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Found 1 result

  1. ChamallowBear

    Teleportation and hematite

    So before anything goes wrong, i would like to precise that i do not own the 3D model pictured as a teleporter and that i am aware this has already been suggested. This is just a suggestion to the already suggested teleporter. So as Wyvyrias should know, i am very passionated with the hematite and want to give it a use, also i would love to see a teleport system implented in-game. So i mixed both : 1. Hematite would be refinable into iron as it is said in the game already 2. Iron would be used to teleportation, or, to be more precise, necessary. Let me explain, to work, the teleporter would need battery AND liquefied iron as fuel. Therefore, i imagined that one iron liquefied would fuel a tank on the teleporter which would act as the shuttle or spaceship fuel tank and lower when you use it. /Image 1&2/ 3. Now, hematite isn't that common, so i thought that one liquefied iron would equal 2 or 3 teleportations. 4. Iron would look like aluminium and copper but shiny silver look (please don't make it look as close as them that we would not be sure which one is which) and liquefied iron in the tank silver hemazine. Sorry for my drawing which is really bad and if that's considered as already suggested.