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Found 267 results

  1. This post has lots of ideas for future technology that will help add content. When I play Astroneer on my best save, I’ve reached a point where there really isn’t a goal anymore. I’ve put bases on every planet, have all kinds of rovers, and there really isn’t a point to expand any of the bases. That’s why I feel that Astroneer just needs a lot more content. So here are my ideas for future technology. First of all, my biggest idea: Satellites Satellites could be made in many ways, maybe printed in orbit, unpacked in orbit (This would be on a large shuttle while it is in orbit around a planet), or launched from the ground. They will orbit a planet and provide some use on the ground. There could be lots of types of satellites: (1) Research satellites: these study the planet’s surface and provide a slow but constant flow of bytes. (2) Observatory satellites can be used to find points of interest on the surface of the planet. These will place down a beacon signal (won’t actually put down the beacon, just the signal) of where a wreck, cave entrance, etc is. (3) GPS Satellites: In order to use these satellites, a player has to put a radio antenna onto an auxiliary slot in the backpack. This will allow the player to use a minimap on the hud or will access the a map on the radio antenna. In order for satellites to work, you have to have a way to control them: Radio towers could be put on large platforms and have a menu to control the satellites that you have. Controlling research would just be an on/off switch. Observatories would be a way to choose the area where they pinpoint the locations. If the signals are too far away, then the player won’t be able to reach it. So we should be able to choose the area where it finds points of interest. GPS would also be a simple on/off. In addition to all of these previous controls, there should be a self destruct button for the satellites and (this isn’t necessary, just if you want to go the extra mile) a way to print upgrades on speed for the research and observatory, and accuracy/detail of the map for the GPS. (To clarify, there should be a way to self destruct, and there could be a way to upgrade) Shuttle upgrades: Just some extra content to the game to make planetary travel easier. This is exactly want it sounds, an upgrade to the shuttle. This will be very expensive to make (maybe using the nanocarbon-alloy). This upgrade will only be for the medium and large shuttle. This upgrade will increase the shuttle’s range so you don’t have to wait so long for planetary travel. Observatories: This is more important compared to the other additions to the game, I always find it very annoying when I launch a shuttle from Terran to Tundra, and Tundra just came out of the shuttle range. Then I have to wait 20 minutes before it comes back in range. This is why I feel that the observatory should come into the game. This module is placed on a large platform, it doesn’t consume power, it just needs any power (like a work light). This will have a menu where it shows the solar system and the range of a shuttle. (There is also a switch so different levels of the shuttle upgrades can be displayed.) It will show the direction of the planets orbit and a green ring will show around planets that are in range. Habitat: This will just be a simple addition, I feel that there should be a way to make the starting habitat on other planets. It will obviously be very expensive to make. This is idea isn’t necessary, because I understand that not having a hab is a fun challenge. Rocket pad Because of the way that rockets use vehicle bays as landing sites, it is very common for a shuttle to land on top of other vehicles. Which is a very annoying problem because rovers can get glitched inside, you have to waste hydrazine to move a rocket, and it’s just a big mess. So I feel that rocket pads should be added to the game. These will look like the launch pad that you get at the start, only that it’s more large so it can fit the large shuttle. The rocket pads are a different color of bubble as seen from orbit, and will prioritize that landing spot if there is another landing spot in the way. If there is already a rocket on the landing pad, it will move it out of the way when you try to land. This concept isn’t perfect, I just feel that there should be a way to fix shuttles landing on other vehicles. Rovers moving Shuttles It is very annoying when you have a shuttle that you can’t move without using hydrazine or a solid fuel thruster. I think that there should be a way for rovers to pull shuttles out of the way. A way for this to work is if you use a cable plug from a rover and insert it into the shuttle. The shuttle will get some small wheels and can be towed by the rover. Large shuttles can’t be towed by medium rovers, only large rovers. Another use for Astronium Once you unlock everything in the research catalog, astronium becomes a useless resource. I feel that astronium could be used for upgrading equipment. Things like combining the terrain tool modifications with astronium to reduce or eliminate the power consumption. Maybe things like upgraded batteries that holds double as the medium battery, or upgraded wind turbines/solar panels. These are just a few ideas, I don't feel that these definitely need to be added, it's just that there should be another use for astronium besides research. Thanks for reading my ideas, I hope you consider them in the development of Astroneer. Can’t wait for 1.0!
  2. Maybe you guys at System Era should think about adding in a proper Main menu where you could create a new game, load one, water, animals and food. maybe even adding in the ability to add in walls and roofs and floors and lights and add more materials and the reason I ask for water and animals, is that on every life sustainable world there are always some form of life and you must have food and water otherwise you would die otherwise. If you guys do end up adding in water could you please add in some different things to go in with it too? E.G. submarines, exo-suits, flippers, biomes, having to colect oxygen to power tethers and habitats, being able to customize what gos on your vehicle. E.G. caterpillar trails, wheels, weapons, roofs, sides, windows, doors, and new looking seats. With the new extra large storage added in the last update, could you please think about making the clips work with medium storages as you cannot fit much on it at the moment, and maybe think a about being able to create MK2 suits and MK2 terrain deformer. If you also had time you could add in jetpacks too, if you see the game planet nomads, they have closed storage and closed printers, maybe you could think about doing something like that. Also you could make a way to have printers and smelters pull things from other platforms, maybe you could make like an armory or something similar, where you could make weapons, suits, jetpacks, terrains deformers. Hope you take this idea and think about it! P.S. Love all the effort you guys have put in to updating this game lately, keep it going! It would be amazing if you could create all this content for all fellow Astroneers.
  3. konsti68


