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Found 1,639 results

  1. MustachedSquid

    Basebuilding ideas

    Hello. Ok so I have tought of some ideas for basebuiding. 1: Triangular platform, we already have curved ones, why not a triangular one. 2: large version of the medium platform C, because I want a large circular platform. 3: some way to remove cable clutter, in very complex bases there starts to be alot of cables around, this kinda ruins the looks sometimes, yes I can run the cables underground but that is quite to much trouble, and its ugly seeing cables clipping into the ground. Maybe a long (or adjustable size) "rod" platform I could attach to a wall exclussively for transporting cables/oxygen, this would look realy nice. 4: So we got the ring storage, wich activates the special slots when you walk though. Well, it only has 6 slots, wich is a bit pointless for "storage", I would like a bigger version with proper storage space and the same special slots 5: same has above but witch special tier 2 and tier 3 slots. That could be the start of automation, Just walk near your platform and your machines start up!
  2. 1. (Tweak) Beacons appear as colored arrows on compass, It would help players not get lost when they end up turned around and have to circle around the planet until they stumble onto something familiar. -Beacons can only be seen from so far, and even with my moderate navigation skills, I still get lost just because for some reason, the art style makes everything look the same. -If they appear on your compass, finding the way back home or to where you want to be is much more straight forward. 2. (Addition) Mid-Late game/Tier 4 Rover with "All Terrain" Spider legs for easy maneuvering on particularly difficult terrains for wheels and carts. -Ive seen suggested before but Im really fond of the idea and want to show support for it. It seems like it would be a Step in the right direction for humanity. Forget flying cars, Walkers are the transportation of the future! Nothing better than being able to crawl up the side of a mountain(reasonable steepness) with your very own mobile base. -I would imagine it would need to be made of a NanoCarbon Alloy, Silicone, and Steel have roughly the space of an Extra Large Platform C (2 Tier3+1 Tier 4 Slots) sense it'd be a direct upgrade from a Large Rover (1 Tier4 slot). Expensive, but oh so worth it. 3. (Change) Tank controls for rovers in order to rotate on the spot instead of needing to do a three point turn. -It would've saved me many instances of falling into holes I was hanging over if I were able to rotate on the spot, but alas, I end up completely Tanked.
  3. You know, In Astroneer, when you print the RTG, you need a Nano-carbon Alloy and Lithium. But in real world RTG is not using Lithium! that's using Plutonium. (More scientific info: Plutonium 238) And I wanted a new power generator. The Fusion Reactor. You know the Astroneer is Sci-Fi genre. But why not add a fusion reactor? Fusion reactor is so VERY fascinating power source! Fusion reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium, this will be more powerful than RTG, It is very excellent energy efficient, and you don't have to worry about the reactor exploding. And the fusion reactor is create helium after reaction. Please add a new elements. Plutonium is must be added on Atrox. (With much deeper in the mantle.) Tritium is can be must combining in Chemistry Lab modules. And finally, add the Fusion Reactor If you can.
  4. EmeraldGamerr

    Fauna drill mod

    Hey! Its me again😄! I'm sorry i'm posting 2 topics back-to-back, but this one just doesn't fit the category the last one did. OK, picture this: You just flattened all the soil around your shelter, and now its barren of all life. Its just a bleak, grey splotch in the middle of a colorful environment (if you didn't use a terrain analyzer.) Now what? Well, If what i'm thinking looks better in game than on paper, this could help. If there was a mod that you could put on your drill that, at the cost of soil/organic, you could replant the fauna local to the planet. Think about it. I for one love the life located on planets, and if you go late game like me, you soon start to see it all disappear. How would it work? Simple! You place the mod on your drill, and as long as you have a soil canister, the seeds that are most likely inside the soil in which you have collected (not the literal seeds that you can collect) can be replanted at the cost of the soil itself. The longer you hold the drill in one place, the larger the plant, but the more soil you use up. This would be how it could go from grass, condensed grass, and larger plants. (harmful plants cannot be spawned in this way. Or can they🤔.) If the soil thing doesn't sound too fancy, maybe the mod uses organic located in your inventory, who knows. Maybe you could "upgrade" already existing grass or fauna in the area. Maybe its just a mod for creative. What do you think? Anything to add?
  5. D0geDude

