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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, my name is law...ive came here to tell you that i would like too report an error in your game....multiplayer the issue is that i cannot join my friend and he cannot join me, we both have high spec pcs with good ping and good download and upload speed, we have checked if astroneer is allowed through firewalls, it is, we have turned our firewalls on and off, i have searched online for hours with so many people having the same problem and it has been around for like a year and ive not seen any updates too fix these issues so, let me explain my issue...when i accept game does nothing, so i manually click join on the co-op menu. and it says "session host" at the bottom right of my screen and says my friends name...and eventually it says could not find session or another error, i have reinstalled my game, gave astroneer priority internet and even lowered my graphics settings, and none of it works...and when i do connect ill be connected for a max of 5 mins Please help ~ Law
  2. so I made a large rover with the intended purpose of playing with friends as we planned and went to put a three seat on but I could no get it to face the correct way is this intended or a bug I then went back to my older save and found all my seats had been turned around as well
  3. List is as follows: Can't enter the seat of a rover/truck 8 out of 10 of the time unless you pick up and replace the seat. Rover more than the Truck. Truck/Rover torque slashed so much so going over rocks or inclines is difficult/impossible. Definitely don't want to use the even larger vehicle showed in the VLOG. Even worse when training vehicles together. The middle tires of the truck stretch incredible distances randomly when first moving. RETURN OF THE JUMPING VEHICLE glitch for truck. Change the ejection vectors some to avoid this issue. Fabricators cannot be used 3/10 of the time unless you pick up and replace them. Exiting to Menu and returning to the game turns some items blue(holographic) Suggestions: Enable the Boost Mod or other such mods for vehicles. Boost Mod would be appreciated for vehicles now more than ever especially if the vehicle speed/haul capacity nerf was intentional. Probably already suggested, but flying vehicles? Would be nice now that the rover and the truck are essentially junk.
  4. The Rovers are glitching out. Ever since the new 201 Update everything was fine. Then I saved and went to bed. Got up the next morning and the rovers were hovering, floating while bouncing up and down close to the ground, doing wheelies, and flipping over. Once they flipped over I'd flip them back and enter the driver seat. Next thing I know the 3-Train Rovers and Myself are sent flying into the sky. Twisting and turning. I started a new game once again and the bug seemed to be fixed. But after saving, and coming back it was doing the same thing..... I use my Alienware Gaming Laptop: i5processor, 16GB of Memory, 1TB HDD, and a Nvidia 960 or 965 Graphics. I use a keyboard and mouse for the windows store/Xbox One version.