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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, my name is law...ive came here to tell you that i would like too report an error in your game....multiplayer the issue is that i cannot join my friend and he cannot join me, we both have high spec pcs with good ping and good download and upload speed, we have checked if astroneer is allowed through firewalls, it is, we have turned our firewalls on and off, i have searched online for hours with so many people having the same problem and it has been around for like a year and ive not seen any updates too fix these issues so, let me explain my issue...when i accept game does nothing, so i manually click join on the co-op menu. and it says "session host" at the bottom right of my screen and says my friends name...and eventually it says could not find session or another error, i have reinstalled my game, gave astroneer priority internet and even lowered my graphics settings, and none of it works...and when i do connect ill be connected for a max of 5 mins Please help ~ Law
  2. so I made a large rover with the intended purpose of playing with friends as we planned and went to put a three seat on but I could no get it to face the correct way is this intended or a bug I then went back to my older save and found all my seats had been turned around as well
  3. List is as follows: Can't enter the seat of a rover/truck 8 out of 10 of the time unless you pick up and replace the seat. Rover more than the Truck. Truck/Rover torque slashed so much so going over rocks or inclines is difficult/impossible. Definitely don't want to use the even larger vehicle showed in the VLOG. Even worse when training vehicles together. The middle tires of the truck stretch incredible distances randomly when first moving. RETURN OF THE JUMPING VEHICLE glitch for truck. Change the ejection vectors some to avoid this issue. Fabricators cannot be used 3/10 of the time unless you pick up and replace them. Exiting to Menu and returning to the game turns some items blue(holographic) Suggestions: Enable the Boost Mod or other such mods for vehicles. Boost Mod would be appreciated for vehicles now more than ever especially if the vehicle speed/haul capacity nerf was intentional. Probably already suggested, but flying vehicles? Would be nice now that the rover and the truck are essentially junk.
  4. The Rovers are glitching out. Ever since the new 201 Update everything was fine. Then I saved and went to bed. Got up the next morning and the rovers were hovering, floating while bouncing up and down close to the ground, doing wheelies, and flipping over. Once they flipped over I'd flip them back and enter the driver seat. Next thing I know the 3-Train Rovers and Myself are sent flying into the sky. Twisting and turning. I started a new game once again and the bug seemed to be fixed. But after saving, and coming back it was doing the same thing..... I use my Alienware Gaming Laptop: i5processor, 16GB of Memory, 1TB HDD, and a Nvidia 960 or 965 Graphics. I use a keyboard and mouse for the windows store/Xbox One version.
  5. Hello there, Firstly, great game. Love it soooo much. It's such a shame it doesn't always work. Anyway, I play this a lot on Xbox one with my friends. Recently we were in my world when it crashed. Standard. We all quit and I loaded up my game for everyone to come back in. First friend comes in.... I see his ship land but nothing.... he then says it's frozen again. He reset and tried again. He can't even get to the space station without it crashing. His ship is still in my game. All my other mates could join but every time he tried it crashed. He started a game and we all got in... even though when I go near his buggies they go mental. Weve spent a lot of time on my world and it would be rubbish if he can't join again? Any ideas? Please see photo of what i mean... you'll also see my rovers in the background. This is common once I move further than 10 metres away. Annoying when they are attached to satellites. This is the video of what what happens when I go near a rover that's not in my game.. Thanks pledge
  6. So, I'll keep this short and to the point. I have astroneer for Xbox one and play anywhere. I mostly play it on my gaming laptop. Here lately astroneer isn't wanting to save properly. Example, I can play for hours and when I decide to quit I jump into my habitat, let it save, and then quit. Then I go back and instead of it showing my save file it gives me a save file that was 2 hours ago or something similar. So, I've been doing all kinds of things. Jumping in and out of the habitat, log out of Xbox live and back in, cut the internet off and back on. Turn my laptop off and back on, or even going to the main menu after saving and waiting. Nothing I do seems to make it actually save when I want it too, or load the proper save file. It's becoming very frustrating when I keep having to rebuild my base on planet exotic. As for tonight, I played for about 3 hours. I quit at about 10:20pm. Saved it and everything. I took a 30 minute break and come back. It quickly loads up and there it is, but instead of saying: Load May 20, 2017......10:20pm it shows me a save file that says: Load May 20, 2017.......8:48:31pm I've tried everything to get this game to save or load my save properly. I hate having to do 2+ hours of trying to set my new base up and then having to rebuild. It's basically pointless to even play the game anymore. So, yes, my laptop is up to date, my internet is fast "38 Mbs", the gave is up to date with version 0.3.10157.0 Any help?????