    Nintendo switch

    Hi there, I have a question. Would it be possible to run Astroneer on a Nintendo Switch. I love this game, and I think it would be the best if it was on switch. I think the only limitation would be world generation. It seems like it might work. Well, I don't really know, since I'm not a game dev, but think it would be cool!
  6. good time of the day, all Anyone feels like it is time for upgrading a backpack? Here is an idea: after researching all small items we are normally carrying with us to make the life better - canister, oxygen tank, small battery, small wind/solar generators and worklight - advanced research for backpack upgrade will unlock: Astropack! Astropack will have bigger oxygen tank, more powerful energy accumulators, soil tank, embedded wind and solar generators and a LED strip light on a perimeter to provide lighting. Maybe another pair of auxiliary slots. It will require all resources needed to build all that, will be printed on the small printer and can be replaced from the ground like in the tutorial. Maybe it will also have little bit more futuristic look
  7. EmeraldGamerr

    Structure Damage

    Okay, so its no secret that SE is adding a creative mode soon, and personally, I will probably be playing that for a while and, if I were to do so, I would probably want to build damaged structure to create a role play similar to the launch trailer. With that said... I don't believe it would be too hard to implement structural damage when, say, a canister of hydrazine explodes. They already have the models for such things as medium solar panels, furnaces, research chambers, shelters, tethers, and some really cool POI's! There are probably a few that need to be modeled such as an organic generator, a buggy, a rocket, a launch platform, a rover, a solar array, a crane, a medium storage (all of the storage units as a matter of fact), the new outpost shelter, the new flood lights and tall storage, and maybe even extenders if they were to go that far. Also the gravity after an explosion. If a platform is secured onto a plot of soil and it's detonated, the platform will simply float mid-air. I would also love to see this fixed (if you can call it broken) because it would add to the difficulty of the whole, "gotta go get my stuff back" process, otherwise, its just a matter of flattening the ground to its previous state! If both were to be considered into the design process of the creative update, I believe in the near future (if dynamic weather were to be put back into action,) the models for such objects and platforms could be damaged during equally as dangerous weather. The bigger the sand storm, the higher the chance of a larger object model is to be damaged (and if this were to happen, you could scrap them, similar to the way we do now (or be repaired in some way or form (and I know its already been suggested)).) The player model could as well be slowed down by such storms and even have dust particles on the astroneer that eventually go away as time passes. It would also be nice if the screen would also collect dust and snow and rain along the sides and center depending on how severe the weather is as if it were an actual camera in a sand, snow, or rainstorm. Wow, this went from destroyed structure models to dynamic weather sorry guys😅. Anyways, what do you think🤔? Have any suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below (as if I can stop you) if there might be a problem in the way I went about this
  8. Have you ever been frustrated when in a cave and you find a ton of resources but don't have enough inventory space to carry it out? Well don't I have a solution for you! Introducing the Mining Update to Astroneer! In this update we are adding a brand new batch of vehicles for you and your friends to have fun in and enjoy, as well as a plethora of new things to discover and make. First, there is the Small Train, now this is the Little Engine that Could! This little guy will get you from point A to B with no trouble at all, so long as you build enough rails to get there! To go along with the Small Train, our new equipment, Small Rails. These are what allow you and your Train to get anywhere in the world. Next, we are introducing the Small Mine Car, which has the ability to slot all Tier 2 and below storages. Now like any good ol' train you have to have some sort of power to make it go. We are proud to announce the addition of the Small Furnace, with this baby hooked up to you Train, you can be chuggin and chuggin all night long, so long as you have a steady supply of our new material coal that is. Coal can be made at the Chemistry Lab for two Organic. Other Quality of Life additions are a Switch Track you can go from point A to B, maybe C, and D, and however many other locations.
  9. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us understand your idea. Tag your post with "idea".
  10. Hey SES Don't know if its been thought off for improving the UI or game but why not add a small transparent minimap with a small range of where you are in a cavern or how close/far you are from your last point of death when you suffocated? This will help immensely cause it's not always easy to remember where you last suffocated location was, also the markers currently in game doesn't give any help. Perhaps it could be shown in the top left or right corners of the screen. P.S. Don't think anyone feels losing resources collected on a planet is worth it. Love the game and can't stop playing, keep up the awesome work and can't wait for future updates
  11. EmeraldGamerr

