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Found 1 result

  1. So I was Excavating this: (See Attachment) when I had the Idea that is obviously common, but is not implemented yet: WE NEED TO REPAIR THESE THINGS!!!! Crashes could be repaired, and the module to do this would not look like the modules that we know, but would still fit into the ASTRONEER game. The Process: 1. You Excavate A Crashed Something-Or-Rather 2. You Move it to Your Base 3.When In A Radii of the Base Module, The Something-Or-Rather would disappear, and would reappear in Hologram form (Much Smaller) Above The Repair Station 4.After Entering The Correct Resources, The Player Could Either: 4a. Remove The Something-Or-Rather from the station and position it around the base (in a movable hologram form) then after approving the preview, the Something-Or-Rather would be re-built in that area in that position (Positioned in the way like Using any common game design software with the arrows and the rotation axis) and thus be accessed by the player thereafter. 4b. the Something-Or-Rather could be attached to other fixed Something-Or-Rathers in miniature form above the module like this: 5.Finally, This last hologram can be attached in hologram form to each other in specific places, and the final product be built! 6. all this could be used as one vehicle. Tell me what you think //sidegamer