  7. This game really has me bugged. I can load a save file, play for many hours, jump into a habitat, truck, spaceship, etc and let it save. Then quit like normal. When I go back to play apparently the what ever amount of hours I played are lost because it's still showing the same load file. Example, I started this morning on a Load file that had May 23 10:02am. I played for an hour and saved in my habitat and spaceship. I quit and went to the main menu. It should have had a load file May 23 at 11:06am, but instead it showed me the save file for May 23 at 10:02am. It doesn't mater what I do, how many times I save, or how long I wait before I quit, this game won't save my progress when I want it to. I've counted and so far I've lost 14 or 16 hours because of this save problem. Until it gets fixed I'm just going to have to quit playing. I don't have any other choice and apparently it's not a big problem because I've asked help before and got no where. Oh well, there goes $$$ down the drain.
  8. Got a world I put alot of work into a world solo and can't bring friends into it.
  9. I just wanted to post in support of the Dev's, especially given some of the negative posts complaining about features not working or broken gameplay. I think everyone should remember that we're not playing the final version! You are the tester! It's expected that stuff won't work properly, and that the Dev's will try out certain solutions (the recent 152 research update for example) which just don't work out the way it was planned. Things will get refined, tweaked, polished or even ditched and built from the ground up again. I hope there are many, like me, in this for the journey and will help the Dev's build a great product. If you're on here just to slate what's been produced then please go do something else and leave the rest of us to help SE deliver a solid game by providing constructive and meaningful feedback.
  10. I am loving astroneers. My friend and I have been playing it a lot over the last week, well me more so than him. There's so many great things about this game and it's only in the preview stage. However we've noticed a lot of issues on the X-Bone that I see many people having that i'd just like to point out. Performance- I know this is a very early version of the game so I know it will get better with time but it's the biggest reason I can't enjoy the full game. After 9+ total structures and nodes there is a major loss in frame rate. Any additional structures after this point only makes the frame rate get worse. This makes a lot of things in the game extremely difficult. There is also a big drop in frame rate for the host when just a single friend is present in the game. Add in the audio tearing that makes it sound like some death monster is coming and going and the game gets really hard to play. U.I. issues- the rate at which the camera turns when in select mode such as when in space trying to select a new celestial body to travel to is really slow. While the speed at which you move the terrain tool is fine, perhaps a slider for the sensitivity can be added for this. -Grabbing and placing items can be hard. trying to take an item off a storage area or selecting something nearby often results in picking up the storage area itself. Players are more often picking up and placing things one the storage area rather than picking up the storage area itself. So if there was a way to maybe decrease the priority of selecting base structures over selecting actions or smaller items, I feel like that would help players a lot. -Speaking of grabbing, the backpack. Often time when I'm using my backpack, I'll grab something from behind instead of the item for the backpack. In addition, the backpack likes to sit in the middle of the screen making it difficult to move items from the backpack to other socket. -The camera. Holding things, the camera zooms out for a more visible shot of the Astroneer and the item but this causes a lot of issues in smaller cave when the item shoots behind you toward the camera, making it difficult to move. Also, when you open the backpack, the camera resets to it default angle making it impossible to place things on spaceships or trading posts without being in the proper position. -Sprinting. i'm going to break my controller holding the stick down to continue sprinting. It also hurts my hand. Bugs and Concerns- the funniest being when a small piece of debris hit my habitat, which stopped it, then watching it bounce to me at 3 mph and killing me instantly. -Trading post issues. I believe it was y fourth save when I heavily utilized the trading posts. The, I guess you'd call them, translucent socket placeholders on the rocket are extremely useful but sometimes just don't appear, making trading much more difficult to do in large amounts. -Storms. nothing major here, and they create a nice sense of urgency. My friend and i found that one of us often had to hide in a vehicle because the habitat only houses one person. this deactivates the parking brake in the vehicle and I have been blown a fair distance from my base while try to hide. Also in a storm, one of my wind turbine suddenly became dislodged and blew away. Ironic. I'm not sure if that's a bug or mechanic of the game. -Vehicles. One small thing here. In co-op the friend i had join my game couldn't operate