    T1 crafting "cancel button"

    I, for one, have lost many precious resources such as tungsten and lithium by accidentally crafting things in my tier 1 crafting slot . Because copper and tungsten look alike, I end up accidentally crafting flood lights when i'm quickly going through all the craft-ables, instead of extenders (vice versa with lithium and graphite when a packager was the desired item, rather that a small battery.) I know this is probably not a big issue with most of you guys, but I still think that a cancel button would totally come in handy. I've died SO many times when I accidentally craft a canister instead of an oxygen filter last minute. Whenever I see that flash of green and my resin move to the craft-able slot, I just assume its what I want. But you know what they say about assuming... What do you guys think?🤔
  12. First of all I really love the game. It totally stand out of others survical crafting games. I played the game since it new released and quitted for a while. And then recently i played again with lots of updates. I felt really shock since it improves a lot. But to be honest, the main reasons that make me NOT to open Astroneer is the same as last time: not knowing what to do next and knowing that i have to do the same thing everyday. With that said, i think maybe Astroneer need something to encourage people play it more and not get bored in long time. So i think how about a story behind it. Or some mysteries on each planets mixing up with some puzzle. So that people can more reasons to play.
  13. Astronimo


    I've been thinking about this idea for a while and thought i could share it to get some opinions and/or other similar suggestions. Whilst traveling to Glacio an idea popped into my head: Why not add comets into the game? Here's how this could work: One or multiple comets of different shapes and sizes which would visit the star system on a fixed schedule (preferably every 3+ Sylva days) These would then result in occasional meteor showers in different parts of nearby planets Of these meteor showers there would be a fairly rare chance of one of them managing to make it to the surface as meteorites (otherwise, it would be a cool light show!) The meteorites that crash would be researchable or contain valuable materials (e.g. Silicon, Iron... You get the idea.) You might be thinking, "What if the meteorites fell on my base?" or "What if these comets impacted the planet?!" or something related. Perhaps they could add meteor shields to prevent this from happening? Or they could program the comets to not impact the planets? I don't know. At this point i'm just looking for some ideas and/or opinions. Looking forward to this being added to the game sometime in the near future.
  14. My idea is this: Vehicle Shelter Now this is really 'moveable' shelter. I know recently SES added a new shelter it's called "Field Shelter". But it can still be used by only one person at a time. I already came up with this idea before it was added. My idea is that it's much easier to move around and can be used by more than 2~4(or above) people at a time. And it can be attached on Medium Rover and Large Rover. One day I will design a 3D file to explain this idea in more detail... (But not now... Because I'm busy. I already have my another project...) The materials don't have any ideas yet. But the byte can be a rough. Medium Vehicle Shelter Byte: 8,000 or 8,500 Large Vehicle Shelter Byte: 15,000 or above If you have additional suggestions, Please let me know what you think.
  15. We are getting a Jump Jet as well as a Hydrazine Jetpack in the Explorer Update, but I feel like the constant drain of resources for ease of travel feels a bit too much work. An electric jump"jet" would fill this niche quite nicely. I propose these mechanics for balancing: -Only flies when 2 packs are attached on widget slots, if only one is attached it only slows your fall to balance against Hydrazine Jetpacks -Uses 1.5U/s for each & 3U/s for both when flying, has an internal energy capacity of 3U , only uses energy from the internal capacity and recharges from backpack battery or small batteries or widgets, capacitor only recharges at 1U/s for each and 2U/s for both when not in use and capacitor only supplies to jump"jet" -2s + 2s + ⅔s of flight time on full capacitors and backpack battery, recharge of both takes 8s + 6s with tethers -Crafted using a Titanium Alloy, like the Hydrazine Jetpack -15000 Bytes to make the player decide between one that consumes resources and a weaker one that runs on energy
  16. Hi ! I was talking with other people on steam of new ideas for astroneer and I thought that posting them on the official astroneer forum would give them more visibility. So here they are ! First, like F-orbit and ewanc said on steam, having a greehouse in astroneer would be a great idea. so, why a greenhouse ? We alrealdy have the soil centrifuge to get the most basic ressources like compound and resin but we don't have anything for organic. When you want to create new materials like some alloys you need a lot of carbon. So having a greenhouse would be very convenient. There could be different sizes: A tier 2 greenhouse and a tier 3 greenhouse that would fit perfectly on the extra large platform A. To function properly, it would need power, some soil (and water ???). This new item could lead to the inclusion of a farming mechanic (and even a food mechanic ?!). You could be able to produce different kinds of plants depending on what you want to do. Finally, why not add a kind of laboratory where you could create new plants from the seeds that you gather from destroying the current flora in the game. The tier 2 greenhouse could look like a little "incubator" and the tier 3 greenhouse would be spherical and be inspired by the self-made greenhouse that we can see in the movie"The Martian" . But you could ask, how could we get water ? Like ashes2007 said on the steam, their could be asteroids in the game. Those asteroids could be harvested and then processed to extract water from it. He also suggested a new mechanic in the game : space station building. Go check out our Discussion on steam if you want to know more about it : Secondly, I would really like to see a new vehicule added to the game. But this vehicle couldn't be driven by anyone. It would be a kind of automated rocket. It would require to establish two landing sites on different planets. This rocket would have a lot of storage and could be sent just like the trade platform. Thus, when you want to gather a lot of ressources from a foreign planet, you wouldn't be as much limited by the storage capacity of the rocket that you came with. Finally, I would really like to have suits inspired by sci-fi movies like "The Martian" or even licensed suits from NASA. Before writing this post, I've taken a look at Astro stuff that the devs posted on google drive and I saw a beautiful exosuit, some living forms and an excavation lifter. Those are really great ideas ! Please implement them in the game, even if the designs seems to be a bit old it looks so good ! PS: Does anyone knows where is the blackhole that we saw in the E3 trailer. It didn't appear so far in any version of the game. Is it a feature that's going to be added or is it lost ?
  17. Darkstrider9 0 0 0


