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Found 1,571 results

  1. killy

    building idea

    so my idea is: you can make a new building called a Fabricator (or a sewing place) how you use it is you can get trees from a forest and put it in the fabricator and make paper or cloth (idk what the paper can be used for but ik what cloth can be used for) you can use the cloth to upgrade your suit to be resistant to radiation (which i also want to be added) and you can make a geiger counter to put on your character like on the terrain tool. also the radiation slowly depletes your health.
  2. How about: If I'm running along holding the tether key, as soon as I reach the limit of the nearest tether, drop a new tether...
  3. I think that there should be a way to send power from planet to planet. I think that because currently, once you beat the game, there is still a struggle for power, and just using lots of RTGs isn't that fun. It could be some sort of power transmitter, that sends power to the next one placed. It would be similar to extenders, but have a much longer range, and be able to send power across planets. My example is Novus. It has high solar and wind, and is the perfect place for a power base. But, of course, it doesn't have many resources, and doesn't have many gases. In turn, you could send power from Novus to any other planet. It would obviously be an end game item, and take lots of resources to make, but I feel like it could be a great addition to the game.
  4. Astroneer is a great game. I was around way before the 1.0 update and loved the game. The 1.0 update was bettet than i imagined. The terrain, planets, and even the machines looked EPIC But, There are 3 things i think would make the game way better. ROBOTS A little bot could make the game a whole lot cooler. Im not asking for the dev team to make a gigantic terminator planet dissasembler powered by the might of zeus. A little bot (the size of the player) that could recieve commands given by the player (Mine, create a tether line etc...) would make the game really feel like it is generations beyond our current space travel is. The robot could have teirs. The robot could be a vehicle mod (like the mods for the terrain tool) that makes the vehicle do things. to make this not too overpowered the first tier could be 1 zinc and 1 ammonium for the Mod version of it. The mod version of the robot would require a storage (like a medium storage on a small rover). The modification could be given Astronium from sylva and become its own thing (Once astromium is given it consumes the vehicle and astronium and becomes a better bot). I know that a major update has just come out but maybe by the end of the year this could be added. Vehicles Astroneer has a couple vehicles but i think a couple more would be good. A Mod (like the terrain tool ones) that can be added to a vehicle and give it abilities would be pretty nice. By abilities i mean like faster speed, Ability to hold platforms that are not packaged etc. If the dev team does create oceans for planets, a submarine or a boat that can be grounds for a base in the ocean would be AWESOME. These vehicles can be crafted at a Vehicle Bay. Better Drills. the second i learned that the planets core had a gateway chaimber i crafted a drill, attached it to my rover and nose dived into the ground. The drills in the game as of current are pretty useful. The drills make resource gathering more fun when you can just plow through anything like butter. I only have 2 problems with the drills. 1. You cant change the angle that the drill is drilling unless you manuver yourself in that certain way. 2. The drill makes holes that you can walk through by foot but does NOT place concrete (the thing that you can place with the canister and terrain tool). If the drill can change its angle and, the drill can place concrete under it when it in inevitably drills throgh the toof of a cave. The drill should have a Mod slot that can take modifications. For example a Builder Mod that digs holes and places concrete when it drills into a hole/cave.
  5. Bennybob