the sense due to the fact he would cause the vehicle to go fly or flip, sometimes without moving what-so-ever. There was a particular instance where he was AFK and relaxing in a truck when it sudden rocketed to the opposite side of my base along with another truck attached to it. they both landed upside-down and it took us a fair amount of time to get them flipped over. -Buildings. so the inability to delete of be able to foresee the space needed for buildings makes things a little difficult, especially if you like to pack everything really close together like me. I get that it's a, "you know how the buildings work so plan accordingly" kind of thing but it can be a little annoying. I accidentally caused two structures to overlap and it looked so awful i had to start a new game. Additionally, on the other celestial bodies, the connect nodes (if that is the right term) around the habit or other node after you've extended it but not yet built it. It was weird and a little annoying. -Coop. Other than the performance and vehicle issue stated above, we did notice some inconsistencies when him or myself altered terrain. Also there were a few rare occasions where he would be unable to use his terrain tool and he'd have to quit and rejoin. -Stuff just disappears if there is no room for it. this happen in instances for mining to smelting. -Rocks are annoying. all variations. no exceptions. Suggestions-This is the only and I perfectly understand why this isn't a thing. Tethers supplying power for one base to another. Maybe not like as efficiently as the large tubes between structures. or maybe that could be a thing. Something similar to tethers but more like a power line-like item. I just thought of this because I spent hours in those huge cave deep beneath the surface. I accumulated a massive amount of research items to bring back to the surface for supplies but i knew that too would take me hours. So my first though was why cant i put a research station down here. well that needed power and the only real solution was a long line of nodes connected to my base above ground but that would not only cause a huge drop in performance but also be extremely taxing on resources. it would also be cool because then you could easily build and run a rover down there in the cave like a happy little astroneer. Despite everything I just listed, I had a great time playing the game. I can't wait to see future updates and get to play this game more in depth. I hope this post is helpful and that some of these can be address. Thanks for reading.
  11. SO there is this bug when u go in a not placed habitat ur stuck forever(not 100% sure if this happens to all of u who did this)and i'm pretty sure i has been bugging lots or some.this is a pretty game breaking bug it,this bug makes it so that u cant move(which is a big part about Astroneer exploration that is)make the game pretty useless until patched. pls fix game breaking bug. You guys might know this but i want to just say it again. and btw how long does it usually take to fix a bug like this??? -Ibruh
  12. So I'm not sure if this issue is affecting anyone else, but it makes multiplayer unplayable for me. Whenever I try to join another players game, or someone tries to join mine my frame rate drops to unplayable levels. My single player runs at 60+ fps consistently. I have no idea what is causing it.
  13. I recently purchased the Steam version of the game, because it has the ability to stream games via their "in home streaming" feature. I attempted to use it today to play on a collection of other devices and found when trying to move the camera around, the view just started spinning. Thinking it was a Steam issue or a host PC issue, I rebooted everything but to no avail. I've tried on multiple computers, in home streaming is not working for me with Astroneer - looks great, but can't control the game.
  14. 1. Every time I entered my rover it would flip around like crazy and kick me out of the vehicle. 2. I often find my character sliding underneath the map and floating around underground. 3. Fake terrian near my base. There would be a very flat pieces of terrain that I could walk through. 4. May not be a bug, but when I enter my pod the door does not shut. I wish it would. Sorry if these are already mentioned elsewhere.
  15. Ran into a couple bugs while playing in my load file with a friend. Over time, my friend and I weren't able to pick up research items that the other had discovered (could only pick up the object if you discovered). Eventually the pick up tool gave out completely; vacuuming and collecting minerals/materials was fine; picking up and placing stacks on different hubs was fine; could not pick up items from my backpack and all researchable items in the world. When my friend spawned in my world and we both got on a vehicle, on his screen he would sometimes teleport underground while somehow still being tethered to the vehicle, every once in a while he'd pop back up Another thing I noticed which isn't really a multiplayer issue is that I noticed the fps lowers significantly when the game switches from the day time to night time cycle. EDIT: #2 did seem like a connection issue at first but later on we realized his connection was fine; this only happened when he got on specifically the crane.
  16. Des

    Co-Op issues!

