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Found 1,675 results

  1. This is one of my ideas for Astroneer: Custom palettes. Now I think this would be a very good idea for customisation, expanding the vast library of customisation for astroneer. Maybe also being able to make custom visors by drawing on them, changing colours and also toggling reflection.
  2. OKay... so.. IM UPSET. I HAD A 2,500 BYTE WORTH RESEARCH ITEM!! and...... i accidentally clicked the research button THREE times instead of TWO times. this means i opened the button cover clicked the green button and then clicked it again ( the cancel button ) which DELETED my 2,500 bytes... O \ n / O 😡🤬🤬 it needs to not be that way... at all... ever im very salty rn 😒
  3. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us understand your idea. Tag your post with "idea".
  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ lets just say that umm I was playing for FIVE HOURS and umm... my game crashed. and I never saved (got in house or vehicle or died)..... so ummmm i lost all of my progress. I might not play for a while now idek. THis is why the game needs an auto- save feature. It is prone to crashing, even on not horrible pc's. SO PLEASE DEVELOPERS ADD AN AUTO-SAVE FEATURE things i lost if anyone was curious probs like 10,000 bytes a large shuttle the big cylinder storage right before i was bouta make and unlock the small cylinder storage is when my game crashed. 2 diamonds tons of soil i had to collect for my soil centrifuge organizing my power stuff a tiny bit building something at the core of sylva notes (p.s.) : my game crashed when changing windows to youtube on chrome although i was already doing that like a hundred times I did toy present collecting and got the snowman face, and its the only thing i didn't lose. (so i got back the items that i used to get those presents (packagers)) I crashed another time like a week ago but didnt lose progress so........ just ugh * ^ * k well thats all i remember, probs update this later if i find/remember anything else. ;~;
  5. I think it would be handy if a research chamber could start on its own when there is a researchable item on the same table. I often get a lot of astronium when I don't want to go running around looking for research items. I get about 10 astronium, but I have to start it every time. I would be useful if it could just go on its own without me worrying about. Sometimes I plant popcoral, but I also have to run around getting seeds for those, and the drop-rate of that is low. Sorry about not much info or details, was time rushed.
  6. Backpack with sevaral levels of improvements. Maybe improvements that can be unlocked in quests, one quest for each planet.Below I mention the Glowsticks. I'm pretty sure that on PS4 there is no way similiar to tethers that we can put manually glowsticks in the ground. There should be a button to put them in the ground.Here goes:Backpack Level 1a) Has a built-in work light- Same behavior as the usual work light- Can be activated or deactivated- There must be any source of energy to work- Located in the middle, in a column next to the battery column, wich is very "fat"b) Property of automatic self-assembly Glowsticks- Automatic placement at the standard maximum tethers distance- This property may be activated or deactivated by the player- Manual placement of glowsticks available (PS4)- The sticks must be produced in the same way as before, occupying the normal backpack slotBackpack Level 2a) Equipped with Level 1 enhancementsb) Equipped with a built-in mini solar panel, at the upper right of the backpack- It does not affect the upper right slot, which can still be used to put hydrazin jet pack or anything elsec) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 10%Backpack Level 3a) Equipped with Level 2 enhancementsb) Equipped with a small wind turbine attached to the upper left side- Does not affect the upper left slotc) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 20%Backpack Level 4a) Equipped with Level 3 enhancementsb) Property of automatic self-assembly tethers- The property can be enabled or disabled by the player- The tethers must be produced in the same way as before, occupying the normal backpack slot(s)- Manual placement still works (PS4 is Dpad down)- There should be a button (I dont know where in the back pack) or switch with three colors/stages: i) blue - automatic tethers placement enabled; ii) green - automatic glowsticks placement enabled; iii) dark/deactivated: no automatic placement enabledc) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 30%Backpack Level 5a) Equipped with Level 4 enhancements;b) Equipped with built-in oxygenator- Replaces the "old" oxygen reservoir place in the backpack- Oxygenator capacity and energy consumption the same as the portable oxygenator- Can be activated and deactivated by the player. If deactivated, It becomes a simple reservoirLevel 6 Backpacka) Equipped with Level 5 enhancementsb) Backpack equipped with improved compass, which would be always displayed on screen, on foot or inside the vehicle- The compass display should be turned on or off in some kind of switchLevel 7 Backpacka) Equipped with Level 6 enhancements (except letter c below); b) Equipped with mini built-in RTG- Replaces the battery icon- Energy with enough amperage to support the portable oxygenator and the working light, or a little bit more- Of course, the player can deactivate It, If he wishes, so that the RTG becomes a standard batteryc) The built-in mini solar panel (Level 2) and small wind turbine (Level 3) would be obsolete. May be removed
