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Found 1 result

  1. °°Random Planetary Events/ET Visitations°° Picture this your Playing astroneer and you hear a loud explosion, you look up to the sky and see a a large fireball streaking across the sky you watch as it impacts the planet. You curiosity gets the best of you and you set out on a adventure to find out what is was that crash landed. You reach the area of impact to find a large creator inside you find... Here are some ideas on what you might find - A large asteroid or meteor possibly filled with rare resources or Something unique maybe even in the form as a unknown that can be carried to the research module - A Human crash landed Aircraft or pod possibly carrying resources, AI robots, or maybe even other Human NPC who may be friendly or hostile. And who may also start to build a base on the planet.(Making the planet feel more alive.) - Crashed or Landed Alien Aircraft with Alien NPC who may be hostile. The Ship's parts can be stripped to be researched or Maybe a small one man UFO can be placed on the research module to unlock extraterrestrial technology. Picture this scenario you reach the area of impact only to see a UFO either crashed or landed safely. You see Aliens wandering either scavenging or disoriented from the crash. The Aliens would then depending on there personality or Race either attack you or be curious of you and from there a realtionship would form for trades etc. Also on that note these events should be random all over the world on any planet and when something enters the atmosphere you should see it burning up as it enters the planet. This would give this exciting feeling of wanting to go investigate the impact site and lead to some interesting adventures as you never know what you may find. Atmosphere Burn ups should include yourself as you travel from planet to planet this effect would make entering planets feel more realistic. °°Weather Effects°° Each planet should have its own weather effects and hazards unique to each. For instance on a Terran planet similar to a earth like planet you may get Thunder Storms, sandstorms, snow storms etc depending on the area of the planet you are on. But let's imagine some new Hazards into the mix such as, Acid rain, Blizzards, Tsunami, Radiation Bursts, Solar Flares, Volcano Eruptions with Lava, Earthquakes, Tornadoes or maybe even as you advance and make your footprint on the universe ET become curious and visit and now your faced with Visitation and possibly abduction to there ship or there planet and you must build and escape. Hmmm Leave your opinions below. If you like some of my ideas let's bump this Topic up so the Development Team can see it. Thanks guys.