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Found 1,747 results

  1. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us understand your idea. Tag your post with "idea".
  2. JohnnyZerg

    Cubic mod Tool

    The terrain tool has always been an astroneer's strong point, yet it is also his weak point at the same time. The initiative to add some types of mods to modify the functioning of the instrument itself is interesting, and I wanted to give you several ideas. Cubic mod: Transform the circle of the terrain tool into a point or small square that is used to select a defined point of the terrain, let's imagine as if the surrounding way were formed by imaginary minecraft-style grid, and be able to create or remove a piece of terrain in cubic shape perfectly aligned. Other mods such as the wide mod can be applied to this mod. In this way the cubic mod will greatly simplify the construction of flat (true flat) and precise surfaces. I don't know if I was able to convey the idea to you, so you can freely leave feed back and comments for further advice and clarifications. Thanks
  3. SaHaLiNN


    Sylva - just rain. Solar panels dont work but wind generators work Calidor - drouth (at day). Oxtgen faster ends, Solar panels meke more energy. Vesania - acid rains. Give us small damage Glacio - Big frozen wind (at night). Make us slow move and freeze us, whe we feeze we die. Atrox - radioactive wind (sometimes). And heat sun (at day). Radioactiwe wind will give us big damage. Heat sun will give us damage if we stay long time at sun. And faster oxygen ends.
  4. ThunderBen

    Ideas to improve beacons

    Beacons are handy, that's for sure. But they suffer painfull limitations so far, so here ideas which could - I hope - improve them. 1) not enough colors so far there is 5 colors (Blue, green, orange, Violet, Red, yellow, Black). Plus 3 ohter in different hue (dark blue, dark Violet and dark green). That not enough and difference between hue are not always distinct. So, why not add more colors, like: brown, grey, white (not sure for this one), pink, transparent, etc. 2) contrast/transparency with backgroung When you look at beacon from a distance, thus they are located in the sky, it(s difficult to identify which (especially for Black). Difference between a beacon color and the background should be clear from any point of view. 3) Tag height Am I the only one to notice that triangled tags (home, rocket) height is less that the rounded ones (all beacons) ? Thus they are seen from a lesser distance. 4) Text tags What I'm really dream of is.... Being able to add text to beacon ! Not necessarily a huge paragraph, 10 to 20 characters should be enough. Theses characer should be upper case, lower case, and symbols .;/:!§?,*-/+#"'()=[]@~&{}{`<>%£€° Other players, What's your opinion ?
  5. I state that I loved and i love this game, and I especially thank the developers for it. I playing since the pre-alpha I have seen it grow a lot, especially with the automation patch which is an important piece on which I want to focus the developers in addition to exploration. For this reason I wanted to contribute with some ideas that I have come up with in these days.The auto-arms were interesting, however impractical also due to how the modules, platforms and storages are managed and their positioning. It might be interesting to include the ability to merge / separate platforms from each other while keeping their storage tiers unchanged. Modify or limit the automatic movement of resources, for example force it only between modules and/or nearby stacks, and structure the auto-arms so that they can precisely move the resources between the tier 2 slots adjacent without messing around and touching further modules / stacks / slot. Adding different types of automatic arms (long range auto-arm, multiple auto-arm, separator auto-arm) could be used to create more elaborate and complex systems. Nice initiative , but the current Auto Arm feels very crude and painful to use and inaccurate at times, however it was the start of a big step in this direction. A Big Thanks to the developers, to obtain the success one must believe and act, even at the cost of making mistakes, inertia leads to extinction.! If you don't know what to do during the game, check out my guide, you will find it below and if you like it, feel free to comment on how to improve it.
  6. One of the ongoing problems in Astroneer is the difficulty in keeping resources grouped together when on the same Platform. The introduction of Silos (the medium Silo in particular) offers an opportunity to solve this problem. I would like to recommend that a Filter Slot/Port be placed in the top of the Medium Silo to be used as a resource Filter in the same manner as it is used to filter resources with the Auto Arms. This would enable the enhancement of managing resources as each Medium Silo could be designated for one particular resource if desired. If the Filter Slot/Port is left empty then all resources and 1 Slot equipment could be stored as in the current situation. But if a resource is put in the Filter Slot/Port then only that resource can be stored and, consequently, automatically drawn into the Silo until such times as the Filter resource is removed. I wouldn't see the need to put this type of filter on any of the larger Silos as the management of resources held in the larger Silos would be managed via the smaller Silos.
  7. Alex (UK)