  7. What if you could combine Soil with the 3d-printers to print Lego Duplo-style bricks for building structures. I was playing around with the sculpting tools in Creative Mode recently and whilst it is a lot of fun it is quite tricky to make the tools do what you want them to do. At least, on PS4 it is tricky perhaps better on PC. I am sure with practice I would get better but what if you could collect soil and print bricks using the printers instead. The bricks would need to be quite large (think Duplo rather than Lego) otherwise building with them could be a chore. Different color soil produces different color bricks. A range of different size and shape bricks could initially be produced utilizing the different size printers. Bricks 'snap' together utilizing the current snapping system. Placing the first brick on the ground initiates a small deformation transformation (just like the large shelter) the bottom of the brick 'merging' with the soil to provide a solid flat foundation on which to build. My initial thought was to potentially print whole structures using soil using a new larger tier of printer that can move around on wheels like one of those massive cranes for loading/unloading cargo containers or attaching a printer to the crane (see the Northwestern video below for an example of how this would work) but that would require fashioning a new printer with new mechanics. Printing bricks would I believe build on the mechanics already in-game. The idea of shaping the landscape in order to create larger spaces (rather than simply printing a larger single piece structure) as it is theorized regarding future Moon/Mars colonization missions really appeals to me. Utilizing the landscape. This system could conceivably be extended to produce other items: glass for window panels, aluminum for roofing panels, plastic for wall panels… I have to admit there isn't currently much of a need for a base building system like I am suggesting. I simply believe it would really good fun to make things using such a system but there really isn't a gameplay driven need for building structures… until weather/storms are re-implemented or you wanted to recreate a different biome on an otherwise incompatible planet so you could farm organics natural to that biome… but I digress. If hazards were re-introduced structures would definitely have more use but for now it would be fun extension to the current terrain sculpting system! Maybe that alone is enough? 🙂 A few interesting related links:
  8. I have a mouse that has 6 extra buttons on it aside from left, right and middle click. I wanted to bind Tether to one of these buttons but it wouldn't let me. I don't know if it is a bug or if it just isn't in the game. Make it possible to bind actions that are normally assigned to the keyboard to buttons on a mouse and vise versa. My fix: I have a Razer mouse so my solution is create a mouse profile that changes all the buttons to keys. Ex: When I press Mouse Button 5 it pretends that I pressed "T" on my keyboard.
  9. On the discord, I saw a clip of someone saying how the UI for Astroneer is all physical, so it'd have to be redesigned for VR... I completely don't understand this. Beyond the fact that you can't see your backpack from a first person perspective, everything would work very well in VR - almost all VR UI I've seen that wasn't a total pain to use was physical. So, the backpack problem. One, make it so you can physically reach behind yourself to pull it out, or reach behind yourself with an item to put it away. (Same with the digging tool, except you reach to your side.) Beyond that, the only issue is being unable to see your widget slots, oxygen, or power level. Bracelets would work well for this, I think: One bracelet shows your power level on its band, the other shows your oxygen level, with widget slot indicators for the corresponding side on each. Most items would show their icon, (in negative colors if it's turned off) with the exceptions of jetpacks which would show their fuel meter, or probe scanners, which would show an arrow for scanner direction and a ring of proximity lights. As far as I know, these are the only things you'd need to know about without specifically looking at your backpack.
  10. 1) The ability to pickup medium and small platforms, as in hold them in your hands. 2) Use the winch to pick up and move buildings (I don't own the winch yet). 3)A new item, a reusable packager but it can only be used on buildings and platforms.
  11. Yeah, we have a Trade Platform and EXO Request Platform. But it is using a space lander, right? So I thinking about "How about using drone?" thing. That's my idea: Here is a this module's features: (The units of power follow the units used in the official wiki.) Delivery Platform is using unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). This module's is delivery a materials purpose. It can be attached on Tier 3 Platform. There is exist it's own network. This module has powered it's own solar panel and supply power to drone without wired(Wireless powered drone). If the In-game time is night, It can be powered by base's power(Supplied by platform). In this case, it consumes 2 U/s as much power. Drone landing pad's power capacity is 128 U, and drone's power capacity is 32 U. Drone is have exist Tier 2 slots. But only can attach a storage modules. Of course other drones may not land on a pad that has already landed. This module has a controller. So you can inspect it(Interact to control a module). To use this module, you must first specify its location name(It can be edited in controller interface. Max number of character is 16). You can place a total of 5 drones per planet, and there is no limit to the placement of modules. Delivery Platform: Byte cost: 7,500 Materials: Tungsten Carbide, Graphene, Copper Medium Cargo Drone: Byte cost: 7,000 Materials: Titanium Alloy, Lithium, Copper
  12. GingerelliKat

