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Found 1,733 results

  1. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us understand your idea. Tag your post with "idea".
  2. I think it would be nice if the Auto extracter could collect soil. It could be an option to collect soil instead of resources
  3. Very much enjoying astroneer. I'd love for the medium and large resource containers and the gas container to be all the way hot-swapable. Right now I can be holding a container, hover it over something in a same-sized slot to high-light, and then if I drop what I'm holding they swap (I'm left holding the previously slotted container, and the one I was holding is now slotted). I think this is how it should always work. BUT: If there's any pending item distro on the same platform (another container waiting to dispense, a smelter with a full output, etc) then the pending items take the slot(s) and the item I was trying to hot-swap into place falls on the ground. This is a bummer because I often show up at these platforms with an empty container, trying to swap it in for the container that's been filling up there. And instead I have to turn things on and off, juggle single resources around, and so on.
  4. Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I absolutely love this game and want to say you guys did a perfect job! Well.. almost perfect My Idea: As the title says, make the rockets more distinguished. Make them each have their own character and distance they can travel. My current "problem": As soon as you have the small rocket you can go anywhere to any planet. So why would it be rewarding to build a bigger rocket other than the extra added storage? Of course the bigger tanks so you don't have to refuel all the time, but still it's just not as rewarding as it could be in my opinion. My solution: Next to the extra amount of storage space, give them range! Small Shuttle Sylvan > Desolo (and back on 1 trip) Sylvan > Calidor (1 trip only, takes both charges of the engine) Not able to visit other planets Medium Shuttle Basically any planet as long as you stop in between. More like a planet "hopper". Sylvan > Calidor > Atrox Atrox > Calidor > Sylva > Vesania > Glacio Large Shuttle Any planet as it is now Extra ideas: - As in normal spaceflights give them a random chance to "mallfunction" and crash without killing the player. Leaving the player with just a oxygen supply, the materials they have on their backpack/aircraft slot and debris from the broken shuttle. Either only do this for the small shuttle or lower the chance by percantage from small to large. - Craftable refueling station in space? - Controls to fly to planets yourself - Dockable spaceships for space base! - Take away the external oxygen supply if the oxygenator is removed, you can "breathe" inside but that's it.
  5. Limitations (like finite health, or oxygen) - are super cool in Survival (Basic Mode), but in Creative Mode - it's pitiful when players couldn't properly focus on their creativity, being constantly distracted by new Survival mechanics, which always comes along with big updates (like Automation ones). For example, the current need to constantly seek for resource deposits, to place (or replace) dozens of Auto Extractors - definitely must have it's own checkbox in Creative Mode options, to make all resource deposits infinite for Auto Extractors. In general, for any future update - I wish developers will always timely balance limitations they added to Survival with analogous new unlimited options in Creative Mode, to keep our creative minds clear :)
  6. Aiden Pyle

