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Found 18 results

  1. Loving the new automation stuff so far. These are some small ideas for future additions or improvements I would love to see. 1. A timer. Perhaps this is an addition to the button repeater, where we can set a delay for the repeat. Or, perhaps it's a new item which can be placed, attached to a soil centrifuge (for example) which sends a button press on a set timer. This will mean that people don't have to create timers by using storage and resource cannisters, chained together. 2. A 50% storage/battery/power detection mode. e.g. full or half full, half full or empty, etc. Or perhaps a fully customisable "high and low water mark" style range for these triggers. At present, if you set a battery sensor to full or not full, it can trigger in rapid succession due to it triggering as soon as the battery loses a tiny amount of power, resulting in power generation, resulting in it shutting off, then immediately triggering again. Being able to trigger on full or empty solves it, but leaves power generation to only start when empty so that if you're consuming slightly more than you can generate you run out of power. If it triggered on half full, it would delay the time you run out of power. 3. Resource conveyor belts and/or pipes. It's annoying having to collect and carry my resources to my printers, why can't I automate this. I don't think we want items to simply travel down the existing power cables, for example, as we need to be more selective about where items come from. I don't necessarily want to steal carbon from my stockpile for the generators, for example. 4. Gas storage silos. Storing gas is a pain. 5. Auto arms for larger items. I would love to be able to automate research of large items, and recycling of large scrap. Or to be able to set up an arm which swaps my full storage with an empty one on a vehicle when I simply pull up next to it (would probably need 2 arms, one with a storage not empty filter, and the other with a storage empty filter or something). 6. Auto arms use too much power when idle. Having an auto-arm on a vehicle will drain power rather too quickly, IMO. Thanks!
  2. Heres a list of things i think would make great game additions 1. Create a system that allows players to use bytes to buy resources once all research has been unlocked. Currently, once all research is unlocked the player has no reason to continue attaining bytes or research. If the player is able to buy resources (1000 bytes= 1 resin, etc) there would be a continued reason to use research and attain bytes. 2. More size options for land vehicles. Something smaller than the small rover for quick recon and one larger than the medium rover for larger expeditions. 3. Another flight option. Something that can be used to quickly fly around a given planet but cannot go into space. This would add a great recon option for players.
  3. Couple Suggestions that imo will make the game even more fun. Let me know what u think. 1) More storms- lightning storms, radiation hurricanes, acid rain etc. 2) Diseases - plants that spore particles that make u sick and die SLOWLY unless cured by some craftable medicine or decontamination area. 3) Oceans/Lakes- still pretty new to the game but I haven't seen any yet. They could contain underwater caves, rare materials/loot, some bodies of water could be contaminated or poisons, could also contain underwater plants/animals that could trap you and suffocate you like a clam or something. 4) Crop plots that can be used to create a small area of breathable air so that u don't have to use tethers there. 5) Alien supplements/food that boost speed or make u drunk or something like that.
  4. DestroGab

    Simply: Biomes

    Hi, So I was looking at the research and how important it is for the game and I think one way to separate it and make it feel more progressive is with biomes. For example: A snow biome would require a heating module to be researched or found in world before being able to get the materials in that biome. Or jetpacks/hovercrafts to be able to get up mountains and easily get ressources, Underwater tech to excavate... well... underwater. This sort of system gives a sense of progression in a world and makes the player move around more, making it feels very satisfying to find your researche. Also planets would could be these biomes but in extreme versions but with more loot. I believe this follows the mechanics set in place in this game and could be very fun because it lets you create even more modules (wich are TOTALY AWESOME, love that feature). Keep up the great work you guys are great!
  5. Uranium Potato

    Graphic Options

    Hello Everyone, I think that System Era should add graphic options for the game. Have low, medium and high graphic options for the game so that players with low performing PCs could enjoy the game at 60 FPS and players with high-performance PC could enjoy even more detailed game play. The low graphic options should be less graphic intensive so that players with integrated Intel Graphic could play the game as well. I myself have 2 PCs. On my desktop, I can run the game at 200 or 300 FPS at max viewing distance. However on my Laptop, I can get maybe 30-40 FPS with minimal viewing distance.
  6. I really like the forum software you've chosen but there are many, many features that aren't implemented in the mobile format. I'm not talking about advanced features—actually the text editing features are pretty strong—rather simple functionality things, like being able to follow a thread, or easily being able to unfollow. There are several more but they don't come to mind just now. But I'm not always in front of a desktop/laptop and want to make good use of my time and be able to participate from wherever I'm at without all the frustration. As it is I just end up giving up in frustration and am less likely to participate. Though I suspect some wouldn't mind that but I can't be the only one experiencing these functionality limitations. For the record, I'm on Android using a variety of browsers, the usual. Thanks for listening!
