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Found 1,612 results

  1. epicdude312

    New cave layer ideas

    Right now the cathedral-arch caves on all planets except Sylva and Atrox are kind of...empty. I get why this is the case for both moons and Calidor but I'd love to see the deeper caves on Glacio and Vesania get a bit more interesting. Here's some ideas: - Vesania could have an underground jungle with the planet's signature pink foliage. Maybe even reuse the old Exotic mushroom tree model? - Glacio could have an area with geothermal vents (or geysers I guess) where the geothermal activity has melted the area, exposing rock similar to the Acid Lake biome from the old Tundra.
  2. iceshotgun4454 s

    An idea for more involved plants

    I think that it would be a great idea to make water and you water your plants you grow so it feels more realistic than putting a seed in the ground and just waiting so you are more involved in growing the plant instead of planting it somewhere and forgetting about it. So I would like it if you consider this idea.
  3. My suggestion is to allow us Astroneers to planet seeds several at a time. The idea is to allow us to plant seeds, much like we can drop tethers now. Except that the two step process (place, then plant) is not efficient. Use the aux slot to plant the seeds, or T like the tethers. OPTION 1: Use a tractor/trailer/feeder. My preference is to use the existing tractor, and pull a seed planting device. The 'seed planting device' could be a modified trailer, with something like a silo platform on it, that could be filled with seeds, and as you drive, each time you hit the right/left bumper (controller) or C/V on the keyboard, that you would plant one seed from the silo platform. This way you could slowly drive along, planting seeds in a neat row, or circle, or whatever pattern you drive around in. This would allow any seed, hostile or not, to be planted in rows. OPTION 2: Use the backpack, just like tethers. If this is not desired, then why not use the same programming concept as the tethers, but apply it to the seeds. For example, you collect the seeds, then they are grouped together, say four to a tier 1 module, like the tethers have 10 to a tier 1 module. That 4 seed module could then be put into a backpack, or on the seed planting device (trailer/silo). Then as you walk along you place and plant the seed with one motion, unlike now, where you must first place it on the ground, and then a second pass to actually plant it.
  4. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us understand your idea. Tag your post with "idea".
  5. 1.Space Stations, there would be nothing cooler than a halfway point between planets in the form of a space station. 2.Walls, Walls around your base would be cool because it would keep out unwanted players and wind 3.More shapes and variations of the shelter, that one explains itself
  6. thebloxxer11

    Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    I was reading another post on the forum when I stumbled into the idea of a Fusion reactor. Here are my ideas after viewing it, including some of their ideas: Fuel: Hydrogen and Lithium, close to the IRL counterparts, Deuterium and Li-8. Cost to make: In the Large Printer, it takes 2 Nanocarbon alloy and either 2 Astronium or 2 Refined Astronium (Refined Astronium is another idea) Results: Helium and 24A of power To reach Ignition: 1 Hydrogen Gas Canister, 1 Lithium, and 16A of power To keep it running, it uses one fifth of a hydrogen gas canister and one fifth of lithium over 2 minutes. Fits on: XL Platform A If it runs out of fuel, it will safely shut down, unless it hits an unstable temperature, it will try to cool itself and display red lights, make annoying sounds, and warn the player. If the temperature is way too high, beyond self-cooling, it will melt down, breaking machines. If you stand near a fusion reactor during a meltdown: you die. IRL: Fusion Meltdowns are theoretically rare, unlike Fission meltdowns (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima).
  7. Darkstrider9 0 0 0


    Btw we have a solar array, wich is extremely useful on planets like calidor. But what if we turn 180 degrees and look to glacio, on a planet like glacio we need electricity production based on wind, and having tons of medium wind turbines is not just anti aesthetic, it's an enormous waste of material AND SPACE. Thanks for your attention
  8. How about a printable elevator that can be placed like a landing pad. Visually something similar to mining elevators, with a cage the player can enter. To operate, the player must first dig a hole straight down to desired depth. Secondly, place the elevator module over the hole and supply it with power. Maybe the elevator could have a Tier-2 slot for storage or an oxygenator.
  9. Please add playstation icon's to the game because me and other's have grown up with playstation and we are used to playstation's 🔺,⬛,X,O,R1,R2,R3,L1,L2,L3,(Start,Select dual shock 3),(Option's,Share dual shock 4) button's it would be easier for gameplay and it would help me play the game again because it's confusing to adjust to Xbox icon's (it's one of the 2 reason's I haven't played the game for a few month's.)
  10. Please put early access control's back in the game as a option because it's easier for me and maybe other people and so I can get back in the game (it's one of the 2 reason's I haven't played it for a few month's.)
  11. So we all use the standard forward/back to control the speed, however, I've found this to be a bit troublesome. I made a decent tunnel to a cave system, problem was that it was too steep to properly control, even the tractor. It picked up too much speed. While the slopes are great for long slides to the center of a planet or moon, they are nearly impossible for a vehicle descent without losing control. My thought would be to have a gear setting of sorts, maybe utilizing the +/- keys for instance. This way, I can put the tractor into what would be 1st or 2nd gear for a more controlled descent, or maybe using the number keys for whatever gear, while still having the option for standard W/S movement. This would also help greatly when using the vehicle to drill; giving more control. This would also need to affect any trailers so they don't get away from the drive vehicle.
  12. Belfagor

