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  1. First idea is a simple change - there's the issue of nearly-empty resource deposits still showing the HUD layer of resource one used to contain. I believe it is caused by small amount of resource left in the deposit. It is hard to completely empty every single layer of resources you find and making the HUD go off as you empty for instance 80% of resources in layer would make the game look much more clear to me. The other idea's a little bit more complex. I find that almost every single action in the game is controlled by either E or Q key is a little bit annoying. I'd change the Inspect/Backpack (Q key) and Use/Diggy thingie (E key) in a way that allows player to choose between 4, not 2 keys. That is: to make 4 keybinds for each of these actions (Whilst allowing keybinds to be the same for few actions as it is for now). The last thing I wanna mention is a small problem. As you remove grass/cave stuff (Stalagmites, rocks and stuff) it will always pop up back after a time. It is hard to do stuff if these get in the way. Would be best if you had a device for removing all of these things appearing everywhere around. By the way, I found out that you are able to start and land any spacecraft in a cave. I believe it wasn't intended. And The last part: Will the game be compatible with GeForce Experience? I'm using it to make screenshots and these save into the "Desktop" folder (Not Astroneer folder. Such folder doesn't even exist, duh). Idk have a g'day or smh, sincerely me
  2. It will be nice if you can costumate your character, e.g: with a had, a moustache, shoes.... If you do this it will be more interesting and funnier to play this game and you will reconaze your friends quik.
  3. In my opinion, this game was made for multiplayer. I love it in single player too, but multiplayer is so much fun. I think it would be amazing if we could research and unlock the schematics to print a "camera" and a "monitor" that we can wear. Then, in the corner of our screen, we could see what the other players are currently up to. It would kind of be like a live body-cam for all of the players to wear.
  4. Yes。

    Square mod

    Hello, i was wondering why all the mods are in a circle. My guess is that it is somewhat to preserve symmetry irrespective to position, however this makes carving corners and edge shapes in general pretty difficult. In the current state it is possible, but it is a very lengthy process. While i agree this is one part that makes this game satisfying, i think it would be a nice addition to have these mods. In my mind, having this would make terraforming a lot of buildings and other complex structures accessible and more good-looking.
  5. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us understand your idea. Tag your post with "idea".
  6. Small solar panels can be placed without platform on ground and get automatically small stand with connector plugs same like connectors. But its inconvenient to place them in straigt direction to platforms as you cannot see the connector until the panel is placed on ground. Therfore its necessary to take the panel again by RT, rotate it by LB/RB and place it back, check the direction and do it again as long as the connector direction is as you like to have. For me who likes the base clean and all connections with straight lines, 90deg angles etc. its hard to achive it . Maybe a solution would be to have thin drawing lines as orientation from the center(x/y direction like a cross) visible as soon as the item is selected. This could be also implemented for platforms as to get these in line to each other is slightly inconvenient as well. This would improve the Rotation an x/y position to each other. For solar panel only it would be already working if just one panel segment (black triangles) has a different color than it can be imagin about the Rotation. My you just can have a look. In case of questions please just let me know. Thank you and kind regards, Xbox one x, Ver.
  7. This is a game concept that I thought would be interesting. I hope it has not already been proposed! How about the ability to "drill" deep into the planet for gas/liquid resources (i.e. hydrocarbons, water). This could possibly involve the introduction of more surface equipment modules for gas processing/refining. Here are a few supporting concepts that come to mind: - seismic exploration to locate suitable drill sites / depths - modular drilling rig which components can be moved with large vehicles and assembled at drill site (derrick, sub-structure, generator, pumps, ...) - pipeline infrastructure to a centralized processing facility or base. Or the player can choose to process the resource at the well site. - gas compressors to boost pipeline pressures? - new resource production can supplement the atmosphere condenser (water, oil, methane, ethane, propane ... hydrogen sulfide?) - Produced Emulsion can be refined into water, liquid hydrocarbon, and solids? I realize this is a pretty complex addition ... but maybe down the line at some point it can be added in if there is enough interest! Thanks for reading.
  8. When you go into the Research Catalog, on the right side where it has the materials need to craft the item, be able to click/hover on the item you want to craft and it will give you a description of what it does/where to use it. Alternatively, there could be a button next to the item where, upon click on it, will bring up a description. This would be especially helpful for new items and new players.
  9. Starwave Alpha

