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Found 3 results

  1. Mining or not saving periodically(every 20 minutes) then moving to a save vehicle causes game to crash. When dropping items on a planet ( such as a medium storage) items randomly fall through the surface; sometimes these can be found again, sometimes not. When you have build more than 3 platforms system begins to lag. Also note that storms every couple of minutes get annoying fast. Sometimes theyre so frequent it hampers gameplay.
  2. The first glitch I noticed was while I was playing with a friend, he did something with his terraformer that made me float underground! I saw everything in the caves and then I tried to go back up but I suffocated underground and died! Then he was driving his rover and it kicked him out and disappeared. After he left my session, it reappeared but it was floating in mid air! Then I logged onto one of my slots and the small storage unit I had underground went missing with very rare items on it. One of my rovers is also missing. There are so many bugs to fix and I'm pissed cause lithium and titanium are so hard to find and my whole storage disappeared! (Xbox one version)
  3. After a quick exploration of a few planets in my solar system (visited tundra, exotic then arid) on return to my home planet I was gutted to discover my buggy has disappeared along with any other modules I had lying around like a generator and 1 seat module. Have had to land the lander nearby so the vehicle bay is free to build another buggy. Mined some coal on the exotic planet but the other two showed nothing of interest so returned.