    Endgame Content ideas

    I just completed another playtrough and I found myself again wanting for more, especially after i have built a few bases scattered across the solar system and stockpiled a lot of resources. Moreover, this time i really felt that the developers made an amazing job in characterizing the inner caverns in the depth of different planets, but unfortunately there is little to no motivation to explore them if not "as a tourist" as the game mechanics really do not give the player any inventive to venture so deep if not on the way to the core. My idea has a wide range of implications and touches quite some game mechanics, but let' start for the beginning, or better let's start from the end... of the current story. SPOILERS AHEAD, if you have not played the games up to the credits you'd better stop reading and get back to the game When you are finally able to activate the gateway portal on the satellite and "zap away", there is actually a "reaction from the universe" and some alien intelligence answers to your intrusion in the space/time continuum. A set of "alien eggs" teleport from outer space and crash land on each planet and moon in the system at different depths. Those eggs quickly start to "infect" the surrounding areas of each planet with their alien goo covering the terrain and resources around making them impervious to human tools (even with drill 3) and spreading nearby. The newly created astroneer's goal is now to clean up this mess in order to avoid that the entire system becomes an alien wasteland. The player needs to research and build new tools and technologies to achieve this new goal and more specifically: A "defense" monolith that once planted in each planet slows down significantly the growth of the alien infection on that planet a new mod for the terrain tool able to "clean" the infection A satellite surveillance system to help the player in finding and tracking the alien infection on the planet surface and, with the proper extensions on the ground, also to identify the alien infection in the subterranean caves mining structures and tools to allow the proper exploration and travel to and from the depths of the different planets I'd suggest that everything related to "fighting" the alien infection has to use astronium as a resource for building the tools and maybe also powering them (like the Hydrazine for the thrusters). More specifically the monolith and the mod. For instance the alien goo can be stored in shielded canisters but the canister explodes after a while unless the player processes the canister at a specific station using astronium as catalyst. Regarding the satellite surveillance system, the easiest way may be to have a station like the trade platform to send surveillance satellites into orbit: 2 may be enough for the moons surveillance while 4 to 6 are needed for the planets. The baseline function of the satellites would be to give the player HUD visibility of the placed beacons and an special monitoring station with an "orbital view" of the planet (the interface may simple be recreating the view the player has while orbiting the planet on a shuttle but with the ability to "move around". Adding the proper upgrade (also astronium based) the satellite system is able to identify and highlight (also on the player's HUD) the position on the alien infection on the surface. To make things even more challenging the basic satellite system is not able to "see" much in depth in the planet and thus the player has to provide additional "probes" to make it happen: I was thinking about a specific module to be installed in each gateway chamber on the planet's surface to leverage the existing alien infrastructure or, to make things a bit easier, maybe only a module in the plant core to give the satellites access to underground scanning capabilities. if you want to add a little lore, we may think that the ancient race that created the gateway system was in conflict with another alien race, responsible for the alien eggs and the related infection, and thus the player needs to leverage the first race technology to face the new challenge. The satellite system would also solve a long standing request from the player base to simplify the navigation across the planet's surface and even more in their depths: you just need to give the player a direction to follow to reach the desired location, may it be a placed beacon or an habitat or a vehicle (a labeling system for each of the above would be incredibly useful, like in other survival games in a aquatic environment, for instance ). With the increased utilization of astronium (so far pretty useless) and the need to venture in the depth of the planets to clear the alien infection, the current set way of exploring the depth and bring back resources and alien goo may be frustrating and boring, given the time need to get down there and back. Thus I'd suggest the introduction of new mining structures able to allow either an easier way to create tunnel and mine shafts (like a vehicle mounted terrain tool and and automatic tether placing tool) or, even better, a fast and convenient transport tool to travel to an from underground locations. Continuing on the same lore regarding the utilization of the alien technology, the play may be able to build a teleport stations of different sizes connected to the habitat (so to make it a bit more useful). The player experience should be as follows: The player upgrades the habitat in order to work as a teleport hub when he/she reaches the underground layer/position to start digging resources/cleaning alien infection, they place the other teleport station the player can now teleport back and forth between those two points, provided that they are powered the teleport station can have 3 different modules: personal transportation (the player alone carrying with him/her only the current inventory), resource transfer (a large attachment slot to place a large storage to be sent to the other end), a vehicle portal (the player can enter in it driving a vehicle and it appears on the other side, like an inter-dimensional garage) Thanks to everyone who had the patience to read all the way to the end of my wall of text: I hope it has some good ideas for Astroneer 2.0
  13. So I know there are plans for reimplementing the storm system, and I have a few ideas for it. The main point is that each planet has different weather, and will affect the player differently on each planet. Terran: Nothing. Starter planet won't have much in the way of storms. Barren: Meteor Showers. Basically, a meteor storm will send down meteor, which on impact would kill the player instantly, or if it hits a base item, it will damage it and turn it into the debris* form of it. Or maybe a junk shower where it rains scrap. Arid: This would be the iconic storm we all know and love. Exotic: This would be an electric storm, and would discharge lightning, which, if it hits a power system, would drain all the power from that system (batteries) and disable any device it hits directly. Same for Novus Tundra: Blizzards. Basically, player movement is slowed, all power usage is increased, and all machines work slower. Radiated: Here, there are big superstorms, combining Arid's and Exotic's storms, going for longer and more dangerous. *This is where a repairing tool that uses scrap to repair debris would come in handy.
  14. LeonKop


