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Found 1,698 results

  1. UnlimitedTigers

    Gyro control on PS4

    The Dualshock 4 has a great gyroscope that is underutilized in most games. I think using the gyro to control at least the cursor in Astroneer would be a great feature. It’s a much faster and more accurate way to control the camera for aiming and cursor movement. It’s used in the system OS for typing on the keyboard and is also implemented in Paladins and Days Gone. There may be more games that I’m not aware of. Gyro on console should be the future for aiming. Edit: I’m brand new to the game. Just bought it last night.
  2. So I play on PS4 and it gets a bit annoying how slow the cursor moves, I think it makes sense to add a sensitivity setting so you can have a better experience, I don't think that on mouse and keyboard this problem is that big of an issue but it could be added too, to modify your way of experiencing the game.
  3. Kalibros

    Liquid, new planets.

    Astroneer is one of the coolest game I've ever played but there a some minor shortcomings. First of all there are very few planets in the game and there is no liquid. Maybe a liquid planet can be added in the future and planets can be much more difficult and dangerous. These are just ideas btw, thanks for reading.
  4. Hello all! Somehow Large Platform C fell out of usage for me because it is not handy everytime make a run around the corner to look/grab whatever there on the arms, so here is the thought: what if arms of the Large Platform C could be manually rotated 120 degrees towards the front of the platform, same tech as medium storage expand/collapse mechanism. What do u think?
  5. You should be able to add debris bundles together and split them
  6. Heavy_Logic


    I have only seen Binoculars briefly mentioned in other posts, Also once on Reddit However, I have not found a topic specifically for Binoculars, so I'm making one now. I believe binoculars would Improve the game-play experience of Astroneer. There are plenty of overlooks, mountains, valleys, and ravines in Astroneer. Being able to use binoculars to observe these beautifully generated phenomenon would increase the enjoyment players get from the game. What's my evidence for this claim you ask? Well...this photo should explain things. This is a Tower optical. I'm sure at some point in your childhood you have used one of these be it, at a state park, mountain top, ect. Tower opticals serve the purpose of bringing more enjoyment to consumers. I believe if implemented into Astroneer they would accomplish a similar purpose. Thank you for reading my Topic.
  7. vovikilelik

    Idea for oxygen system

    Hi! I would like to present my idea for oxygen system. So, this is few reasons "why": 1. Current system is not bad, but not intresting too. It can not make exploration dangerous. Unlimitted tanks on rovers (and base) destroed impression from space exploration. 2. Game includes some game objects, which do not assined with game mechanics, like crached objects, lockers, e.t.c. This is idea little bit incressing those importance. 3. This is idea doing your value of game more better, beacuse it is assigning with question: "What shall I take with me in to space?", which meaning associated with game idea. 4. ...i do not know. May be, time is making hard mod? 😃 Sorry for mistakes, I do not speak english... but I really tryed 😃
  8. crazymachinefan

    Walking platforms

    Slap a seat on a platform to give it the ability to walk around! Slowly. Uselessly slow. I was thinking it would be good for repositioning or aligning more precisely. It would work regardless of whether or not it was anchored by power cables.
  9. thomas bautista

