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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all of great staff of Systemera I have to say big thanks for your great work the ASTRONEER, I'm always look forward to each update I have some request for translation of Japanese language in a game today. I don't know that japanese-font(text) will be posted right in this board, so I upload some pics in same time. I'm sorry to my not enough of English...I hope you would understand my message X) 1. Trade Platform ”プラットフォームを交換する” (v0.8 now) When re-translate it, a meaning is 'Change a platform', we can't understand at all for this platform(lol so I recomend translate to
  2. I mention a Japanese translation of a worrisome word. #1: Trade Platform > [プラットフォームを交換する] Trade = 貿易(ぼうえき Bou-eki). This is strange translations clearly. It's as follows as a candidate. [トレードプラットフォーム], [貿易プラットフォーム], etc... #2: Habitat > [生息地] ...What?? Habitat is base facilities by this game. And it's also a launch pod. The one as a "Habitat" is used in meaning as "the place where many creatures are collected" in Japan. The meaning is ambiguous by literal translation by this game. It's as follows as a candidate. [ポッド](Pod), [ラン