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Found 18 results

  1. Loving the new automation stuff so far. These are some small ideas for future additions or improvements I would love to see. 1. A timer. Perhaps this is an addition to the button repeater, where we can set a delay for the repeat. Or, perhaps it's a new item which can be placed, attached to a soil centrifuge (for example) which sends a button press on a set timer. This will mean that people don't have to create timers by using storage and resource cannisters, chained together. 2. A 50% storage/battery/power detection mode. e.g. full or half full, half full or empty, etc. Or perh
  2. Heres a list of things i think would make great game additions 1. Create a system that allows players to use bytes to buy resources once all research has been unlocked. Currently, once all research is unlocked the player has no reason to continue attaining bytes or research. If the player is able to buy resources (1000 bytes= 1 resin, etc) there would be a continued reason to use research and attain bytes. 2. More size options for land vehicles. Something smaller than the small rover for quick recon and one larger than the medium rover for larger expeditions. 3. Another flight o
  3. Couple Suggestions that imo will make the game even more fun. Let me know what u think. 1) More storms- lightning storms, radiation hurricanes, acid rain etc. 2) Diseases - plants that spore particles that make u sick and die SLOWLY unless cured by some craftable medicine or decontamination area. 3) Oceans/Lakes- still pretty new to the game but I haven't seen any yet. They could contain underwater caves, rare materials/loot, some bodies of water could be contaminated or poisons, could also contain underwater plants/animals that could trap you and suffocate you like a clam or so
  4. Hi, So I was looking at the research and how important it is for the game and I think one way to separate it and make it feel more progressive is with biomes. For example: A snow biome would require a heating module to be researched or found in world before being able to get the materials in that biome. Or jetpacks/hovercrafts to be able to get up mountains and easily get ressources, Underwater tech to excavate... well... underwater. This sort of system gives a sense of progression in a world and makes the player move around more, making it feels very satisfying
  5. Hello Everyone, I think that System Era should add graphic options for the game. Have low, medium and high graphic options for the game so that players with low performing PCs could enjoy the game at 60 FPS and players with high-performance PC could enjoy even more detailed game play. The low graphic options should be less graphic intensive so that players with integrated Intel Graphic could play the game as well. I myself have 2 PCs. On my desktop, I can run the game at 200 or 300 FPS at max viewing distance. However on my Laptop, I can get maybe 30-40 FPS with minimal vi
  6. I really like the forum software you've chosen but there are many, many features that aren't implemented in the mobile format. I'm not talking about advanced features—actually the text editing features are pretty strong—rather simple functionality things, like being able to follow a thread, or easily being able to unfollow. There are several more but they don't come to mind just now. But I'm not always in front of a desktop/laptop and want to make good use of my time and be able to participate from wherever I'm at without all the frustration. As it is I just end up giving up in frustratio
  7. Ok so I don't know if this is just me but in the past five saves I've made, I start out with a decent amount of compound, but after a while I can't find any compound for miles and honestly it's a huge problem. In games like Minecraft (sorry to make this comparison) one of the most essential materials for crafting is wood, which is made abundant near spawn, and really just surrounds the whole world. I understand the concept of scavenging and actually having to look for certain materials but i now have five save files that i can no longer play because I have no compound. Also, i never waste tet
  8. NOTE: I barely skimmed through the forums looking for a problem like this one, but have not seen anyone talk about it. I do understand that this game is in a developing stage, and this is just an idea/improvement. As I have been playing Astroneer for about 19 hours (wow!), I have come across a pretty annoying problem when building my base. If for some reason I accidentally misplace a module platform or build a duplicate of a module that I already have, that would mean that I need to build around it to keep building my base the way I want to. The only improvement that I'm thinking about i