    Rope, pulleys, and ladders

    I would like to see pollies, ladders, and ropes. I have a problem of making slopes with the terrain tool disorienting me while I built slopes. Pulleys can kind of be like a dumbwaiter where you can pull a rope and go up. Ropes you can just stick them right into the ground and feed the rope into the hole. ladders would be cool if you can make two story bases out of them and possibly make underground bases to. I would personally have limitations on the pulley system and the rope systems. The pulley system can have high, medium, and the low, buildings and maybe they can also have an items pulley which would carry up items to the surface. Ropes are smaller but can be climb faster than a pulley system put the rope can I let go a certain range. I'm sorry that I have no pictures or videos. I just thought of it when I was playing astroneer.
  10. Backpack with sevaral levels of improvements. Maybe improvements that can be unlocked in quests, one quest for each planet.Below I mention the Glowsticks. I'm pretty sure that on PS4 there is no way similiar to tethers that we can put manually glowsticks in the ground. There should be a button to put them in the ground.Here goes:Backpack Level 1a) Has a built-in work light- Same behavior as the usual work light- Can be activated or deactivated- There must be any source of energy to work- Located in the middle, in a column next to the battery column, wich is very "fat"b) Property of automatic self-assembly Glowsticks- Automatic placement at the standard maximum tethers distance- This property may be activated or deactivated by the player- Manual placement of glowsticks available (PS4)- The sticks must be produced in the same way as before, occupying the normal backpack slotBackpack Level 2a) Equipped with Level 1 enhancementsb) Equipped with a built-in mini solar panel, at the upper right of the backpack- It does not affect the upper right slot, which can still be used to put hydrazin jet pack or anything elsec) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 10%Backpack Level 3a) Equipped with Level 2 enhancementsb) Equipped with a small wind turbine attached to the upper left side- Does not affect the upper left slotc) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 20%Backpack Level 4a) Equipped with Level 3 enhancementsb) Property of automatic self-assembly tethers- The property can be enabled or disabled by the player- The tethers must be produced in the same way as before, occupying the normal backpack slot(s)- Manual placement still works (PS4 is Dpad down)- There should be a button (I dont know where in the back pack) or switch with three colors/stages: i) blue - automatic tethers placement enabled; ii) green - automatic glowsticks placement enabled; iii) dark/deactivated: no automatic placement enabledc) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 30%Backpack Level 5a) Equipped with Level 4 enhancements;b) Equipped with built-in oxygenator- Replaces the "old" oxygen reservoir place in the backpack- Oxygenator capacity and energy consumption the same as the portable oxygenator- Can be activated and deactivated by the player. If deactivated, It becomes a simple reservoirLevel 6 Backpacka) Equipped with Level 5 enhancementsb) Backpack equipped with improved compass, which would be always displayed on screen, on foot or inside the vehicle- The compass display should be turned on or off in some kind of switchLevel 7 Backpacka) Equipped with Level 6 enhancements (except letter c below); b) Equipped with mini built-in RTG- Replaces the battery icon- Energy with enough amperage to support the portable oxygenator and the working light, or a little bit more- Of course, the player can deactivate It, If he wishes, so that the RTG becomes a standard batteryc) The built-in mini solar panel (Level 2) and small wind turbine (Level 3) would be obsolete. May be removed
  11. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us understand your idea. Tag your post with "idea".
  12. PROBLEM: almost any terrain affected by player actions looks ugly and bland, contrasting too much with the surrounding landscape. The longer you stay at the base, the uglier its surroundings get. This is by most part caused by one simple thing: there is no plant left. Vegetation is a significant part of each planet's unique look, and when you remove it, the feel of the planet is removed as well. This may be a purely personal thing, but I don't like destroying things, especially those which are pretty. I am sure some players would understand this. That said, I am suggesting a SOLUTION to the PROBLEM I created just a second ago: A way to replant destroyed vegetation. Possible implementation variants: TERRAIN TOOL AUGMENT Research cost: 2500 bytes, craft cost: 1 zink, same as any other augment. When installed, inhibits terrain deformation, instead planting vegetation native to currently selected terrain type. If a terrain analyzer is attached, vegetation is picked for the type in it, and if there is no analyzers active, vegetation is picked for the type under the cursor. May use organics to plant vegetation that can be re-collected again, or may only consume energy and plant visual-only grass/shrooms. Both options can be implemented at the same time (in this case, the augment would have a slot for organics on top of it, that can be filled for planting of "true" foliage). Deformation speed (drill augments) are applied, affecting planting speed. Possible alternative use: placement of any types of ores and resources purely for decoration purposes. CONSUMABLE ITEM: Spicy spores Research cost: 700 bytes, craft cost: 1 organics Can be placed on the ground and then activated, or activated from the backpack. When used, covers the surrounding area with grass native to terrain type. When dug, this grass gives a maximum of 75% of one organics item, or gives back nothing at all It's cheap anyways. TOOL: Terraintegrator Research cost: 2000 bytes, craft cost: 1 aluminium alloy. Has a resource slot on the top. Can be activated from the backpack or after being placed on the ground, rapidly consumes 15 bars of energy before activation. When used, plants selected resource (mainly organics) into ground/walls in a small radius, not burying its chunks deep and without any resource losses. CREATIVE MODE TOOL This one is the most obvious. A special TT mode that allows you to place down all kinds of resource deposits, including grass. Should have been added along with creative mode itself, if you ask me. All of these could be implemented together or separately or in any combination. Additionally, all these tools could be used for decoration purposes with all kinds of resources, like placing down tons of ore around your base to brag around on a dedicated server. Who doesn't want to possess a huge dwarven fortress decorated with shiny chunks of hematite? Overall: a new way to aesthetically perfect the world around you, with next to no downsides. Heard that SES people want to add that kind of stuff, so I hope they find some of this worth looking upon 😶
  13. EmeraldGamerr