    Shelter Interior

    I recently had the idea of shelter interiors, you will basically be able to go inside the shelters, and walk around in them, there would be a few things astronauts usually have in stations, rations (Not saying food should be added, but just as decor), and such. Then the shelters would also be more fun to have/build, since you would be able to do more than just sit in them.
  8. Alex (UK)


    Hello System Era, I have a suggestion about the airvents found in the game, maybe placing a wind turbine above one would cause it to rotate if air/steam is coming out of it? I thought it could be useful both for survival because of power needs, and as a little neat feature so the airvents have more of a purpose, or maybe a module that could be placed on top of airvents, and when air comes out of it, energy would be generated? I will also add an image of a drawing of what it could probably look like. (Apologies, I have an artblock, so the drawing might look quite bad.)
  9. SaHaLiNN

    Tanks in game

    Suggest add tank in game. Will can build a tank, and shotong with dinamyte, play with friends in tank battle
  10. I think there should be a way to auto duplicate because who like to spam left d-pad or left click in order to spawn a thousand helium please add this. ps. I like write short requests because I am lazy.
  11. I was giving a break to the game and now I started re playing it I just saw there is some info at the research pad and I was like cool cos I ussually go to wiki if I want information and I tought I dont need to go to wiki for any basic thing I guess than I saw the platform info at the pad and I was like why al of them are same? I think System Era should add a simple info at the platforms more than it can provide oxygen this info can be stored in to the oxygenator. What was in my head is Lets say u are wanna research platform "Extra Large Platform C" the description should say "it contains 1 Extra Large Slot and 2 Large Slots" or "it contains 1 8 Doted Slot and 2 4 Doted Slots" etc. I think it's so simple and can increase qol nicely.
  12. Now we have small and medium genrators. I suggest add in game big Nuclear generator. This will give us most energy, but use fuel uranus, what we can found only in mantle of atrox. And this uranus need to be dangerous for astronaut when he carries it. And need one more new resourse plumbum. with plumbum we can make nuclear reactor. For nuclear 2 lead, and 2 nanocarbon alloy. room for this nuclear reactor like for big shredder. ~25000 bytes for reserch. (at your discretion) energy 50-100 u/s (at your discretion) Working time 2-5 hours hours.(at your discretion) Because we cant carrien Uranus, we need auto arms and, auto extractor for carried it, or special transport and costume. Or plumbum boxes.
  13. now we can't to take big stuffs with us when go into teleport. I suggest make a platforms on teleport for stuffs. This platforms wil be on all teleports and when you put your stuffs on this platform and thoose where you want to going, this stuffs will teleported with you. Like this:
  14. I really impressed latest update(automation update), And really enjoying Astroneer. But It was really hard to keep operating the factory without RTG; it need constant power supply (like Organic, Carbon to feed generators) otherwise should build dozens of Shelters If it was able to craft 'Power cells' (which is only able to be crafted from Backpack Printer) automatically, It would be much easier to keep things on (mine and refine Sphalerite, and craft Power cells). So, it would really impressive if there is some other power source which is powerful than Medium Generator, and Cheaper than RTG, like Hydrazine-fueled Generator or hydrogen-fueled(which may also crave Oxygen and never can be powerful than Carbon(=Coal) Generator, but still cheaper than RTG anyway) Then, It can be automated by way of mining Ammonium(using Auto Extractor) and Extract Hydrogen(using Atmospheric Condenser) and make Hydrazine(using Chemistry Lab) then put Hydrazine and produce electricity. (already loading 17U/s WTF at least build five if one produce 4U/s but can be automated anyway)
  15. SaHaLiNN

    Food and hungry

    Food what we can take from special palnts. Plant seed and grow plants for food. this plants give us fruit, what we can press F and eat it.
  16. Maaaatie