    Auto-place tethers

    I think it would be a great idea to have auto-placing tethers. Something you can easily turn on and off in your backpack. They would auto-place right when you get to the max range between tethers. I am suggesting this because when I am exploring and using tethers for oxygen, I have to guess when the perfect moment is to place a tether, WHILE RUNNING. You don't want to wait too long before it won't connect to the previous tether and you don't want to place it too early so that you use more tethers than was necessary. It is annoying when I place a tether out of range and have to turn around to fix it, especially on pc. It would make exploring a lot smoother, saving compound and time.
  13. Hello all! Somehow Large Platform C fell out of usage for me because it is not handy everytime make a run around the corner to look/grab whatever there on the arms, so here is the thought: what if arms of the Large Platform C could be manually rotated 120 degrees towards the front of the platform, same tech as medium storage expand/collapse mechanism. What do u think?
  14. Soooooo so long time! How are you guys doing? Alright! It's might be too late to showing this because, there were so many updates while I made by animation. However, this Digging elevator can be more comfort to going up and down than Jetpack! Digging elevator can saves more time and don't have to make slope for going up. Digging elevator going straightly to underground, so if you start to dig other planet that you didn't setup anything for digging, you don't have to bring many stuffs for going down. Digging elevator can be one of the best way to going down. You can question it, "You can also going straight if you use Jetpack?" For the answer, Digging elevator can save resources. As you know Jetpack use 2 hydrazine to flying the sky, but Digging elevator only use electronic that is same as vehicles. Once you make Digging elevator, you don't have to use resources while you going up, and save more hydrazine before you use in underground. It can be bring much more effective advantages! final.mp4
  15. I'd like to add my vote to the idea of a minimap with beacons and home base / shuttles highlighted. I have wasted way too much time trying to find my base again. :) I also think it would be great to be able to see the direction of the power plugs when you pick up small items like generators.
  16. [C-223] PhazedUp