    Quick sand

    Quick sand that is hard to get out of and slow to walk through
  6. Bennybob


    Satellites to dock space ships. Research. Esemble in space and build on the planet.
  7. --------BEGIN TRANSMISSION // Fellow Astroneers, I have been exploring this vast ocean of stars with friends for just over a year now, and like many of you, I have grown to love this game and it's beautiful depiction of it's solar system. Being heavily inspired by the feeling of pioneering, the intensity of a storm, the adrenaline of exploring strange worlds where no one has been before, I sought out to compose an album of 10 musical tracks that represent what Astroneer means to me. I realised as I composed, exploring the Universe was never a happy feeling, rather it was loneliness mixed with a sense of grandiosity. There was something comforting about seeing an impressive world with its' mountains and flora, even though I was the only creature to exist is such a vast system of planets, but the sense of being alone never halted. I tried to capture this emotion in my album titled, 'An Ocean of Stars'. My album consists of 10 tracks as listed below in the tracklist as well as a Prologue that features a sentiment to set the mood. I figured it was necessary to utilise electronic sounds that had a melancholy tone, as well as an orchestra which symbolised the imperfect and organic nature of humanity amongst the synthetic. I knew that the start of the album had to be hopeful, that the astronaut leaving Earth had to carry the aspirations of the entire Human species, and that as the album went on, the astronauts hope had to fade into a realisation that he would sacrifice himself for scientific advancement, leaving behind a legacy that would shape the future of our species. Incorporating all these elements into this album was a challenge to me, but it was something I thoroughly enjoyed and I am proud of. With the finished album available now on Spotify (and iTunes/SoundCloud), I feel there is more use to it, and after testing it out as a backing track for the game, I realise that it actually suits the game very well as an ambient soundtrack. I would like to offer my album to Astroneer for free, if you (the community and devs) enjoy it. If you have any feedback, I also welcome that. Why for free? Because, like that astronaut, I am willing to provide my music generously in the hope that it improves players experiences in the game even further with some new and different music. If you would like me to compose more music other than what I have already released just for Astroneer, I would also be honoured to do that! Feel free to contact me at my email if you would like tailor-made music for the game. MAIN TRACK: FULL ALBUM: Tracklist: 1. Prologue - Voice Explanation 2. NASA - Epic 3. Launch (The Blue Danube) - Trailer style Epic Remix 4. The Overview Effect - Calm Ambient 5. An Ocean of Stars - MAIN TRACK AMBIENT 6. Planetary Landing - Calm Ambient 7. Searching for Answers - Upbeat Ambient 8. Solar Storm - Epic/Intense 9. No Way Back - Main Ambient 10. Event Horizon - Epic 11. A Flicker of Hope - Calm Ambient Let me know what you think of the album, it works great even playing it in the background with Spotify. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do. Thanks for all the work on the game, Astronaut Sidapede. // END TRANSMISSION--------
  8. I get that they take a lot of resources to make but late game when you're able to make them it's easy to make a bunch of them. They essentially create infinite power you never have to worry about again. They run off of radioactive material and there should be a way to gather radioactive resources to power it for a long time but be rare. From the Wiki on RTGs "A radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG, RITEG) is an electrical generator that uses an array of thermocouples to convert the heat released by the decay of a suitable radioactive material into electricity by the Seebeck effect."
  9. redstonerti

    New cool ideas.

    1. A description next to each item in the research catalog which could describe how many "astrowatts" of power it will constantly drain or create. 2. Different types of soil based on what planet it was mined from or created from the soil condenser(which i will mension further down)that will create different materials in the soil centrifuge. 3. crafting a sort of strip where a tier one item e.g. one compound could slide with the help of a machanism from one platform to the next by consuming two "astrowatts" of power/meters travelled with a maximum of the length of a power cable. 4. A chamber players could enter that could be connected via a line of tubes to another chamber to automatically move to it at a slightly slower speed than that of the shuttles exiting the atmosphere. 5. A "soil condenser" which when supplied with a huge amount of constant power, maybe twenty "astrowatts" could slowly create one canister of soil per minute.the 6. An extra large printer that could print the things that i will mension further down. 7. Maybe a bit far fetched but if you could connect multiple shelters with corridors that you can craft in the large printer., you could connect the doors and get inside them. 8. Not need oxygen inside connected shelters of any size if they are connected to an oxygen pressurizer or connected to other shelters that are connected to oxygen pressurizers. 9.Multiple sizes of shelters with the smallest one being the only one that is currently available that had tier three, two and one slots in them. 10. A drill mod that you could craft so that when you place a platform or a small power source down, there is an option to create a flat base under it using the soil in your canisters.
  10. LmaoItsBleach