    Improve Canisters

    The introduction of the storage Canisters was a great advancement. However, I still think that the idea can be improved upon. Under the current system, Output is either Enabled or Disabled and while this is perfectly fine in some situation, it is far less than perfect in other situations. The system is fine while gathering resources and when completely offloading resources. But the problem occurs when just one or two resources are required because the only way to get the resources out of the Canisters is to Enable Output which will see the Canister distributing its contents to every available slot in the platform on which it sits until either all available slots are filled, the Canister is empty or the mode is switched back to Disable Output. Then, if Disable Output is the preferred method of stopping the distribution, the Canister will commence sucking the resources back in again. The only way currently to work around this is to take the Canister off any platforms. I also note that even when in the Enable Output mode, resources can still be placed into the Canisters either manually by the Astroneer or automatically by use of the Auto Arms. Recommendation - What I would like to recommend is that Enable and Disable Output be changed to: Automatic Output - This would be the same as the current Enable Output where the Canister would continuously distribute its contents until either all of the available slots were filled, the Canister is empty or the mode is changed; and Manual Output - In this mode the Canister would dispense and hold one resource at its outlet slot until it is taken by either the Astroneer, an Auto Arm or drawn out by another Module on the same platform. As each resource is taken, another will appear in the outlet slot for the next manual distribution. Input - Input would only occur when the Canister is set to Manual Output and should work in the same manner as the current Disable Output mode works, including taking back resources that were drawn out by other Modules on the same platform, as menus are cycled through.
  17. I think it would be nice if the Auto extracter could collect soil. It could be an option to collect soil instead of resources
  18. Very much enjoying astroneer. I'd love for the medium and large resource containers and the gas container to be all the way hot-swapable. Right now I can be holding a container, hover it over something in a same-sized slot to high-light, and then if I drop what I'm holding they swap (I'm left holding the previously slotted container, and the one I was holding is now slotted). I think this is how it should always work. BUT: If there's any pending item distro on the same platform (another container waiting to dispense, a smelter with a full output, etc) then the pending items take the slot(s) and the item I was trying to hot-swap into place falls on the ground. This is a bummer because I often show up at these platforms with an empty container, trying to swap it in for the container that's been filling up there. And instead I have to turn things on and off, juggle single resources around, and so on.
  19. Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I absolutely love this game and want to say you guys did a perfect job! Well.. almost perfect My Idea: As the title says, make the rockets more distinguished. Make them each have their own character and distance they can travel. My current "problem": As soon as you have the small rocket you can go anywhere to any planet. So why would it be rewarding to build a bigger rocket other than the extra added storage? Of course the bigger tanks so you don't have to refuel all the time, but still it's just not as rewarding as it could be in my opinion. My solution: Next to the extra amount of storage space, give them range! Small Shuttle Sylvan > Desolo (and back on 1 trip) Sylvan > Calidor (1 trip only, takes both charges of the engine) Not able to visit other planets Medium Shuttle Basically any planet as long as you stop in between. More like a planet "hopper". Sylvan > Calidor > Atrox Atrox > Calidor > Sylva > Vesania > Glacio Large Shuttle Any planet as it is now Extra ideas: - As in normal spaceflights give them a random chance to "mallfunction" and crash without killing the player. Leaving the player with just a oxygen supply, the materials they have on their backpack/aircraft slot and debris from the broken shuttle. Either only do this for the small shuttle or lower the chance by percantage from small to large. - Craftable refueling station in space? - Controls to fly to planets yourself - Dockable spaceships for space base! - Take away the external oxygen supply if the oxygenator is removed, you can "breathe" inside but that's it.
  20. Limitations (like finite health, or oxygen) - are super cool in Survival (Basic Mode), but in Creative Mode - it's pitiful when players couldn't properly focus on their creativity, being constantly distracted by new Survival mechanics, which always comes along with big updates (like Automation ones). For example, the current need to constantly seek for resource deposits, to place (or replace) dozens of Auto Extractors - definitely must have it's own checkbox in Creative Mode options, to make all resource deposits infinite for Auto Extractors. In general, for any future update - I wish developers will always timely balance limitations they added to Survival with analogous new unlimited options in Creative Mode, to keep our creative minds clear :)
  21. Aiden Pyle