    Add Space Stations

    It would be really amazing if Space Stations would get added to Astroneer as a major update when Astroneer 2.0 releases. By that I mean add the ability to build space stations in orbit of a planet by first building specific modules on the ground and taking a rocket to space, deploying those modules in E.V.A. from your rocket. By modules I would expect the required ones needed to deploy a functional station would be an airlock, a main hub, a life support module, and a workshop module. As far as the job required modules that you could deploy and build onto your custom station would be stuff like a research bay, a docking port/docking bay, a remote communication facility to be able to command your ground base on the planet you are orbiting (range depending on the satellite dish you have installed), etc. The whole point of Space Stations would be that you can scan the planet’s terrain easily to see where resources and stuff are and be able to collect research objects and resources throughout space from stuff like asteroids or abandoned space stations that are wrecked. This would be a really amazing and cool update in my opinion.
  17. An option to disable and/or adjust the volume of the music for specific areas. For example I have a save where I am building my base on the satellite which means I spend a lot of time listening the music there and any song given enough time listening it will start to get annoying. The idea is that you could turn down the music in only a specific area that way you don't have to change it every time you go to a different area. Yes I do recognize that I'm being really lazy and should just change it when ever I'm at the satellite but the lazy way is the best way.
  18. Let's be honest. I know that it is difficult for a developer to accept everyone's suggestions and ideas. That's why I come up with this idea. How about creating add-on support through Steam Workshop? I think if the developer accepts this offer, they'll have less hard work to do, and gamers who had to wait for the ideas they wanted to be added to the next update no longer have to struggle. Until your ideas are added as official updates, you submit your ideas to the Steam Workshop as an add-on. At first, I recommend creating your own ideas as an add-on, submitting them to the Steam Workshop, and then admitting them to the next official update once they are recognized by everyone above a certain level. (Sorry my bad English.) It is a good suggestion, isn't it?
  19. EzzieValentine

    Eject button!

    I didn't see anything previously posted, but it would be awesome if there was a feature where you could eject/drop all the items from your backpack instead of having to take things out one by one. Thats it. Just a little button or something to help out with material collecting.
  20. If you are on a big adventure collecting either soil, scraps or resources it can be difficult to return all those items into your base, especially if you have multiple rooms, each dedicated to a certain machine or storage area. Now it would be great if there would be a conveyor belt or a pipe waiting for you at the entrance which would automatically transport resources to a certain room. Of course there could also be some kind of a filter which would determine what item can go through it and in certain direction and drop the item into the platform or storage. The item would be considered as an end item, so it would perhaps cost rubber and a very valuable metal. Also the transportation would cost some power so it's not too op. It would be created/placed just like the extenders ( a number of that item as one). There should also be some kind of junction, thats where the filters would become useful. I hope this sketch can show you the idea as much as possible.
  21. Darkstrider9 0 0 0