    Hey, what's about modding in Astroneer? It would be very nice. Maybe like in Cities: Skylines. So User can create new planets, ores, machines and other stuff. Sorry for my bad English.
  15. RedZX

    Handheld Shredder

    With the introduction of the extra large shredder, and it’s inability to shred base platforms(unless packaged), I thought it would be a good idea to add a handheld shredder/ shredding terrain tool augment. This would allow us to shred things like platforms, taking longer but yielding more scrap the larger the item is. Things you can’t pick up such as the exo dynamics research aid bottoms should be shreddable as well. If the non-augment portable shredder is implemented maybe other handheld devices such as an object scanner or a portable welder could be explored.
  16. Right now the compass widget is extremely difficult to see on a bright white terrain, like on Glacio. What I suggests is to add a black outline to the compass shape, that will makes it visible in all conditions. I understand this can be not an easy, two-click task, 'cause it looks like the texture of the compass is used in a mask mode and therefore can't have two different colors at once. But nothing impossible. And it'll be extremely useful to all.
  17. Description A late-game terrain tool mod that acts as a shredder for larger debris only. Small items would still be fed into a shredder. Justification I hate seeing the planet littered with all of this detritus! I want to be a tidy-up Astroneer and grind away the big stuff. Scrap would be nice but I'm less interested in that; I just want to tidy up!
  18. Morse

    Cave crawler

    While I see that there are some hovercrafts on the suggestions list, I think it doesn't fit to the game. Wheeled vehicles are perfectly capable of traversing over the planet's surface, and hovercrafts would be just "same, but better". Traversing the caves is another story, wheeled vehicles would fail this task on most of the planets, but hovercrafts will do so too. Also, hovercraft doesn't feel like something that should travel underground. We need some vehicle specifically designed for caves. I suggest some spider-looking crawler with long legs that attach themselves to the walls. It will be able to traverse caves, require some skill to pilot, and most importantly, provide a stable platform when the energy runs out. It will also complement wheeled vehicles, and not replace them, since wheeled vehicles would be faster and still better for the planet surface.
  19. KOR_APUcard

    Large Wind Turbine

    Can you add Large Wind Turbine? Like this: A helical Darrieus wind turbine Or just like this:
  20. KOR_APUcard