    Btw we have a solar array, wich is extremely useful on planets like calidor. But what if we turn 180 degrees and look to glacio, on a planet like glacio we need electricity production based on wind, and having tons of medium wind turbines is not just anti aesthetic, it's an enormous waste of material AND SPACE. Thanks for your attention
  18. Im thinking of More futuristic transport on planets. Currently we have rovers in all sizes, a tractor and a buggy. But i think it would be fun to have a flying *car/plane/Craft/vehicle* . Mabye having flying cars.. or rather hovercrafts in the game will make it to futuristic, but mabye just a car looking thing that flyes only like 1-3m over the ground that is'nt affected by the terrain under it. mabye it seems useless or rather unnecesserry*** but many times have i had 2 bases on other sides of the planet and would either have to rocket there… or rover there, and both are inconvenient. since the rocket is for longer runs. Its more expensive to use… and since the rover is made for Shorter runs... it takes longer and the tarrain is enoying to pass the land With... mabye if you comment possible problems or questions i will have more spesific idea for Craft.. i have other ideas like Trains/conveyors and HUGE Space Crafts. Btw if you arent sure of the design, just think of some sci-fi starwars at the sice of a medium rover... please comment
  19. Marcin7667

    Arc Furnace

    Hello, my idea is electric arch furnace on the DC, it differs in that it has one electrode of graphite. And it is more efficient than a normal electric furnace. You can melt the ore more efficiently with a little profit. With it, you can get your iron, titanium and tungsten ingots faster. And not only that, in it you can get silicon from quartz and different alloys of steel. This furnace is very large and holds on a Tier-4 slot. It consumes a bit more energy than a normal electric furnace and requires a graphite electrode repair (it repair with graphite). It requires confirmation on the melt of the material and you decide what you want to melt now (something similar to the chemistry lab panel). It can melt only metals with a high melting point. Profit from the melting: 3 hematite = 4 iron ingots 3 wolframite = 4 tungsten ingots 3 titanite = 4 titanium ingot 2 quartz = 1 silicon ingot (new type of item) Cost: 1 steel 1 copper 1 ceramic 1 graphite Research cost: 8,500 Bytes Size: XL If I did anything wrong, and some grammatical error or isn't correct, please comment. For interested persons link to page.
  20. It would be cool to be able to buy little statues of each character standing on a sample of their respective planet. Like a little hill. I would totally buy a Tundra Suit Character statue.
  21. Recently I was building custom fun tools in Astroneer using existing pieces, such as platforms, research items, plant seeds, minerals, and then I thought that having electronics lab would provide endless opportunities for different kind of creations. So, the suggestions is to implement electronics laboratory, similar to the chemistry laboratory. There will be the following items: - Printed Circuit Board (PCB). - Alternating Current Generator (AC / ACG). - Wire. - Capacitor. - Diode. - Transistor. - Switch for AND, OR, XOR, NOT operators and manual on/off. - Light sensor. - Movement sensor. - Memory (RAM) bit. The electronics lab will consume silicone, resin, copper, aluminum, steel, plastic to print the items. In the future, some (or all) existing structures might receive Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which, for example, would allow to use electrical input in order to instruct chemistry lab to produce an element.