    New beacon tracker machine

    After playing Astroneer since the Alpha and really getting to know the game, I think that there should be a new machine in the game known as the LGBT, or Line Guided Beacon Tracker. What this does is it keeps track of all your beacons, and there is an interface that allows you to select a specific beacon. Once a beacon is selected, a line shows up that guides the player to the selected beacon, which would help a lot because sometimes beacons can be pretty hard to find, even with the marker.
  11. Hi: Right now the crane is less useful than the terrain tool because the player can't illuminate the work, and doesn't get the icon tooltip to tell them when they're near a resource. I think the crane would be a lot of fun with those additions. Thanks!
  12. It would be cool to be able to buy little statues of each character standing on a sample of their respective planet. Like a little hill. I would totally buy a Tundra Suit Character statue.
  13. Things get posted about automation, but I think it would be helpful to make a unified list of some of the good ideas I've read/thought about regarding possible implementations. Cargo Ship: An improvement on the Trading Station. Adding the ability to send or ferry resources back to one of your bases launch pads, or choose to trade scrap for the desired resources. New Dynamite Uses: Explode extra-large & unscrappable rubble into smaller scrap Use dynamite to mine bedrock and return the resources (astronium, namely) Resource Picker: Craftable - Picker: A single-node item. Comes with a one-directional (to / from) tube that can connect to other pickers, and a single ingredient slot on top. Vacuums surrounding items while in "Source" mode, but places items on adjacent open nodes when in "Destination" mode. If the picker isn't connected, or the destination picker doesn't have space, then nothing happens. Placing a resource in the Picker's single ingredient slot will instruct the picker to "filter" and only interact with resources that match the filter resource. Default = blank = all resources. Cargo Train Craftable - Cargo Train: A "large" platform that sits on a rail. Craftable - Rail: Can be chained to designate the cargo train path. Is stored/placed similar to tethers (has charges) Craftable - Stop Node: Stops the train. Has an embedded Picker. Contains a UI to resume the train, or toggle a flag for the train to automatically resume when it's cargo becomes empty or full. If no rail is ahead of the stop node, then "resume" reverses the train. When a train is at the stop, the Picker attempts to empty the train's cargo into it's "destination" picker, if connected. Terraformer Upgrades - AKA Augment Simplification Problem: While I love running boost/wide mods to make mining a breeze, I think the interaction is pretty lackluster. It's typically "set it and forget it" but it takes up 2+ inventory slots. This gets especially hard on the player inventory when you typically want a work light, 2 canisters, tethers, and some mods. Expeditions get cut short quickly due to lack of space. Additionally, starting a game without these mods feels extra sluggish until we can find some copper. Solution: An improvement on the Base, the ability to invest in permanent upgrades for the Terraformer. I think it would be great if we could deposit our Terraformer along with resources & bits to permanently "upgrade" our terraformer to have a higher speed, a build in canister, width, etc. Maybe even a talent system? From there the augmentations could be more specialized. Maybe just make them baseline, because I think base building with terrain shouldn't be a "mid/late game" unlock. Additionally, I would love to see more tools for building structures with the terraformer more easily. For an groundbreakingly 3d game, base building is an incredibly 2d experience without a massive amount of time spent tinkering with polygons. Basically all bases exist on the same z-axis I would love to spend some time mocking these ideas up into graphics, I know some people are a lot more visual than others. But let me know if you have any questions and perhaps I can spend some time doing that this weekend :)
  14. Astroneer's planetary navigation system is definitely lacking, and although there are many suggested features to make GPS and whatnot I think I have a solution that I think would be rather simple to implement compared to that. I am taking a bit of inspiration from No Man's Sky here, in that game if you have a waypoint on the far side of a planet it will appear on the point on the horizon in the direction of the waypoint even if it's far enough to be far below the horizon. This way the indicator is always visible. That game may have a ton of flaws, but waypoints is something it actually did right. This sort of thing could be adapted to Astroneer with what I assume would be relative ease compared to something like GPS. If a player gets too far from a beacon, rocket, base, corpse, or another player to the point where the beacon indicator will be below the horizon, than the indicator should sort of follow the player and remain about on the horizon no matter how much further they go. That way if you are half way around the planet in a rover and you want to get home, you will know what direction to start traveling in.
  15. As a player that played late early acces/ early 1.0, Iv always found levaving the starting area to never be a great idea. But only for the simple reason of it being very time consuming to find you're base again. Its actually taken me a couple hours on a few worlds to find my base again. And this is simply because I dont know what direction I need to go in. I feel the only way to solve this issue is to implement so kind of map feature. Either a early game iten that you can craft, or something that unlocks as you explore, kinda like a "fog of war" Or even just a simple audible noise that points you in the right direction. Or just make it so beacons can be seen from a great distance away. As the house beacon is hard to see unless you're almost right on top of it. I just dont like how I feel like im being punished for exploring then haveing to spend hours (Literally in my case) just to go back home.
  16. When 1.0 launch on Xbox, it received a new launch screen. The screen portrays a astroneer over looking a base with a launching shuttle, and a large rover train hauling cargo. The screen clearly shows the large rover seat being installed on the front of the rover. But in the game the large rover seat is completely unable to do this. If you try to attach the seat to the front, it snaps to the bottom and the seat either faces the ground, or the sky. It cannot face straight forward, which the screen shot of the launch screen says it can. I would love to see the large rover seat changed so it can do what is shown in the screen shot. As I feel this would be awesome as it reminds my of under ground mining equipment.
  17. Short and simple. When changing the color of you're astronner, I think it would be nice if you're habitat and platforms reflected that change of color. Maybe even vehicles? As for why this should be added, I can only say hat I think it would be a nice cosmetic touch. Something to make you're self stand out a little more. Plus haveing a cosmic base could be amazing. But at the end of the day it is just cosmetic.
  18. i don't know the end game here, but as it stands ( xbox) i don't really see why i would ever use a portable oxygenator. maybe i'm missing something, but i had to survive off of tethers for several planets to even be able to make the thing, and all it does is insta-drain my battery for air. its just another slot gone in the event that i get too far from oxygen, but i've survived 3+ planets without it; i am in the habit of making sure i can get back to oxygen. i really don't see why it doesn't just give me free air with no trade off. like its the upgrade to the small oxygen tank; just a, "finally, i can replace my small oxygen tank and i don't have to ever worry about suffocating." at this point in the game and with all the effort i put into it, it would have been really rewarding. you'd still use tethers for power and bread crumb trails, but it would make you feel like you've accomplished something when you were scouting out a new landing sight on foot. idk, like is said, i don't know what you guys still have planned; maybe there is some foot race across the planet that you want to implement or something. i think making the portable oxygenator give me free air would add a rewarding element to the game without really taking anything away. i love so many of the changes from the alpha!! different soil density, the added info of the dig tool reticle, the new shuttles, the new terrains, the new plants, the tractor/trailer!!! totally worth the $$!!! i highly recommend it! i'm not a fan of the multiplayer. i want to be able to play with friends, but as host, with my wife on an xbox right next to me, i get unbearable slomo lag and she is still running around at full speed. not to mention disappearing resources. multiplayer is why i bought this over subnautica, but as it stands, this is pretty much a solo game for me until you can work out some of the net code. still my favorite game on xbox right now!!!! great job!! keep it up!!! i am not averse to micro transactions (done right). if you start running servers, you'll start dividing your income and i'd hate to see that negatively impact all of the hard work and effort you guys have already put into this game. if unit sales are your only source of income, it will effect how you manage your development time. you'll have to chose to push for dlc or porting to another platform just to pay for servers and you'll start to hate your job. people act like micro transactions ruin games, but it's only when companies try to take advantage of players. micro-transactions and even ads done right are a healthy way to keep you afloat to allow you to focus on doing what you love. i always wanted to make a game like this, where you start off with nothing on a planet and build up until you get a rocket and go into space. in my head, there was a thriving npc population on the planet, actual space travel with a privateer/freelancer end game... so not quite what you're doing here. but i wanted to have sponsored in game content. like coca cola machines that gave you added xp or something, or after shave billboards (stylized to match the game, like make it look like a remnant of the past). i think doritos, at the time, would have loved to sponsor a side quest in any game. i know it's not what you've got going here, but it is an example of a way in which you can get corporate sponsorship, that doesn't ruin the experience for the player. idk, i feel like you are still enjoying what you do, and i don't want that to go away because you're forced to develop to pay the bills. maybe you could offer server subscriptions or something. i'll probably get flamed for that all of this, but it's just the truth. lots of games have player funded servers, it would be very convenient for me, as an xbox user to be able to sign up for a dedicated server from your start page. just something to think about.
  19. I hope if this is possible to create a new machine or a new type of car like 'road grader', so that it's is more easier to smooth ground surface, and make a better and beautiful base.
  20. Rebelord