    Add water to Sylva

    Sylva is like a Earth. But actually it's not Earth. However Sylva is Earth type planet. So I have an idea. Can you add water in Sylva?
  21. I am a relatively new player. I just joined Astroneer when it was already past 1.0 a few couple of weeks back. However, I love the game and put many hours into it already. At this point, I unlocked all blueprints and I don't see how Bytes are useful anymore, or research in general, so I simply skip the research building in my base building process entirely. I'd find it wonderful if you could collect all the research samples in a 'research index', a section per planet, which you could call up, or see in the menu, and complete them all. That would give completionists the opportunity to hunt down every sample on each planet, even way beyond the use of Bytes. Furthermore, to make Bytes useful beyond unlocking blueprints, why not include a very expensive upgrade to the trade station, or a new 'digital trade station', that'll accept Bytes in return for resources. Some price balancing necessary, of course, to value each resource accordingly. Or, to keep Bytes at research, maybe after continued research of n times of same sample types, it would unlock the ability to extract resources from organic, mineral and technology samples. We could then use Bytes to buy/improve extraction tools, making it more effective over time, hence resulting in more quantity of the extracted resource. Just an idea that came to my mind while playing.
  22. Hey folks, This is my first post and my first time suggesting an idea on this forum! Happy to be here, and I'd love to hear you folks' feedback on what I have to say. To get to the point: I've been thinking for a long time about a hydrocarbon-based crafting system that I've felt has been sorely needed. My proposal is intuitive, uses existing features currently implemented in the game, and the little it changes would be relatively easy to implement. Hydrocarbons would exist either in the depths of planets in oil-saturated rock, or on the surface of some planets as tar sands. Calidor, for example, could hold tar pits dense in hydrocarbons, whereas Glacio would have them in patches deep underground. They would also be craftable in the Chemistry Lab at the cost of a canister of Hydrogen and a block of Carbon, though the slow speed of generating artificial Hydrocarbons would make harvesting from deposits a more expedient process. Having them be craftable would also make them more accessible in the early game. These Hydrocarbons could then be "cracked" in the Chemistry Lab with some other element as a catalyst to produce Plastic, Rubber, and other oil-based products, like fuels and lubricants. Hydrocarbons and their products could also be used to create artificial Methane, potentially fuel Tier 3 generators, and act as a late-game, high-efficiency rocket propellant. I believe that the addition of Hydrocarbons in the manner I've suggested would increase impetus on exploration, as well as add new and realistic reasons to establish permanent footholds on other planets. I don't really know how to finish this, and it's 3 in the morning, so I hope you enjoyed reading.
  23. --------BEGIN TRANSMISSION // Fellow Astroneers, I have been exploring this vast ocean of stars with friends for just over a year now, and like many of you, I have grown to love this game and it's beautiful depiction of it's solar system. Being heavily inspired by the feeling of pioneering, the intensity of a storm, the adrenaline of exploring strange worlds where no one has been before, I sought out to compose an album of 10 musical tracks that represent what Astroneer means to me. I realised as I composed, exploring the Universe was never a happy feeling, rather it was loneliness mixed with a sense of grandiosity. There was something comforting about seeing an impressive world with its' mountains and flora, even though I was the only creature to exist is such a vast system of planets, but the sense of being alone never halted. I tried to capture this emotion in my album titled, 'An Ocean of Stars'. My album consists of 10 tracks as listed below in the tracklist as well as a Prologue that features a sentiment to set the mood. I figured it was necessary to utilise electronic sounds that had a melancholy tone, as well as an orchestra which symbolised the imperfect and organic nature of humanity amongst the synthetic. I knew that the start of the album had to be hopeful, that the astronaut leaving Earth had to carry the aspirations of the entire Human species, and that as the album went on, the astronauts hope had to fade into a realisation that he would sacrifice himself for scientific advancement, leaving behind a legacy that would shape the future of our species. Incorporating all these elements into this album was a challenge to me, but it was something I thoroughly enjoyed and I am proud of. With the finished album available now on Spotify (and iTunes/SoundCloud), I feel there is more use to it, and after testing it out as a backing track for the game, I realise that it actually suits the game very well as an ambient soundtrack. I would like to offer my album to Astroneer for free, if you (the community and devs) enjoy it. If you have any feedback, I also welcome that. Why for free? Because, like that astronaut, I am willing to provide my music generously in the hope that it improves players experiences in the game even further with some new and different music. If you would like me to compose more music other than what I have already released just for Astroneer, I would also be honoured to do that! Feel free to contact me at my email if you would like tailor-made music for the game. MAIN TRACK: FULL ALBUM: Tracklist: 1. Prologue - Voice Explanation 2. NASA - Epic 3. Launch (The Blue Danube) - Trailer style Epic Remix 4. The Overview Effect - Calm Ambient 5. An Ocean of Stars - MAIN TRACK AMBIENT 6. Planetary Landing - Calm Ambient 7. Searching for Answers - Upbeat Ambient 8. Solar Storm - Epic/Intense 9. No Way Back - Main Ambient 10. Event Horizon - Epic 11. A Flicker of Hope - Calm Ambient Let me know what you think of the album, it works great even playing it in the background with Spotify. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do. Thanks for all the work on the game, Astronaut Sidapede. // END TRANSMISSION--------