    Bugs 1.When starting the game, the sound of other programs is lagging 2. When the inventory is full and you take an object and press e, it stays frozen in position 3. Objects flying through the earth at the start of the server Ideas 1.Heavier opponents, Mobile opponents at night/day -> sleeping at night/day So you have to fear more than just the ridiculous storm :D 2.Live display / Food display -> production of consumer goods For the game to last longer 3.Other materials from opponents for more challenge / fun 4.find rare research parts I mean they hang on trees so often or are under you 5.Get power heavier or the wind turbines and so on weaken something, the power range also weaken 6.Incorporate more things or go more into the details. For example, fuel for the melt That you have to farm more 7.A terrain tool that you can use to create corners; 100% horizontal/vertical planes, without it sticking out on the other side simply to make building easier 8.Description of some items / make use more accurate, for example, by an extra button that opens the description 9.Build a new base with electricity 10.Remove trading platform or increase the manufacturing of things As a result, nothing will force you to travel to other planets anymore as you will quickly get through the platform to the items =1xSpeedboost 1x Wide extension you need just 35sec to fill 8 canister -> Earth centrifuge = Production of items = shredder =platform other survival / construction games and build things 1: 1 or otherwise 12 Use bytes as making some things It takes you about 2-4 days to research and build everything, hence the points :)
  4. I think that the construction of a space elevator could be the end goal for a base. Once the elevator is Built you would be able to seamlessly move resources from planet to planet. On top of that, the construction of space stations could be the end goal of the game, creating a hub for trade and such.
  5. ♫ [Alpha]Sutterkane♫

    Planet Center - Behaviors ?

    Dear Astroneer developers, What about the Centre of the Planet? I mean what will happen when I will reach the centre of the planet? I tried hard to reach it but it seems that I cannot pass through it, and I have to be back from where I come... Have you put some barrier to avoid the possibility to move to the other side? As I attached as pictures, e.g. the Astronaut fall down in the empty space, and he can comes from every side 360°, then what is going on when reached the Centre of the Planet (A)? starts to rolling without ending? (B) I am not a physic of course, but should be nice to make something about like...don't know....funny stuff?... Thank you Tommaso
  6. Version: 0.10.2 The help screens and tutorial planet that are in the game currently get you off to a good start, but there are several things that aren't covered. Resources, specifically, what resources can you expect to find on your starting planet, and which ones you have to go elsewhere to find. I spent several hours looking through the caves on Terran expecting to find hematite (iron) and not finding any before finally looking it up on the wiki and finding out that it isn't found on Terran. As a side note, this is pretty silly considering the two most obvious examples of Terran planets in our own solar system (Earth and Mars) are covered in iron. It would be nice if the game provided the player with an idea of what resources they can expect to find. This might be something in the original help pages, or it could be something that is unlockable in the research panel. There is no help for the player on deciding what should be taken on their first trip off-planet, or which planet might be a good first trip. This feels like a big step that could be lethal quickly unless you make the right choices. The game could either provide this in the help pages once you build the vehicle bay, or it could be unlockable in the research panel.
  7. NateStole