    Hydrazine efficiency

    It is known that the hydrazine thruster is supposed to be a upgrade to the solid fuel thruster but according to the current stats it is actually worse Currently a hydrazine canister has 2 points both landing and launching from/to orbit count as one point and traveling to another planet uses 2 points so a flight to any planet in 1.0 and back costs 3 canisters of hydrazine in other words costs 6 ammonium and 3 hydrogen, this is a problem. i believe at minimum one canister should hold 3 points meaning one full thruster can allow you to land on a planet then return to the original twice
  21. Robby the Robot


    I love this game. I recently transferred to try the XBOX 1 version and it has been going well up until I attempted to go to Glacio's core. After figuring out that I didn't have nearly enough power to activate the nearby surface node, I dug my tunnel after about an hour of work. (traversing terrain and building a large bridge to the gateway node) I had put in about two and a half hours of effort until I was cut short by the crash. I restarted at Sylva where I was previously set to launch to Glacio. (Possibly it would be preferable for an autosave every half hour with a backup function if the player gets stuck somewhere)
  22. The old controls worked well for us early access players, and the new update changed some of those, making it a bit confusing to play for early access players. Could there be a option to toggle OG controls? I know this could be solved for PC with keybindings, but Xbox players have no option to do so.
  23. I'm sure everyone missed a click at least once... and no one love to double missclick and loose 1285 research point Therefore, would it be possible to add a warning message to avoid cancel research by mistake ? You could add just after press this bouton... or may be add a "hold to cancel" ? I'm sure the hold is a good way to avoid missclick (or double in this case). thanks for this awesome game !
  24. Caleb Fowler

    New power ideas

    Maybe geothermal and nuclear power with plutonium ore and stuff like that and when the y are water hydro electric.power pls
  25. I have Made a new shelter and I immediately un-packaged it, only to find that it's now permanently placed right next to my original shelter. I would like the ability to repackage only the player made Shelter for moving it's location if not placed in the position the player wants it.