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About Me

  1. When I play, when I search for certain technologies, it very often happens to switch from the basic technology to the most advanced one without avoiding unnecessary spending bytes for the intermediate one. An example for vehicles is the tractor, and trolley, after them I directly unlock the large Rover, skipping the medium rover. Or from a small wind turbine, I go directly to the solar array, skipping all the other power sources (now i play a run without rtg as a challenge). Another example is from Small Shuttle to Large Shuttle. The bad thing is that in this way, the intermediate objects ar
  2. Many have seen astroneer born from pre alpha. Initially the contents were few and the arrow system was fine. However, there are now more structures and this makes searching for them on a printer tedious and annoying especially in prolonged games . Even now I find myself avoiding to research for structures so as not to crowd the search on printers. I thought updating the UI was your priority several patches ago, right after the automation, but apparently I was wrong. Maybe this has been included in this year's road map and are you hiding it to surprise us? hahaha I hope so. And you other
  3. Currently the only way to obtain soil is to dig with the soil tool or with the drill through a vehicle or crane. However, there is no way to automate this task. I know that in the past, the developers when they introduced autoextractor, it also had the function of digging, but that has been removed due to the extreme delay this caused. An autoextractor for Soil would be interesting however if this is not possible, the alternative would be a kind of capacitor to generate soil from a large amount of power. This would open up further avenues for the world of automation. But I'm just saying bull
  4. Autoarm was a vital addition to those that just the basics of automation. An interesting idea would be an Autoarm tier 2 capable of taking and moving medium sized items such as medium storage, medium batteries, medium solar panels, rtg etc ... It would also be interesting a Unpacking Platform that is capable of unpacking objects positioned on it, perhaps through storage sensors. What is it supposed to do? To expand the whole world of automation, and players will be able to experiment with such novelties. An example is to create Medium Battery Silos, without having to unpack and place the bat
  5. Astroneer is a space game but as of the game right now we really don’t go into the unknown I feel like we need shuttles that we can move around in or space stations that we can send to orbit a planet and we can use it to look at weather or to recharge fuel and gather
  6. Hello! 1. I would love to see a machine what can transport items or resources. It would be a great addendum for the automatization update. So in a nutshell, there would be a machine, which can transport resources in long distances, like between planets. I will attach a simple, understandable picture with the deatils.
  7. I must say it frankly. This game as an enormous potential. I say that because I think it's missing ONE thing that would make this game truly amazing. It's missing the one thing that make me not want to come back and enjoy it fully... wiring @astroneergame. The foundation for wiring is there, @astroneergame , it's there. So much potential is wasted because no form of wiring is there. The ring platform where you go in it and it activate ? Cool, but useless because it's only there. If only there was wiring so I can connect it to other. See this firework field (WIP) ? If only there was some wiring
  8. From the onset, we collected many resources, and quickly it became a problem to manage all the resource units we had collected. They would get dumped at base and become a trip hazard. So you start making storage units - which quickly grew to be storage farms. But even that quickly became a headache. Where did we put that titanium alloy? Why is the hydrogen there, there, and there? Here are some ideas for managing resources. 1. A storage sorter console. The console could be plugged into a storage port, and when clicked upon, would present a display showing all the resources plugged into
  9. Some kind of quick pickup and sorting of ores and ingots A planet with oxygen as it base gas Additional slots to hold more items More secret stuff to find within the worlds just like the alien prisms
  10. Hi, I play on PS4 and I absolutely love this game... but there is some room for improvement. For instance, adding a cursor sensitivity feature on console. Why? Moving the cursor across the screen takes about 10 secs (not timed, exaggerated) when there should be a feature that lets me control how fast it moves. It’s very frustrating to pick up an item, like hematite, on one side of the screen and take “10” secs just to put it on a storage piece. This may no be the best example, but I hope it makes the issue clear.
  11. I would love to see a way of making doors for bases. The basic model for the Large Arch Platform could be used - it's big enough, and the right shape. The Large Arch could also be used to actually open the door if a cable connection was added that could transmit the signal when someone drives under the arch - it already does this with lights and things attached to it. Who wants a base wide open to the elements? I suspect a lot more people would use a cargo door (manual or automatic) over things like soccer balls and racing arches. The new paver combined with the drill is completely awes
  12. Hello all, I've had Astroneer for a while now and I've been starting to play it an absolute ton lately and love the game so much. Just a quick idea I had, I assume this has already been brought up by other people on this forum, however, my idea is to add in buildings you can make in this game that you can go inside of and possibly access stuff inside of these buildings/place stuff inside of these buildings like printers and etc and then certain items which cannot be inside and must be outside. This could be useful for situations like sandstorms, blizzards, huge thunderstorm/windstor
  13. I think it would be interesting if there were asteroids that come into the solar system randomly. You would be able to land on them with a special space shuttle and collect resources that only spawn on said asteroids. But the only way you could find them is if you use a observatory, ( only fits on extra large platforms A and C) that spots incoming asteroids and calculates how much longer they will be in the solar system. If you stay on the asteroid when it leaves the solar system you then die and spawn back on Sylva. I think the observatory should cost 20,000 bytes and the shuttle 15,000 b
  14. system era, if you read this please consider these ideas for astroneer and other games space fighting with new space crafts for astroneer animal dlc with monsters and night and day cycles hard mode creative dlc with access o the engine to make custom worlds in the engine space fighting simulator satellite dlc the ability to cross over to other peoples worlds or solar system jumping ancient data dlc with more astroneer lore for example stone tablets containing ancient forgotten tech and stuff something explaining the aliens in the game
  15. Researching items and exploring to gain bytes is fun. But what happens when a user buys everything that Astroneer has? Gaining bytes no longer seems fun I think to make it worthwhile and to keep the game enjoyable, items should deteriorate or damage (from a storm, from higher drops, and from use). User can repair items or repurchase them. Also, another thing that could be done is to make it so the user has to, perhaps, spend bytes build things with the printer. These are my thoughts. More to come! Made a huge list of (50+) ideas and suggestions as I am playing the game that
  16. Idea My idea would be to implement a Supercapacitor, printed by the medium or large Printer which would be able to store very little Energy but could be charged and discharged very rapidly in order to deliver high currents for short periods of time. Intention and Materials This is intended to be used after low progress in the game. Possible materials would be Aluminum for the capacitor walls, ceramic as dielectricum and copper to transport the Electricity. Use The Capacitor could be used on planets where Energy is rare, such as Atrox and in Early game on Sylva when ba
  17. SpaceX24