    Repacking Items

    You should be able to repack platforms, and everything else, so that would take up less space.
  10. The reason i post this because we would like to make ground space station thing but the current states makes people too much effort for small figures. So here's the idea, it's just like making sand castle with your bucket that filled with sand. make hologram projectile where player placed and filled it with terrain tool. the shape provide many figure like square, triangle, etc etc. and if it makes too hard to make something with basic figures. let player gather those basic figures and make shapes (walls, rooms, platform, platform legs etc etc) and save at steam workshop let people share it. after people share it the thing only people need to do is place the pre made projectile and pour the dirt by terrain tool. the idea came out from games called 'castle story' it's not identical feature but this could make people easier for making there base and have some fun.
  11. As the title says. Once you have everything unlocked the research/artifacts/things become completely useless. It would be nice to be able to have the research chamber have a second button that converts them to materials. The metal ones could convert to resin. The stone ones could convert to compound. The plant ones could convert to organics. Maybe some of the variations could convert to a single cluster of an ore. Maybe have the little research items be convertible as well. Just saying it would really help with going to new planets. Ive had many a time where i can find tons of research items, but not one bead of compound.
  12. BlackStorm


    Hello. Tell me please, is there a possibility of dismantling the platform and buildings in the future? Sorry for bad English and translation. Ty.
  13. While exploring the surface of worlds I have gotten lost and wondered for hours trying to get back to my base. Even with beacons the curvature of the planet quickly makes them impractical, unless I left beacons like breadcrumbs. I think that a compass at the top middle of the screen would be a good fit for the game, it would tell you north, south, east, and west like normal bout the most helpful thing would be base beacons would be on the compass so that you can always find your way back home. You would also have a Beacon menu in which you could put any standard beacons on your compass so that they can still be helpful but not clutter the compass if you have many of them. Another similar Idea would be a mini-map. It could be a traditional map or it could be like a little holographic globe that you could zoom in on and such. you would be able to see the beacons on the globe and as you explore more and more of the globe would gain the colors and textures from the actual terrain, and before exploration, it would be blank. I feel like either one would be a helpful addition to the game. Both could be added as well. the compass could be a starting thing that is always there, and the globe could be a medium item that you could build and place on a platform later in the game. Just a basic image I found on google, but I think it gets the idea across.
  14. The mod would remove/add exactly one cube. This would allow for: perfect right angles flat floors and walls stairs writing/coloring The terrain tool UI would have to change to a shadow like indicator so that we could see which cube is being removed/added. It could be used in conjunction with the narrow and wide mod to have different size cubes. (narrow => 1 cube, regular => 2X2X2 cube, wide => 4X4X4 cube)
  15. incaudavenenum

    Idea Local Multiplayer

    Title speaks for itself, and I know it's already on the table for consideration by you fine folks but I just want to put it out there! Cheers.
  16. With the great addition of the Large Shredder, I feel there should be some way of mass-collecting salvage for transport back to your base. One of Astroneer's core features is creative modular building, but right now the most "efficient" way to salvage is to put the shredder on a vehicle, which requires a lot of power - salvage lacks means for transport, unless manually piece by piece. For immersion, I'd much rather transport wreckage en mass to my base. The "bucket" doesn't have to self-dump (a fantastic feature to be sure), just that it's able to be removed from vehicles to more easily feed the shredder. Players even could create their own salvage yards, thus adding more uniqueness to their habitat.
  17. draconis99

    Compass Item

    I understand that the player can simply hover the selector over their character to pull out a compass, but sometimes the player doesn't want to get out of the vehicle or would like to multitask and take a quick peek at what direction they are facing while doing a chore. Adding a simple compass that can be placed on a single slot that would display the direction facing from the slot on the backpack/socket and then also translate to being displayed overhead while operating a vehicle or hovering around a planet in space to have general cardinal direction while the character is not available would be a great addition. It costs resources, and takes up an item slot - much like a light, battery, O2 canister, or mod. It greater emphasizes the limited storage mechanic and adds yet another choice for players to somewhat customize their character and playstyle with their load-out.
  18. It would be wonderful for a keybind to toggle on or off specific mod slots if a mod is equipped. I also imagine it wouldn't be very difficult. Changing keybinds already exists, and we know that the mods can be deactivated when the player runs out of power. I think that having each socket on the gun able to toggle its mod on or off would be a great help for players to get the most out of their time so they can switch between a wide or a narrow mod, or be able to toggle an inhibitor on or off for moments when a pesky plant needs to die and the inhibitor just wont get rid of it.
  19. draconis99

