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Found 11 results

  1. Please can you make the button you click to do research a bit more forgiving, I often click it fairly quickly a few times and what happens is it opens the button flap, then starts research and then also cancels it. please add a good delay in clicking start and being able to click cancel. i lost so many research items due to me miss clicking. I know it’s my fault, but a delay would be nice :)
  2. It'd be really nice to have a visual progress bar in the pop-out tablet thingy for each machine, so as to not get dizzy/motion sick trying to follow the spinning pods on the Centrifuge in particular. This would also apply to most other machines.
  3. I've brought this up before, and the bug still remains. It seems like a very basic issue & hope it is addressed before 1.0 release When changing binds, the controls don't work properly. I know I'm not in alone in despising the WASD format, I realize it's common (probably the most common layout). However I prefer using the "Home row keys" . . . this is the natural position of the hand on the keyboard & why the "F" and "J" keys are raised on most standard keyboards. What this does, is require a shift from WASD to ESDF Walking around is fine, but
  4. situation: When every slot on your backpack and deform tool is occupied by an item except for the BP printer slot. the alt+click function will show strange item discard behaviour for any item except the desired item by the BP printer. This is confusing. Shouldn't you just get the "backpack is full" behaviour routine unles you pick up the correct item for the bp printer ? Here is an illustration of what I mean! 2018-03-17 12-34-56.mp4
  5. I've just mentioned this in someone else's thread, but it's getting on my nerves SO MUCH now, that i felt it needed a thread of it's own. the new 6.0 update has given us a new set of selection controls. now, we select some stuff with one key, some with another. I've yet to fully identify the logic behind which key does what exactly, but i imagine I'll get used to it. i'm able to customise my keyboard controls to my needs (Steam, on a PC). i don't like having controls spread over my keyboard, i tend to group them over at the right hand side, around the arrow keys and the enter button
  6. Summary: Steam - UI Scaling Description: After game launch all UI elements are improperly scaled (see attachments), resolution-independend, windowed & full screen. Tested on dual monitors (16:9 + 16:10) and on both separately. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Win10 x64 Home CPU: i7-6820HK 2.7GHz GPU: GTX980M RAM: 16GB Attachments: windowed: full screen: 1920x1080 1920x1200 windowed bonus:
  7. Hey there, I discovered your game last night and got hooked instantly. I'm a front-end developer myself and would love to get some insights in form of a blog post or even a dev video about your interface design process. It's absolutely immersive and pretty much perfect for a game. Love it. Keep up the good work! PS: I don't know if this is the right forum, but since it's a suggestion for some sort of informative blog posts, I thought it would fit.
  8. I dont know if it just my game or everyone elses but for some reason you can only use the d pad to go left to right in the menu but it really should just be the usual left analog stick
  9. - Quit to desktop button on the main menu. - Nameable saves, or someway of being able to identify separate "solar systems" from one another. - Ability to delete saves: Currently this is only possible by manually removing them from the save game folder. Suggest adding the ability to do so from within the menu. -Multiplayer lobby: Give some form of confirmation that players have joined your session prior to landing on the planet, for instance seeing them dock at your station when they log on.
  10. I mapped all of my controls to my game pad, and when I re-open the settings menu, all controls reset to their default state. I have to reset the controls each time I open the settings menu.
  11. Small cosmetic issue on the Vehicle Bay. Since the text is relative to the printer head, when the head retracts in scenarios where the printer cannot do work in the staging area, the text and UI elements are shown upside down. (Left side of the picture down there) Version: Steam version, default [] branch Interface: Mouse/Keyboard