  7. DarthxGeek

    More Compound!

    Ok so I don't know if this is just me but in the past five saves I've made, I start out with a decent amount of compound, but after a while I can't find any compound for miles and honestly it's a huge problem. In games like Minecraft (sorry to make this comparison) one of the most essential materials for crafting is wood, which is made abundant near spawn, and really just surrounds the whole world. I understand the concept of scavenging and actually having to look for certain materials but i now have five save files that i can no longer play because I have no compound. Also, i never waste tethers; i place them as far apart as possible. Another thing: what's up with all the resin? If it's something wrong with my copy of the game, please tell me if there is a solution to this. Also, please tell me if you agree. I really can't play the game with such a lack of compound.
  8. NOTE: I barely skimmed through the forums looking for a problem like this one, but have not seen anyone talk about it. I do understand that this game is in a developing stage, and this is just an idea/improvement. As I have been playing Astroneer for about 19 hours (wow!), I have come across a pretty annoying problem when building my base. If for some reason I accidentally misplace a module platform or build a duplicate of a module that I already have, that would mean that I need to build around it to keep building my base the way I want to. The only improvement that I'm thinking about is having the freedom to either delete the module and get like half of what you paid to make it (ex. Fuel Condenser, you delete it and get 1 Copper back instead of 2.) or just getting your Resin back from an undeveloped module extension. This would greatly improve base-building in the future, while not significantly changing game play as it is right now. I'm just a newbie, leave a reply. Thanks!
  9. JohnSmith666


    Great game so far. Assembling your truck for the first time with all of the pretty tools (crane, drill head, and winch) feels great, and I think it's really nice to use. However for vehicles in general, perhaps there could be a few improvements: would be nice if winching the ground pinned the vehicle down and stopped sliding down hard to detect, slight angles (160-190 degree slopes) a button to hop between the driver-seat and the crane seat (or between all seats on any vehicle) actually functional steering; the current system seems to be based off of where your camera is pointed (subjective) rather than a fixed axis based on where the orientation of the vehicle/where headlights are (objective). a way to let you know which vehicle bays are occupied from orbit other than the hard-to-judge triple-dot icon; I've landed on top of an occupied vehicle bay with a space ship too many times, forcing me to fly back into orbit and hope the next time i click down there I don't land somewhere I've already parked a ship. the current way to know is if there is a triple-dot symbol at the center of the giant blue hemisphere. would also be nice if bringing a vehicle close to a module didn't automatically detach whatever is occupying the front or rear slot when mining with the crane and drill head, i think it'd be nice if i could pull out incomplete ores from the place it is stored, even if it isn't a fully usable stack yet please let us at the very least flip the space shuttle/space ship if it happens to somehow flip upside down; especially if it happens at a vehicle bay I'm sure these things will be addressed in future updates, and I acknowledge the game is only in a pre-alpha stage, but it's worth saying. Keep up the great work.
  10. Bigger battery, double height, same footprint. Empty platform just used for storage. Compass that always points to base. Option to have sounds still play when game does not have focus, then I can hear the storm coming when reading a web page. Trade is too good. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to trade. But a trade platform with two fuel condensers will get me anything without leaving the base and I never have a need to go to another planet. I’d suggest something like variable prices; what I sell has less value and what I buy becomes more expensive. Statistics; how many times have I died and how; how many resources have I collected. Ability to delete platforms. There needs to be a lot more research. You could introduce micro improvements, eg research makes power items produce 5% more power and have this researched ten or twenty times. Make the research tree big enough that I need to establish bases on other planets.
  11. Hi there! Not sure if any/all of these have been covered elsewhere, but here we go anyway: Driving: For the most part, the rovers are great! However, having the direction the rover travels in connected to the direction I'm looking in almost makes it so I have to steer twice, in a sense. I'd like to see an option for disconnecting rover heading from where I'm looking. I want WASD to direct from the reference point of the rover itself, not where I'm looking. Storage: There's an option to print a Storage unit. This unit is tiny and mostly useless, considering I can simply dig a small hole next to my base and have it hold several times the amount of resources. I recommend creating something much spacier (perhaps a chest of some sort that visually shrinks your resource stacks; whatever the case, it definitely needs a lot more than 8 slots). Excavation Tool: Works very well for the most part, however: I'd like to see [left control] become more useful. Right now it doesn't seem to have a clear purpose. It's almost a smoothing tool, but it's far too crude. I'd like to see it made into a genuine terrain-restoring/slope mode, where terrain can be smoothed to a like-new or near like-new finish, or for creating a gentle slope without all the catches that make it difficult to climb. This would help tons around my base, where I've messed the terrain up a tad, making it weird for new setups to be placed. Evil underground gas plant monsters: I'm in a space suit, aren't I? How is it that outside gases are able to infiltrate? (Is that what those "Filters" are for? I haven't made one yet.) Not to mention that death came swift and without any chance to run away. I know to steer clear now, but I didn't at first. All that out of the way, I've very much enjoyed Astroneer thus far! It's a great game already and I know it can only go up from here.