  9. Great game so far. Assembling your truck for the first time with all of the pretty tools (crane, drill head, and winch) feels great, and I think it's really nice to use. However for vehicles in general, perhaps there could be a few improvements: would be nice if winching the ground pinned the vehicle down and stopped sliding down hard to detect, slight angles (160-190 degree slopes) a button to hop between the driver-seat and the crane seat (or between all seats on any vehicle) actually functional steering; the current system seems to be based off of where your camera is poin
  10. Bigger battery, double height, same footprint. Empty platform just used for storage. Compass that always points to base. Option to have sounds still play when game does not have focus, then I can hear the storm coming when reading a web page. Trade is too good. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to trade. But a trade platform with two fuel condensers will get me anything without leaving the base and I never have a need to go to another planet. I’d suggest something like variable prices; what I sell has less value and what I buy becomes more expensive. Statistics; how many times ha
  11. Hi there! Not sure if any/all of these have been covered elsewhere, but here we go anyway: Driving: For the most part, the rovers are great! However, having the direction the rover travels in connected to the direction I'm looking in almost makes it so I have to steer twice, in a sense. I'd like to see an option for disconnecting rover heading from where I'm looking. I want WASD to direct from the reference point of the rover itself, not where I'm looking. Storage: There's an option to print a Storage unit. This unit is tiny and mostly useless, considering I can simply dig a small ho
  12. Hello to game developers team. 2 days ago I found video on YouTube about your game, and it looks very interesting. I'm tried to download and play it... and was very surprised, because the game was very interesting even if it was just pre-alpha! Moreover, it has many pluses against games like Minecraft, Lego craft (or how that game properly named) and some other exploration/sandbox games and very few minuses -- at least, for the pre-alpha version quantity of minuses is not so much. But there are some problems that needed to be fixed, and also some useful things that must be in this game fo
  13. 1. Add plantations, where you can grow specific resources, maybe not only organic items but ores and other naturally found items. 2. Have the option to name beacons, set a color for them, and choose from a set of options a picture for the beacon to show instead of a singular dot. This picture could be a mine, or a plant that gives power/oxygen. Then you could put these mines down and know immediately what they mean. 3. Seasons, weather, and biome additions to what we already have, etc. etc. 4. Instead of having a random chance to find a new technology from a researched object, m
  14. Hi! Just an idea for updating the main character's tool set. I love how you can add modules to improve oxygen and energy. Would love to see a module to improve the reach of the light on the helmet and other to expand the radius of the terrain shape tool. Thanks!
  15. Ok. So far, amazing game, best of its kind. But not yet perfect. Over time, it could be. Some reconditions from me are 1. Give the ability to delete or at least name worlds/saves. I have a lot of saves where I have screwed up something and it always take a while to find the right save. 2. This is not as big, but I am a perfectionist and this really bugs me when playing the game. When you expand your bases or pods or whatever you want to call them, it removes terrain but does not remove objects like rocks and plants. One time, I even accidentally put a printer on top of my habita
  16. Hello, I would like to offer you the following improvements of the game. 1) Make a normal control that would transport the motion vector does not depend on where the camera is pointing. Management should be like a real car. 2) In the caves and the vegetation has not only digging that you can find the object of research, has been withdrawn and the plant falls in the caves closes the road. I propose to do so that would be the object of research after Lifted plant can be processed into organic material. 3) For transport it is necessary to make 2 versions coupling between transport and
  17. I think it would be cool to be able to play the game in first person both in vehicles and on foot because sometimes the camera (3rd person) can be a bit annoying in corners of caves or small rooms for example. And for vehicles it would be a pretty nice feature too but i think first person for when youre not in a vehicle should be prioritized.
  18. This Post is meant to give the developers a feedback on the problems, bugs and wishes one might experience or want. - The vehicles are hard to move to a position where they actually recharge - Buildings like the smelter consume items and dont produce the product if the slots are occupied - You can't remove buildings - To reload batteries on vehicles you have to take them off the vehicle and put them on a free base socket - Posinous plants dont "vanish" after you kill them (would be a good addition imo) - A tool to view daytime maybe - Delete safegames in main