    More Gameplay Mechanics

    Some of the most important aspects of game design are choice, reacting to unexpected encounters, and while many consumers won't admit it - failure. The current state of the game starts you out in a harsh situation where surviving is difficult and progression is not only satisfying, but it also makes the game more simple. The problem with this state is that once the player advances enough, there is little to no more resistance or failure involved in the gameplay, which then becomes too easy and then too boring; start game progression is immensely fun and end game progression is deleting the save and starting over. By adding three new gameplay style mechanics to the game - all based on choice with a risk/reward system, we can make the end game content not only something enjoyable, but the main dish of the layered course meal that the players look forward to. Survivability, worlds within world, and player progression/upkeep. Surviving I noticed in the roadmap that more aggressive fauna/flora and AI were on the list - this is good. I also noticed that guns were never to be on the list - this is better. What I did not see on that list were stealth, distraction, diplomacy, or trap mechanics. Having AI that locate players differently and needing to learn what kind of location AI creatures have is a huge success buffer for players. Firstly, having creatures that detect players through simply sight, where players can move slower to not attract attention or hide behind objects or inside of bushes once found in order to escape is the basic go to. Secondly, having creatures that detect players by sound or movement, requiring the players to move slowly or on certain surfaces that don't make as much sound/vibration is another immensely fun mechanic. Thirdly, having creatures that can smell the player unless they run around in a freshly cut open fruit's juice, mud, or animal feces that visually covers the player but slowly falls off over time to visually represent to the player how much of an odor they are giving off to disguise their scent is another greatly fun gameplay mechanic. Giving players the ability to crouch and move carefully in order to attract less attention is such a simple yet satisfying mechanic. Giving players aids to their stealth like things to hide (insert preposition like on, in, or around here) is another great learning and spontaneous or planned success moment is another huge triumph the players experience. Having the ability to toggle on/off the player's flashlight with consequences/benefits for certain monsters is another great mechanic; exposing your location to a predator with vision, or blinding a light sensitive creature in a cave to make your escape. Allowing for the creatures to be 'tricked' by letting the players abuse their weaknesses is another satisfying gameplay. Allow me to list some examples to better explain because words suck. You found a cave with a sand shark that can detect vibrations. There is a very rare resource in the back of the cave made of stones that you can't terrain away, so you must enter the cave but you can only step on rocks to not get found. If you dig up the sand and expose the shark, a chemical cloud will cover the cave and render the resource unusable/kill you. You can throw (why is throwing not a mechanic with dynamite?) something from your inventory into the sand to make the sand shark go after it instead and then make a dash for the rare item before he can turn around and reach you. Another example would be a flora at the end of a long, narrow, stone cave that you also cannot dig up, but along the cave is its long tendril that it snatches prey with and pulls back to itself. By placing a resource that does not agree with it's dietary habits on the tendril, it will eat it, die, and allow for the player to pass through - finding which resource does not agree with its diet is the guessing game with a reward. There's also the classic "throw the stone into a bush to make the monster go check it out so you can sneak away" scenario. Having the ability to have monsters react to items the players use other than just the players creates for some great gameplay. Diplomacy is about finding out what something wants and making a trade. In this case, it's a certain resource for a limited time of safe passage. Finding out what resource the "gatekeeper" wants for that passage is the key. Whether the creature acts as an actual gatekeeper, or is simply a predator wandering it's den of precious resources the player needs creates for great situational fun to the same mechanic - a journey to find the correct item to trade for safe passage. While a horribly difficult task, traps and domestication of certain creatures will be a huge draw to another demographic of consumers. Not only for collector personalities, but animal lovers. I noticed farming and house building were on the roadmap, and I think that domestication would be a HUGE draw for endgame exploration and and the like, but that task is pretty daunting. Lets tone it down to simple traps and logic programming like redstone from Minecraft for now. Being able to craft gated pens, doors that can open and close by remote, and using a tiered craft system where low quality floors will collapse under the weight of a very large creature into the endless trash pit to the forbidden cave would be a beautiful moment of triumph for players when their trap plan to get rid of that one pesky alpha predator that has terrorized all of their resource gathering comes together and works. Worlds Within World Being a game designer, we teach that having different feelings of gameplay is what determines a "world" for players. The mechanic referred to as 'worlds within world' is when a player is on the same world, but certain areas are - mechanically speaking - completely different than others. An example would be going underwater with submarines, where maintaining your ship is life and death and you move freely