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Found 2 results

  1. ok this is what happens, bugs everywhere with vehicles that fall underground, so we need a respawn vehicle station, maybe to maximize performance too. Maybe options for the vehicle station: 1- List all the vehicles you have in the real world. 2- select, choose vehicle from the list of vehicles, option to eliminate, reappear, dismantle, recycle. 3- Information on the current location of each vehicle: start the emergency light to rescue it by means of a minimap or gps, then they would have to do gps? LOL
  2. I would like there to be in game info. i know it's early and currently none of the crafted items explain what they do and you have to trial and error. But ultimately, i DO NOT want to have to play with a wiki open. If i'm in the middle of the planet and think, "hey i should make this, what do i need?" it would be nice to open up some sort of info thing that i can look it up on. I know you are trying to keep everything tangible in the world and limited 2D, but i think tabbing out to a wiki would be worse than a menu.