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Found 41 results

  1. Summary: Platforms printing without cable plugs Description: My platforms will occasionally print without the ability to plug in. There’s no plug. Nothing specific produces this, it just happens. I’m not sure what to do to replicate this. It’s a waste of resources… Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:
  2. Hi !! I'm on Xbox One X with the last version of Astroneer, and the graphics performances are very poor !!!! The game is lagging, the fps is obviously under 25fps !! IT's clearly a regression as I noticed a fluid graphic displaying few versions ago !!
  3. OK here is a detailed description of the problem The save won't load. when I try the game gets stuck and puts enormous pressure on my GPU (which usually easily runs this game). I have tried to reinstall the game but that does not help at all. I have tried to delete the cloud save What am I supposed to do here? Not to mention the countless other bugs. I mean the usually 20+ times you fall through the ground and have lost my items half of those times That all the rovers that take more time to get unstuck than it would just tethering there tunnels not loading for my friend in co-op that results in killing him rockets sometimes not working for my friend in coop. countless graphic-bugs (mostly with power indicators in battery turbines ext) but a looot of other stuff too. I'm sorry for this but. How can a game have tons of more bugs after a full release than before? I mean the beta testers can't have done their jobs very good. Okay, I can live with these bugs (Although they are very annoying) BUT when I can't load a save for no reason I get really annoyed. My friend and I have poured 70 + hours each into that world.... please fix or I'm rather going to play Tetris instead cause there you don't have to spend more than a third of you playing time to try and solve bugs. and another third to reclaim the progress you lot to those bugs. This may be a rant but I love this game but its so freaking sloppy like you threw the game out there to manage to release it on time. I'de rather wait than to get my progress smashed. many people seem to have this issue. What can we do to get our saves going
  4. basically i played 1-2 days before the proper release and i had the alpha skin but when the game was put into full release i lost the skin though my friend (who bought the game same day i did if not later) got too keep his uhh thats about it?
  5. I've had this game for quite awhile now, and though I haven't been active on here as much, I never got the Retro Suit at release. I had it right before, which was odd. Is this a bug maybe or what?
  6. Hello dear Astroneer team, My friend and i have played your game in early access and loved it. Not that the 1.0 is released we were thrilled to play the for now finished game again. Sadly we cannot add each other ingame to our coop. We are both using steam but we are not listed as friends ingame. Did we do something wrong or is this a bug. I would appreciate a response greetings, GiraffeAberHart (Steam name: BOT Yogi)
  7. I bought the game from the Xbox store a few days ago and played a few times that day and the game saved fine. Since then, it has not saved anything. Countless hours of work and base building on other planets have been lost to this issue. If this continues to be the case I WILL stop playing the game entirely. I’ve read the forums and tried everything to get it to save successfully so I can continue playing and enjoying the game as I progress. I enter cars, shuttles, and habitats showing my game saving icon. I log out by selecting save and exit to main menu. Yet, it still loses all my recent work and the only save data pod I have to choose is one from days ago with far less game progression on it. Just today I uninstalled the game from my console and reinstalled it. I played a bit and switched planets to test the save. Still not working.... Me signing into this forum and typing up this issue is my last hope to continue playing this fun game. Without having the ability to save I am truly just wasting my time playing this game. Please hep me correct this issue!
  8. blitzreaper47

    World Tearing

    Me and a friend were playing recently and noticed an issue with the world we were on was glitched after the update. The world, in some areas, weren't fully loaded and also torn to the point where me and my friend could see through the map and also fall through it. I understand that an update came out recently and hands are tied in other matters but is there anything that me and my friend can do on our end to fix the issue?
  9. Hello, it happens to me several times that I got off the vehicle, or it goes flying or it is with the front part buried, I discovered that when I keep the E key to get out of the vehicle, it takes me out from under the chassis, and that is part of the problem (Once time this fact made me pass to the cavern below, crossing the floor and wanting to return, I completely lost myself, then I thought I should have made a hole to go back, but as it was very unexpected, at that moment I could not think of that saving idea) The last two photos are when I start the day, being in my room, the base seems to be buried, and then I press the E key, everything is normal. Please forgive me for my English, I do my best effort and I do not know if I am totally clear on what I want to communicate. I'm playing with the Steam version.
  10. Henktorius

    Cursor problems!

    I opened my backpack to pick some materials up (copper and aluminium) but instead of pick it up the, cursor went through the backpack and clicked on the ground. I hope you can fix it because it happens pretty much times. Sorry if i explain it bad I hope you understand it. Platform: Steam Version/Build number: Alpha: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo E8500 3.17GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 RAM: 8GB Drive: Seagate BarraCuda 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA
  11. So I started off a world on my laptop, and brought it to my Xbox one. Everything was working perfectly fine, but then maybe 2 days later, no platforms were accepting energy and my base wasn't making energy anymore. I tried to make something on the printer but the option to "use" was gone. I even had 2 small solar panels attached to it and a small wind turbine, but they wouldn't do anything to the printer. Not even putting a small generator did anything when I activated it and put it on the platform. My world is useless now because it can't do anything, someone please help me.
  12. Tó/\/\