    Cave Elevator

    I had a really cool idea that I think would make for a great addition to the game. An elevator to lift your Astroneer in and out of the caves. Say that you dug a really deep hole to the center of the planet and you need to bring some resources back up and you don't have a path or vehicle, you can place an elevator at your base and dig a hole straight down and it could lift you or some cargo up or down. This would make building an underground base or just exploration very easy. The elevator could be controlled by your character to stop and start whenever, or you could put some materials in it and send it straight up or straight down all the way. What are your thoughts?
  7. I love the Rover Drill/Paver combination but it isn't the easiest thing to control. I would like for example to create a 'corkscrew' shaped tunnel down to the core of the planet but maintaining the correct downward angle and left or right rotation of the rover consistently is very difficult at the moment. If there were a slightly more sophisticated H.U.D. interface that would allow the player to 'lock' the down/upwards angle of attack for the drill/paver as well as locking the rover left/right direction to drill and pave with greater precision… I think that would be super cool! A more sophisticated H.U.D. interface and control for the drill/paver might also be a solution to the third-person camera issue when tunnelling underground. First person is out of the question (at least it was a few months back…) because of the diegetic nature of the game however the H.U.D. for the drill might offer a solution if it were to be redesigned a little and contained more information such as compass and artificial horizon and angle of attack indicators similar to those you might find in aircraft. This system might even be extended further to allow for the player to create small program sets (shapes) for a rover autopilot module to allow for the sculpting of really precise shapes quickly and efficiently. Inspiration: I can imagine using this system in other ways to such as building nice clean straight true-flat roads, tunnels and bridges. Useful on planets whose terrain is difficult for the rover to traverse. I really like the idea of the rover as a sculpting tool. It kind of is a sculpting tool right now using the drill/paver combination but it's pretty cumbersome to use and control. I usually end up making a big mess even when tunnelling in a straight line! A better interface might be the solution!
  8. Hello again! In the creative mode we have numerous settings like "Solar Time Multiplier", etc. That gave me an idea that all equipment in our game might have some kind of expiration date after which it would need some manual repair. And players who doesn't want that feature could just tweak some "Equipment Expiration Multiplier" to 0 in creative mode (or it could be 0 by default, while adjustable in creative). I do want that feature being adjustable in creative because I'm seeing this as a kind of mini-game that pushes players to revisit all their settlements for "taking care" of; and higher "Equipment Expiration Multiplier" would increase a need for it. Also, you could make this "reparation" process easier, reducing it to fixing a local energy source; suggesting that all buildings and vehicles linked to that source would be repaired automatically. Also-also: fixing an energy source might require some RANDOM resource. !!! That would provide player with additional SURPRISING challenge on each settlement, making this "endless gameplay" more addictive.
  9. Dear Developers! In Creative Mode, we have "Disable Resource Collection" setting. With this setting "on", PLEASE make Auto Extractors collect resources indefinitely! !!! Because this way, I could've course my routes daily, to collect filled Resource Canisters from all Auto Extractors, without bothering moving them around (in search of fresh spots); and I just could enjoy the views of the world, and simply hang out there, with this cute little, indefinite, daily goal to achieve! You know?.. It just feels LIVE - when something out there (like Auto Extractors) doing it's job on and on, waiting for you to just come along. ))) Your game is so pretty! And inspiring. I just want to be able to chill out there.