  24. Overview: Each habitation has a security camera mode that allows you to "see" from the other habitations. Why? Because I forget what I have at each base and before setting off it would be useful to see what resources and building modules are there. This problem is exacerbated by playing different maps with friends, solo and my family. Limitations for balance You need to have a habitation at a base to view from it. The camera is fixed position but you can pan/tilt. You can't make changes at the other base, it's just read only! Thanks for reading!
  25. I absolutely love Astroneer, overall amazing game, though it would be nice to have a few things added to the game. One thing I would like to see added to the game is a docking station in space, kind of like the real life I.S.S. where you can dock and refuel your space ship as well as being able to be used for other things like a research station that can possibly be used to gather bytes and/or rarer and or composite resources from asteroids but at a slower rate i.e. diamonds, lithium, graphene, hydrazine, titanium. this should be able to be unlocked after gaining 10,000 bytes or so that way it isn't too easy to gain access to. I would also like to see a system where you can send out automated rovers and such that will mine a specified material for you and bring it to a certain location where it can be dropped off, that way you can gain access to materials that are found on different planets. I absolutely love the planet Sylva, but it is practically impossible to find wolframite and hematite on the planet, this will keep me happy as I wouldn't have to go to Desolo or another planet which I do not enjoy as much as Sylva. The automated rovers can drop off the materials to an automated shuttle that will bring it the space docking station. The space station will store up to about 20 minimum of each material with the more common ones having more space to be stored. You could then "order" some materials to be taken from your space stash and then dropped to the planet you are wanting it to be delivered to. This should be separately unlocked with bytes, so the automated rovers are one thing to research the automated space ship is another, the docking station in space should be another. The landing pad should have another variant for this reason only as well or you could have the same type of system used for the starting setup drop where you press a button after selecting what and how much of a certain material you want and then it'll drop as like a supply drop. The rovers and shuttle should only collect around 3 or 4 materials an hour and should have a specified life until another has to be made again in which you will get a warning on a new screen on your shelter of which ones are active and what ones are not as well as what they are collecting. The atmospheric condenser should also be able to be used on different planets and should have optional automation (i.g. an automated arm that will start the machine as well as transporting the resource canisters) as well that allows the gases to be transported up to the station after a certain amount is present on the shuttle. I feel that the player will be more likely to travel to other planets and (if the idea is accepted and put into action) set up a supply station in space that will enhance their Astroneer experience. The station should be expandable so more sections can be added to increase the amount of resources and space for research available. The parts shouldn't be cheap and easy to get though, the space station should be something like 1 silicone, 1 steel, 1 titanium, 1 lithium, and 2 nanocarbon alloy per capsule. Along with that the automated rover should be like 1 steel, 1 rubber, and 1 titanium for just the base and then it would need a drill and storage along with a tank for soil. The automated shuttle that brings the materials to the station should be something like 1 lithium, 1 diamond, and 3 tungsten carbide. the automated arm for the atmospheric condenser should be something like 1 quartz, 1 graphite, and 2 plastic, this one should be a little less difficult rather than the rest to get as this will be more for something like automation but it will only serve 1 purpose and that is to transfer the gasses to either an automated shuttle or automated rover that will then transfer the gasses to the automated shuttle. I believe that these would be of great use to all of those astroneers out there to help aid in their pursuit of a great time instead of having to travel to a planet that is out of their way just to collect a few resources and then return to their home base. Also, the materials will be their ore forms when they are dropped into the planet that the astroneer requested, I am not sure of all of the ore names so if you have any questions I would be glad to answer as soon as I can. I have been thinking of this for a while, I am sorry if this is long or not that great of an idea, I would just love to see this in astroneer, as I am sure many people would. Thank you and keep exploring.👨‍🚀