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Found 1,660 results

  1. If you are on a big adventure collecting either soil, scraps or resources it can be difficult to return all those items into your base, especially if you have multiple rooms, each dedicated to a certain machine or storage area. Now it would be great if there would be a conveyor belt or a pipe waiting for you at the entrance which would automatically transport resources to a certain room. Of course there could also be some kind of a filter which would determine what item can go through it and in certain direction and drop the item into the platform or storage. The item would be considered as an end item, so it would perhaps cost rubber and a very valuable metal. Also the transportation would cost some power so it's not too op. It would be created/placed just like the extenders ( a number of that item as one). There should also be some kind of junction, thats where the filters would become useful. I hope this sketch can show you the idea as much as possible.
  2. EzzieValentine

    Eject button!

    I didn't see anything previously posted, but it would be awesome if there was a feature where you could eject/drop all the items from your backpack instead of having to take things out one by one. Thats it. Just a little button or something to help out with material collecting.
  3. Darkstrider9 0 0 0


    Btw we have a solar array, wich is extremely useful on planets like calidor. But what if we turn 180 degrees and look to glacio, on a planet like glacio we need electricity production based on wind, and having tons of medium wind turbines is not just anti aesthetic, it's an enormous waste of material AND SPACE. Thanks for your attention
  4. With the recent release of the new Creative mode to Astroneer, a creative flight mode was introduced While this is already a great feature which greatly aids creative construction, some minor tweaks to the creative flight mode would render the flight experience all the more smooth and easy to use Some Improvements I would like to suggest: Disable Backpack jetpacks while in flight mode - It doesn't make sense to be using both at once Camera speed - the speed of the camera hardly keeps up with the high speed of flight, often lagging behind the player's character and causing the character to disappear from view, even at flight speeds as low as 3. Ideally, the camera would reliably track the character even at high speeds, keeping the character close to centered on the screen Flight Momentum - When flying directionally then stopping to come to a stationary hover, movement stops as soon as the flight direction key is released (i.e. on keyboard, forward flight stops as soon as W is released). While this enables the player to stop on a dime and position themselves exactly, it makes for a rigid and jarring experience, especially with the aforementioned camera speed issues. Other games which include a flight mode, such as the ever-popular Minecraft make use of flight momentum, in which the player decelerates after flying in a direction, smoothly but reliably coming to a stop. As some players may prefer the exactness of the immediate stop mode, this would best be implemented as an optional addition Flight speed sprint toggle - While walking on the ground, the sprint key can be pressed to make the player run and hence move faster (Shift key by default on keyboard control). However, the only way to change the speed of flight while in creative mode is to use the slider in the options menu. For ease of use when flying, it would be beneficial to include an additional slider in the options menu, which sets the flight speed when the sprint key is pressed. For example, a player might have a default flight speed of 2, which would be useful for player placement precision when terraforming a structure, but the flight speed increases to 8 when the sprint key is pressed, allowing the player to move quickly to another part of their structure or a separate area, without them having to access the options menu to increase and decrease their flight speed. I hope that these suggestions are seen and considered, for the improvement of this great mechanic. As always thanks to System Era for creating such an amazing game Feel free to leave your thoughts or additional improvements - Cinnamunoo
  5. There could be some kind of an altar where you can place the Zebra ball and it would be just for decoration. It would emit lights and various sounds while placed until it gets removed. The altar of course would be logically placed in a built temple, tomb, church, cathedral etc. Perhaps make the sfx/vfx sound/look very powerful to enhance the power of Zebra. P.S.: May our lord and saviour Zebra ball not punish me for cutting its picture so poorly.
  6. Basically, my idea is to add a special slot to the top of the medium storage silo. If the slot is empty, the silo behaves like normal. But if you place an item into this slot, the other 24 slots become matching hologram slots like the kind you see on printers. So for example: let's say you put resin in the top slot. All items currently in the silo that aren't resin get ejected on to the floor, and clicking on an empty slot will automatically fill it with resin from your backpack. Only players can interact with the top slot. If you have something outputting items to or from your silo, the top slot will always be ignored. This change should make sorting items a little easier. You'll be able to add items to a silo quickly without having to drag them in, and also have the option to remove unwanted items in an instant.
  7. [7S]Vilynn