  10. Hello! I'm sentimental person and I love my single-player world dearly)) So, I don't want to start a new game. But, since I unlocked every buildable object game has to offer - it feels kind of pointless to settle a new bases (e.g., to get some rare resource), because it's feels easier to land quickly, grab whatever I need and get back home. And back home - it becomes even worse, because there's no more "rare resource" (e.g.) on my way to build and have everything I unlocked. It would be much better if I could reset all research whenever I like, because this way one's have much more reason to actually dig in a new place (seek everywhere for unlocked gear in debris, research items, etc. - just like in the beginning), so gameplay becomes more challenging over and over again! And you don't lose your old stuff: you just can't make more of it until you unlock it again. I actually hoped for this option in creative mode, since it warns you about losing some progress; and it seemed promising because creative mode makes all researches unlocked (hence, messing with it's status), but once I switched creative mode back "off" - all unlocks came back to what I had.
  11. The title is a little misleading. I love Astroneer and will continue playing indefinitely regardless but I have been thinking about an idea a lot recently whilst playing that could add life and longevity to a save file; incentivise continuing to play within that save rather than start anew. It was actually the first thing that popped into my head a few months ago, right after I completed the game. Wouldn’t it be cool to progress from the current solar system to a new one after having unlocked all the things and collected all the things and taken them to the thing and triggered the thing… It just feels 'right' somehow given the lost in space exploration building survival nature of the game. Let’s ignore the technical challenge for a moment of building a system such as this and imagine being presented with a new solar system every time you started a new game or completed your current game. The goal would remain the same: collect all of the things, unlock the things and go to the thing to trigger the thing and be rewarded with a fresh start (you keep all the things in your backpack and the catalog items unlocked) in a totally new solar system. Why? You’re trying to get back home of course! Have you never seen Quantum Leap? You're trying to get back to the Exo Dynamics System but there is a very small chance of triggering a jump that would get you there because… Every game would be unique. Every player generating their own journey and story. Each new solar system would present to the player a new “puzzle” to be solved. How to acquire all of the resources needed to build all of things needed to trigger a new cosmic warp event thing (I would prefer a ‘Big Bang’ type event, something epic and sci-fi like building a bomb to blow up the sun to trigger a warp or black hole but we already have the gates and whatnot…) and get to the next system and hopefully home? Players would need to explore the new system to identify where the resources reside on these unfamiliar planets. Whilst exploring maybe find a few things to add to the collections calalog (or journal or some sort that could be shared) along the way… When I say “new” solar system that doesn’t necessarily mean we need completely new planets with new plants and resources and weather and … a “new” solar system might just mean a parallel universe type thing. Same planets but different… Don't get me wrong I love the idea of a procedurally generated new solar system with new planets and colours and plants and discoveries to make and whatnot but realistically that might be a bit too radical a change for a game already out. So perhaps new simply means the same but different and more different to the current variation. Same biomes but organised within a solar structure differently somehow. Different number of planets. Perhaps different types of stars that produce different types of energy. Maybe in the next solar system Atrox is a massive Jupiter type thing and all the other planets are moons or perhaps there is just one planet that contains all biomes… Astroneer feels like it’s a crossroads or perhaps its my relationship with the game that is at the crossroads! As I said in the beginning I love the game and will continue to play and support it come what may but I do feel there is scope for something more. I would love more things to build. Lot’s of different options for power and transportation. I would love to see a whole new class of modules dedicated to sculpting and shaping the landscape. Sandcastle type moulds to build structures. Radio towers for navigation. Satellites for cartography and documentation. We’d need to document those parallel universes before their destruction! 🙂