  12. Hello to game developers team. 2 days ago I found video on YouTube about your game, and it looks very interesting. I'm tried to download and play it... and was very surprised, because the game was very interesting even if it was just pre-alpha! Moreover, it has many pluses against games like Minecraft, Lego craft (or how that game properly named) and some other exploration/sandbox games and very few minuses -- at least, for the pre-alpha version quantity of minuses is not so much. But there are some problems that needed to be fixed, and also some useful things that must be in this game for players convenience. Sorry, I'm not very good on English, so ideas and bugs I will write on Russian. Please ask someone who can properly translate this text into English because some of bugs and ideas are very important. 1.) Первая проблема, с которой сталкивается игрок -- неудобство в управлении ручным Терраморфером. Да, идея изменять ландшафт карты не с помощью кирки или лопаты, а с помощью специального устройства, что убирает почву и собирает поленые ресурсы, просто шикарна -- этот "пылесос" и выглядит довольно интересно, и ландшафт меняет довольно быстро. Однако у него есть несколько существенных недостатков. а) Управлять терраморфером порой просто невозможно, настолько он неудобен, во-первых из-за того, что размер (область) преобразования никак нельзя изменить, хотя иногда нужа маленькая кисть, чтобы прорыть узкий тоннель по типу трубы или же стесать только маленький торчащий уголок почвы, а не весь круг размерами метр на метр, либо наоборот большой круг метра 3, а то и 5 диаметром, чтобы заровнять большую площадь или проложить широкий тоннель, по которому смогут ездить машины, пусть и с большим энергопотреблением. Из этого вытекает второе: б) Нужно добавить в терраморфере такую возможность, чтобы игрок мог, выделив три или четыре точки недалеко друг от друга и нажав кнопку "добавление почвы", заровнять поверхность по плоскости между этими тремя или четырьмя точками. Это просто необходимо для того, чтобы по выровненной поверхности могла проехать тележка. Я вчера на тележке с становленным сзади складом заехал в пещеру. В одном месте спуск был неровным и сбоку была дыра, которую мне, чтобы тележка (хотя, думаю, правильнее будет назвать большую платформу "грузовик") проехала, пришлось выравнивать поверхность над этой дырой + расширять тоннель, углубляясь в одну из стен. Всё бы ничего, но пол в итоге получился немного неровным. Спустилась тележка почти без проблем. А вот подняться... Я почти час выезжал из этой чёртовой пещеры, по 2-3 раза в минуту выскакивая из кабины, срезая или наращивая участки склона, пытаясь при этом его выровнять, чтобы тележка хоть как-то ехала вперёд. Приём тележка вела себя как угодно, но только не так, как от её требовалось. Но об этом я напишу чуть ниже. в) Необходимо добавить в терраморфер возможность разрушать камни и сталактиты/сталагмиты, так как каждый раз делать под камнем дырку, чтобы он провалился вниз, а затем нарастить поверх него почву это, во-первых, долго и требует лишние усилия, которые зачастую неоправданы, а во-вторых, из-за неудобства инструмента выкопать дыру под камнем ли сталагмитом легко, однако при восстановлении почвы она почти всегда в итоге получается кривой, и если бегать эти мелкие ямки и кочки совершенно не мешают, то машина на них ведёт себя абсолютно неадекватно вплоть до того, что может просто взять и перевернуться практически на ровном месте. Поэтому возможность разрушать подобные камни, как, например, в Террарии или Майнкрафте просто необходима. г) Добавить возможность выбирать, какой ресурс сейчас собирать, а какой -- выбрасывать. Т.е. если в одном месте находятся одновременно два ресурса (например, Смола и Биомасса, или Гидразин и Малахит), и мне нужен только один из них, а второй не нужен, и я не хочу, чтобы каждый раз, когда набирается полная единица ненужного мне ресурса параллельно с нужным, лезть в Рюкзак/Инвентарь и вручную выкидывать ненужный мне ресурс, то чтобы я мог выбрать, чтобы Терраморфер собирал одни ресурсы, а другие либо не собирались вообще, либо после набора полной единицы автоматически сбрасывались на землю. 2.) Второй и не менее важной пролемой является совершенно сумасшедшая физика у машин (т.е. тележек). Сейчас физика машины -- это полный дурдом! Машину швыряет, подкидывает, она может, воткнувшись колесом в какую-то ямку, вдруг сама поехать, даже если Игрок из неё вылез. Если на неё поставить семена, которые используются для исследования новых изобретений и добычи редких ресурсов, то она начинает прыгать, переворачиваться, крутиться, ездить по кругу или по более сложной траектории без причины -- в общем, ведёт себя абсолютно неадекватно. Вдобавок проходимость машины практически нулевая, она застревает на ямках и кочках, которые игроку даже не достают до колена, столкнувшись с маленьким камушком или с опорой втыкается, будто влетает в скалу, да ещё и, если немного разогнаться, после удара просто берёт и переворачивается. То, как у меня машина, неудачно