    Cave Elevator

    I had a really cool idea that I think would make for a great addition to the game. An elevator to lift your Astroneer in and out of the caves. Say that you dug a really deep hole to the center of the planet and you need to bring some resources back up and you don't have a path or vehicle, you can place an elevator at your base and dig a hole straight down and it could lift you or some cargo up or down. This would make building an underground base or just exploration very easy. The elevator could be controlled by your character to stop and start whenever, or you could put some materials in it and send it straight up or straight down all the way. What are your thoughts?
  22. I love the Rover Drill/Paver combination but it isn't the easiest thing to control. I would like for example to create a 'corkscrew' shaped tunnel down to the core of the planet but maintaining the correct downward angle and left or right rotation of the rover consistently is very difficult at the moment. If there were a slightly more sophisticated H.U.D. interface that would allow the player to 'lock' the down/upwards angle of attack for the drill/paver as well as locking the rover left/right direction to drill and pave with greater precision… I think that would be super cool! A more sophisticated H.U.D. interface and control for the drill/paver might also be a solution to the third-person camera issue when tunnelling underground. First person is out of the question (at least it was a few months back…) because of the diegetic nature of the game however the H.U.D. for the drill might offer a solution if it were to be redesigned a little and contained more information such as compass and artificial horizon and angle of attack indicators similar to those you might find in aircraft. This system might even be extended further to allow for the player to create small program sets (shapes) for a rover autopilot module to allow for the sculpting of really precise shapes quickly and efficiently. Inspiration: I can imagine using this system in other ways to such as building nice clean straight true-flat roads, tunnels and bridges. Useful on planets whose terrain is difficult for the rover to traverse. I really like the idea of the rover as a sculpting tool. It kind of is a sculpting tool right now using the drill/paver combination but it's pretty cumbersome to use and control. I usually end up making a big mess even when tunnelling in a straight line! A better interface might be the solution!
  23. Hello again! In the creative mode we have numerous settings like "Solar Time Multiplier", etc. That gave me an idea that all equipment in our game might have some kind of expiration date after which it would need some manual repair. And players who doesn't want that feature could just tweak some "Equipment Expiration Multiplier" to 0 in creative mode (or it could be 0 by default, while adjustable in creative). I do want that feature being adjustable in creative because I'm seeing this as a kind of mini-game that pushes players to revisit all their settlements for "taking care" of; and higher "Equipment Expiration Multiplier" would increase a need for it. Also, you could make this "reparation" process easier, reducing it to fixing a local energy source; suggesting that all buildings and vehicles linked to that source would be repaired automatically. Also-also: fixing an energy source might require some RANDOM resource. !!! That would provide player with additional SURPRISING challenge on each settlement, making this "endless gameplay" more addictive.
  24. Dear Developers! In Creative Mode, we have "Disable Resource Collection" setting. With this setting "on", PLEASE make Auto Extractors collect resources indefinitely! !!! Because this way, I could've course my routes daily, to collect filled Resource Canisters from all Auto Extractors, without bothering moving them around (in search of fresh spots); and I just could enjoy the views of the world, and simply hang out there, with this cute little, indefinite, daily goal to achieve! You know?.. It just feels LIVE - when something out there (like Auto Extractors) doing it's job on and on, waiting for you to just come along. ))) Your game is so pretty! And inspiring. I just want to be able to chill out there.
  25. Hello! I'm sentimental person and I love my single-player world dearly)) So, I don't want to start a new game. But, since I unlocked every buildable object game has to offer - it feels kind of pointless to settle a new bases (e.g., to get some rare resource), because it's feels easier to land quickly, grab whatever I need and get back home. And back home - it becomes even worse, because there's no more "rare resource" (e.g.) on my way to build and have everything I unlocked. It would be much better if I could reset all research whenever I like, because this way one's have much more reason to actually dig in a new place (seek everywhere for unlocked gear in debris, research items, etc. - just like in the beginning), so gameplay becomes more challenging over and over again! And you don't lose your old stuff: you just can't make more of it until you unlock it again. I actually hoped for this option in creative mode, since it warns you about losing some progress; and it seemed promising because creative mode makes all researches unlocked (hence, messing with it's status), but once I switched creative mode back "off" - all unlocks came back to what I had.