  12. So, i just tried to host a dedicated server locally for me and my friends to play (as we play in really different styles a server is our best bet), and after hours of trying just found out that you need to host the server in a public IP for it to validate externally for crossplay apparently. I come to request humbly for you to please implement private IP hosting functionality, at least locally. I feel like that's really really really important because in many places around the world it's really difficult and/or expensive to get a public IP address that can be used to host services like this. In the place that i live in my country for example the way that ISPs work are: the ISP has a managed IP, and all the users are setup behind that IP using NAT, so we don't really have any IP or ports accessible by the outside of our network or that can be used for hosting or anything whatsoever. I'm pretty sure that this is what is causing problems for hosting for many people on reddit and here as well. You could probably still leave the external server validation there but put an option on the server config file like "HostingIP" separated from "PublicIP", so the server can still be validated externally but we could then host the server where we want(locally on our networks), pretty much like how a minecraft or any other server for that matter works, as in my entire life the Astroneer server is the first one that i've seen that works like this. Anyway, thanks for your time.
  13. Pretty straightforward idea. If you've ever tried to use large amounts of dynamite along with any of the other explosive compounds to quickly clear out a large volume of terrain, you know it can get pretty annoying to have to deal with all the research items & various stacks of resources floating in the air or falling down into various cave systems and so on. I think it may also contribute to the large amounts of lag that can affect the game when you have really big explosions, as the game tries to calculate the physics of hundreds or even thousands of falling resource stacks & research items. There's already a option in the creative mode menu that makes it so you don't harvest resources when you're using the Terrain Tool, which is useful for deforming the terrain without having to deal with the clutter of hundreds of different stacks just rolling around everywhere. A similar option that would make it so that explosions just annihilate everything, rather than producing stacks from resources within the terrain would be similarly useful, I think, and hopefully not too hard to implement. Given how large the planets are, I don't think there's any danger of someone unintentionally breaking the game irrevocably by destroying too much stuff either.
  14. @SES_joe I would absolutely love to see the large landing pad (pictured below in the 0.9 alpha update banner) be made a craftable item on the large printer. This item is so cool and it is a shame that it can't be made and it is only a piece of debris (found in the tutorial or on desolo). I think that it would be a great addition to all of the base building items currently in the game, and would really make for a cool centerpiece of any base.
  15. I've noticed that people want better interaction between the large soil canister and the soil centrifuge, so I thought "why not just make a larger version to take the medium canisters?" Due to the smaller storage size of the medium soil canister in comparison to the medium resource canister, I was thinking it could give a slight boost in efficiency, or even ores in small quantities as by-products to a large batch. While the production of rare ores may inhibit the need to explore other planets, this could be made up for with the addition of a nano carbon alloy to the recipe for the machine, and a medium soil canister is quite a lot of soil for one or two ores. However, that isn't really necessary, as the machine could be implemented with just the medium canisters in mind. Of course, this could be done in machines other than the soil centrifuge, like the smelting furnace, and with the medium gas canister the chemistry lab and atmospheric condenser. Because the tier 3 machines aren't named after their size, it may not sound good to call them the "extra large smelting furnace", rather something more along the lines of "blast furnace". In addition, people have been asking for large auto arms (perhaps called "auto cranes"?) and this would give more purpose for them to be added to the game, other than just automating research of items with tier 2 attachment points. On the Development Roadmap it says that "new base building items and modules" and "new size tier of objects" are being looked into for potential future releases, but these are quite vague, and even if my idea has been brought up before I'd at least like to know how it was received by the development team and the community.
  16. Hello! 1. I would love to see a machine what can transport items or resources. It would be a great addendum for the automatization update. So in a nutshell, there would be a machine, which can transport resources in long distances, like between planets. I will attach a simple, understandable picture with the deatils.
  17. RoseIsConfused