    To anyone that can help, I am trying to play Co-Op with my friend on Steam. Everytime I try to join their game it will load my screen, then freeze, and finally just takes my back to the main menu BUT when I try to launch it just creates a new world for me. I have tried hosting the game, inviting my friend, works normally for 10 minutes or so and then it crashes my game, not my friends. -Both me and my friend are roommates and use the same connection. -Both of our PC's can handle Astroneer. (Gtx 970, 16GB DDR3, i-5 6400, Good internet connection) -I have tried closing the game, opening it from the steam Invite. I have tried joining their game in progress. I have tried clicking on the invite from my friend. -We both tried deleting our saved worlds, re-installing the game too. I believe it's the game being a bit too buggy at the moment to have a fluid experience in Co-Op, I understand it is Pre-Alpha but it works perfectly fine at first when I am the host then crashes ALL THE TIME. Please reply with suggestions or related issues you guys have with Co-Op too so they can read this!
  17. Issues: I have noticed the following bugs and issues, and thought I'd just point em out Editing terrain around me sometimes causes me to fall through the map. Glitching in midair for too long (ie. from falling through the map and floating myself into a nearby cave to stop the glitch), then touching the ground, though not even from a distant height results in major fall damage The map has a small tear in it where I can see under the surface at all the ores and things below My spaceship lands at a random Vehicle Station, sometimes on top of other vehicles that are already there, glitching them together, or sending one of them flying through the air Better weight distributing on vehicles so that they don't go flying after bumping a tiny rock and rovers constantly crash into and jerk around the truck while in motion. If I pick up a tether and attempt to store it in my backpack, at this time, my first slot on the top left of my backpack is occupied by a battery but other spots are open despite that, the tether will not store and result in de-spawning. While using the Smelter to smelt ores, if all storage spots are occupied, and 2 or more ores are smelted, will result in one of them de-spawning Co-op/multiplayer (through Steam friend join) functions, but over time becomes out of sync, and the second player begins experiencing item de-spawns Base platforms cannot be removed or moved, so if I accidentally create a table instead of an expansion link, progress becomes impossible unless I start a new save file and start over again.
  18. First of all - amazing work, System Era. A game that I'm absolutely hooked on. Everything about this game is a joy to experience - the visuals, the gameplay, the music. Oh, and kudos to whomever created the 'click' sound for connecting items to your backpack and the base. It's probably the best noise in any video game ever, and part of me squeals with delight inside every time I hear and see something click and clack into place so gratifyingly. It's addictive! So, with that out of the way, here's some quick-fire issues I've found, and some ideas that have popped up in my head whilst playing all these hours! I'm not trying to be presumptuous, I just wanted to share the love! Some are decent ideas, some not so much! Also, I apologise if my game issues are already noted somewhere else, they're just things I'm spooling from the back of my mind: Issues: It seems that I was able to overlap a wind-vane on top of a compound item on the item slot on a vehicle bay. I haven't tried this with other base module item slots, but I'm guessing it's the same there (i.e. items can overlap other items on existing slots). When raising the terrain beneath your feet I've fallen through the world a few times (somehow I managed to float back up the surface, which was odd... but relieving!) More than once I've had a spikey-style copper node suspended in mid air after mining away the ground beneath it, but haven't seemed to excavated the actual 'node' itself - it just hangs there. It's possible the extend your base umbilical over a resource zone, leaving any resources that are embedded within the module's grey base unextractable I accidentally built a storage unit on top of a rover and some 'fun' physics gave me some grief for a few minutes It's possible to land a shuttle on top of an existing vehicle bay object It's very hard to differentiate two different, yet close, landing zones from orbit Pumpkin / gas plant clouds can follow you through walls! Cheeky blighters! It's very easy to accidentally click on the terrain whilst running, prompting your character to stop immediately and do the 'point' gesture. Perhaps this gesture should be disabled when not in a multiplayer environment? The same goes for 'pointing' at resources. Some ideas: Make landing zones appear in red if they are obscured by other shuttles or vehicles, and therefore unusable. Add a 'light pod' item that can connected to a tether rope and provides a bright point light - much brighter and with greater reach that the tethers. Add a kind of low-level personal transport device that gives less functionality than the rover, but more than just running. Jet-packs are a bit game-breaking in some situations, so I was thinking maybe a drone that could connect to both top slots (meaning you'd have to juggle your backpack inventory a bit), has limited power, but provides