съехав одним колесом в небольшую яму возле платформы на базе, сначала начала подпрыгивать, а затем сама по себе проехала чуть не через всю базу, пока я отвернулся -- это отдельная история, при этом как только я её догнал и сел за руль, она тут же остановилась. В общем, у меня огромная просьба: во-первых, доработайте, пожалуйста, физику машины, чтобы она не сходила с ума от каждого толчка, каждой кочки и каждого семечка, на неё установленного, а во-вторых, пожалуйста, сделайте так, чтобы машина имела нормальную проходимость и не застревала на ровном месте -- хотя бы сделайте её колёса раза в полтора или два больше или поднимите выше над поверхностью саму платформу. Также у машины обнаружился очень неприятный глюк: если на 3-4 места поставить склады, а два слота возле водителя оставить пустыми, после чего попытаться поставить какой-либо ресурс на один из складов, он вместо этого будет упорно вставать на свободный слот возле кабины водителя, но не на склад, на который наводишь курсор, и пока на эти два пустых места что-то не поставишь, ресурс будет категорически отказываться вставать туда, куда нужно. Да и вообще, если попробовать навести курсор на машину, чтобы, например, взять какой-то ресурс с установленного на машину склада, очень часто выделяется не именно тот объект, на который наведён курсор мыши, а какой-то соседний объект, причём почему -- непонятно. С этой проблемой (то, что выбирается не тот объект, на который указывает курсор, а какой-то другой) вам тоже нужно разобраться. 3.) Несколько замечаний по базе. а1) Вы можете сделать чисто платформу-склад (далее -- просто Склад)? Я имею в виду платформу, на которую ставится какой-то модуль (Принтер, Кран, Плавильня и т.д.), превратить в платформу, на которую можно во все слоты ставить панели-склады, а ещё лучше -- сделать платформу с 6 или даже 8 слотами под панели-склады, которая, к примеру, производится за 3 Смолы, а не за 2.. а2) Если вы добавите Склад, то вы можете также добавить возможность автоматической передачи ресурсов между Складом или несколькими Складами и другими платформами? То есть чтобы если для производства чего-то нужны были ресурсы, которые есть на какой-то другой платформе, но нет на платформе, на которой есть, например, Принтер или Кран, то чтобы при выборе создаваемой конструкции необходимые ресурсы автоматически загружались со Склада, а при производстве ресурсов в Плавильне, Исследователе или при покупке на Торговой платформе эти ресурсы автоматически перемещались на Склад? Ну или, в конце концов, сделать какую-то кнопку, нажатие которой будет отправлять все ресурсы с панелей-складов какой-то платформы на ближайший Склад. Также будет очень желательно, если вы добавите возможность указывать, какие ресурсы на какой Склад отправлять, т.е. чтобы когда подходишь к складу, можно было указать, какие ресурсы будут перемещаться на этот склад. а3) Вы можете сделать так, чтобы можно было, например, выгрузить ресурсы для переплавки на панели-склады, стоящие на платформе Плавильни, и чтобы Плавильня сама автоматически устанавливала себе эти переплавляемые ресурсы, переплавляла их и отправляла готовые ресурсы на Склад. Естетвенно, добавьте переключатель между Автоматическим и Полуавтоматическим режимом, в котором ресурсы могли бы загружаться с панелей-складов одним нажатием кнопки, но после переплавки следущая партия автоматически не начинала переплавляться, это необходимо, когда на базе недостаточно энергии или когда Игрок привёз много ресурсов, а ему сейчас нужны всего 2-4 единицы Меди или Алюминия и остальное он переплавлять сейчас не хочет. а4) Также очень желательно, чтобы то же самое мог делать Исследователь с привозимыми неизвестными семенами/ядрами/модулями -- т.е. чтобы можно было установить эти исследуемые объекты на подключенный к платформе с Исследователем Склад с пустыми слотами, в которые ставятся эти объекты, и чтобы Исследователь мог сам с помощью, например, Крана, установленного на какой-нибудь находящейся рядом платформе, перенести со Склада исследуемый объект, исследовать его и, если в нём были ресурсы, выгрузить их на стоящие у него на платформе панели-склады. б) Вы можете сделать так, чтобы при расширении базы и создании новых платформ за Смолу новые платформы не оказывались выше или ниже остальных? А то, например, у меня на базе из-за непонятного бага две или три платформы "провалились" вниз, оказавшись ниже остальных почти на высоту роста игрока, в итоге из образовавшейся из-за этих платформ ямы теперь с двух сторон сложно выбраться, так что мне теперь приходится не ходить через центр базы, а обходить его. Исправьте этот досадный баг, чтобы в дальнейшем, если поверхность неровная, при установке новых платформ поверхность бы сама за счёт потребления энергии базы выравнивалась до уровня остальных платформ. в) Были замечены редкие баги, когда энергия не передавалась по базе от одной платформы к другой. Например, на первой созданной мной карте у меня было подключено пять каналов от Посадочного модуля. И неизвестно почему, но через Посадочный модуль не передавалась энергия на другие платформы. Т.