    Additional Screen Effects

    Hey So, we all know at times Astroneer can be truly stunning, and sometimes even beautiful Some examples can be the sunset on sylva or calidor Anyways, something iv'e had on my mind for a while was that there are some additions (major and small) that can be added to enhance your experience as an astroneer on alien planets M first Idea was the potential of adding screen effects when, for example, its windy. It can feature dust particles if on calidor, or ice crystals/snow on glacio located on the edge of our screen It would look similar to the way it looks when you take damage and a red film surrounds your camera, but instead of the red film, imagine this: Its mildly windy on calidor this evening and as the wind blows, sand whips across your camera (you could even hear the 'tinks' of the sand hitting the imaginary glass) ever so slightly as to not blind your vision; its only some light dust after all, no need to go crazy. The amount of dust on the screen would directly correlate with the light wind and would only be a thin layer encrusting the outer most parts of the screen itself (maybe if storms came back in a better permutation the dust can get to extreme levels) After not 'wiping' off the screen for a while (maybe by just using the smart cursor while also holding the interact button for about 1-2 seconds), the dust can build up to, eventually, blinding levels, getting more tougher to wipe off as time goes (there can even be a cute little towel symbol to show that your cursor is in "wipe mode") That's it for now I guess (I literally JUST forgot my train of thought XD) What do you think? Is there a better way to do this? Things to add? Maybe this is a stupid Idea? Idk, but reply if you think this is worth any sort of thought
  14. A set of smol and smol-medium ideas that keep coming into my mind when I play. Oxygen filters and power cells should be used after all oxygen tanks / batteries are used up, so there is at least some reason to carry them around when you have access to better variants (e.g. as an emergency power source in case you fall into a deep pit and run out while building ramps to get back). Additionally, oxygen filters should only trigger when all o2 tanks are depleted and backpack's built-in tank is down to 30%. Most likely already known but still: Medium storage silos require model rework. Right now, if you place them in adjacent t2 slots, items on sides intersect, making storage interaction really annoying. It looks crappy as well. I suggest making medium silos flat, or making them longer (4 rows 6 slots each instead of 6 rows of 4 slots). There should be a way to choose and correct own orbit, and some kind of navigation UI in orbital view. Waiting for the whole planet to turn around after missing a landing site is obnoxious. There should also be a way to trigger different items on vehicle front slot separately. Example: when the back slot is inaccessible, left and right sides of the front slot become associated with C and V buttons respectively, giving you ability to toggle your drill OR your floodlight.
  15. I find myself clicking to transfer stuff to unload my storage units, especially early in the game. It would be great to have a key (hold F?) to make the storage unit drop all docked objects to the ground. Also, I like a lot of the endgame storage ideas, but what about a "vending machine"-like device? It could have an input port that "absorbs" a material (like the research aid containers) and "stores" it inside. An output port would then "extrude" the resource when it's requested. Love the game! Super fun, and my kids love it, too.
  16. I've made a post like this before but I feel it deserves a better explanation. Down below the Module would consist of 4 Slots a 1 connector (to the Backpack). In the place The Jetpack is, is where this storage item would go. It Could cost 1 or 2 Nanocarbon Alloy to craft as to balance And it can only be used in those to slots. ~CreateTeen
  17. A new machine that uses filled soil canisters to produce 'soil cubes' which can be stacked like tethers and unpacked to create cubes The machine has multiple tiers, when using a higher tier of the machine, larger soil cubes can be produced and more diffrent shapes are added Once the first cube has been placed, more cubes can be added to the surface to create large seamless and truly flat surfaces (idea came from the "lets make planets flat - Astroneer Weekly Livestream" on twitch 11 days ago, where they showed the terrain anchor)
  18. Hi Astroneer team, I love playing Astroneer. I have one suggestion to improve quality of life. Could you please pause oxygen consumption during the warp animation OR allow custom naming of warp points. Often I have to teleport once or twice to get to the right warp point on a world as my memory is not great. So I can't remember where I left my car.... Most of my warp points don't have an oxygen source nearby. So I end up dying while trying to find the right warp point. It's frustrating, but it shouldn't have to be. Thanks