    Another Vehicle Issue

    Today I had to expierence that if a Rover is turned around You can't get out of the rover so the flip function is with this (maybe its a bug) Completly useless and you have to restart the game Or ask somebody to help you solving this problem but its Hard to do that too ... And the save is from the version 0.4.10223.0 ( the newest) Please fix that ... (PC)
  13. I recently started a super cool space base, but I can't continue construction because this invisible wall prohibits any placement soil. *insert tears here.
  14. Upon Loading a World, Saw a Moon or Planet pass by witch seemed to be Inverted. Corners of the Moon Where facing the wrong Direction. Quite Funny, Using Steam, Keyboard/mouse if you need any other Details Say so, Happy to help, (What happens if i try to land on it??) iam guessing to could be a World Creation Issue??
  15. Hey! I have to say that the developers are doing a great job. The performance on xbox is way better than months ago. There's almost no FPS drop anymore. Well done But after i installed the newest update there's a bug with my rovers now. At my first try to drive, it seemed that it works fine. It was a bit weird to drive because the rover felt instable. Then i put a little storage on it and since i did this my rover is completely fucked up. I can't drive more than 2 meters. Rover attempts to flip, fly away... it feels like gravity is almost 0 for the rover. It doesn't matter how fast i'm going or what the ground looks like. Even if i drive on a perfect flat ground the problem happens. I took away the storage but the issue still exists. So it makes my rovers undriveable Sorry for my bad english i hope you'll understand the problem.
  16. Tom James

    Crashing in General

    On Xbox one while playing multiplier the game constantly seems to be crashing for the clients and the host get more crashes on average then in single player. The client seems to crash when away from the starter habitat or host. Crashing is quite consistent and very incovinient when playing multiplayer due to the excessive loading times of the game.
  17. Nitesh Shrestha

    Super Low Frame Rate

    I have play the game for 46 hours in total and Frame rate has dropped to 3 FPS while playing in full screen and 5 FPS 917x630 Windowed mode.
  18. Hello, I have noticed a slight issue in Co-Op regarding Saving Game by entering vehicles. First off, I was hosting on Xbox One and my friend joined be on Windows 10 version. My issue is that since the game is designed to save the game every time you enter a vehicle, and saving the game usually causes a big lag spike (for me on XBO at least), when you need to jump in and out of a vehicle this seems to cause some issues. For one, it causes a Save when either the host or the guest(s) enter a vehicle, so this causes an excessive amount of lag spikes--especially since the terrain seems to force you out of your vehicle very often, increasing number of Saves in a period of time. I posted another topic a few minutes ago where I also described my frame rate issues on Xbox One when hosting a game, so frequent lag spikes from saves plus continuous 10-15 frames per second, causes a lot of frustration. In one instance, it was occurring so often and my frame rate was so bad at that moment that the game literally crashed and I had to restart. Thanks for your help!
  19. Elier Herrera Garcia

    Vehicle Issues

    04/26/2017 Im playing on xbox one. The latest update has bugs on the vehicles. Every time i try to get off any vehicle it will jump far away of my player. See the video attached to understand better. Please fix this, because of it i can't connect two vehicles now. It is a pain in the neck. Thanks. See also this links for more videos about it:!AuRxRTfjJ0A5cGNbvejOFLEqjc4!AuRxRTfjJ0A5cu3uvJYNde3dnMg 4-26-2017_11-02-15_AM.mp4
  20. Ernesto Castanon

    Truck Disappearance issue

    Okay so 2 of my trucks had randomly disappeared and I was not able to find them for about 8 hours when one of my friends glitched into the world and found them floating inside the world as well (inside solid block). So we kept glitching into the world and trying to recover the trucks but as we got closer they would fall deeper. So in conclusion I think that when in solid blocks just like the characters the trucks and other items stuck in the world should float up until they reach open space. I have no idea how the trucks got there my friend just saw them shoot up and then poof gone. This is on Xbox
  21. This problem only happened to me on Radiated world, never before on other planets. While flattening the terrain, only when the cursor turns blue, I struggle because it skips a short distance right in front of me, making terraforming much harder than it should be. When the cursor is green, it doesn't skip anymore. Please check the video, to see the problem, at 00:15 (15 seconds), 00:20, 00:32. Anyone had the same issue? GameClip-Original.mp4
  22. Hey, not sure if this has been posted yet. I have recently ran into an issue where I'm not able to gather resources. The mineral gun begins extracting but nothing is saved, the minerals get depleted without actually harvesting? Normally to fix this I have to die, I then re-spawn, fall through the map and die again and everything is fixed. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience or maybe its already been posted as a topic?
  23. Azrael the Sorrowful

    Editing posts

    It's kind of annoying that you can only edit a post for a short time after it's been posted. This is especially annoying when you can't even edit the main post of a thread. For example, I have a very large thread containing ideas and suggestions on the corresponding forum section but I do not have the ability to edit my main post and add more content to it, edit ideas that have been made better, or even just fix typos previously unnoticed. I've used IP boards before and I know it's possible to allow further post editing and I think it'd be a good idea to change how it works on the forum right now. There would be no real harm in it that I can see and it's only an inconvenience at the moment.
  24. I noticed that when you mine the rock away from, in my case Malachite, ores then harvest everything and try fill the hole in you are not able to fill with the Deform Tool as it cannot be used where rock was placed at all.
  25. I noticed that when you mine the rock away from, in my case Malachite, ores then harvest everything and try fill the hole in you are not able to fill with the Deform Tool as it cannot be used where rock was placed at all.