е. энергия от Солнечных батарей, установленных на Посадочный модуль, передавалась нормально, а вот энергия от Ветряка или Солнечной панели, что стояли на платформах на одном из отходящих от Посадочного модуля передающих энергию кабелей, на другие кабели не передавалась вообще, что бы я ни делал и куда бы ни ставил генераторы энергии. Однако на другой карте этого бага не было. г) Подобные баги пару раз наблюдались с самими ресурсами. Например, одна единица Энергии вообще не тратилась и не хотела заряжать ни рюкзак Игрока, ни машину, ни батареи на базе. То же самое у меня было два раза с Органикой -- при установке на генератор она не тратилась, а генератор не запускался. 4.) Всё же очень хотелось бы, чтобы вы добавили в игру возможность строить хотя бы простые дома. Не обязательно гнаться за Террарией или Майнкрафтом и добавлять огромную кучу материалов и ресурсов, однако если рядом с базой я смогу построить небольшой дом из камня, кирпичей, дерева или стволов растений, с крышей, подвалом и кое-какой простой мебелью вроде столов, стульев, кровати, часов, каких-то картин или рамок с интересными найденными на планете вещами (какими-то листьями, цветами, костями, минералами, боевыми трофеями, если вы добавите фауну наряду с уже имеющейся флорой, и так далее), ванной/душем, светильниками и прочими простыми, но необходимыми в каждом доме вещами, то для меня эта игра станет куда интереснее и реалистичнее. Опять же, игроку нужно что-то есть, иначе это выглядит как-то ненормально. 5.) Вам нужно что-то изменить по поводу выделяемого растениями ядовитого газа, потому как сейчас это выглядит как минимум глупо. Сами посудите: игрок дышит кислородом, который пополняет с базы или автомобиля, следовательно, у него герметичный скафандр. КАК его в герметичном скафандре с азмкнутой системой жизнеобеспечения может отравить какой-то газ? Вам нужно либо вообще убирать этот ядовитый газ, либо придумать что-то другое, например, облако мельчайших капелек кислоты, иначе это просто глупо. 6.) Очень надеюсь, что к релизу полной версии вы также добавите ещё больше разных ресурсов и создаваемых из них вещей. Также всё же очень хотелось бы, если бы вы добавили какие-то аксессуары, которые можно найти в упавших шаттлах или на останках других исследователей -- например, пояс, увеличивающий количество переносимых единиц ресурсов на 4, или навигатор, всегда показывающий направление на базу и расстояние до неё, или подключающийся к метеозонду на орбите браслет, заблаговременно предупредающий игрока о приближающейся буре, или специальные ракетные ускорители, позволяющие высоко подпрыгивать или даже немного взлетать. Ну и оружие, если вы будете вводить агрессивную фауну. There are all my suggestions and all bugs I found. Below Russian text will be translated by Google Translator. And I wanted to apologize for bad English translation, because Google translate text from Russian to English or from English to Russian very bad and very often changes the meaning of written text to the almost opposite. So, as I wrote earlier, please ask someone who can properly translate this text into English because some of bugs and ideas are very important. 1.) The first problem faced by the player is the inconvenience in the management by manual Terramorfer. Yes, the idea is not to change the landscape of the map using picks and shovels, and with the help of a special device that removes soil and too lazy to gather resources, just gorgeous - the "vacuum cleaner" and it looks quite interesting, and the landscape is changing quite rapidly. However, it has several drawbacks. a) Manage by Terramorfer sometimes simply impossible, so it is inconvenient, firstly due to the fact that the size (area) of the transformation can not be changed, although sometimes Alexandria small brush to dig a narrow tunnel for the pipe type or skived only a small protruding area soil, rather than the whole range of sizes of meter on, or on the contrary a large circle of 3 meters, and the diameter and 5 to completely level a large area, or to make a tunnel, through which will be able to drive the car, even with a large power consumption. From this follows the second: b) It is necessary to add to Terramorfer the opportunity for the player to highlighting three or four points close to each other and clicking "add to the soil," completely level surface on a plane between the three or four points. It just needs to on the smoothed surface could drive the trolley. Yesterday I was on the truck with the warehouse Formation drove back to the cave. At one point, the descent was rough and there was a hole on the side, which I was to truck (although I think that would be correct to call the great platform "truck") traveled, had to align the surface of this hole + to expand the tunnel, going into one of the walls. A All anything, but in the end the floor was a bit uneven. Later the truck almost without problems. But up ... I went for almost an hour of the damn cave, 2-3 times per