  19. So I really want an automation system, especially one which can create fully automated factories, and this is my solution to it. 1. When selecting the create resource or object button on the soil centrifuge, atmosphere condenser, small, medium and chemistry lab (and trade platform maybe), you can select how much of that resource you want to create. This would preferably go from 1-20-infinity. And if the chemistry lab doesn’t currently have the resources to create that then later once the resource is provided it will continue working like nothing happened. This would allow you to set up a steel chemistry lab set for infinite steel, it would create steel as long as it had resources, and 2 days later once you come back and put more resources on the connected storage unit it would continue to create steel like no time and passed. You could even set this for a trade platform maybe, as you could tell it to collect more resources that could even fit on it, which would just be dropped or sent to a connected storage. Another pivotal point of this system is you can now set things on (like a chemistry lab for steel) without the necessary resources, they will start actually creating stuff once they have the resources required (you’ll find out why later). You could also use it to create like 10 med storage silos with a printer if you want that, without having to stand around waiting for the whole time. 2. Conveyor belts. It’s simple, currently if there is a free slot on a chemistry lab or soil centrifuge or printer and necessary resources are on a storage unit on the same platform, there are automatically transferred the chemistry lab, soil centrifuge or printer. Conveyor belts would allow you to connect platforms so if a connected via conveyor storage unit has the required resources it will automatically be transferred to the printer. Conveyor belts would also deliver power, replacing traditional wires Together using all these things, this is how a completely automated rtg factory on Glacio could work. You want to create 19 rtgs, so you come back from a mining trip with some titanite and dirt, and some scrap. You put the storage’s from your rover onto a connected via conveyor. You set all the required machines to the right numbers needed and then turn them all on. The 1st soil centrifuge immediately starts using the soil to create ammonium for hydrazine, while the 2nd soil centrifuge creates graphite with the dirt. Your trade platform immediately starts using the scrap you collected to get 19 hematite over a few trips. The titanite immediately begins being smelted at the connected smelter, and the hematite will also do the same thing soon once it is collected from space. All these resources are sent to 5 chemistry labs, connected via conveyor belts to all the machines and storage and also connected to each other. Each of these chemistry labs is preset to one of 5 needed resources for nanocarb alloy. Once the materials for each chem lab is delivered, they will automatically start operating and creasing the resource (this is possible because as mentioned before, you can now turn stuff on before you have the required resources). All of this is happening while an atmosphere condenser is creating Argon as well (the other gases needed have already been made and are in storage). Once one chemistry lab is finished, it transfers it resource to the next chemistry lab the needs it, like the hydrazine chem lab would travel to the connected graphite chem lab, and once the titanium alloy was done it would go to the nanocarb alloy chem lab. Once 1 of the nanocarb alloy is created, then it would be sent to the small printer crafting rtgs, and eventually all 19 rtgs would be created. And during all of this you could be doing something completely different! So yeah, that’s how my perfect, yet simple, automation system works :)
  20. We had a little conversation recently in the Astroneer Discord server about using the Odd Stone at the Satellite to travel to other planets, and I figured it would be easier for me to just post it here as a feature suggestion! See below: Thanks!
  21. Since Aligning Platforms is kind of hard in Astroneer, I propose, that if you want to place a platform next to another one, the one your holding can snap to the same angle and relative position as the already placed one. Also there could be a rotation display of some sort, that shows you the angle of the terrain tool. tool For Example: A platform is placed on the ground and you wan to place an few in a row. You could now grab another platform and hold it near the already placed one and if close enough, it would align itself to the other one, so they can be placed in a row.
  22. StopSquire