    Idea 1: A backack extension that will double the size of you backpack but will cost a couple of rare materials like titanium and tungstun and maybe lithium so you wont be able to get it when you just start Idea 2: Base builden with actual walls foundations roofs and stuff like that becouse i and many other really hate the building with the building gun thing
  8. So, I play on Xbox, and I find myself struggling with the controls of dragging items around. One thought, but not the point, custom key/button mappings on consoles, would be helpful. I also think using R Trigger to grab everything and confirming things hurt. I know pressing A works for crafting, but "prop" placement, wire pulling, and inventory management should be more thumb friendly for though of us who knew what the world was like before analog sticks. But to the point of my topic, being able to "define" what type of item fits where would help for managing items. You already kind of implement this with the Mineral Extractor and Gas buildings, with the hallow image of the canisters I can use my trigger to manage. But first lets talk locally to the player. I suggest, allow me to highlight a slot in my 2x4 inventory and press a button(maybe the bumpers, maybe B) to change the "border" of that slot. Then those colors are related to different types of items. White/Transparent/No Border = All items, Red = Canisters, Yellow = Power items (if not magnetized to those two aux plugs on the backpack), Green = Solid Resource. So then when I use the R trigger to pick up an item, and use x to store it, it will snap it to the appropriate slots. I think this should be applied to only the backpack slots though, and not the two plugs on the pack. To expand on this, even though we can see the items on our person, Id like a little set of colored invisible tags on the bottom left corner, showing how many spots of that type free. Then, if I'm trying to craft solar panels, I got an idea of how many spots I free for copper and the like. If I have to go further, I also think we should get those free inventory slots on the vacuum tool taken away. Mods only, with the ability to enable and disable at that slot. If you really want to give us more slots, you can put It on the bag somewhere. Limited Oxygen, Energy and Storage should be the "difficulty" in the game. Now, to back to where the hollow points come in. Now that we have some simpler method for character to right trigger stuff into their inventory, lets talk about unloading. I personally do a lot of dragging whole compartments things with 8 items on it from my vehicle to a pad and back with a fresh one. A lot of time, trying to put stuff directly on the comparements get cumbersome. As a organization point, the applying the method above would be just as usefull. When I'm holding the whole stack, I press a button and it changes the colored borders or something on it to note the change. Then when, even without any of those hollow points being shown, or just use a generic one like the trading post that I can R trigger and it will magnetize the first in the list of items in my inventory that qualify for that type. I don't care to get as finite where I can say "this compartment can only hold titatinum", but let me get a little more trigger happy with the compartments. Then Dragging crap like filled canisters and the abundant power supplies I find below can easily be dumped without hassel. Then, those stacks I drag around the area to get a bunch of raw metal refined, or putting down the copper for a group of I could go ON and ON about improvements about this game, but I'm trying to keep it short, sweet, and organized. Expect more suggestions/critisims. Good Game, a lot of potential.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm more someone who sits back in the discord and like to just keep up to date with the changes and the progress of Astroneer. I had a few ideas for the modulation side of the landers and I figured I would put them onto paper while I remembered them. I'm no designer or engineer, so feel free to critique or add to the ideas. I'm on discord as TCphotos#6900 Need an international unexperienced intern?
  10. GeneralOutcast

    Ideas for Plants and Fauna

    Just like in the tutorial, a tap feature would be perfect for larger plants. It would allow for easy access to organic without terrain destruction. The smaller fauna throughout the planets, e.g. Terran, could be used as a survival feature. They would be collected into a type of item that would be considered "vegetables" or something of the sort. It could the be put through a blender to be turned into organic. "Vegetables" could then be eaten by the player. This idea could be expanded for more plants; leaves or grass could regenerate creating new resources. This could allow plant beds to be made from medium printers using compound and canisters.
  11. I love the game the only thing is that it is poor in content so I would like to share my ideas for the game. 1. I think many people would like this game to be a "survival" by adding, for example, hunger, thirst, enemies which could kill you, A SYSTEM OF CONTRUCTION of bases like the one of the game called "subnautica", add more vehicles like ships, add the seasons of the year, other sobrivivientes, biomes with trees and mountains, add landscapes that make you want to play And that's what I'd like to see in future updates If you add that many people will start playing and recommend astroneer
  12. ChrisOfNormandy

    Industrial Landscaping Ideas

    I may be relatively new to this game, but I have noticed some things that would 100% be beneficial to game-play. Here's 3 major ideas: 1.) Larger drill head / bore head attachment. Don't get me wrong, digging out huge bits of land is super satisfying, especially on a late-night chill-out session. The one thing I wish was in the game, as others have suggested, is some sort of tunnel bore. Simply having a larger drill head, or something I can mount to the front of my buggies, would make the tunneling jobs I regularly do a bit more tolerable (especially going through mountains, because sometimes going around is just too much). 2.) Adjustable "crane arm" attachment for vehicles and platforms. This would be similar to the crane already in the game, but with more "hands-off" feelings. Having a mechanical "arm" that I can position and work with would be SUPER helpful, especially for the next and final idea I have. Some sort of extendable arm, similar to a construction mobile-crane, that you can put a drill head, crane or power supply attachment onto. One tricky issue I can see with the implementation of something like this is a gyroscopic stabilizing the arm. That way I can pop one onto the top of a large rover, sit on the planet surface, put the arm out a ways, and start working without the worry of wind storms blowing my position around. Maybe having fasteners or a "brake" feature would help with this? 3.) Finally, a mono-directional, cable fed bore. The best way I can explain what I mean is... imaging a drill rig arm that you can pop onto ^ idea number 2's adjustable crane arm, the front of a buggy, or especially a platform. Instead of going out and searching for caves deep underground, what if you could set up a platform + adjustable crane arm + drill head, and slowly excavate towards the planet core? The reach doesn't have to be all that long, but at least quite a bit longer than the current crane arm reach. I provided really, really... rough sketches of what I envisioned. I'm no artist, especially when it comes to drawing with a mouse. But hopefully this comes across a bit more coherently.
  13. Exoplaneteer