minute jumping out of the cab, cutting or increasing the slope areas, attempting to align it to the cart somehow went forward. Admission truck behaved as you like, but not as was required of her. But I will write about it below. c) It is necessary to add to Terramorfer opportunity to destroy the rocks and stalactites / stalagmites, as each time to do under a rock hole that he fell down and then build on top of it the way it is, firstly, a long time and requires extra efforts, which are often unjustified, and secondly, because the tool inconvenience dig a hole under there stalagmite stone is easy, but when you restore the soil, it is almost always end up with the curve, and if run these small pits and bumps do not hinder, the machine on which behaves absolutely inadequately to the extent that it can just pick up and roll over almost on level ground. Therefore, the ability to destroy these stones, as, for example, in Terraria or Minecraft absolutely necessary. d) Add the ability to choose which resource is now collecting, and what - to throw. Those. If in one place there are simultaneously two resources (for example, resin and biomass, or Hydrazine and Malachite), and I need only one of them, and the second is not necessary, and I do not want every time you dialed a complete unit unnecessary me life in parallel with the right, climb in Backpack / Inventory and manually throw an unnecessary resource me, that I could choose to Terramorfer collected some resources, while others are either not collected at all or after dialing a complete unit is automatically reset to the ground. 2.) The second and equally important problem is completely crazy physics of the machines (ie, trucks). Now the physics of the machine - it is a complete madhouse! The machine throws, throws, it can, stuck like a wheel into some pit, suddenly very easily, even if the player got out of it. If it put the seeds, which are used for the study of new inventions and rare resource extraction, it begins to jump, roll, spin, ride in a circle or a more complex path for a reason - in general, behaves absolutely inadequately. In addition, flotation machine is almost zero, it gets stuck in the pits and bumps that the player did not even reach to the knee, faced with a small pebble or relying stuck like flies in the rock, and even if a little dispersed, after hitting just picks up and rolls over. The way my car, unsuccessfully moved down one wheel in a small pit near the platform on the basis of, first began to jump up and then drove itself through almost the entire base until I turned away - this is a separate story, here as soon as I caught up and got behind the wheel, she immediately stopped. In general, I have a huge request: First, modify, please, the physics of the machine to keep it from going crazy on each thrust, each tussock and each seed on her set, and secondly, please do so machine had normal patency and not stuck on level ground - though it would make the wheels a half times or two longer or lift up above the surface of the platform itself. Also, the car showed a very nasty bug: if you put in the space of 3-4 warehouses, and two slots near the driver's left empty, then try to put some life into one of the warehouses, he would instead be hard to get up in the free slot near the driver's cab but not to the warehouse, which hovers over, and while the two empty seats that do not deliver, the resource will categorically refuse to get up to the right place. And in general, if you try to move the cursor on the car, for example, to take some share from the established to the machine store, often stands out not just the object that induced mouse and some nearby objects, and why - - unclear. This is a problem (that is not selected the object pointed to by the cursor, but some other) you also need to deal. 3.) A few notes on the base. a1) You can make a pure platform-warehouse (hereinafter - a warehouse)? I mean, the platform on which is placed a certain module (printer, Crane, Foundry, etc.), turn into a platform on which you can put in all the slots panel-warehouses, and better yet - make the platform 6 or 8 slots for panel-warehouses, which, for example, is made of 3 pitches, rather than 2 .. a2) If you add the stock, then you can also add the ability to automatically transfer of resources between the warehouse or multiple warehouses and other platforms? That is that if the production of something needed resources that are on some other platform, but not on the platform on which there is, for example, the printer or the tap, so that when you select to create structures necessary resources are automatically loaded from the warehouse, and the production of resources in the melting, researchers or purchase on the trading platform, these resources are automatically moved to the warehouse? Or, in the end, make a button, which when pressed will send all the resources with the panel-warehouses of some platforms on the nearest warehouse. There will also be highly desirable if