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Found 3 results

  1. Astroneer version / Steam / mouse and keyboard When choosing where to land on a planet, astroneers are able to choose the same spot to land that another shuttle has already landed at. This leads to the shuttle landing "inside" the already landed shuttle. Image 1: choosing the already occupied spot Image 2: just before the landing sequence ends, showing my Large shuttle landing inside a small shuttle. choose files... Click to choose files
  2. LifetSavert911

    Spawning Underground

    Almost every time I begin a new game or spawn after dying, I begin underground or inside the planet. Just trying to report this issue. Sometimes it corrects and I slowly ascend to the surface. Other times I die inside a cave where I am. If I hold jump I can get to the surface faster. Thank you.
  3. SamFisherBr

    Bugged inside structure

    Today I was returning in my truck, when trying to park it, it rolled, I got ejected from the seat. The problem is: I rolled over a Research building, and by beaing ejected from the truck right in the direction of it, I got permanently bugged inside of it. The character keep floating inside of it while shaking his arms, as like he was falling. I tried to start again the game by loading it again from the last save. My terrain got messes up, I`m still in the same bugged space, my truck and the flying helper appeared falling from high.