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Found 2 results

  1. The main idea is to create a "pipe" connection (like a pneumatic tube transfer) that will automatically pull items (like a printer picking up resouces) from one storage space and push (like a soil centrifuge after finishing production) them onto another. For example transferring all collected small items from you mining rover onto your local storage. Building setup: The basic setup consists of 3 components: - a small slot "pull" sending station - a pipe connection - a small slot "basic" receiving station The easiest way to set this up would be having sending and receiving station as separate small items which have their own "power plug like" connection pipe on top (just the receiving station has the actual pipe). Basic working process: - the transfering can be activated/deactivated - at the sending station you can use a panel to set up a filter which items to transfer (e.g.: all, resin, smeltable/smelted resources, full/empty soil canisters) - if an item becomes available at the position of the sending station (e.g. local storage of a rover) AND there is sufficient space at the receiving station side AND the item fits the filter properties AND transferring is active AND there is sufficient energy available, the transfer process is started - fluff wise I would suggest for visual effects: insert item into airtight canister, sending station door is closed, pressure is applied (even on planets without any atmosphere ), item moves to receiving station (maybe with a comic style pipe bobble effect), item is removed at receiving station, canister is being sent back - energy is consumed during the process - the process takes a certain amount of time (0.5 to 5 seconds range) Cost: Both stations should include some chemistry lab low level resources like for example plastic for sending and rubber for receiving station. Additional things: - there should be an additional building, the "pipe extender station" which is a small base with power connectors and two pipe slots (rubber, resin) which allows extending the transfer range into your favorite cave system - there is an advanced idea, the "pull item transfer" which will be posted in a seperate thread - if there are multiple sending stations in one storage space, the most specialised filter should get the item (only laterite > smeltable resources > all) - there could be some light indicating the current status (no power, idle, active)
  2. Please read my push item transfer post first The pull item transfer has a different receiving station than the push item transfer. This forwards item requests issued in local storage (e.g. a printer needs material) onto all connected sending stations. The pull receiving station - is medium size (2 connected small slots) - needs late gameish materials (e.g. rubber, plastic, steel) - has one pipe connector like the basic station - works only, when the "push" mode of the sending station is not active ? maybe has one small item slot for manually requested items - would require a panel for requesting, but this feature is really optional The pipe hub: Due to some limitations the I would enforce to reduce programming fuckups, there is the need for an additional building which allows pulling off multiple storage units. - the pipe hub is a medium base (1 resin, 2 rubber) with the usual power plugs - it contains one sending and 2 receiving pipe connectors - it allows to build tree like sending station topologies which are all connected to one receiving station Uses: - production buildings could be connected to multiple storage spaces and transfer the items necessary for production just in time - reduces the amount of manual small item transfers necessary in late game Implementation thoughts / open questions: - i think it is necessary to limit the range of the pull request to one network - otherwise there could be some self-requesting circular patterns. that's why: - the receiving station does not accept any item request by other push or pull networks! - the main question is: which buildings are allowed to pull items and when is the request being issued? * smelters should not be able to request * swapping recipies should not request the items as this might jam the storage capacity of the production building -> my implementation idea would be to treat items within request range like player inventory items - which are transfered as the production is starting (so their availability needs to be checked up front)