    Retro-Futurism Suit Idea

    Hey SES! Barry here (y'know, the Astrodoggo guy)! I know you're working crazy hard on E3, so I hope that you don't stress over suggestions. I have a pretty good idea for a new suit. So, you know those cheesy 50s sci-fi futurism movies? Well, I really like the style, and I thought that a suit like that would be awesome. It could have a huge bubble helmet, be crimson red with shiny silver decals, and have 2 giant tubes connecting to a red O2 tank, or something like that. I'll include some images in this style for reference (credit to whoever made them, since I just found them on Google). Or this I think that the glass bubble helmet could be more Astroneer-ed, in that there could be some sort of "exo-skeleton helmet" that covers some of the glass. This is so the whole thing isn't opaque glass, making it look like the head is a giant ball (since Astroneers have no faces and the glass wouldn't be clear). I hope that you can take this into consideration, and good luck at E3! o7 - Exoplaneteer, A.K.A Barry the Astrodoggo⚡
  14. Hello, my name is Jeremy. And this is my ideas: A led floodlight to pose on the ground (look the image) to connect with the big cables. And also the possibility to change the intensity (like the splitter interface) Hoping that you like this ideas
  15. guitsss boris


    what I would like to see
  16. Greetings, it is I, Zoura3025. I'm back again with another handful of ideas, since I really would rather not risk bumping my old post up to the top and getting banned for that. Anyways, here's a few ideas I have for the game. Enjoy! Terrain Tool - Burst Nozzle (Not a gun, I promise) The Burst Nozzle is an attachment for the barrel of the terrain tool that alters the way it fires. Instead of the calm, steady stream of lovely sucking action (phrasing), it now lobs a projectile that explodes, capturing all terrain in a roughly spherical area and bringing it back to the person who fired it. If used to flatten, it will try to even out the terrain it hits in terms of both altitude and slope. If used to create land, it will create a large, roughly spherical blob of terrain. The Burst Nozzle must be manually fired (3 second reload, costs 2 power bars per shot), and has a fair amount of accordance to gravity. Modifications work as follows: Boost Mod - Reduces cooldown to 1.5 seconds and increases power use per shot to 2.5 power bars. Also increases the velocity at which the main projectile is fired. Wide/Narrow Mods - Increases/Reduces area of effect, respectively. Wide mod doubles the area, narrow halves it. Both cancel eachother out. Terrain Analyzer - Colors all affected placed terrain to the color of the terrain the projectile hit. Inhibitor Mod - Stops the tool from collecting land, but allows the burst to collect other resources (i.e. compound, resin, ores, etc.). Power cost is cut down to only 1 power bar per shot to commentary. The Burst Nozzle costs 2,000 bytes to research. Infrastructure - Power Relays (For obsessive base builders, like me.) The power relay is a two-part, high-tier system that consists of transmitters and towers. These are special structures that connect via a unique, "+" shaped connector. Each long-range connection has a whopping connection range of 3 tethers. Transmitters are large-platform modules that act as the starting and ending points power relays. Each Transmitter costs 2 titanium to fabricate. Transmitters are square-ish, lattice structure, and each has one socket that can be oriented in one of 4 directions (by hovering and pressing "Z" or "X"). Each transmitter has 4 small slots (one on each side of the tower) for bonus functionality. Towers are intermediate structures, printed in groups of 3 at a medium printer. Initially, the towers have a "tied down", compacted appearance, and all 3 are tied together on a baseplate. The baseplate takes up 2 slots on a normal platform, and can be carried by the player. Interacting with the baseplate will release one tower for deployment. Once a tower is detached from a baseplate, it cannot be returned. When deployed (accomplished by a second interaction), the tower unfolds into a black, tetherlike structure, with 4 connection points for long-range connections. In terms of research, the Transmitter and Tower schematics must be researched separately. The Transmitter costs 3,600 to research, and the Tower costs 3,400 to research (7,000 bytes in total). Infrastructure - Small Platforms (For increased building flexibility.) The Small Platform is exactly what it sounds like: a small platform. Fabricated at a small fabricator, 1 crate holds 2 small platforms, and 1 crate is formed by 1 resin. Each platform is a 1-small-slot having platform with 4 connectors. Not specifically useful, but if you need and early game relay-network, it could be helpful in comparison to something like extenders. Small Platforms cost a mere 150 Bytes to research. Storage - Small Storage (For the organization extraordinaire.) Small Storages are a... well, small storages. It turns 1 small storage slot into 2 small storage slots. Not much else to say. The Small Storage costs 500 Bytes to research. Power - Crystallizers (To help in mid-game.) Crystallizers are mid-game power storages, that come with some large-scale drawbacks. Crystallizers form energy into energized crystals (imagine that) to store power for later use. Each crystal they make contains the equivalent of 2 bars of power, and each Crystallizer can store up to 4 crystals. As a sacrifice for their paltry 2-Aluminum cost, Crystallizers use 1 power bar per crystal (only when producing crystals; there is no inefficiency when discharging). To help remedy this problem, Crystallizers will be the LOWEST priority on any power grid (the hierarchy going: Players > Modules > Vehicles > Batteries > Crystallizers), to prevent waste of power unless there is an absolute surplus. Crystallizers require a hefty 3,000 Bytes to research. Terrain Tool/Research - Scan Tool (Just a little bonus idea.) A small, cheap modification for the terrain tool. Costs 1 Aluminum to print in the backpack's small printer. With the Terrain Tool equipped, picking up any researchable item will display its byte value to the nearest 10 (i.e., if a research node were to contain 648 bytes, the scanner would show "~650 Bytes") for 5 seconds. Costs no power, and is unlocked from the start; no research required.
  17. Malachite

