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Found 11 results

  1. After digging deep into the caves, the teather lines connection is not visible anymore. I have included my save file (in zip format) and a screen shot. System Spec: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz Corsair 12.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 1600MHz ASUSTeK P6T (LGA1366) 1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (EVGA) If you need more information don't hesitate to contact me. Continue your good work and congratulation to all the team for this excellent game. p.s. After restarting the game and removing the last teather i placed and putting a new one , the connection lines where visible again. Save File:
  2. my research console has no icons and no changing animation the only thing i can see is the words changing
  3. So apparently when I save and log out. Then log back in, my items that have no storage, but are simply in a hole in the ground. All disappeared except for the little piece that connects the item to the backpack. The ores, power, oxygen, and other items are still usable but you cannot see them, except for the small connector. Just thought to let you guys know.
  4. When I join my friends solar system and go to other planets with them I can't see any of the structures that have been built there. I played the game a lot when it released last winter but when my friends and I realized we couldn't really enjoy the co-operative experience on foreign planets we all stopped playing. After seeing the game had recieved an update I convinced my friends get back in the game and to reach another planet but was disappointed to see that it is still only the host who can see structures built on foreign planets. I am wondering why this issue still hasn't bend fixed after all this time. I understand game development is a lengthy process but this is a huge feature of the game that should have been prioritized into the first update of the game. One of the biggest things the game has going for it is the co-op and it is still completely unfunctional after months. Please fix so I can enjoy this beautiful game. clear skies!
  5. When I join my friends solar system and go to other planets with them I can't see any of the structures that have been built there. We all play on the same WiFi and we are all tethered in. We are all playing through steam on PC's
  6. I built a spaceship, filled it most of the way up with fuel and headed to the moon of my starting planet. I landed on the moon and walked around a little before taking off and going to a new planet altogether. After collecting a research item from that planet, I put it onto my ship and blasted off, only to find that the planet I had started on was gone. I could still see the waypoints I had set on it, but I could not click on the planet at all. In the attached picture, in the top right you can see the beacons on the planet, but there is no planet. I was playing in singleplayer also. (I am on Steam)
  7. Whenever I send something out the first time on the trade rocket, whenever it returns the person I am playing with is unable to see the items on the rocket and can't collect them. The rocket figure stayed glitched up in the air and was stuck there on the second players screen. Though we were never able to figure anything out to fix this, it did seem that I was still able to collect the items and give them to him, but he was never able to see them himself. After the first launch of the Trade Rocket, Multiplayer, Steam.
  8. Hey everyone! I've been playing this game a LOT since I got it yesterday with some friends and have noticed multiple bugs in my first few hours that I wanted to point out to help the game develop as it is one of the most exciting games on steam I have played in a long time. 1.When playing with someone else as the guest, the trading pad will not accurately represent what it is you are trading for and the correct amount you will recieve. Sometimes you cannot even see the pad is there to be used again while the host can see it. It makes using the pads as a guest almost impossible, and we had to depend on the host doing all of the trading. 2. When getting into a vehicle, sometimes it will appear I have not entered yet but will technically be driving, so the vehicle will appear to be driving empty and my character will be left behind. 3. Rover mysteriously shoots up and will not come back down when driving. This has led to us losing quite a bit of resources. We were able to see it from orbit but not able to get it down. 4. When collecting resources, if you are full on resources and you collect more, the extra set (or node, or piece, don't know the term) of the resources cannot be picked up. Don't know if this is happening to anyone else but it was happening to us almost every time. Sometimes the other person, aka the one who didn't mine the resource, would be able to pick it up but it was not working every time. 5. When walking on a flat surface it would do the animation or pose of sliding when in fact it should not be. 6. Sandstorm blocks go through walls and come out of the ground. We tried to make a wall around our base to protect ourselves from sandstorms but that is pointless with the blocks just spawning in the ground or going through terrain that is above ground level. 7. People appear to be laying flat on their side and move along in this position. This we only saw from the guest's perspective, once when I hosted and once when my friend hosted. I don't know if that is the only time and situation this can happen in but that might help. The game is incredibly fun, we can't wait to see what else you guys have planned for it! Best of luck and good job so far!