    Btw we have a solar array, wich is extremely useful on planets like calidor. But what if we turn 180 degrees and look to glacio, on a planet like glacio we need electricity production based on wind, and having tons of medium wind turbines is not just anti aesthetic, it's an enormous waste of material AND SPACE. Thanks for your attention
  22. With the recent release of the new Creative mode to Astroneer, a creative flight mode was introduced While this is already a great feature which greatly aids creative construction, some minor tweaks to the creative flight mode would render the flight experience all the more smooth and easy to use Some Improvements I would like to suggest: Disable Backpack jetpacks while in flight mode - It doesn't make sense to be using both at once Camera speed - the speed of the camera hardly keeps up with the high speed of flight, often lagging behind the player's character and causing the character to disappear from view, even at flight speeds as low as 3. Ideally, the camera would reliably track the character even at high speeds, keeping the character close to centered on the screen Flight Momentum - When flying directionally then stopping to come to a stationary hover, movement stops as soon as the flight direction key is released (i.e. on keyboard, forward flight stops as soon as W is released). While this enables the player to stop on a dime and position themselves exactly, it makes for a rigid and jarring experience, especially with the aforementioned camera speed issues. Other games which include a flight mode, such as the ever-popular Minecraft make use of flight momentum, in which the player decelerates after flying in a direction, smoothly but reliably coming to a stop. As some players may prefer the exactness of the immediate stop mode, this would best be implemented as an optional addition Flight speed sprint toggle - While walking on the ground, the sprint key can be pressed to make the player run and hence move faster (Shift key by default on keyboard control). However, the only way to change the speed of flight while in creative mode is to use the slider in the options menu. For ease of use when flying, it would be beneficial to include an additional slider in the options menu, which sets the flight speed when the sprint key is pressed. For example, a player might have a default flight speed of 2, which would be useful for player placement precision when terraforming a structure, but the flight speed increases to 8 when the sprint key is pressed, allowing the player to move quickly to another part of their structure or a separate area, without them having to access the options menu to increase and decrease their flight speed. I hope that these suggestions are seen and considered, for the improvement of this great mechanic. As always thanks to System Era for creating such an amazing game Feel free to leave your thoughts or additional improvements - Cinnamunoo
  23. There could be some kind of an altar where you can place the Zebra ball and it would be just for decoration. It would emit lights and various sounds while placed until it gets removed. The altar of course would be logically placed in a built temple, tomb, church, cathedral etc. Perhaps make the sfx/vfx sound/look very powerful to enhance the power of Zebra. P.S.: May our lord and saviour Zebra ball not punish me for cutting its picture so poorly.
  24. Basically, my idea is to add a special slot to the top of the medium storage silo. If the slot is empty, the silo behaves like normal. But if you place an item into this slot, the other 24 slots become matching hologram slots like the kind you see on printers. So for example: let's say you put resin in the top slot. All items currently in the silo that aren't resin get ejected on to the floor, and clicking on an empty slot will automatically fill it with resin from your backpack. Only players can interact with the top slot. If you have something outputting items to or from your silo, the top slot will always be ignored. This change should make sorting items a little easier. You'll be able to add items to a silo quickly without having to drag them in, and also have the option to remove unwanted items in an instant.
  25. [7S]Vilynn

    Backpack Upgrades

    Ok, so, first post, here we go! If this was already posted, I'm really sorry, I went through a few pages to see if I could find anything like what I'm writing about, but I didn't see anything, so, hopefully not plagiarizing... On to the post! So, first of all, credit to Bishop of Calidor Adolescent I, for the joke that got me on this train of thought. They made a joke about placing marbles on your terrain tool to unlock a secret planet, but you can't actually put T2 items on your person, so I thought "Hey! Storage upgrade!", and so I thought of the Backpack Upgrade A, and Backpack Upgrade B(Referred to as BUA and BUB later) BUA: Adds an additional 6 T1 slots to your backpack, costs 1.5KB to research, and 1 Aluminum Alloy to craft, now, this actually uses a spot on your pack(not necessarily a widget slot), and opens a smaller, additional inventory to the left of your main inventory when on your person, this means that the inventory is removable, and some of you will probably think "What happens to items in the side inventory when the side inventory is deactivated?", well, like any packaged building with items on it, it simply drops the items it was holding onto the ground. Now, numbers here are loose, and I'm not sure if SES will decide to use the exact numbers or not, up to them. On to BUB! BUB: Adds a T2 slot (Woah, crazy!) to your person above the O2 bar (maybe), and for costs, it costs 4.5KB, and 1 Titanium Alloy to craft. Operates much the same way to the BUA in other regards, however. Now, for you smart people out there, yes, that would mean that you could have infinite O2(Oxygenator), and go wherever you want, or have massively increased storage capacity(Medium Silo), or "UNLIMITED POWER!" with an RTG(Gotta let out my inner Chancellor Palpatine), but what I mainly considered this for was for a thruster. Yes, a thruster. But, to use this in the air, you'd need a widget slot to activate it, so, not sure how that would work. But yes, you can fly around, and then release your inner Superman and fly supersonic for a little bit, this inventory would stay visible after closing your main inventory, and would point straight backwards, so when you're flying, you can go fast! Now, this wasn't the only idea I had, I also thought of Character Upgrades, Base Upgrades, and Rover Upgrades! Stay tuned for other ideas! Y'know, if you want to. Vilynn out! Peace!