    Backpack Upgrades

    Ok, so, first post, here we go! If this was already posted, I'm really sorry, I went through a few pages to see if I could find anything like what I'm writing about, but I didn't see anything, so, hopefully not plagiarizing... On to the post! So, first of all, credit to Bishop of Calidor Adolescent I, for the joke that got me on this train of thought. They made a joke about placing marbles on your terrain tool to unlock a secret planet, but you can't actually put T2 items on your person, so I thought "Hey! Storage upgrade!", and so I thought of the Backpack Upgrade A, and Backpack Upgrade B(Referred to as BUA and BUB later) BUA: Adds an additional 6 T1 slots to your backpack, costs 1.5KB to research, and 1 Aluminum Alloy to craft, now, this actually uses a spot on your pack(not necessarily a widget slot), and opens a smaller, additional inventory to the left of your main inventory when on your person, this means that the inventory is removable, and some of you will probably think "What happens to items in the side inventory when the side inventory is deactivated?", well, like any packaged building with items on it, it simply drops the items it was holding onto the ground. Now, numbers here are loose, and I'm not sure if SES will decide to use the exact numbers or not, up to them. On to BUB! BUB: Adds a T2 slot (Woah, crazy!) to your person above the O2 bar (maybe), and for costs, it costs 4.5KB, and 1 Titanium Alloy to craft. Operates much the same way to the BUA in other regards, however. Now, for you smart people out there, yes, that would mean that you could have infinite O2(Oxygenator), and go wherever you want, or have massively increased storage capacity(Medium Silo), or "UNLIMITED POWER!" with an RTG(Gotta let out my inner Chancellor Palpatine), but what I mainly considered this for was for a thruster. Yes, a thruster. But, to use this in the air, you'd need a widget slot to activate it, so, not sure how that would work. But yes, you can fly around, and then release your inner Superman and fly supersonic for a little bit, this inventory would stay visible after closing your main inventory, and would point straight backwards, so when you're flying, you can go fast! Now, this wasn't the only idea I had, I also thought of Character Upgrades, Base Upgrades, and Rover Upgrades! Stay tuned for other ideas! Y'know, if you want to. Vilynn out! Peace!
  8. Hello all I remembered old shuttles today and I was thinking would be great to change hydrazine jetpack to work like that: instead of having hydrazine canister stick to the jetpack, what if jetpack would have some sort of hydrazine tank, which can be filled with hydrazine canisters while on the ground. It would fit 2 hydrazine canisters. This way we would not need to carry with us extra canister "just in case" but will be able to refill the jetpack tank when below 50%. What u think?
  9. [7S]Vilynn

    Character Upgrades

    Aight, 2nd post out of 4! So, in our last episode, I talked about Backpack Upgrades! See the bottom for the link. This time, Character Upgrades! So, I've had a few ideas: Speed, Jump, Health, and Neg Voider. They're like your drill augments, but for your player! Speed: 2KB, 1 Plastic. 1.5x the speed of default, but .67x Jump Boost and Health (Move faster, jump lower, less health) Jump Boost: Same cost as Speed, 1.5x Jump Boost, .67x Speed and Health(Jump higher, move slower, less health) Health: Same cost as Speed/Jump Boost, 1.5x Health, .67x Speed and Jump Boost(More health, move slower, jump lower) Now, for those of you who are good at math, you'll realize that, if you have all 3 of these active, you'll end up having .67x Speed, Jump Boost, and Health. This is where the Neg Voider comes into play. Neg Voider: 2.5KB, 1 Aluminum Alloy: Cancels all negative effects from Character Augments! Vilynn out! Peace!
  10. [7S]Vilynn