  22. My suggestion is to allow us Astroneers to planet seeds several at a time. The idea is to allow us to plant seeds, much like we can drop tethers now. Except that the two step process (place, then plant) is not efficient. Use the aux slot to plant the seeds, or T like the tethers. OPTION 1: Use a tractor/trailer/feeder. My preference is to use the existing tractor, and pull a seed planting device. The 'seed planting device' could be a modified trailer, with something like a silo platform on it, that could be filled with seeds, and as you drive, each time you hit the right/left bumper (controller) or C/V on the keyboard, that you would plant one seed from the silo platform. This way you could slowly drive along, planting seeds in a neat row, or circle, or whatever pattern you drive around in. This would allow any seed, hostile or not, to be planted in rows. OPTION 2: Use the backpack, just like tethers. If this is not desired, then why not use the same programming concept as the tethers, but apply it to the seeds. For example, you collect the seeds, then they are grouped together, say four to a tier 1 module, like the tethers have 10 to a tier 1 module. That 4 seed module could then be put into a backpack, or on the seed planting device (trailer/silo). Then as you walk along you place and plant the seed with one motion, unlike now, where you must first place it on the ground, and then a second pass to actually plant it.
  23. I'm new on this forum. I wanted to see people's ideas and suggestions about new things in Astroneer. I saw that many people have great ideas, and even more: some demonstration/raw projects what for me - just a game fan is something awesome to see all these things. So, my question is: what if Astroneer could support steam workshop or website with mods, somewhere where people could add their own projects. I don't know what about game's compatibility and that's problem if game can't be modded by stuff like this. Tell what you think about it.
  24. I'm new on this forum. I wanted to see people's ideas and suggestions about new things in Astroneer. I saw that many people have great ideas, and even more: some demonstration/raw projects what for me - just a game fan is something awesome to see all these suggestions. I also noticed that So, my question is: what if Astroneer could support steam workshop or website with mods
  25. I move to new apartment!! YEAH!!! Alright!! I bring some idea again and also, I make some samples for easily to look! When we play Astroneer, we feel need more storage when we get resources other far places or deep underground. So! Here is what I think! This equipment called "Toolbox". I want to design like hard case. so I add iron stick for cover all side of box. You can easily to grab and lay down! Just press "G". After lay down the Toolbox, you can open it to press "F". This is the toolbox's inside. If there are nothing, that green light going to be red or orange. I also want to add disadvantage for this model. Because.... I don't know!! haha maybe, for fun! so what I think is this toolbox has to charge. You can open and close for 4 times (one movement use one floor of battery). After the battery is gone, that box is automatically closed. And one more!!!! (Sorry guys :D) It's not disadvantage actually. This toolbox can put only equipment! not any resources! That's it! Hope you guys enjoy it and if you guys have any feedback or more ideas, Please tell me! Thanks!