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Found 1,625 results

  1. Darkstrider9 0 0 0


    Btw we have a solar array, wich is extremely useful on planets like calidor. But what if we turn 180 degrees and look to glacio, on a planet like glacio we need electricity production based on wind, and having tons of medium wind turbines is not just anti aesthetic, it's an enormous waste of material AND SPACE. Thanks for your attention
  2. Im thinking of More futuristic transport on planets. Currently we have rovers in all sizes, a tractor and a buggy. But i think it would be fun to have a flying *car/plane/Craft/vehicle* . Mabye having flying cars.. or rather hovercrafts in the game will make it to futuristic, but mabye just a car looking thing that flyes only like 1-3m over the ground that is'nt affected by the terrain under it. mabye it seems useless or rather unnecesserry*** but many times have i had 2 bases on other sides of the planet and would either have to rocket there… or rover there, and both are inconvenient. since the rocket is for longer runs. Its more expensive to use… and since the rover is made for Shorter runs... it takes longer and the tarrain is enoying to pass the land With... mabye if you comment possible problems or questions i will have more spesific idea for Craft.. i have other ideas like Trains/conveyors and HUGE Space Crafts. Btw if you arent sure of the design, just think of some sci-fi starwars at the sice of a medium rover... please comment
  3. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us understand your idea. Tag your post with "idea".
  4. First of all I really love the game. It totally stand out of others survical crafting games. I played the game since it new released and quitted for a while. And then recently i played again with lots of updates. I felt really shock since it improves a lot. But to be honest, the main reasons that make me NOT to open Astroneer is the same as last time: not knowing what to do next and knowing that i have to do the same thing everyday. With that said, i think maybe Astroneer need something to encourage people play it more and not get bored in long time. So i think how about a story behind it. Or some mysteries on each planets mixing up with some puzzle. So that people can more reasons to play.
  5. Marcin7667

    Arc Furnace

    Hello, my idea is electric arch furnace on the DC, it differs in that it has one electrode of graphite. And it is more efficient than a normal electric furnace. You can melt the ore more efficiently with a little profit. With it, you can get your iron, titanium and tungsten ingots faster. And not only that, in it you can get silicon from quartz and different alloys of steel. This furnace is very large and holds on a Tier-4 slot. It consumes a bit more energy than a normal electric furnace and requires a graphite electrode repair (it repair with graphite). It requires confirmation on the melt of the material and you decide what you want to melt now (something similar to the chemistry lab panel). It can melt only metals with a high melting point. Profit from the melting: 3 hematite = 4 iron ingots 3 wolframite = 4 tungsten ingots 3 titanite = 4 titanium ingot 2 quartz = 1 silicon ingot (new type of item) Cost: 1 steel 1 copper 1 ceramic 1 graphite Research cost: 8,500 Bytes Size: XL If I did anything wrong, and some grammatical error or isn't correct, please comment. For interested persons link to page.
  6. It would be cool to be able to buy little statues of each character standing on a sample of their respective planet. Like a little hill. I would totally buy a Tundra Suit Character statue.
  7. Recently I was building custom fun tools in Astroneer using existing pieces, such as platforms, research items, plant seeds, minerals, and then I thought that having electronics lab would provide endless opportunities for different kind of creations. So, the suggestions is to implement electronics laboratory, similar to the chemistry laboratory. There will be the following items: - Printed Circuit Board (PCB). - Alternating Current Generator (AC / ACG). - Wire. - Capacitor. - Diode. - Transistor. - Switch for AND, OR, XOR, NOT operators and manual on/off. - Light sensor. - Movement sensor. - Memory (RAM) bit. The electronics lab will consume silicone, resin, copper, aluminum, steel, plastic to print the items. In the future, some (or all) existing structures might receive Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which, for example, would allow to use electrical input in order to instruct chemistry lab to produce an element.
  8. My suggestion is to allow us Astroneers to planet seeds several at a time. The idea is to allow us to plant seeds, much like we can drop tethers now. Except that the two step process (place, then plant) is not efficient. Use the aux slot to plant the seeds, or T like the tethers. OPTION 1: Use a tractor/trailer/feeder. My preference is to use the existing tractor, and pull a seed planting device. The 'seed planting device' could be a modified trailer, with something like a silo platform on it, that could be filled with seeds, and as you drive, each time you hit the right/left bumper (controller) or C/V on the keyboard, that you would plant one seed from the silo platform. This way you could slowly drive along, planting seeds in a neat row, or circle, or whatever pattern you drive around in. This would allow any seed, hostile or not, to be planted in rows. OPTION 2: Use the backpack, just like tethers. If this is not desired, then why not use the same programming concept as the tethers, but apply it to the seeds. For example, you collect the seeds, then they are grouped together, say four to a tier 1 module, like the tethers have 10 to a tier 1 module. That 4 seed module could then be put into a backpack, or on the seed planting device (trailer/silo). Then as you walk along you place and plant the seed with one motion, unlike now, where you must first place it on the ground, and then a second pass to actually plant it.
  9. I'm new on this forum. I wanted to see people's ideas and suggestions about new things in Astroneer. I saw that many people have great ideas, and even more: some demonstration/raw projects what for me - just a game fan is something awesome to see all these things. So, my question is: what if Astroneer could support steam workshop or website with mods, somewhere where people could add their own projects. I don't know what about game's compatibility and that's problem if game can't be modded by stuff like this. Tell what you think about it.
  10. I'm new on this forum. I wanted to see people's ideas and suggestions about new things in Astroneer. I saw that many people have great ideas, and even more: some demonstration/raw projects what for me - just a game fan is something awesome to see all these suggestions. I also noticed that So, my question is: what if Astroneer could support steam workshop or website with mods
  11. I move to new apartment!! YEAH!!! Alright!! I bring some idea again and also, I make some samples for easily to look! When we play Astroneer, we feel need more storage when we get resources other far places or deep underground. So! Here is what I think! This equipment called "Toolbox". I want to design like hard case. so I add iron stick for cover all side of box. You can easily to grab and lay down! Just press "G". After lay down the Toolbox, you can open it to press "F". This is the toolbox's inside. If there are nothing, that green light going to be red or orange. I also want to add disadvantage for this model. Because.... I don't know!! haha maybe, for fun! so what I think is this toolbox has to charge. You can open and close for 4 times (one movement use one floor of battery). After the battery is gone, that box is automatically closed. And one more!!!! (Sorry guys :D) It's not disadvantage actually. This toolbox can put only equipment! not any resources! That's it! Hope you guys enjoy it and if you guys have any feedback or more ideas, Please tell me! Thanks!
  12. I would like the items to be able to automatically move items between connected platforms. Like if I'm using a printer it can automatically pull the required materials from my storage on another platform in my base. And if there is no storage available on the platform that my soil centrifuge is on then it would deposit any new resources on a connected platform.
  13. Evo