    Invert-able Auto-arm Filter

    The automation update just dropped, it's a big update, and there are definitely some bugs with the auto-arms that need to be addressed before adding new features. Personally, even with how spectacular it is to have these auto-arms with how useful they are, I still felt like something was missing. I was making an auto-sorting storage system and realized that the filters that you can set on the auto-arms, could benefit from having an option to toggle whether or not the filters are "including" or "excluding". Currently the filters have one setting, you smack an item onto the filter-slot, and the auto-arms will only reach for that item and will ignore everything else. Now I want to ask, what if they did the opposite? What if there was an option to *invert* the filter, so that it grabs everything *but* that item? ex: Throw iron into the auto-arm's filter slot and set it to 'exclude' and now the auto-arm will grab everything that is not iron. This is my suggestion, thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  18. Stealthcan

    Medium storage silo idea

    I use 1 large storage silo with 12 medium storage silos for most of my production arms and the chemistry lab. I was thinking that if you can use a designator on the top of it, like you do with the medium resource canister, it would make it easier to see what elements are running low. Both lab and production tend to mix up elements when you scroll through items to create. 2 Designators would be even better(silo is split into 2 sections of 3 rows)
  19. I must say it frankly. This game as an enormous potential. I say that because I think it's missing ONE thing that would make this game truly amazing. It's missing the one thing that make me not want to come back and enjoy it fully... wiring @astroneergame. The foundation for wiring is there, @astroneergame , it's there. So much potential is wasted because no form of wiring is there. The ring platform where you go in it and it activate ? Cool, but useless because it's only there. If only there was wiring so I can connect it to other. See this firework field (WIP) ? If only there was some wiring so I can connect all of them together which would allow me, with the press of a SINGLE button, launch them all and enjoy it. Without it, I need to walk up to them, press a button, have time to distance myself and not enjoy it, because I can't be fast enough to activate them all and enjoy it from far away. If only there was wiring, so I could do some cool lighting setup which, on the press of a button, could light up in some way. Combined with logic gate, I could make a calculator, a computer, all of that in Astroneer. ONLY if there was WIRING. Please @astroneergame , add wiring. This was copy-pasted from my Twitter. So sorry for all the mentions. Wiring is the main suggestion here, but of course, this means that more things need to come with it to make wiring truly good. Here are the suggestions I can think off the top of my head. Not as detailed & explained as my take on wiring above, but enough to get the idea: • Logic gates: Logic gates would allow people to make some really neat circuit which could be combined with a lot of stuff. These mostly goes along with the other suggestion below • Colored lighting (At this point, colored tether too): It's christmas all over again ! Except this time, you can choose the color and activate it with wiring ! Along with logic gates, do all sort of crazy stuff. But what if ? • Sensor: Sensor for night/day, sensor for "is machine activated/working?", sensor for player, sensor for vehicle, sensor for "item in storage", sensor for everything ! Now, you can make your colored halloween light go on only at night ! Hmmm, this make me think. • Vehicle de-loader !: Now, me and my friend sometime (A lot of time actually) goes on "planetary expedition" with a rover setup that allow us to store A LOT of stuff. So much so that when full, it can take us from 30m to 1h to unload it and store it correctly. Imagine this. You come back to your base with the vehicle and you just position it at the side or under or whatever systemera give us and it unload automatically ! Now, if we can only get... • Conveyor ! Or something that can organize item on storage (I'm thinking Buildcraft mod in Minecraft): Now this. Combined with the vehicle de-loader, would allow us to just have your vehicle deload and the conveyor will organize it between the setting you put on the storage or the machine you decide ! No more time lost because you need to make your storage all organized ! Gosh, so much time saved. • Piston ! Or some forms of it: Now I'm daydreaming, but if SystemEra can pull this off, maybe I'll not be daydreaming afterall. Some forms of machinery that allow us to move stuff. Or to make stuff disapear. So you can combine the previously mentionned player sensor to do something like a door to your base... or some kind of trap, if you are that type of player. Just make sure if you do a trap that you collect the stuff dropped by the victim with the conveyor Do you have any other idea to add ? Don't hesitate ! I'm sure if we say the immense potential this have for Astroneer, SystemEra will give it to us ! So continue to give idea to show them how good it's gonna be if they implement this ! Also, don't forget. Stay safe Astroneer ! Firework field is there if you want to see it: Sorry for the double post. But apparently, we can't edit post after we posted it. So I need to re-create it again. Hope you understand, mods. Thanks !
  20. I have an idea of an item that can be printed in players backpack and combines 2 combineable platforms together. For example you can combine Large Platform A and Large Curved Platform but you cannot combine Large Platform B and C because that is illegal. Crafting: x1 Titanium Alloy How to use: You have to craft 2 of these and fuel them both with Resin. Put those on the platforms that you want to combine, just like the Packager if they are combineable, green light will appear but if it is not, red light will appear. If it is green light hold F in computer (original settings) to make them combine.
  21. Sackboy338