on a 3D scale, including up and down, as opposed to exploring on land, where abandoning the car that fell down a cave while avoiding falling down and dying yourself due to the inability to freely move up and down without consequences of physics is not only an available option but sometimes necessary. Creating worlds that encourage players to try gameplays they weren't prepared for - like having the main resources they need underwater when all they've known from their previous planet is land or aerial gameplay - gets players outside of their comfort zone and lets them experience that difficulty they had starting out all over again. Not only does having worlds within world a part of the game does it give players more choices on how to play, but by also limiting some planets to only having certain gameplay styles - like the atmosphere is too dense for flying craft or the entire planet is 98% water - it creates choices for the player to experience the new planet they arrive to or leave to find a better suiting one to their tastes. Player Progression/Upkeep Most games that require some kind of collecting mechanic or extended gameplay of searching for 'things to build things to search for bigger things to make bigger things' are a huge draw for players who often get attached not only to their characters, but their creations. I noticed on the roadmap that creation of homes was in there; this is good. However, to make the endgame gameplay continue, there needs to be upkeep on those homes. I strongly believe that being able to build a home that can be transported from planet to planet and possibly space stations in-between planets - or build space stations with detachable living pods to land on planets - is a much better end game mechanic if erosion and failing parts are integrated in the gameplay. This means that players will be looking for more parts to maintain and upkeep their homes, as well as needing to make special protective temporary structures on hostile planets to better protect their homes from predatory fauna, harsh weather conditions, and even radiation. This means that while the player has reached end gameplay and their main quest is building and expanding their home, they also have side-quests to repair and protect their home to keep them busy. This also brings up a great question and feature that is probably already being called out for - repairing abandoned and destroyed structures to use them - which can evolve their scope for their own homes by coming across something they did not expect, but now want as a piece for their home (super big side quest). Loving where this game is going so far though. ~a simple game designer
  20. This idea is to improve end-game gameplay and runs off the assumption that home creation will be implemented, yet is not exclusive to home creation being available. This idea also allows for more choices from the players, has a risk/reward system, and will encourage teamwork with an emphasis on multi-tasking. Instead of needing exact named materials to craft things, allow for different tiered types of materials to craft things. An example is instead of needing copper, certain objects would require a material with a "conductive" tag, a "metal" tag, or both. That way, players have the option to find better conductive metals to increase the quality of the item made, or through enough research, combine and upgrade existing low quality materials to higher tier materials for the same upgraded outcome as finding the rare and enhanced "conductive metals". This provides a multi-use to certain materials through the 'tag' system with element properties, as well as an upgrade system to the quality of the items created. This of course means that creations will be able to break and corrode over time, use, and mishandling - such as continually running your low-quality rover into rocks - but also could incorporate a new mechanic of scavenging/repairing. Every time you use that small printer, it has a chance of something breaking, and the more times you use it, the more that percentage chance of something breaking goes up. Higher tier materials means a less of a percent chance, and less of an increase on chance to break after every use, but eventually it will need to be repaired. Having a small pull-out screen - much like the research schematics screen inside the player's backpack - on objects to be able to display all relevant information would be another task for players to pay attention to or risk an unexpected blowout without preparation. They could see on the pull-out screen the quality of the individual parts represented by stars once selected, as well as the percent chance it will fail on the next use. With this system, not only will it mean certain crafted items like circuit boards will have multiple uses as they can be used as components on multiple objects, but it also means that scrapping and towing giant broken objects from crash sites has taken on an entirely new, optional, and potentially important part to play in the game with more gameplay styles than simply mining. Working, inner-parts will slowly decay over uses on things like printers, while vehicles have a chance for something to break and cause it to run less optimally for every rock they bump into or cave they fall down. Fences and tethers have a chance to break for every storm they are exposed to, and additional chances for every rock they are hit by during the storm, etc. This means that the scrapper can have another mechanic that makes it more valuable. In addiction to being used to produce scrap, it can also have a chance to spit out a tiered base material from the objects scrapped. To iterate: a player has found a busted/abandoned drop-pod with a broken processor, however that broken processor is/was a five star tier processor. When scrapped, that processor has a chance to spit out, in addition to the scrap pieces, a five star base material - say a much higher conductive and harder to find silver instead of copper - that can be used to craft a replacement processor or saved to use on something else. Being able to refine/combine materials to increase their quality so that a player with nothing but copper available can still reach the same conductive quality as a base silver component should also be an option that just requires more of the lower tiered resource and farming. When combining materials, the end result will be slightly higher than the mean of both materials combined - so two copper materials with a two star rank can create one melded copper with a two and a half star rank (2+2 = 4. 