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Found 7 results

  1. I was recently in my world trying to do all the achievements when a steam "friend" randomly joined. I had no idea that this person joined and that they hid in my game, getting all the achievements I was working for. I think devs should add an alert when someone joins your game since this situation could have turned out much worse. Devs should also add a feature where players can be kicked from a game. I feel like this is an essential part of Astroneer and hope to see it being implemented in the next update. I realize that these aren't the best achievements, but it's the concept of a steam "friend" joining without your knowledge is concerning.
  2. Hello guys. I keep ansking and learning about all because the game seems very nice. I´m unlocking modules, and this and that but i´m not sure the use of some of them and i don´t know wich ones are more essential than others. Can you tell me please wich is the "proper" way to expand and grow? Wich are the essential builds please? Thanks.
  3. Dear developers, i really love Astroneers its a very very good Game. But i'm always so frustrating while there is NO DELETE/DESTROY feature in the Game! So i have tried to create a Storage under the Earth while Storage needs so much place, then i put a vessel on the Underground to create Platforms for Storage and now i have seen i had make a misstake and want to destroy the Vessel. BUT THERE IS NO OPTION! Dynamite doesnt work! SO REALLY DEVS we need a Delete or Destroy tool/option for everything PLEASE if its aviable in the next Patches! But in the current version i can give the World up/delete and EVERYTIME i made a build misstake i must start from the Beginning. I do not want to put a second base anywhere I want a single and that must be perfect. Please understand me. And there is a Bug: If i place Dynamite at this Platform that comes out of the vessel then i cant fire that up while the "build a new Plattform" tool overlay all. with best reagrds, thanks.
  4. After building a base on the moon, i returned in my spaceship and it landed ontop of my shuttle, I was unable to tether the spaceship, i un-tethered the shuttle and could not tether the space ship and since then both are broken, I have taken both to other planets and am unable to make new bases with them, I made a new shuttle and was able to make new bases with that, but i have 2 ships unable to tether to bases and or allow me to make new bases
  5. I don't think there is very much to be said about it, we need to be able to give our saves a name. It's really hard to keep track of which one is which if you have more than 1 save because they look completely identical and i sometimes cant remember which one i played last. Specially if you keep changing back and forth like me. (youtuber and got 1 save for playing myself and 1 for recording) I think many ppl can refer to this that its very important to add this. Anyways great game guys !
  6. I haven't seen anyone say anything about this, but when the game freezes on an AMD system the CPU usage goes to 0%. Perhaps the processor stops working with the game? The game is playable from around 5 to 30 minutes, then the game freezes and the CPU usage goes to 0%. My computer specs are as follows AMD A-10 6700 running at 4.1 GHz 12 Gigs DDR3 Ram Nividia 730 GPU 2 gigs GDDR5 ram Based on the steam recommended specs I should be in the green to run this game I love this game, but for now it is an over complicated and frustratingly beautiful screen saver
  7. HevyCaptain

    Delete Worlds

    pls add delete worlds button because my Astronner is full of worlds