    Simple, add support for Nvidia's Ansel so that we can capture one of the key elements of astroneer, it's low poly yet incredibly memorizing graphics in super resolution or panoramic screenshots. If this could happen along with some update to add more visual features to the nighttime sky, it would make an excellent way to create promotional visuals for the game, and also for users to create their own high fidelity content using Astroneer.
  14. Like the name suggests, this is a use for Astronium. like that's never happened before. just keep in mind this is my first post, so don't expect too much. Crafting: something along the lines of 5-10 astronium. idk, i haven't thought that far ahead yet. The Astronium Pseudo-planet is a high-density orb of pure astronium, held up by a sustaining gravity point, powered by artificial gravity. it utilizes two launch pads to bring you up to it from the ground, and back down to it. Basically, it's like the name: a Fake Planet. one you can still walk on and all of that, but it's not super big. say, about twice the size of the XL storage, and a full sphere instead of a half. That being said, it's big enough that a large printer won't cut it. Extra Large Printer, anyone? Extra Large Printer a massive printer that has to be placed on a extra large platform to function. takes 10C/S of energy to work, maybe? idk Crafting: Something along the lines of a bunch of steel, iron and resin. Used to craft the biggest of projects. Basically, the whole point of the Astronium Pseudo-Planet is 1: messing with gravity is fun and 2: extra space to put things. so basically almost exactly as useless as it's core component, but with some form of minor use
  15. Aero Toscanito

