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Found 6 results

  1. I purchased this play anywhere title on the xbox store. the MS store shows that I own it, but the install button is greyed out. I have already updated and reset the windows store app and am current on windows updates. I was able to install on the Xbox One.
  2. Hello, I had Astroneer installed on my pc via Microsoft Store, I noticed I wasn't playing the latest version of the game. I couldn't find any way to update the game on my pc, so I uninstalled it in hopes of reinstalling with the latest version. Once I went to the Microsoft Store it told me I have Astroneer owned "as usual" but when I hover over the install option it won't let me click it. I hope there's a fix, because i'd love to play 1.0
  3. tried to update Astroneer 1.0 with patch error content locked. restarted steam same issue uninstalled now can't install install-astroneer screen remains blank and does not continue
  4. Hi, I just Uninstalled the game, I purchused it in 2016 via Microsoft Store. Imeadiatly I tried installing it again, but it wouldn´t let me. So I restarted my computer, but I still wasn´t able to install it again. So I looked for the programm files in case they were interfiereing in some kind, but there are none left. So I tried again to reboot, but it still does´nt work When I put the cursor over the install button it shows blocked and if I click on the "install on my devices" button I can slect my PC but nothing happens. I need help! Thanks,
  5. I was trying to install game through steam, but the install process stopped with the message, content file locked, and now it won't download the game. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this?
  6. I am not allowed to install the game, it says that I cant download it on my platform. what does that mean and how do I fix this issue?