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Found 5 results

  1. Environment: Xbox One When you invert the Y axis through the settings, though it correctly inverts the camera when looking around etc - it does not invert the Y axis for the terrain tool. The result is that your brain gets used to an inverted Y axis while running around but then everything switches every tome you get the terrain tool out. This is extremely confusing to use. I hope that helps! Richard
  2. So before the update I would set my controls to inverted and it would invert the controls of my cursor but it doesn't anymore. So now all my controls are inverted except for when I'm using my cursor which is really giving me a hard time.
  3. Star Voyager

    Cursor Motion Update Xbox One

    I understand I may be in the minority here but always prefer inverted Y controls for my camera/look feature in games. Your patch took that control style away when I enter cursor mode, or look at my backpack. I do not understand why that was changed. This to me is counter intuitive because I am still "looking" at my backpack, so up and down controls should not change from normal gameplay up and down. I understand that the devs cannot please everyone but I hope that the option to set the controls the way the player prefers is coming soon. The change has made the game very difficult to play for me now, especially due to the amount of time I put in with the controls set the way I prefer them and prior to the change.
  4. Personally I want to be able to choose what views are inverted. For normal mode/view, I prefer it to be inverted (pushing UP will make character look down), but when I am using the tool/cursor to have it normal (pushing UP will move the cursor forward away from player/up the screen).
  5. Watched the trailers, loved what I saw, bought it Fantastic little game, with so much character and amazing art style unlike that *other* game (which I tried to love). Anyway, is it possible to have separate invert options for camera Y axis controls, right stick aim, and cursor movement (example: navigating my backpack's content). That's the only issue I'm having with the controls at the moment. I play my games with camera Y axis inverted, but to have that tied to the controls for cursor movement is a little off-putting. Thanks!