    Rover Upgrades

    Ok, last one! For those of you joining us, I've talked, in previous posts (Yes, this is a group) about Base Upgrades, Character Upgrades, and Backpack upgrades! And now, introducing Rover Upgrades! This has to do with what I think could improve the game's rovers. Rover Engine, Rover Efficiency, and Rover Flight! As with the Base Upgrades, Rover Upgrades come in 3 Tiers, T1, T2, and T3. Also stackable, but also requires a widget slot. Rover Engine - Gotta go FAAAAAST T1 - 1KB, 1 Aluminum, 25% Speed Increase T2 - 2.5KB, 1 Aluminum Alloy, 1 Tungsten, 60% Speed Increase T3 - 6.25KB, 1 Tungsten Carbide, 1 Steel, 1 Titanium Alloy, 150% Speed Increase Rover Efficiency - In for the long haul T1 - 1KB, 1 Zinc, .25A Power Consumption Reduction (Minimum .25A) T2 - 2.5KB, 1 Zinc, 1 Lithium, .5A Power Consumption Reduction (Minimum .25A) T3 - 6.25KB, 1 Zinc, 1 Lithium, 1 Steel, .75A Power Consumption Reduction (Minimum .25A) Rover Flight - Up, up, and away! Now, this one is a little trickier, as it's not tiers, it's for different rovers, but it's also stable flight, so... Medium Rover Flight Set - 20KB, 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Diamond Large Rover Flight Set - 30KB, 1 Nanocarbon Alloy, 1 Diamond, 1 Astronium (Give Astronium some love, SES) That's all from me! Vilynn out! Peace!
  11. Soooooo so long time! How are you guys doing? Alright! It's might be too late to showing this because, there were so many updates while I made by animation. However, this Digging elevator can be more comfort to going up and down than Jetpack! Digging elevator can saves more time and don't have to make slope for going up. Digging elevator going straightly to underground, so if you start to dig other planet that you didn't setup anything for digging, you don't have to bring many stuffs for going down. Digging elevator can be one of the best way to going down. You can question it, "You can also going straight if you use Jetpack?" For the answer, Digging elevator can save resources. As you know Jetpack use 2 hydrazine to flying the sky, but Digging elevator only use electronic that is same as vehicles. Once you make Digging elevator, you don't have to use resources while you going up, and save more hydrazine before you use in underground. It can be bring much more effective advantages! final.mp4
  12. [7S]Vilynn

    Character Upgrades

    Aight, 2nd post out of 4! So, in our last episode, I talked about Backpack Upgrades! See the bottom for the link. This time, Character Upgrades! So, I've had a few ideas: Speed, Jump, Health, and Neg Voider. They're like your drill augments, but for your player! Speed: 2KB, 1 Plastic. 1.5x the speed of default, but .67x Jump Boost and Health (Move faster, jump lower, less health) Jump Boost: Same cost as Speed, 1.5x Jump Boost, .67x Speed and Health(Jump higher, move slower, less health) Health: Same cost as Speed/Jump Boost, 1.5x Health, .67x Speed and Jump Boost(More health, move slower, jump lower) Now, for those of you who are good at math, you'll realize that, if you have all 3 of these active, you'll end up having .67x Speed, Jump Boost, and Health. This is where the Neg Voider comes into play. Neg Voider: 2.5KB, 1 Aluminum Alloy: Cancels all negative effects from Character Augments!
  13. [7S]Vilynn

    Base Upgrades

    Ok, so Post #3! In previous posts, I've talked about Character Upgrades, and Base Upgrades! See bottom for posts! This time, I'll be talking about Base Upgrades! This will be tackling new modules, both for increasing current modules uses, Base augments, if you will, and also talk about ideas for new modules. I'll start with Base augments. Overdrive and Efficiency modules. These modules come in 3 different sizes, T1, T2, and T3. These Base Augments(BAs) only affect the platform they are directly attached to, it does not spread throughout your base. It does however, stack. Be warned that these modules will not work unless attached to a widget slot. Overdrive: Increases the speed buildings operate at T1 - 1KB, 1 Ceramic, Increases speed by 25% T2 - 2.5KB, 1 Ceramic, 1 Iron, Increases speed by 60% T3 - 6.25KB, 1 Ceramic, 1 Steel, 1 Titanium Alloy, Increases speed by 150% Efficiency: Decreases power required for buildings to operate(By power, I mean A, or U/s, whichever you prefer to use) T1 - 1KB, 1 Glass, Decreases power consumption by .5A(.5A minimum) T2 - 2.5KB, 1 Glass, 1 Tungsten, Decreases power consumption by 1.5A(1A Minimum) T3 - 6.25KB, 1 Glass, 1 Tungsten Carbide, 1 Methane, Decreases power consumption by 3.5A(2A minimum) Now, for those of you thinking that you can pair a T3 with a T2 and bypass the limit of the T3 Efficiency, the minimum will be whatever the highest tier Efficiency module is Vilynn out! Peace!
  14. BongoSteie