    More Survival Ideas

    Astroneer is a great game as it is but it is in it's alpha stage meaning there is lots for to add. One of my ideas is that Astroneer should contain more survival like essentials. Here are two of my ideas: 1. Food - I believe food should be an item in this game to make it more challenging but before creating a server there would be a difficulty option which change the amount of food you would need daily to survive. Food could be obtained from destroyed ships, killing plants, and from organics. On the hardest difficulty you would need five units of food each day. On medium you would need three each day. On easy you would only need to eat one. 2. Drinking Water- Just like food, water would add a more survival like aspect to the game. Changeing difficulty would also change the amount needed. Water could be abtained by filling a canister with soil then extracting a material, using the material extractor, leaving behind a canister with some fresh ground water. On a hard difficulty you would need to drink five units a day. On medium, three, and on easy you would need one.
  18. Hi friends, My main suggestions here are simple: There should be a female character for women playing this game, may not be a hard thing to do and makes a huge difference. We should encounter creatures/mobs/aliens or something like that to make the gameplay more dinamic and challenging. Gathering resources and flying planet to planet only might get boring in a certain point of the game. Something that get close to PVP I think. We also need objectives, the game is so f*ckin funny and nice to play, but it will get boring if we don't have a bigger objective or something that we need to work really hard to accomplish. These stuff should also be available to share with all the community. Last but not least, we need online servers and 8 player factions! The fact that my friends need to wait until I'm online to continue the latest savegame is terrible. Also I got like 10 ppl willing to play, but only 4 can share a savegame, that's not good. Thanks for reading this!
  19. kaidencleavenger8

    Building, More Vehicles, Fauna

    Building - I think you should be able to make wood, glass, stone, etc walls/roof/stairs(etc) to make a house, and to make it more realistic you start out in a glass dome. You should add trees to mine, stone, more ores, and all of that stuff. also New tools. (You should get the basic understanding of what I mean) More Vehicles - For vehicles, I think that you should add Trucks that can hold a lot of "Artifacts" I think you should also make it so that we can fly somehow to get to Point A - Point B faster. Add ways to upgrade your oxygen PERMANENTLY. I know I could easily just surround my base is circles upon circles of tethers, but I think the game would be a lot more fun if there was a "Upgrade" part of the game that wasn't to "OP" Fauna - I think every planet should have monsters. not just those weird "Exploders" and those other "monsters" in the game right now. Like actual moving creatures. I also think that they should infest your base (or just have the spawn a lot depending on where the user is) I also think that the storm should damage you a lot more. As of right now I don't fear the storm in the slightest, In fact I've just been still working on my base and stuff while the storm is on me. Thanks for reading my post.
  20. The_yoohoo_master

    A few ideas/suggestions

    I would like to see in the research menu a description of the item your researching. Also a way to carry unknown items around faster without a rover. The rover driving system is annoying. something a little more familiar maybe more like a true forward and reverse. Being able to remove the crane from the rover would be nice too. if you put it on a small rover its stuck and you cant do anything with it. P.s. I was hesitant about this game at first, but I've come to enjoy it immensely .
  21. AstroneerNut32

    Ideas - m

    Love the new system. Would be cool to be able to repack modules and platforms after they’ve been deployed so we could move a base. Also, I think the river update may have made it to where you can no longer tow the large solar arrays.
  22. AstroneerNut32