    New automation idea

    Now I wouldn't be surprised if something like this was already planned, but I had an idea for an item to help make automation chains easier. Right now, the only way to automate the transfer of items over a distance is to use a chain of auto arms, which is both hugely power inefficient and unreliable, so why not instead have a sort of conveyor system? I got the idea from seeing a very early clip of gameplay where tethers could transport items. I'm thinking something similar to that, except it's a separate item like the power extenders, except maybe with more range between segments (power extenders have a short connection range, I think the conveyor would be better with a connection range similar to tethers) The advantages of an "Auto-Conveyor" would be the ability to transfer items over a larger distance with a single line, and it would use less power than auto-arms. The tradeoff, however, is that the Auto-Conveyor lacks the versatility of the Auto-Arm, it cannot have item filters placed upon it, and it cannot pull from storages or deposit items in storages, so Auto-Conveyors would need to be loaded/unloaded either manually or with an Auto-Arm. Like Auto-Arms, Auto-Conveyors would only be capable of transferring Tier 1 items/resources, and would be one-way with an input and output side (although it would be very useful to be able to switch the input/output sides without having to rebuild the entire line) So if you wanted two-way resource travel, you would need two Auto-Conveyor lines. I imagine Auto-Conveyors would be unlockable/accessible at around the same time as, if not before, Auto-Arms, allowing the player to, say, create a conveyor line out of a mine and place resources upon it as they fill their inventory? Also, in the event that an item is waiting to be unloaded at the output, and another item arrives behind it, I imagine it and any more items arriving would simply wait patiently behind the first and move up as items are unloaded, meaning Auto-Conveyors could serve as a makeshift, if totally impractical, storage device. (on that note, perhaps storage sensors could be used to detect if a conveyor line is fully backed up or not?) Assuming a conveyor is backed up all the way from the output to the input, the conveyor would simply not accept any new items until space is freed VIA an item being unloaded. Perhaps, like Auto-Arms, the speed at which items travel the conveyor would be affected by how much power was available? Note: Perhaps for balancing reasons, the player would be able to remove or place an item anywhere along the conveyor, but Auto-Arms would only be able to load/unload from the inputs/outputs respectively? Just a thought. Also maybe conveyors can only accept power at the input? So as not to make power extenders less relevant? or maybe not. I think it's a pretty cool idea and I would love to build little conveyor lines all over the place. Either way though, I'm excited to see what comes next, and keep up the good work!
  22. jamisononamission

    New base building item idea 💡

    Seed Stand -requires carbon & other resources to make a small list of plants and trees 🌲 I have noticed my planet is so bare because I have torn up all the plants for use in small generators. I think it be beautiful to plant things Around my metal and machine heavy base. Outside of the choices of seeds we already have. I don’t feel inspired by the alien plants we have in Astroneer especially the exploding ones. I would love some exotic green and beautiful things to plant. thanks guys!!!!! jamison on a mission
  23. ProGamah


    Before you say it has been suggested before, because it has, it’s a different idea. So don’t say it’s a duplicate. Anyway, it would be cool if you could land on asteroids, each one only being available for a specific amount of time and mine asteroid-only materials that could be used to make something cool, like maybe a warp point that you could charge with astronium that would allow access to the , each time reducing the charges, or some useful thing like that. Occasionally, smaller asteroids would fall through the atmosphere (but never on top of man-made things) and would be either from one of the other planets/moons, and would give you some of their materials, a research item/sample, and a chance of one unit of the asteroid-specific material, or would be labeled “unknown” and would have an “unknown” research item/sample (high value), 2-5 astronium, and 1-4 units of the asteroid-specific material. Don’t know what the name of that material would be, but my idea would add more depth to the game (and could maybe hint to the history of the ).
  24. CarbonPhosphate

    Automation Improvement Ideas

    The Trade Platform should automatically pick up scrap from its platform, and automatically launch when at max capacity. This makes it more like other machines. Allow Scrappers to scrap packaged items. Scrappers should pull in scrappable items (debris and packaged items only) from their platform. This behaviour could be toggled on/off to prevent accidentally scrapping everything. Have a machine than can automatically pack/unpack items (may consume graphite for packagers?)
  25. So I recently found out about something called rgb keyboards, and I have been playing around with it ever since, and I thought "What if astroneer added compatibility for a app that connects to your rgb keyboard lights?" One app that you could use is called "Aurora GSI", this one connects to almost ANY rgb keyboard and lets you fully configure what you want to happen with your keyboard lights when something happens in the game, or you could use a brand specific app, (As long as you make it so that most people's rgb keyboard can connect), But the basic idea is when something like oxygen gets too low, the keyboard lights do something to show you that your oxygen is low. (Ex. the gif of the desktop setting in aurora, the blue is my CPU Usage and the orange is my RAM Usage) It doesn't have to be added as soon as possible but I do think it would be a cool feature for those people that like games that connect to their rgb keyboard lights, like me. So please consider adding this, thanks . -kfasick P.S. If you need me to explain anything more just ask.