    Buildings mods

    Building mods In this post i've thought about some nods that could be added into the game to increase the variety of gameplay in terms of basebuilding and optimization of production and power efficiency
  15. The German52

    Rover Flight Mechanics

    This idea would enable better use of the rover "Flight Mechanics". What I am proposing is that, E & Q are used for role and pitch along with A & D being yaw, and W & S being pitch. With that when a rover has a thruster attached, the tendence for the rover to flip out of control be reduced or eliminated. I also propose to cut back just how much fuel the hydrazine thrusters on a rover use, because 1 thruster can do multiply round trips between a planet with a massive shuttle per bottle, and yet with 2 thrusters on a single large rover (because 1 can't lift it w/things on it) 2 bottles 1 for each thruster, only last 30 sec to a minute (I haven't tested how long exactly). I also if the proposed "Medium Hydrazine Canister" that the smaller hydrazine bottles be a thing you have to make. As well as give them the ability to, when empty, switch from a thruster to a medium canister, refill and switch back to an open slot on a thruster, if there is one. The planet hopping with a rover can be seen in this video by Z1 Gaming on youtube (Posted - Oct. 31 2019) - To sum up this suggestion/idea/addition to pre existing function, 1-Allow full control of rover in flight 2-Reduce flipage of rover 3-(If ca. added) Allow bottle flipping between medium canister, and thruster (Sub note- I feel that the ability now to hop from one planet to another, by using the not totally unloaded "thingys" (plants rocks ect) on a planet (if not a glitch) to align them with the planets you see in the sky. This would give the game a feel of semi realistic space travel (taking time and manual flight to planets if wanted to by the player), and not unrealistic acceleration and braking towards another planet) Thankyou, I hope this is taken into consideration.
  16. Currently, when an item is output by a machine (digging tool, etc.), it always goes to the first eligible slot. This can get bothersome as, say, soil canisters from the soil centrifuge go to your resource storage rather than your soil storage, or you mine a bunch of resources and they're all mixed up. Resources also tend to occupy the individual pins of higher-tier slots over actual storages, further complicating things. I propose that instead resources always try to match like-to-like over simple first-insertion. Basically, the "thought process" could be something like this: 1. Is there a connected machine that takes this resource and has space? If yes, put it there. If no, go to 2. 2. Is there a connected storage that has space and already has some of this resource? If yes, put it there. Otherwise, proceed to 3. 3. Is there any connected storage that has space? If yes, put it there. Otherwise, go to 4. 4. Are there any available pins of higher-tier slots? If yes, put it there. Otherwise, you're out of space at this point.
  17. When using canisters with the terrain tool, it always prioritizes filling / emptying the first eligible canister. This can be messy if you're doing a lot of filling and digging at the same time, such as leveling out a base area, since it will leave you with several partially-filled canisters. I propose that both filling and emptying operations prioritize partial canisters, so that most of the time you'll only have one partial canister in your pack, with the rest either completely full or completely empty.
  18. EmeraldGamerr

    Paver slot???

