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Found 3 results

  1. Zieterbock

    Inverted Cursor

    Hey all, I often lose my cursor in high-light areas and would like to suggest: A: Add an option invert the colors of the cursor. B: Add an option to change the colors of the cursor. For those that don't know what an inverted cursor is, a quick Google search should do the trick. Personally I would like to have an inverted cursor.
  2. Star Voyager

    Control Scheme Request

    Devs, I play on Xbox1. Please allow players to choose the inverted control scheme for all game interfaces. The constant switching of control styles back and forth from camera mode to cursor mode to terrain tool etc. has made me frustrated beyond belief. I have tried to go back and play with the controls available to me because I enjoy the game so much... but it is such a struggle since your last update that the game has been "unplayable" for me. I am sure those who read these boards regularly are sick of reading my posts about this issue and I apologize if I seem like a broken record to any and all of you. It is just that this is the only way I know to get the word out and be heard. Thanks!
  3. I normally play inverted Y controls and for the camera view it's totally fine when toggled on, but when you're using the terrain tool and selecting items in the backpack, the controls are back to normal (without inverted-Y). I don't think this was part of the original alpha release. I kind of wish there were separate backpack y toggles and y terrain toggles. Anyone else having these control challenges?