    Okay, I'm just going to brainstorm all the ideas I've ever had for Astroneer. PLANETS Sylva Resources: Sphalerite, Malachite, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Calcium Appearance: *Same* Aggressive Flora: Popcoral, Daggeroot (found near core) Size: Medium DESOLO Resources: Wolframite, Sphalerite, Silver, Calcium Appearance: Same but less gravity again Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot, Popcoral Size: Small CALIDOR Resources: Malachite, Wolframite, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Magnesite, Cobalite, Calcium Appearance: Same Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot,
  18. SpaceX24


    Okay, I'm just going to brainstorm all the ideas I've ever had for Astroneer. PLANETS Sylva Resources: Sphalerite, Malachite, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Calcium Appearance: *Same* Aggressive Flora: Popcoral, Daggeroot (found near core) Size: Medium DESOLO Resources: Wolframite, Sphalerite, Silver, Calcium Appearance: Same but less gravity again Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot, Popcoral Size: Small CALIDOR Resources: Malachite, Wolframite, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Magnesite, Cobalite, Calcium Appearance: Same Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot,
  19. if quests are procedurally generated, there could be more quest variations and longer quests can be more fun because i've played similar games and they gets repetitive very fast, i don't want this game to get repetitive, it looks so good.
  20. Hey, what's about modding in Astroneer? It would be very nice. Maybe like in Cities: Skylines. So User can create new planets, ores, machines and other stuff. Sorry for my bad English.
  21. Dear Astroneer developers, What about the Centre of the Planet? I mean what will happen when I will reach the centre of the planet? I tried hard to reach it but it seems that I cannot pass through it, and I have to be back from where I come... Have you put some barrier to avoid the possibility to move to the other side? As I attached as pictures, e.g. the Astronaut fall down in the empty space, and he can comes from every side 360°, then what is going on when reached the Centre of the Planet (A)? starts to rolling without ending? (B) I am not a physic of course, but sh
  22. I suggest adding a tab on the backpack or in the research catalog for the Astroneer to be able to create a "Captain's log" if you will for a daily journal or to create a to-do list for what resources you need to gather or what you need to bring on a mission to another planet.
  23. Hey! Cool your reading this idea. My idea: That you can choose where you can spawn (like going to a different planet) This means you can chose what ''bubble'' you want to spawn there! Sometimes it's really annoying to spawn in a mountain area, this way i can't play the game normal and have to restart! Glowing Regards, Spespijn
  24. So I want to make some roads by flattening the ground on my save, but doing them at by hand with my friends would take forever. So, what if we could attach a flatten mod to the dill heads, plop those on a rover, and drive off? I know that the drill already flattens the ground, but we can’t add terrain without using the hand tool. Also, it would be awesome if we could collect all the soil we dig up with those drill heads. Thanks for reading!
  25. A giant spaceship should be added to the game which would be able to carry a lot of cargo + should be able to deploy spacestations and if other solar systems ever get added it should be able to go there but to launch it you will need a special launch platform where the rocket stands on a grill where the fire can burst out of the sides (like a real launch platform) everything in the path of the flames coming out the sides should be destroyed/killed