    planes, jets, oh my

    I love your game and I would love to see new vehicles like jets or planes. controlled or piloted without autopilot!
  23. Overview: I've been playing for about 2 weeks now thought i'd weigh in with some ideas. I get why some choices were made and why others were not which is why I doubt many people will like my ideas because they are mostly back end stuff that doesn't much zazz. Flags Idea is to have a flag that can be used with vehicles that can be auto dropped as you travel along. Backpack item that can be made with resin or whatever, if equipped on the player / vehicle slot auto drops every x distance. Reason: I find I spend a lot of time having to get out of the vehicle in order to place custom markers so I don't get lost as I go on drive-abouts. Sure you could use tethers but it would be nice to have something taller that has it's own purpose for being there. Drive over a flag to pick it back up, saves on world clutter and having too many flags around for future trips. Fixes: Not having any maps / mapping abilities and puts that discussion to bed. Markers Idea: Like the flag but it's like the big brother of flag but little brother of beacon. Reason: Player would have to exit the vehicle to plant it. Used for re-locating items found but not obtainable at that moment. Doesn't' show up from orbit only from ground. Fixes: The disappointment of finding something cool but not being able to bring it back only to loose it upon going back to find it. Also goes to the map issue like above. User Interface issues of all kinds with T1 slots Idea: Streamline how the UI works with the target selection / options vs. the haphazard way things currently are with T1 slots. Reason: Item's don't stack uniformly all the time. Selecting anything and trying to put it anywhere can be an exercise as the said item will sometimes not place into the T1 slot you want it to go. This is because each slot is a unique target of it's own based on how near / far the selected item to be placed is. Instead (using a Medium Storage for an example) treat the 8 T1 slots not as 8 items but as 1 item which when selected will auto-place into the 8 slots in a specific order (first empty spot, similar items, different items). This will make the UI of dealing with slots much more streamline. You can think of it like a coin sorter. You drop the coin onto the sorter it auto puts into the right spot, only it's with items into slots. Fixes: The player experience using the game. Fighting with the mechanics of something lessens the game play experience (re: see stationeer). User issues with Platforms like Large Platform B Idea: Depending on what's connected to the T2 slot the platform will behave differently. Reason: For my example lets say we have a LPB w/ Smelter. Attaching T1 items it would act as it does. Attaching a T2 item like Medium Storage it would have a In / Out system where items added to the left would output to the right when completed. If the right is full, they would drop to the ground (not back to In). Fixes: The haphazard way Astroneer deals with items and their placement like with T1 slots (see above). This now are random (for the most part) but it would make sense to introduce a bit of order. This will help mitigate some of the requests for automation, bots, etc and still put the onus onto the player to participate. Base Building - Snap Alignment Tool Idea: Have some kind of snap UI that assists in lining up platforms / items into rows. Reason: People are OCD, you know this because of how crazy they are about making things perfectly flat, same holds true for things that are in straight lines. Fixes: Gripes. A simple snap UI for aligning platforms, etc will only make for better base building. There is nothing worse then having to rebuild a base because things aren't lining up correctly. Base Building - Power Meter Idea: Small printer item that when connected to the power cable tells the player how much power is being generated. Reason: Unless one looks it up and does the maths how different are 32 small batters vs. 8 Medium? Shouldn't have to do that. Fixes: The lack of meters power use / base building needs. Flatten Tool - Preset Angles for True Flat / Ramps / Walls. Idea: Have a toggle that changes the plane of the flatten tool from which ever face was selected to 0', whatever degree you'd want for ramps, and 90' for walls. Reason: The Flatten Mod doesn't really work well, having a replacement that can do a bit more would go a long way to making better bases and overall game experiences. Fixes: People asking for true flat. Ways to make nicer ramps and walls all with one tool. New Mod - Return to Nature Idea: A new mod for the Terrain Tool that when used over an area that has been dug out will return it back to the natural state it was before it was modified. This doesn't have to be the exact state that spot was but just something similar to the surrounding unmodified polygons (minus any resources as it's not a clone tool). Reason: Modified terrain is ugly, and flattening it down is also unsightly. Fixes: Um... would make me happy? Printers - UI Idea: Have the Backpack Printer and all other printer items as a List w/ favorites vs. the current arrow over menu Reason: Time. Time and the infuriating thing that always happens that you miss the item you want and have to go through the list again (see Toy Story 2 - Al's Toy Bar tv remote sequence). Fixes: Over all player experience. Schematics - Better Explanation of what does what Idea: Have a better explanation of what the schematic items actually do. Reason: Player experience should be smooth when dealing with items the character should know about but unless you pause gameplay and look it up there is no clear answer on what some things do. Taking the time to collect bytes, spend it on a schematic only to have got the wrong thing really detracts from the exploration experience. Fixes: User experience. New Item - Drones Idea: Simple flying drone w/ limited battery life for simple scouting. Equip the camera to it and now you can take pictures of your base from the sky. Fly it beyond point of no return and it will crash. Reason: Finding items that are near by but out of easy reach vs. putting in the effort to manually search only to find it was nothing in the first place. Also for relocating flag paths (see flags). Fixes: Player experience as it has a toy factor sure but also goes back to the map issue. You don't want to make maps or have any mapping. That being said maps have existed for 1000's of years and you're putting players into an experience where that essential tool is missing.

    Car Compas

    You could add something like a compass to your car. It would be displayed of the mount on the screen.
  25. Matt305


    Make an item you can research and then craft like a map or a gps that shows your location, and all the beacons/shelters/etc that you have around the planet. It would help alot with navigation and not getting lost from your home base (we've all been there). So you have some sort of idea which direction you need to go in to return home.