  9. Had a sweet base started on Tundra World. Invited 1 for multiplayer (LAN). we begin 1) Had 2 trucks, kitted out, linked up and ready to explore, player 2 entered game. I hopped out and waved hello. Player 2 hopped into the first truck (3-player seat) and launched about 1 km into the air (both truck 1&2). They landed...eventually (weird in-game noise). 2) Let's try this again, trailer had tipped over, so we both were in cab, I pulled forward 5 feet (1.65m) hopped out to [TAB] trailer in order to right it. It launched and I am not sure if it was up or down (very fast). Same weird sound. Second player made it back to surface (unclear how), truck is either in orbit below planet with all my other stuff (it's getting crowded down there), or deep in a cave (currently exploring...hey, I might get lucky). 3) 2nd player "touched" storage racks, (5) and all 5 disapeared upon spawning new game. 4) Upon entering caves looking for my trucks (previously explored and tethered) the textures started to disappear. Not sure if I am at a wall or about to fall into the pit of doom. Laid out a new row of tethers to explore. Found a previous line, and decided to go up to the surface that way. Half way up all walls disappeared and I started flying through the ground (transparent) (I lived, don't be worried). Ended up near base. 5) 2nd player could not see my base or storage racks, only my trucks and space ship
  10. Playing on PC - Steam Playing in Co-op, built a full base on Terran home planet, fly off to Tundra and have host place the habitat. It lets me actually set it, but I couldn't move the habitat itself [This habitat bug will happen with pretty much anything that any co-op player creates in the world, if they log off and come back into the same world, they will not be able to manipulate any habitats, seats, etc.]). Only allowing me to "activate" it to start building. Once this is done, any base building henceforth on this new planet on a player built habitat is completely non-existent for the co-op player. It does not terraform land to spawn in new stations (smelter, trader, etc.), you can not add any new connectors and on the rare occasion you see a hologram of one indicating you can build something, it will dissapear when activated by either player, and you can not see anything placed on the connectors between platforms or the platforms themselves. Note: Everything will appear just fine and dandy for the host player, but any co-op companions will be the ones that witness this bug. Very odd bug, makes it close to impossible to build a base on another planet with a buddy and actually enjoy the experience. Hopefully gets fixed soon Good work so far guys.
  11. So my boyfriend and I have been playing Astroneer together in an attempt to find some different bugs in the game... First of all we believe our biggest issue is lag. The lag is most likely caused by too much being loaded into the game. There seems to be a point when co-op gameplay is no longer achievable. Lag causes: Chunks (minecraft term, sorry): Too many chunks loaded in the game... to much stuff and the game just becomes laggy and unplayable Tethers: Too many tethers may causes the initial lag issue.... we stopped using tethers all together and that lengthened the gameplay time Vehicles: Too many vehicles can cause lag because the vehicles tend to "spazz out" all this jittering freaks the game out causing lag. Vehicles tend to do this jittering and get shoved into the ground when returning home from a different planet. Storage Platforms: Too many storage platforms causing lag or is it just too many items down in general???? Traveling between Planets: When we travel between planets the other planets and items/vehicles on the planet seem to stay active and end up missing/deleted/underground Invisible Bases: Not sure what causes this, but it seemed to be an issue after we traveled to a new planet, and every planet there after the bases were invisible to anyone joining the game. The map was my own save, we traveled to Exotic planet and I placed down my habitat. The first extension was placed and was visible to myself but not my boyfriend. Eventually I created the entire base and invited my boyfriend back to see if reloading would fix the issue. He could still not see it. He also could not see the ground that I had deleted/placed to form the base. We invited someone else to play and he also could not see the base. We traveled to Radiated planet and placed a new habitat, the habitat is visible and the base I created was not visible to anyone in the game. We reloaded the game and invited everyone back... then the habitat was no longer visible. The only thing visible to the other players was the spaceship. Invisible Trade Platform: [Video: Invisible Trade Platform.mp4] Also not sure what causes this bug, but whoever is hosting the game can see there own trade rocket. The other players joining the game will not see a rocket. I have video of the rocket and you can see it when it takes off, and it bugged out and "took off" a second time even though it wasn't there. Traveling to New Planets: New players always spawn on Earth and drop pods are being dropped underground/under the map [Video: Tundra Pieces.mp4] Not sure if Traveling too many times causes this glitch or not but the Tundra planet was split into a bunch of pieces... I never saw it break it was just one time I had to go back to Earth to pick up Co-Op players and the Tundra was broken. I could still select the planet but it just looked broken. [Video: Landing Crafts.mp4] Do not land Shuttles on top of Spaceships, but you can land Spaceships on top of Shuttles. There needs to be a better option for landing so we don't land on a vehicle/craft in a vehicle bay and shove is underground. Other Issues: The game constantly thought I was trying to load into a multiplayer session so my own saves were not appearing on my screen. [Video: Pod Dance Glitch.mp4] This glitch happens randomly, when a player seems to remain in the spaceship pod after they have left the pad. I am sure I will come across more issues. Hoping the new patch will bring FPS and multiplayer optimizations!