    13 Ideas and Their Rationale

    I just finished my fifth base in Astroneer Alpha for Xbox. Your game has the potential to be one my all-time favorites. The list below are 13 things that can help get it there. Many are already on your roadmap or list of suggestions, but I’m listing them anyway because why I want them may lead to alternate solutions than the ones I thought of. Plus, collectively, they’ll demonstrate which ones a particular gamer has interest in over the plethora that others have submitted. 1. As I’m sure you’re aware, the game crashes consistently around every 15 saves. Please deploy an update to address this ASAP so we can continue playing Alpha without so much frustration until the next major update. 2. Implement map, GPS, radar, waypoint system. It’s too easy to become lost and, while bouncing around in the rover is fun, the novelty wears off after the first hour – especially while towing a monstrous solar array. 3. Extend save system. It’s great that you give us multiple game slots where each is a completely new Astroneer, but what would really be nice is multiple, infinite saves per Astroneer with the ability to provide and edit a custom name for each. 4. Base building/editing: a. Delete/recycle structures – I ended up being content with the Fuel Condenser and had no use for the Hydrazine Catalyzer. I prefer the fun of seeking out resources rather than using the Trade Platform. I ended up using them as holders for Medium Storage. I’d find much more value in a platform to hold storage. Or better yet, a container that would let me easily transfer to and from personal inventory. b. Undo last action – Accidentally clicked one of the resin holograms when trying to extend a platform, which built it instead. Had to quit and reload. Accidentally clicked the icon above a new, unplanted habitat that was sitting next to my shuttle. It’s now permanently stuck there at an awkward angle. c. Rotate structures – Didn’t get quite the right angle while extending from habitat so now structures overlap and rotating would solve the problem. d. Truly flat - I know the alignment mod is supposed to do this, but either I can’t get the hang of it or it’s not working like I want it too. I want to use it to start a base, making a spot that’s flat to the horizon. Then I want to use the default flattening feature of the soil gun to spread from there. It works okay, but each time a structure is placed, it sinks into the earth or is positioned above or below the rest somehow, requiring frequent re-flattening, and there are slight, triangular deviations that prevent it. It’s fine as long as you’re not going far, but even if you’ve flattened a huge area and start there when re-flattening, by the time you reach the other end of the base then you’re at a completely different height than the surrounding terrain. e. I started my last base as described above, but it still ended up being built on a slope. When extending from the habitat, the platforms slid down the hill on their own making it difficult to extend in a 90 degree layout. 5. Screen movement – OMG the lag is killing me! Lol. If I’m not moving a thumb stick then the screen shouldn’t be moving. I don’t know how many times I’ve ended up accidentally dropping something or attaching it to the wrong spot because the screen was playing catch-up after changing the camera angle. If that’s difficult to implement, then one thing that would help in a MAJOR way is being able to press a button that immediately freezes the screen. Similarly, double-clicking it or clicking a different button could snap the camera facing directly forward, which would help while driving and immediately after launching into orbit. 6. Rover movement: a. Update suspension – Countless are the times I’ve had to flip it upright. The thing bounces way too easily and while that’s fun for a bit, I’d rather spend that time enjoying other parts of the game. Update the suspension to easily absorb the impact from most rocks or, better yet, give us a hovercraft/land speeder that clears them altogether. b. As I mentioned above, let me press some button to center the camera since it dictates direction of travel. The screen lag makes controlling it very difficult at times, which is frequently very important when you’re teetering on the edge of a deep cave or ravine. 7. Slowed Astroneer movement while holding items – Do they really need to look in the direction of the item they’re holding. It makes it near impossible to run while carrying something from point A to point B and oxygen is precious! 8. No launch icon above shuttle after saving and then loading again. 9. It’s awesome that you let us tow a behemoth solar array back to base and connect it, but can you make it to where I can mount it to something so I’m not spending hours pushing and pulling it to and fro through a combination of Astroneer-dug trenches and Astroneer-made vertical supports just to get the thing in a close enough and correct position to connect it? It was quite the feat and, despite hours of effort, a storm still blew it out of optimal position, but luckily didn’t disconnect it. 10. Make large storage and crane un-mountable – Once they’re attached to a shuttle or rover then they’re there to stay, which means I need multiple rovers depending on what I want to do. Would be nice to only need one and configure it as needed. 11. It would be nice if we could attach the rover to the shuttle somehow – It would make exploring landing zones for potential bases SO much easier. 12. I know it’s probably not the case, but it sure seems as though the day/night cycle leans significantly more towards night. 13. I want to build a base in a cave to eliminate having to find shelter so often during the frequent storms, but don’t want to run extensions outside for solar and wind. Can we get a new geothermal energy structure?
  23. Hello world! I have been coming up with ideas constantly since the start of me playing the game, and I have read the roadmap and most suggested features, though I have not taken the time to read through all the forum to make sure these ideas are original yet, and some I know others have suggested, but I say it's okay if multiple people suggest the same thing. So below, I will be listing out things I have thought of as "this should be a thing", and I may update this later as more thoughts come along. The priority is determined by my feelings of how often something recurs that makes me think of the given solution. High Priority Ideas: There needs to be a way to remove trees after they're de-rooted! I find it inconvenient that they do not disappear like rocks do after they are disconnected from the soil, yet physically block you. Perhaps they could be harvested in some way and be turned into Organics? That'd give a whole new purpose for trees. There needs to be a coupler / hub that is placeable to connect two habitat bases together. Since tethers don't serve this purpose, it can be a bit of a hassle sometimes to have to make a rover just to connect the two ends of the hoses between bases - it seems like there should be something to bind them together for shared energy. That'd also be a way to encourage teamwork