4+1 = 5. 5/2 = 2.5). And two melded copper with two and a half stars make a melded three star (2.5+2.5 = 5. 5+1 = 6. 6/2 = 3). Yet, a three star melded copper combined with a two star copper only makes a three star melded copper (2+3 = 5. 5+1 = 6. 6/2 = 3). This would enhance the quality of the lowest material involved, but would require more resources, time, and a fuel source as a cost for the melding process. Eventually, players can reach end-tier quality materials with enough farming if they so choose this route. Higher tier/rarer materials can more easily be found on harsher climate planets, which will be more difficult to gather, but much quicker than gathering and refining a low quality material to the same ranking as the higher tier/rarer material. This makes for the risk/reward system of traversing and overcoming harsher planets all the more rewarding, but not necessary for accomplishing end-game results. Such a system could even take it two steps further. Materials are tagged with multiple properties, such as conductivity, heat resistance, metal, and stability, where some of the tags on specific materials are ranked. So silver would be high in conductivity, would be metal, but would not be very stable, whereas copper would have a lower rank on conductivity, metal, but more stable. Conductivity and stability are ranked to determine the tier of the item, while metal is not ranked, and is simply an additional requirement for limiting what kind of conductive material can be used. From this system, objects being created could simply request for tags. Like a processor would require one element that's quality will be determined solely by its heat resistance tag, one element that must be both conductive and metal and it's quality contribution is determined by the conductivity rating, and one material that is stable. The second step of said system is that there can be unnecessary tags that can help the item - like finding a material that is being used for its stability tag, but also had radiation resistance as a tag will make the product created less likely to go up in failure chance when used on a radiated planet as an object that is missing that tag. These unranked tags that previously were solely used as a possible requirement for a certain type of material, like a conductive material that is also metal, can now stack with other materials sharing the same unranked tags to provide the overall object with a radiation resistance ranking as a whole. This means that melding materials also becomes an end-game mechanic as certain objects with rare tags can be melded with elements holding the necessary tags to craft the item; more so if when melding, it combines the ranks of each tag, meaning that the conductivity would take a hit when combined with a non-conductive material with radiation resistance, and would need to be melded back to it's previous rank with other materials. While this gameplay style makes the game more tedious for players, it gives the game a good negative-feedback loop with plenty of options to overcome it, as well as the surprise success feeling when finding working replacement parts while scavenging or the rare material that spawns from scrapping that high ranked material from the scrapper - which in game designer speak means that more players will be playing the game longer and more often, as well as feel like a boss when playing.
  21. I have a friend on my Xbox one and he has a save we are working on togetheron his Xbox. I want to have a copy of the save so I can play on it when he is offline. How do I send a save between xboxs and gamers
  22. How about: If I'm running along holding the tether key, as soon as I reach the limit of the nearest tether, drop a new tether...
  23. So an idea popped into my head today while playing... Wouldn't it be cool if the generator would know when to stop generating when my rover's battery was fully charged then i thought it would be cool to have smart generates that not only auto shut off but grabbed resources from other nods on the same platform. I got a couple ideas too. If there was a module that was like a research center that granted more abilities or improved abilities. Perhaps increased tether range/ brighter tether lighting. more torque for rovers more backpack nods increased backpack battery increased backpack oxygen the ideas kinda write themselves super easy to think of different things to upgrade. and i think this would give you more game to play with having more things to earn.
  24. Add a small note to the items right in the catalog for people to see what items do without searching the wiki. Example: Wide Mod allows you to widen the terrain tool beam but consumes power.
  25. I enjoy very much the randomness at which one lands on the planet at the start of each new game, but occasionally that landing point is impossible to play around. Sometimes trees are placed in the base, or so close it interferes with the camera, and I find I have to quit to main to "re-roll" a decent landing spot. Initially my idea was to allow us to choose our own spot, but then there is some challenge in trying to build around obstacles. What if during your first play-through you gained enough "science" that you could be awarded an achievement for subsequent games to find your own preferred landing spot? I like the idea of being able to work up to something like that.