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Found 1 result

  1. Flashman

    So, um dynamite

    So, I have over 80 hours played and I just found my first instance of dynamite. Stuck to a the top of a vast cavern was an intrepid ASTRONEER (Martin perhaps?). After freeing him from the roof, I proceeded to loot him (honestly, I didn't even check for a pulse or try CPR, I am a horrible person). The last bit I pulled off him was dynamite!!! Yes, how could I have not found it before! Anywho, I tried to place it in my backpack and BANG! I became another lootable object in the world. So, my question is this: can you put dynamite in your pack and save it for later? It very well could be that I didn't actually put it in my pack (lag or OLD AGE), but I think it did. What are the mechanics around this item? Should I be writing angry rants in the bugs section about my spoding loot? I am I just suffering from Cranial Rectosis? Please enlighten me. I would quite like to use this stuff one grey rock as the crane annoys me at the moment.