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Found 1 result

  1. There are a few bugs that I've experienced recently, but let me tell you what I was doing prior to this to hopefully provide more context. I noticed all these bugs in the following order and within the same time frame. I am playing on Xbox One, Version 0.2.10109.0 Disappearing/Floating Truck Glitch My friend had joined my game (I am progressed pretty far on Terran) and we drove around together in a truck. The truck had one seat on the front with a storage rack on the back and there was a rover attached to the truck, with a wind turbine on one end and another seat on the other end for my friend. There was also a drill head attached to the very front port of the truck, which we used to mine a couple ores. Please use the picture below as reference. The truck glitch that people have been experiencing had happened to us. The truck spontaneously kicked us out of it and just disappeared. I reloaded the game by myself and found the truck and the rover in mid-air so as I approached them both, they suddenly fell down when I got close. I got back in the truck and drove it to my base. An additional note is that both me and my friend can drive at the same time, which is counter-intuitive, especially being on opposite ends. I believe this is a bug and not intended to be used like that. Ores Not Able to Be Picked Up After Mined with Drill Head When you mine something with the drill head, it will automatically place the mined item(s) on a spot on the truck. Even if you are not finished mining an ore to the point where you can pick it up and use it, it will still place it on your truck. Please refer to the picture below. I was unable to pick up the resin on the left after being mined with the drill head. The resin on the right had been fully mined to the point where I could pick it up and use it, however the one on the left was only partially completed and therefore could not be picked up nor used. It is permanently stuck there. I am almost positive that the previous events did not affect this bug though. Items on the Ground, Very Tiny Until Picked Up Upon reloading my game after the truck glitch, I noticed that there were items on the ground (compound and aluminum) but they were very tiny and hardly even noticeable. When I hovered my cursor over them, I could pick them up and they would return to full size again.