    OK, so check this out... There's clearly a slot on the front of the new paver, and i know this is the case because it doesn't have a smoke animation similar to the astroneer drill, but whenever I try to place something in it, it doesn't allow me too. Obviously this feature isn't an actual thing, but I PERSONALLY think that it would be cool to be able to place mods on it, like a wide mod to increase road thiccness or the terrain analyzer to change the color from a drab black-grey to a red or blue (It would be especially handy for building racetracks). Although there are probably more interesting and complicated things system era is working on, I feel as though it would be a nice feature to add since the paver is the new meta, and having a drill on a rover without it is now unthinkable. PS. whats the benefit to having two pavers on at once instead of one? Haven't tried yet (Hello from Puerto Rico XD)
  19. Hello all! Somehow Large Platform C fell out of usage for me because it is not handy everytime make a run around the corner to look/grab whatever there on the arms, so here is the thought: what if arms of the Large Platform C could be manually rotated 120 degrees towards the front of the platform, same tech as medium storage expand/collapse mechanism. What do u think?
  20. What if smallest horn would have an option to choose a note which it plays, same way as holographic figurine changes shape - that would be fun!
  21. Can we have some more use for the Large Fog Horn? I know it's a recreational item, but it would be so fun to launch items and players into the stratosphere(not really). But it would be nice to launch things anyhow.
  22. 1. (Tweak) Beacons appear as colored arrows on compass, It would help players not get lost when they end up turned around and have to circle around the planet until they stumble onto something familiar. -Beacons can only be seen from so far, and even with my moderate navigation skills, I still get lost just because for some reason, the art style makes everything look the same. -If they appear on your compass, finding the way back home or to where you want to be is much more straight forward. 2. (Addition) Mid-Late game/Tier 4 Rover with "All Terrain" Spider legs for easy maneuvering on particularly difficult terrains for wheels and carts. -Ive seen suggested before but Im really fond of the idea and want to show support for it. It seems like it would be a Step in the right direction for humanity. Forget flying cars, Walkers are the transportation of the future! Nothing better than being able to crawl up the side of a mountain(reasonable steepness) with your very own mobile base. -I would imagine it would need to be made of a NanoCarbon Alloy, Silicone, and Steel have roughly the space of an Extra Large Platform C (2 Tier3+1 Tier 4 Slots) sense it'd be a direct upgrade from a Large Rover (1 Tier4 slot). Expensive, but oh so worth it. 3. (Change) Tank controls for rovers in order to rotate on the spot instead of needing to do a three point turn. -It would've saved me many instances of falling into holes I was hanging over if I were able to rotate on the spot, but alas, I end up completely Tanked.
  23. Example: Rover and Drill/Paver on Xbox One is quite hard to navigate with the camera been the same as the one for the angle could this be changed or optional for the D-PAD to change postion of Drill & Paver?
  24. MustachedSquid

    Basebuilding ideas

    Hello. Ok so I have tought of some ideas for basebuiding. 1: Triangular platform, we already have curved ones, why not a triangular one. 2: large version of the medium platform C, because I want a large circular platform. 3: some way to remove cable clutter, in very complex bases there starts to be alot of cables around, this kinda ruins the looks sometimes, yes I can run the cables underground but that is quite to much trouble, and its ugly seeing cables clipping into the ground. Maybe a long (or adjustable size) "rod" platform I could attach to a wall exclussively for transporting cables/oxygen, this would look realy nice. 4: So we got the ring storage, wich activates the special slots when you walk though. Well, it only has 6 slots, wich is a bit pointless for "storage", I would like a bigger version with proper storage space and the same special slots 5: same has above but witch special tier 2 and tier 3 slots. That could be the start of automation, Just walk near your platform and your machines start up!
  25. You know, In Astroneer, when you print the RTG, you need a Nano-carbon Alloy and Lithium. But in real world RTG is not using Lithium! that's using Plutonium. (More scientific info: Plutonium 238) And I wanted a new power generator. The Fusion Reactor. You know the Astroneer is Sci-Fi genre. But why not add a fusion reactor? Fusion reactor is so VERY fascinating power source! Fusion reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium, this will be more powerful than RTG, It is very excellent energy efficient, and you don't have to worry about the reactor exploding. And the fusion reactor is create helium after reaction. Please add a new elements. Plutonium is must be added on Atrox. (With much deeper in the mantle.) Tritium is can be must combining in Chemistry Lab modules. And finally, add the Fusion Reactor If you can.