can be done? Save game editing or something? PC , mouse and keyboard. I would like to rejoin the game but my player seems to be broken.
  3. Playing on a PC. Have played with friend with same saved file for 70+ hours. Today, I was unable to join the saved game, even after multiple restarts on both sides. When it says "joining host", I soon get an error message saying error during map join. It has never happened until today.
  4. When I try to join a friend's game it says "joining" then I see a bugged place (I uploaded a screenshot about that) then it sends me main menu. Here is the interesting part begins, when I try to join my friend's game again I can not click "Join Game" button. I think game thinks I am in the server but only think I can see is main menu (that I can not see my saved worlds). Can someone help me about that? I am pretty sure it is a bug.
  5. So today I bought astroneer and fell in love with the game. Its a marvelous and cute explore game and I wanted a friend of mine to play. So we both joined while at his house with no problem. When I left though, I got on my xbox to join up with him and we both recieved Error failed to join host. I have tried port forwarding and reseting routers and consoles. My NAT is open and his is moderate but we just can't make it work. Please help.
  6. Hello, My friend and i where starting a game he joined me everything whas fine. When he logged out and tried to join back in with my invite on steam, he gets the error message ''failed to connect to host''.
  7. Hello, I encountered a slight frustration in Astroneer when playing with my friend, where I was hosting on Xbox One and he joined via Windows 10 version. The issue is where my friend would leave or I would quit the game (forcing him to leave) and the next time he joined my world, his items were no longer in his inventory but were spilled all over the ground, this happened repeatedly. Additionally, his dig tool would also be on the ground but cannot be picked up (he still had a dig tool in his inventory still though). Thanks!
  8. I really like the game but i cant join or play with my friends. As soon as a friends joins me or i join then i begin to lag steam uses up all my internet before and after they leave it is fine and nothing changed besides then joining. I wish i could play with them and its really annoying that i cant. If anyone can fix this please do iv already tried restarting my computer internet even re installing the game and nothing changed.
  9. Hi. There is two question. Thanks for answers. 1) I tried to play online with my wife, but after invite and join she begins in other world (planet) without me near her. Is it bug or strange feature? It was bought for multiplayer game. Any instructions? 2) Is there any chance in future to start my own dedicated server (windows or linux) to start a long long game for me and my friends without host on game pc?
  10. Hello! I love Astroneer so far, but lately it has not been running as smoothly as before, and my friend does not manage to join my game anymore. I would be soo happy if you could repair, so I can finally play this wonderful game. Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward that you can make the game even better than it is now. Oh yes, I have a request, it would be great if the items at the places, where you build them, be explained. Thank you very much for developing this wonderful game.
  11. On joining a co-op game, when the landing pod gets close enough to the base that it loads in, the game crashes. The lander arrives on the host's screen, but I am not in it. Stuff: i7 4790k @4.7 GHz, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1060, game is installed on SSD, using Steam