    Modular instertellar ship

    1) Inestad of adding more planets, make a new system. 2) In order to reach the new system, you have to make an interstellar ship outside the orbit (ie: an initial "core" is launched from land, and then several space travels to finish the ship 3) the new planet system could have more agressive lifeforms and need to set up "safe zones" (ie automatic pesticide sprinklers, vaccines for astronner's resistance, weapons, fences)
  16. I have been playing astroneer for about a month now, And I found this cool looking resource called astronium, And I was curious to see what I could do with it. I was sort of disappointed when I figured out it really had no other use than to be researched for 1000 bytes a piece. (And thats fine by me I needed some bytes anyway.) But I had a few Ideas for maybe what Astronium could be used for. My first Idea was it could be some sort of fuel, Since ammonium is really the only material for fuel (Hydrazine is labelled as proccesed ammonium ) I thought maybe It would be cool to have another thruster that uses something along the lines of Processed Astronium or maybe just a stack of astronium itself. My second Idea was that Astronium could be used as some super material, Being able to be converted in a new building you are able to craft, into the materials you need with some limits. I thought that It could be converted into any material you could get from the trade platform with relatively the same ratios of trading. The ratios below. Compound, Resin, Organic, Clay, Quartz, Graphite, and Sphalerite. 1:2 Ammonium, Laterite, and malachite. 1:1 Wolframite, Hematite. 3:2 Titanite. 2:1 Lithium. 4:1 My third and final idea was that astronium Could be used in a new, Large generator, to create a bunch of power. Anyway those were my ideas. Let me know if you think something should be changed or added, and thank you.
  17. TellurianKing

    Space Base?!

    So cool its like an end game dream for players.
  18. Vale_Panzer

    Gameplay idea Map System

    I feel like it would be a cool idea if you have a minimap or something BUT not at the very beginning. It would be cool if you can build a sattelite what you can send in the galaxy and then spins around the planet it was sent from and with that a module for the Astro-Suit to get the actual minimap that is connectet to the sattelite. And with that, if you got your minimap, you would be able to see the map in realtime to the actual location.
  19. epicdude312

    New cave layer ideas

    Right now the cathedral-arch caves on all planets except Sylva and Atrox are kind of...empty. I get why this is the case for both moons and Calidor but I'd love to see the deeper caves on Glacio and Vesania get a bit more interesting. Here's some ideas: - Vesania could have an underground jungle with the planet's signature pink foliage. Maybe even reuse the old Exotic mushroom tree model? - Glacio could have an area with geothermal vents (or geysers I guess) where the geothermal activity has melted the area, exposing rock similar to the Acid Lake biome from the old Tundra.
  20. iceshotgun4454 s

    An idea for more involved plants

    I think that it would be a great idea to make water and you water your plants you grow so it feels more realistic than putting a seed in the ground and just waiting so you are more involved in growing the plant instead of planting it somewhere and forgetting about it. So I would like it if you consider this idea.
  21. 1.Space Stations, there would be nothing cooler than a halfway point between planets in the form of a space station. 2.Walls, Walls around your base would be cool because it would keep out unwanted players and wind 3.More shapes and variations of the shelter, that one explains itself
  22. thebloxxer11

    Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    I was reading another post on the forum when I stumbled into the idea of a Fusion reactor. Here are my ideas after viewing it, including some of their ideas: Fuel: Hydrogen and Lithium, close to the IRL counterparts, Deuterium and Li-8. Cost to make: In the Large Printer, it takes 2 Nanocarbon alloy and either 2 Astronium or 2 Refined Astronium (Refined Astronium is another idea) Results: Helium and 24A of power To reach Ignition: 1 Hydrogen Gas Canister, 1 Lithium, and 16A of power To keep it running, it uses one fifth of a hydrogen gas canister and one fifth of lithium over 2 minutes. Fits on: XL Platform A If it runs out of fuel, it will safely shut down, unless it hits an unstable temperature, it will try to cool itself and display red lights, make annoying sounds, and warn the player. If the temperature is way too high, beyond self-cooling, it will melt down, breaking machines. If you stand near a fusion reactor during a meltdown: you die. IRL: Fusion Meltdowns are theoretically rare, unlike Fission meltdowns (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima).
  23. How about a printable elevator that can be placed like a landing pad. Visually something similar to mining elevators, with a cage the player can enter. To operate, the player must first dig a hole straight down to desired depth. Secondly, place the elevator module over the hole and supply it with power. Maybe the elevator could have a Tier-2 slot for storage or an oxygenator.
  24. Please add playstation icon's to the game because me and other's have grown up with playstation and we are used to playstation's 🔺,⬛,X,O,R1,R2,R3,L1,L2,L3,(Start,Select dual shock 3),(Option's,Share dual shock 4) button's it would be easier for gameplay and it would help me play the game again because it's confusing to adjust to Xbox icon's (it's one of the 2 reason's I haven't played the game for a few month's.)
  25. Please put early access control's back in the game as a option because it's easier for me and maybe other people and so I can get back in the game (it's one of the 2 reason's I haven't played it for a few month's.)