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Found 5 results

  1. First/Simplest Item: Tier 2 - Wireless Power Receiver This item would be placed on the ground like a splitter, would have 3 output-only cable plugs, and a control panel(I'll get to how this works in a bit). Next Item: Tier 3 - Wireless Power Transmitter This one goes on the ground as well, and has 4 input-only cable plugs. Control panel here too. Range only encompasses the planet it is on. Final Item: Tier 4 - Stellar Power Transmitter Again, goes on the ground, is larger than the default transmitter, and has 8 input-only cable plugs. Control Panel here as well. Range encompasses entire solar system. Okay, here is how this works: There will be about a dozen power "channels" that the player can transmit on, each on its own wireless power network. The player can set the transmitters and receivers to any of the networks, with transmitters pushing power into the network, at the U/s they are getting, and receivers pulling power from the network, again at the same U/s the transmitters are getting. The control panels will have a network channel selector, and display the U/s being transmitted/received. If this needs to be more of a challenge, there could be a large power cost for transmitting, maybe 5-10 U/s per Receiver on the network. Here's what this means: With a system like this, players can set up a power plant base at one location(or multiple with multiple transmitters) and place multiple receivers at other locations to power their modules. The default transmitter can only send power on one planet, but the larger variant can send to any planet(if a player tries to receive a network that is out of range, than it will alert to player that it is out of range). I could create a massive solar farm on Calidor, have that power a massive battery array, which goes into a Stellar Transmitter. I can then set up receivers on any other planet, set them to the network on Calidor, and power many bases. Final Note: I am open to suggestions on how to tweak this and make it better, and if anyone has a question, please ask!
  2. When I am playing I usually set up a main base in a planet (or moon) so usually the bases i have in other planets become useless and if i need to get materials from other planet i preffer to use the trade platform if posible because of the pain and the times it takes having to move with you and your ship the materials between panets. That is why i suggest implementing the Railgun and the Railgun target to send materials between bases. The railgun consumes electricity and once charged shoots the material in its main inventory hole, then it starts recharging and moves anything in connected inventories towards itself.The railgun target is where the shoots of the railgun will fall. It conects to the railgun using spooky magic (or as i like to call it electromagnetic waves) to send its position and you can select within the railgun between all the the posible targets to launch the materials. I send a picture to ilustrate better this idea: Railgun.bmp
  3. When I join my friends solar system and go to other planets with them I can't see any of the structures that have been built there. I played the game a lot when it released last winter but when my friends and I realized we couldn't really enjoy the co-operative experience on foreign planets we all stopped playing. After seeing the game had recieved an update I convinced my friends get back in the game and to reach another planet but was disappointed to see that it is still only the host who can see structures built on foreign planets. I am wondering why this issue still hasn't bend fixed after all this time. I understand game development is a lengthy process but this is a huge feature of the game that should have been prioritized into the first update of the game. One of the biggest things the game has going for it is the co-op and it is still completely unfunctional after months. Please fix so I can enjoy this beautiful game. clear skies!
  4. having heavy lag after few hours
  5. NekoApocalypse


    Disclaimer: I have already posted this to the bug section, but this is way too cool not to show off. It's not like I like exploiting the bug or something, it just happens. I landed the spaceship on the Arid Planet, built a solar panel and something. Then after I lifted off, the power cable did not disconnect, and the cable kind of stretched from the surface all the way to the orbit. I just can't get rid of it. Then I landed on the Exotic Planet then weird thing happened: the spaceship is receiving power from another planet... See the tether line from the spaceship to the empty building? It doesn't have to be manually connected, everything near the spaceship get interplanetary power supply. Looks like it is possible to build an interplanetary power network or something. I really hope we can have a feature for this stuff (not bug) in the future.