a much faster movement speed than running - just a couple of meters above the ground. Again, connected charging modules in your backpack could charge it. You could float over obstacles, but it'd be fairly impractical to use it over anything but smooth terrain. More environmental effects? Rain requires an atmosphere - but nobody said it had to be H20! It could be burning acid rain, or a snow flurry / blizzard. The starting planet has lovely puffy clouds, but that suggests that water is present on the surface somewhere, and that rain is a possibility! I know farming is being investigated / worked on, but having some kind of thirst and hunger management aspect would really crank up the survival aspect a notch. Unknown Worlds did a great job with Subnautica by allowing players to start a new game with or without the hunger / thirst mechanic in place, allowing people to choose how hard they wanted the game to be. Something similar as an option would be good in Astroneer. Add some additional power-generation options that can be effective at night-time (the wiki mentions Geothermal? I'm not sure if this is implemented or not...) Water / fluid bodies on the surface. Perhaps exploitable for some purpose / or providing some kind of hazard? I'd love to see a way to extend a new base umbilical beyond its default range - perhaps when you click the root umbilical (the one that follows you around) it snaps to the player and you can kind of 'drag it out' like a hosepipe to the desired location (within a reasonable length), after which you can place it down. Perhaps a base module specifically design for storage. Let's say it opens out and provides 8 slots. If you use small storage panels on it, you've got 32 slots you can use on it - that'd be great longer-term storage. I'd love to see some additional use for the artifacts after they're researched. Currently, once you've researched them they have no use - you'd never pick them up again unless you want to score 1 unit of a particular resource (potentially). However, if you could have a base module that lets you, I don't know, melt them down or recombine them in some way? Perhaps a machine that reduces them down into their component atoms, and after enough is stored up you can recombine them into whatever material you want (expending the stored resource). Sometimes, flitting between planets on resource runs can be frustrating. Even in the best spaceship you can find yourself either waiting a long time for an orbit to coincide, or having to do multiple hops to get to your destination. Now don't get me wrong, thematically this is a great 'well, it's space - what do you expect' situation, but from a 'fun' perspective it can get a little grating. Perhaps being able to upgrade your ship to increase your 'effective range' would be a nice idea? Or even just another tier of ship - that could even require a whole new type of vehicle bay! Those mineral nodes that regenerate? How about having a device that you can attach to one or more of the big blue arrows that slowly accumulates the resource for you? Perhaps it has two or four slots on it, so that periodically you can swing by an pick up a handful of that resource. It'd be slow, but useful in a pinch. Plus it'd give the reason for players to jump in their rover and 'visit' each of their tapped nodes. Walls - since you're using physics to propel things like boulders during sandstorms and spiky weeds on the Arid planet, maybe having something to deflect (destroy?) those things colliding with it would be a good idea? Again, this idea could be further explored by having the possibility of entirely boxing-in your base with perimeter wall with entry gates for your vehicles. Oxygen tethers could just connect to the 'posts' of the wall, saving the likelihood of having tethers going through them. High-level machines that you can build (right at the top of the tech tree) that can dissipate a storm if it gets too close? Maybe requires significant charging or power attention (hydrazine?) to be used. On that note, an alarm you can attach to your backpack that pre-warns of incoming storm activity It'd be nice to have some form of scanner you can use to locate specific materials. Obviously at this stage it's reasonably easy to find most things - but I imagine over time as more is added the need to have some way to find things will become more useful? Bots that you can program to dig tunnels for you. This isn't minecraft, naturally, but having a bot dig a 50 meter tunnel for you (and return) might give you a way to locate new caves or other features whilst you're off doing other things. I'd love to see some larger-scale base development. Let's say that during a normal umbilical extension (where you have the option of using 2 resin to create a new module) you could opt to have it turn into a 'large module' platform. Doing so would extend it a little further and lay out a larger flat area from which you have the option of creating a larger structure (like a solar array, large wind turbine (propeller-style), environment or weather scanner, or larger ship builder!). That's probably all I can think of right now, but I'm already of how wordy this post has become! Thanks again for making this awesome game. I can't wait to see how this game develops and what you're going to put in next. With all these hours already invested and still wanting to play more, I can only imagine great things for the future of not just Astroneer, but System Era too PixelPrime