from separate bases with roles being bound together for energy. There needs to be a way to remove the extensions from a habitat after you've placed Resin in them. Dynamite doesn't destroy them, though dynamite destroys buildings, and there is no button to change either in any way. A simple realign or remove button would be very handy. Medium Priority Ideas: Please allow Unknown samples to be attached to the storages again! I'm not sure why this was removed, though I do love the new appearance of the storages, perhaps there was some difficulty scale reason this was changed or clipping issues. If this is the case, then I could live with just having to put it on new rovers without slots, but I do miss being able to make a little adventure rover to put my samples on in a more tidy space. I'd like to see some Astroneer suit augments or inventory variety! I think there may be something like this coming but I don't recall it being specifically mentioned to include suit changes itself, though I did see there will be more personalization for it some day. My idea was specialized backpacks to be kept on and made with a station, either a double-inventory space one outright (that slows your walking and running speed slightly) or specialized packs like a Miner's and Builder's backpack that could store more items, though only items that fit in that specialty. (i.e. Miner's backpack stores only much more ore / processed metal than the default one, Builder's can carry much more things like tethers, worklights, beacons, small generators, augments, etc.) It'd also be fun if exosuits were a thing, like for example, faster running or ones that can carry the oxygen tanks in themselves, though that may be a tall order and I understand that isn't necessary per se. Being able to use the printer to make Shielded Tethers would be quite fun! Perhaps two compound instead of one, and can handle two or three hits from storm blocks instead of just one. So the most vital ones near a base are safer, then the regular tethers can be used underground where storms don't risk your lifeline. I'd love if we could turn Augments on and off with a switch rather than have to manually take them off each time or use them until we run out of power to start using the default ability. This would be helpful as less inventory-moving-around would be needed to achieve the result we want, as we could swimply turn off the one we don't want to use and turn on the one we do. The shielded switch style on the research consoles would fit this nicely! Or maybe just a UI "On / Off" button displayed above each connected augment. This should also be neat to see in the future once more augmentations are released. A medium / large oxygen tank may be interesting as well if it was able to be carried on the sides or top and bottom of the backpack in a slot specifically designated for it, 4 titanium instead of 2, maybe with or without a movement penalty, though not necessary, it would definitely encourage longer trips away from tethers and be kinda retro (in a cool way) and show which players are avid explorers. I think dangerous plants (such as spiky ones and types that emit poisonous gas) should make a hissing sound or some sort of audible warning before they attack. Yes, the brown and green ones that shoot homing gas do make looped sounds sometimes, it's not enough to know for new players to avoid it, so it would save frustration to know that all plants that hiss for example are ones to stay away from. Also I'm not quite sure if it makes sense that gas would penetrate your suit unless it's some kind of acidic gas. Maybe suit health should be a thing rather than an instant death, so it gives you a danger that will start to quickly lower your physical health when your suit is damaged badly, but one you can decide on how to handle it or give in. Dunno how this health would be healed, maybe a station for it or tethers using energy to mend itself or something to that effect. I find it strange you can't place Medium Solar Panels onto storages when it's placed on a building. I understand that it could clip but the small ones do anyway when placed fully together, so it seems logical to me that you could place them there. Also it should be placeable on land habitats too, as they both are two slots and it seems like it would make sense to be able to do so. I look forward to Large panels and batteries some day, so a whole power grid will be even more appealing and efficient! Misc. Priority Ideas: Though I am aware of more weather being on the roadmap, a tornado would be interesting as it would be most similar to the dust storm and therefore easier to program than something completely different outright (I'd think? Not an experienced programmer so I can't say!), something that has the same feel and destructive power of the dust storm but violently swings the spawned dirt blocks in a circular motion instead of thrown in one direction. I dunno, sounds cool to me! A strut or firm elastic bond (out of Resin probably) able to be placed onto either the tubes between or the corners of rovers connected to each other would be useful as it would be a way to keep further placed rovers that you are connected to from flipping over lazily and forcing you to get out and flip them over, as there are a lot of bumps and rocks that can cause this, and some kind of more firm bond, though making elevated terrain driving more difficult, would make flat terrain driving less tedious. Soil (and in the future, water) samples in canisters should be a viable research method. Though all soil collected is generic when in a canister, one day it might be interesting that if you collected say, green / brown, blue, purple soils (though they would be generic if you used them to terraform), if placed in a research lab, that they would give bytes as they are all differently composed. It would also be fun if other planets and moons' soil samples were worth more as they are other bodies entirely to your spawn planet. Maybe even having some kind of science module to put on rovers or landers to collect atmospheric and gravitational data as you drive or fly around planets, then remove to place into the research chamber would be cool. (This could also lead to autonomous research satellites being a thing in the future! Ones that constantly collect and report data back to the ground for bytes, and also being able to warn for storms as I see that may be on the road map.) Seeds from the pink-spike plant (no idea if it has a name!) and maybe one day, seeds from trees and other flora should be researchable. Perhaps researching items that you don't currently have researched should reduce the cost of researching that item, as you've taken it apart and scanned it, so wouldn't you know how to better make that item? Makes sense to me at least. Not necessary but sounds like it would make sense. Either way, this is about as all I could think of right at the top of my head after some gameplay, might add more later, but not sure! Hope you all like this, feel free to respond. I'd be honored if a dev would read these suggestions as well, though just input from the community is great too. Thanks for reading. <3
  24. Escabi

