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Found 4 results

  1. Loving the new automation stuff so far. These are some small ideas for future additions or improvements I would love to see. 1. A timer. Perhaps this is an addition to the button repeater, where we can set a delay for the repeat. Or, perhaps it's a new item which can be placed, attached to a soil centrifuge (for example) which sends a button press on a set timer. This will mean that people don't have to create timers by using storage and resource cannisters, chained together. 2. A 50% storage/battery/power detection mode. e.g. full or half full, half full or empty, etc. Or perhaps a fully customisable "high and low water mark" style range for these triggers. At present, if you set a battery sensor to full or not full, it can trigger in rapid succession due to it triggering as soon as the battery loses a tiny amount of power, resulting in power generation, resulting in it shutting off, then immediately triggering again. Being able to trigger on full or empty solves it, but leaves power generation to only start when empty so that if you're consuming slightly more than you can generate you run out of power. If it triggered on half full, it would delay the time you run out of power. 3. Resource conveyor belts and/or pipes. It's annoying having to collect and carry my resources to my printers, why can't I automate this. I don't think we want items to simply travel down the existing power cables, for example, as we need to be more selective about where items come from. I don't necessarily want to steal carbon from my stockpile for the generators, for example. 4. Gas storage silos. Storing gas is a pain. 5. Auto arms for larger items. I would love to be able to automate research of large items, and recycling of large scrap. Or to be able to set up an arm which swaps my full storage with an empty one on a vehicle when I simply pull up next to it (would probably need 2 arms, one with a storage not empty filter, and the other with a storage empty filter or something). 6. Auto arms use too much power when idle. Having an auto-arm on a vehicle will drain power rather too quickly, IMO. Thanks!
  2. Heres a list of things i think would make great game additions 1. Create a system that allows players to use bytes to buy resources once all research has been unlocked. Currently, once all research is unlocked the player has no reason to continue attaining bytes or research. If the player is able to buy resources (1000 bytes= 1 resin, etc) there would be a continued reason to use research and attain bytes. 2. More size options for land vehicles. Something smaller than the small rover for quick recon and one larger than the medium rover for larger expeditions. 3. Another flight option. Something that can be used to quickly fly around a given planet but cannot go into space. This would add a great recon option for players.
  3. Couple Suggestions that imo will make the game even more fun. Let me know what u think. 1) More storms- lightning storms, radiation hurricanes, acid rain etc. 2) Diseases - plants that spore particles that make u sick and die SLOWLY unless cured by some craftable medicine or decontamination area. 3) Oceans/Lakes- still pretty new to the game but I haven't seen any yet. They could contain underwater caves, rare materials/loot, some bodies of water could be contaminated or poisons, could also contain underwater plants/animals that could trap you and suffocate you like a clam or something. 4) Crop plots that can be used to create a small area of breathable air so that u don't have to use tethers there. 5) Alien supplements/food that boost speed or make u drunk or something like that.
  4. Hi, So I was looking at the research and how important it is for the game and I think one way to separate it and make it feel more progressive is with biomes. For example: A snow biome would require a heating module to be researched or found in world before being able to get the materials in that biome. Or jetpacks/hovercrafts to be able to get up mountains and easily get ressources, Underwater tech to excavate... well... underwater. This sort of system gives a sense of progression in a world and makes the player move around more, making it feels very satisfying to find your researche. Also planets would could be these biomes but in extreme versions but with more loot. I believe this follows the mechanics set in place in this game and could be very fun because it lets you create even more modules (wich are TOTALY AWESOME, love that feature). Keep up the great work you guys are great!