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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone have a hankering for a space-age industrial revolution? I do! So, I've compiled a big list of items to help bring Astroneer to the next level of infrastructure. Enjoy! 1. Rocket Drone The Rocket Drone is an interplanetary ship that can deliver Materials and other items between planets. When launched, they will fly to in-range vehicle bays or enter planetary orbit. When in orbit, they can be told by the nearest Controller Platform on the planet they are orbiting to fly elsewhere, as long as it has fuel. It has the capability to release Orbital Satellites. 2. Orbital
  2. Building (Base Platform): possible research necessary to build, Transmits and Receives Resources Building a Transceiver in your base will permit the sending and receiving of power. If you have two bases with a Transceiver in each base, they will share power levels between them. Power will still flow toward the thing which is requesting it, and toward the Base that is requesting it. This is a simple and effective way to open up many possibilities for base expansion. I got thought of this recently while entertaining the idea of connecting bases around a larger portion of the planet in
  3. I would love it if a linux dedicated server option could be added to the roadmap. I get that it would be a long-term goal. Preferably something that did not require JVM or anything else bloaty.