you add the ability to specify what resources to send a warehouse, ie so that when you approach to the warehouse, you can specify which resources will be moved to this warehouse. a3) you can do so that you can, for example, to upload the resources to be melted on the panel-warehouses, standing on a melting platform, and to Foundry itself automatically sets itself these resources refiner, refiner and sent them to the warehouse ready resources. Of course, add a switch between automatic and semi-automatic mode, in which resources could be downloaded from the panel-warehouses at the touch of a button, but after remelting Next Party does not automatically start a refiner, it is necessary that on the basis of insufficient power or when the player has brought a lot of resources, and Now it needs only 2-4 units of copper or aluminum and the rest he now does not want to melt. a4) it is also highly desirable that the same investigator could do with being brought by unidentified seeds / kernels / modules - ie, to be able to install these objects being studied to connect to the platform with researchers Warehouse empty slots into which are placed the objects, and that the researcher could itself by, for example, cranes, installed on some located near the platform, to move from a warehouse object under study , investigate it and, if it had the resources to unload them on the stand at his bar-storage platform. b) You can make the expansion of the base and the creation of new platforms for the new resin platform do not fall below or above the others? And then, for example, I on the basis because of the unknown bug two or three platforms "failed" down, being below the other almost to the height of the player growth, as a result of formed because these platforms pit is now on both sides is difficult to get, so I now I have to walk through the center of the base and get it. Fix this annoying bug that in the future, if the surface is uneven, with the installation of new platforms to the surface itself at the expense of the base energy consumption leveled to the level of other platforms. c) rare bugs have been seen when the energy is not passed on the basis of one platform to another. For example, five channels from the lander was connected to the first map created by me for me. And no one knows why, but through the lander does not transfer energy to other platforms. Those. energy from solar panels installed on the lander, passed normally, but the energy from a windmill or solar panels that were standing on the platform at one of the waste from the lander's power transmission cables to other cables are not transmitted at all, no matter what I was doing and wherever you put power generators. However, on another map of this bug was not. d) a couple of times Similar bugs were observed with the very resources. For example, one unit of energy do not spend and do not want to charge any Player backpack or car, or on the basis of the battery. The same thing I've been twice with organics - when installed on the generator is not to spend, and the generator will not start. 4.) Still very much like you to add to the game the opportunity to build even simple houses. You do not have to chase the terrarium or Minecraft and add a huge pile of materials and resources, however, if next to the base, I was able to build a small house made of stone, bricks, wood or trunks of plants, with the roof, basement and some basic furniture such as desks, chairs, bed, hours, some pictures or frames with interesting found in the world of things (some leaves, flowers, bones, minerals, trophies, if you add the fauna along with the existing flora, and so on), bath / shower, lamps and other simple, but necessary in every house things for me this game will be much more interesting and realistic. Again, the player needs to have something, otherwise it looks like something is not normal. 5.) You need to change something about the poisonous gas emitted by plants, because as of now, it looks at least silly. Judge for yourself: the player breathes oxygen, which adds to the base or the vehicle, therefore, it has an airtight spacesuit. AS it in an airtight suit with a closed life support system can poison some gas? You should either remove all the poisonous gas, or think of something else, for example, a cloud of tiny droplets of acid, otherwise it's just stupid. 6.) I hope that by the release of the full version you also add even more different resources and create from them things. It is also still very much like to, if you add some accessories that can be found in the fallen space shuttle or the remains of other researchers - for example, a belt, which increases the number of portable resource units 4, or navigator, always showing the direction of the base and distance to it, or connects to a weather balloon in orbit bracelet, advance warning players about the coming storm, or special rocket boosters that allow high jump or fly a little bit. And weapons, if you enter an aggressive fauna.