    Water World

    Water World I'm going to divide this idea into Six parts so you do not get confused Introduction and presentation of the planet: Based on a real planet called Gliese 1214b also called WaterWorld It is completely covered by water without a terrestrial layer on the outside, but if there is a terrestrial layer inside the planet, (probably 70% water and 30% land layer) (Illustrative image) Survival mode on the planet: making survival more complicated due to lack of oxygen since the planet is mostly water makes the survival of the player more complicated. also adding "the depth and pressure system" As it happens on Earth, the deeper it is in the ocean, the sea or the lake, there will be much weight for the subject collapsing, reducing the ability to breathe or killing the subject directly. Depth: In this part when falling to the water will reduce the oxygen of normal form as if the player has disconnected of its base reducing the oxygen of the backpack. High depth and high pressure: In this part the oxygen of the backpack will be reduced double or triple the normal speed reducing the view to a dark tone by the high pressure . Obviously, when the bar reaches zero oxygen, the player will die because of suffocation. So, how is it possible to place a base in the middle of the ocean with no land on the surface? Type of bases and modules: 1°) Marine Platform Here I contradict myself, but to create this base and add the modules we would need parts of land like small islands to sustain themselves this would be a level 1 platform with basic construction objects And finally we come to this: 2°) Floating Habitat In this type of base we will have our habitat floating in the middle of the water with some types of floats When you enter the planet, the parachutes in the air will open to decrease or reduce the shock between water and habitat And finally it looks more or less like this, the storage and the modules can be added to the floating habitat like any base in the terrestrial one adding floats also. But how is it possible to be displacedif you can not walk or run? New appearances and movements: Diving Suits replacing the astronaut suit with a diving one using the "Mark V" model from 1918, since it completely covers the body from head to toe as if it were a reskin of the astronaut suit but can only be used in water. It works as a complete replacement of the space suit for a full movement in the water to deploy at the same speed for example walking and running Using swimming animations to perform the movement and deployment of the player It may also go underwater but will reduce oxygen with the depth and pressure system explained above. Natural Changes: Rains this I like more like a wink to the planet "Kamino" of the saga Star Wars, It also works as a warning of thunderstrom Thunderstrom This is more dangerous than the normal rain due to electrical lightning that if it falls on one of the base objects it could deactivate them for a few minutes and if it falls on the player it is death assured volcano submarine This was an idea of "Utopic Vision" in the little amount of earth that there will be in the planet there will be movements of tectonic plates and they will carry out violent explosions and eruptions coming from the volcanoes, and would give the possibility of generating land in the outside. Vehicles: Submarine The submarines can go directly to the bottom of the ocean with load energy, like any terrestrial vehicle without having problems with the system of depth and pressure. The submarine could implement the tools and storage that are implemented in the other vehicles (cars, trucks, space ships). But that does not mean that you have a submarine and problem is resolved there will be rocks at the bottom of the planet that can clog your submarine and you will have to risk your life to use your Deform Tool to remove it (this may be optional)
  25. zoura3025

    3 Ideas

    1. Geothermal Power The first idea I have to present to you all is the Geothermal Generator, a late-game power module that can harvest power from steam geysers found underground. I say late-game, since it could be potentially made with iron (alternatively a mix of titanium and resin), and probably wouldn't help too much when you're not far enough underground to find any geysers. It would be a permanently active energy producer, that would produce 1 bar/second (could be toned down for balancing). The module itself would be on-par size-wise with an item like a battery (meaning it would take two slots on the grid). As seen in the attached photo, it is an almost turret-like module with a large, single-jointed hose that has a suction cup-like steam collector at the end. When deployed in range (probably about the length of a platform building out) of a steam geyser, the suction cup end will surge out and latch onto the geyser, and will begin drawing power. The Generator will provide power for as long as it's attached to the geyser. 2. Terrain Holder The terrain holder is a module to be built on the large platform (as of January 30th 2018), and is a dual-purpose module. It has two major uses: 1. Hold up to 16 canisters of soil, for when it's needed. Canisters can be attached to an input and output slot, for easy access. 2. Turn unwanted resources (i.e. an excess of organic, compound, etc.) into soil for further usage (such as conversion in a mineral extractor) via the input slot and power. The Terrain Holder would probably look like a collection of 6 nodes, with 5 smaller nodes set in a semicircle around the large one in the middle. As it filled up, the soil would first fill the small nodes (at a rate of 2 canisters per node) before flowing into the largest node, which would hold the remaining 6 nodes of storage. The terrain holder would mostly likely be a Resin-based structure (as a reference to the fact t's just a huge canister in most practicality). 3. Amber/Relays (NOTICE: I've thought of this idea pre-any implementation of the movable modules. If something like this exists in the future, I apologize.) Amber is a substance obtained by smelting resin. It doesn't serve too much immediate purpose, other than making huge platforms, and platforms with a longer connection distance. The improved connection distance is fairly straightforward: When prompted to place resin on an platform blueprint, instead placing a stack of amber will cause the platform to grow out double the normal distance a platform would grow, allowing player to efficiently make longer-reaching pathways in their base. Huge platforms are a sort of "Tier 3" platform, that contains 12 full slots of storage, along with the ability to create 3 connections or new platforms, from 3 connectors on the front and each side of the platform (locked to solid directions; not angle-able like normal platforms).