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Found 3 results

  1. Using the trade platform to gain compound. added 4 copper which will return 8 compound (as expected 2 per unit of copper). after adding more copper the value of returned compounded decreased based on the sell value of copper (2). The same happens when using other materials (aluminium and hydrozine).
  2. With a condenser and a trader i can easily acquire all the materials i need making harvesting completely pointless after this point, it makes for a far too easy game experience, i would suggest lowering the trade rate of hydrozine (space ship fuel), it should have the same value as resin or compound so that the trader can be used to get rare resource in a pitch not be used as a producer for all your needs.
  3. If it makes sense, I would like to see an auto fill button the Fuel Condenser. So that if you have the power you could turn Auto Fill on and it will fill up to the available storage slots. When you are low on power you could turn it off and just fill containers as needed. Thank you and Merry Christmas. JohnnyF