  13. 1. Add plantations, where you can grow specific resources, maybe not only organic items but ores and other naturally found items. 2. Have the option to name beacons, set a color for them, and choose from a set of options a picture for the beacon to show instead of a singular dot. This picture could be a mine, or a plant that gives power/oxygen. Then you could put these mines down and know immediately what they mean. 3. Seasons, weather, and biome additions to what we already have, etc. etc. 4. Instead of having a random chance to find a new technology from a researched object, make it so you can only find one technology from each researched object species. This makes the player have to search every terrain for every single type of research object they need. Maybe you could also add a textbook that reminds the player what they've already found, and show shaded grey silhouettes of what they still need. After time you could also create hints that explain where to find this items- "Under a tree" "Up in the clouds" "In the middle of a mountain", except instead of making it so blunt, have riddles instead- "Near what breathes life and exhales death, what turns blue when starved and red when content" Then you could create a tree that puffs out harmful gass, turns blue in winter, and red in summer, with the object to research somewhere inside of it. See, I would also write "Names to save files" and "More options in the menu" to the list, but that's so painfully obvious to add to the final version that I didn't want to waste your time reminding you to add those. ... But I just did.
  14. Killroy

    Tools updates

    Hi! Just an idea for updating the main character's tool set. I love how you can add modules to improve oxygen and energy. Would love to see a module to improve the reach of the light on the helmet and other to expand the radius of the terrain shape tool. Thanks!
  15. Ok. So far, amazing game, best of its kind. But not yet perfect. Over time, it could be. Some reconditions from me are 1. Give the ability to delete or at least name worlds/saves. I have a lot of saves where I have screwed up something and it always take a while to find the right save. 2. This is not as big, but I am a perfectionist and this really bugs me when playing the game. When you expand your bases or pods or whatever you want to call them, it removes terrain but does not remove objects like rocks and plants. One time, I even accidentally put a printer on top of my habitat and therefore every time I tried to get out of after saving I would get stuck inside the printer. Which leads to my next point, 3. One time I was building a vehicle Bay, so I put down the two resin and it started to build and when it finished it spawned right on top of me and I was once again stuck inside it. So, overall Astroneer is a great game for the really creative but just still need some small tweaks. If a creator ever reads this, you should be proud of your game.
  16. Hellgast(52ru)

    Improved gameplay

    Hello, I would like to offer you the following improvements of the game. 1) Make a normal control that would transport the motion vector does not depend on where the camera is pointing. Management should be like a real car. 2) In the caves and the vegetation has not only digging that you can find the object of research, has been withdrawn and the plant falls in the caves closes the road. I propose to do so that would be the object of research after Lifted plant can be processed into organic material. 3) For transport it is necessary to make 2 versions coupling between transport and the trolley (1) Option soft coupling on a hose connection means. (2) option rigid coupling that would transport trolley and connected by a dense and that did not dangle while driving. 4) Make a module for transport which would vyglyatel as a manipulator but had the opportunity to portable cannon (could retrieve rocks) as well as the drive unit for transport which would allow to accommodate all the extracted rock and transport them. Здравствуйте, хочу предложить вам следующие улучшения игры. 1) Сделать нормальное управление транспортом что бы вектор движения не зависел от того куда направлена камера. Управление должно быть как у реального автомобиля. 2) В пещерах и не только есть растительность выкопав которую можно найти объект для исследований, после его изъятия растение падает и в пещерах перекрывает дорогу. Предлагаю сделать так что бы после извлекания объекта исследования растение можно было переработать в органический материал. 3) Для транспорта необходимо сделать 2 варианта сцепки между транспортом и тележкой (1) вариант мягкая сцепка по средствам соединения шлангом. (2) вариант жесткая сцепка что бы транспорт и тележка соединялись в плотную и во время движения не чего не болталось. 4) Сделать модуль для транспорта который бы выглятел как манипулятор но обладал возможностью переносной пушки ( мог извлекать породы) а так же модуль накопитель для транспорта который бы позволял вмещать в себя все извлеченные породы и перевозить их.
  17. I think it would be cool to be able to play the game in first person both in vehicles and on foot because sometimes the camera (3rd person) can be a bit annoying in corners of caves or small rooms for example. And for vehicles it would be a pretty nice feature too but i think first person for when youre not in a vehicle should be prioritized.
  18. This Post is meant to give the developers a feedback on the problems, bugs and wishes one might experience or want. - The vehicles are hard to move to a position where they actually recharge - Buildings like the smelter consume items and dont produce the product if the slots are occupied - You can't remove buildings - To reload batteries on vehicles you have to take them off the vehicle and put them on a free base socket - Posinous plants dont "vanish" after you kill them (would be a good addition imo) - A tool to view daytime maybe - Delete safegames in mainmenu - If you hold a research node and move it through a wall, then left click while its in the wall, it gets stuck there. - If items are in a storage slot make them accesible to build things instantly instead of having to take them out one by one - If you build a spaceship you can no longer use the vehiclebay where u built it - Make items that you throw on the ground disappear after a set time - Don't force respawn. It sucks in an early sandstorm. - Tooltips maybe?