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Found 4 results

  1. gamplays1230

    no research icons

    there are no research icons in this update can you please fix this (note:just a reminder) if you can please fix this and i only have one drive so don't worry about it i'v had your game for a good time if there was a problem that can't be fix I would know,. my computer isn't the problem why i when to an older version and it displayed the icons so it to do with your code thing I've done on my side reinstalled delete the appadata and even search why so it's up to your end
  2. I bought the xbox game preview of Astroneers almost on day one. I adore the game, and have delighted with every improvement and addition. One thing that hasn't changed, but needs to, are the icons for home/beacons/vehicles. The colour is difficult to see against the sky sometimes, and its especially bad when clouds pass because the clouds completely obscure the icons. I can't tell you how many times i've had to abandon a save because i got too far from home and spent hours trying to find home base again, but couldn't. If clarity of the icons through distance/weather/terrain can't be managed, I would highly recommend a map system of some sort. Perhaps basic geographical terrain that is filled in as you explore, with icons clearly visible on the map, or perhaps a compass system like on Skyrim.
  3. • a deconstruct platform • able to deconstruct your base if you don't like a platform location • set vehicle bay for spacecraft so they don't run into ground vehicles
  4. Installs into one of the two backpack slots. Shows the icons for vehicles, home, and beacons either: a. At their specific locations, even if that location through the planet (IE: opposite sides of the planet) b. At the horizon in the direction that is closest to the player based on a measure of the circumference. This could even require a module be install at the base such as a Radar Dish to work.