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Found 6 results

  1. Did the inhibitor mod change? I thought it removed obstacles and gathered organic but it's not doing anything. I add wide mod but nothing. Do you need a drill now? Is it a bug? Please, need help. Thanks!
  2. Has something changed that I'm not aware of because I thought the inhibitor mod removed obstacles and gathered organic. I'm on xbox one and it isn't working. I swear it used to work.
  3. With the 0.10.x patch, the gun augments all have the same resource cost: 1 Zinc; 1 Space Shuttle with working thruster Now let us consider the usefulness of the inhibitor mod. One of the most useful things it can do is collect things without destroying the ground. In fact, collecting organic off of the surface without destruction is the only real use it has. (yes you can collect other resources, but they are valuable enough to dig and get it all, so....) It is my position that by time you have built a shuttle and obtained a zinc.... you already have solar/wind power an no l
  4. Platform: XBOX ONE Description: I have heard that the Inhibitor Mod and Terrain Analyzer can be paired on the Terrain Tool in order to "paint" terrain. However, this does not work for me. Note that I am using the Concrete color in my Terrain Analyzer.
  5. I hate to mess up the floor of the cave, and make it look all lumpy, and hard to walk around in, but those gas bags are far worse. I dislike tearing up the land just to get rid of them. If only there was some way I could befriend them, or you could just add support so a terrain tool with the inhibitor Mod can still uproot them.
  6. I find the Inhibitor Mod a very useful augment. Mainly I use it for gathering organics without making holes everywhere and for rock/stalagmite removal. Occasionally, I high-center my rover and have tried using the mod to pop the rocks from underneath the vehicle. However, after the rock disappears, the rover is still stuck on an invisible obstruction until I take the mod off the deform tool and dig down/fill the hole. Vehicle acts as if the rock is still present when it has disappeared. Digging is not just a little bit. I have to dig down the same amount that it would take for the rock t