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Found 31 results

  1. Hydrazine - It is given too much use, used in thrusters, making graphene, used in jetpacks. They should not be used in making graphene as it makes no sense, and is best used as a fuel, also since ammonium is a little hard to find and the soil centrifuge does not offer a fair trade with 2 canisters of soil. Zinc - It is found on almost every planet and in very large quantities but it is used in making the augmented tools and the medium battery that's all, I find sphalerite almost everywhere in the caves of Sylva and some other planets too. Diamond - It is only used in making level 3 drills for both rovers and terrain tool. Given its lustrous and non-breakable property it is not used a lot. Astronium - Literally has no use, ever since they reduced the byte rate ,it has become even more useless. What are your thoughts on these usability of these resources, do you have anything else on your mind? Comment down
  2. Suggestion: Let us be able to swap the canisters in the hydrazine jet pack regardless of how much fuel has been used. Scenario: I've just landed on planet X. I have only 2 hydrazine canisters with me - one is on the rocket and is almost full; the other one is in my jet pack and is almost depleted. I know that what's left in the latter canister is more than enough for a return trip. I also know that the lesser amount of fuel won't suffice for proper exploration and gathering of whatever I came here for. I want to swap the hydrazine from my jet pack with the one that's on the rocket but I can't because jet pack canisters are immovable.
  3. CopperyMarrow15

    Hydrazine Splitter

    Just put another nickel hydrazine in... the nickelodeon hydrazine splitter... (The other splitter would then be known as the Power Splitter.) It splits a full Hydrazine into two half ones! It has 3 T1 input and two output...obviously... I can't really imagine what it looks like but I can imagine some other things! Purpose: so you can give both of your Hydrazine Jetpacks an equal amount so they don't get mad at you... ...and so you can make Graphene cheaper :3 Recipe: 1 Resin, 1 Titanium Slotting: 1 Female T2, 3 Male T1 Byte Cost: 1000 maybe?
  4. I've been trading for ammonium like an idiot, when I could've just taken a rover with a drill and storage into a forest. Now I'm never running outta fuel; I should get some silos.
  5. MarcusUniversee

    Hyrdrazine only ONE Ammonium

    I am already towards the end of the game, and I still only use solid fuel thrusters over hydrazine thrusters because ammonium is hard to find and make with the soil centrifuge. I would probably start using hydrazine thrusters to if Ammonium was either easier to find or hydrazine costs one ammonium. Tell me what you think!
  6. I am completely surprised that the ratios for trading weren't just changed, instead of removing Hydrazine from the Trade Platform entirely. I have accumulated quite a bit of Hydrazine just from mining and opening research chests, with nothing to do with it except plop it in a waste dump. The costs should be changed like this to make the Fuel Condenser unproductive for trade (yet available if you are in a pinch and have nothing but time to spare)... Hydrazine (cost 2, sell 1) Compound, Resin, Organic (cost 8, sell 4) Laterite, Malachite (cost 16, sell 8) Aluminum, Copper (cost 32, sell 16) Coal, Lithium, Titanium (cost 64, sell 32) This is basically a 4x multiplier for people that choose to pump out Hydrazine to trade for resources. This means you have to sit around a lot longer if you just want to run a Hydrazine refinery all day.
  7. So I am finding myself spending a lot of time hunting for ammonium. I think ammonium is now the most valuable resource in the game. Hopefully the next patch will make acquiring ammonium/hydrazine easier. I just spent an hour scouring caves for ammonium. I struck out and logged off. Ammonium has defeated me again.
  8. Since the crafting patch came out, producing enough hydrazine to fill the fuel tank of a medium or large ship takes an insane amount of time and running around to find enough ammonium. What am I doing wrong? This can't be the way System Era intended it. Or could it... :-0
  9. thecarlocarlone

    Crafting ammonium from Nitrogen

    I noticed that hydrazine (and ammonium in general) is extremely important to travel on another planet, and yet it is hard to find, and even worse you can't extract them from a "mineral extractor". So even if you find it, you are going to slowly run out, especially if you use more than one spaceship. So I have some suggestion: make ammonium craftable. Of course for balance reasons, it should be hard to do it. However it should use items that the mineral extractor can extract, the ideal would be: Getting stuff from a mineral extractor (let's say compound) Getting gas from an atmospheric condenser (Nitrogen of course) "cooking" them in the chemistry lab """""mass""""" produced ammonium So that is possible to "never run out" of hydrazine, but it is time and energy consuming. Right now, I'm mass producing large wind turbine using resources from the mineral extractor, and shredding them in exchange for ammonium. I know that I could just explore more, but I find exploration for the sake of resources farming very annoying. What do you think?
  10. LockinGames

    Hydrazine Power

    I see that Hydrazine has a very strong potential in the game, but its application looks very ordinary no more like a rocket fuel. therefore I suggest that Hydrazine can be used more for other things - Power plant Hydrazine = a machine useful for converting Hydrazine into electricity or power - Hydrazine as a fuel rover = rover so far feels very trivial to me because it uses electricity, but in my opinion would look more resilient if fueled Hydrazine
  11. Before going into detail about this idea I want to thank forum user franekdolas_eu for creating the awesome 3D model shown in the pictures below. franekdolas_eu was able to take my 2D concept drawings and turn them into a fully realised 3D model over the last month. If you like the work that they have done here, please drop them a message to let them know. "The best kind of community is one where its members support one another". Now, on to the concept: Overview The Fuel Tank Module (could alternatively be called the Fuel Storage Module) would be a Large Tier object that would be used to store a large amount of Hydrazine Fuel, as well as being able to automatically pump it at the touch of a button directly into any spacecraft docked at the same base. The Module would be placed on a Large Platform or Rover, occupying the same amount of space as any other Module. It would require power in order to operate when pumping it's contents out to the spacecraft, though not when it is being filled with Fuel. The Module would be able to hold up to 40 canister's worth of Hydrazine Fuel inside it's two Fuel Tanks, the amount inside being visible due to the transparent sides to each tank (just like with the Fuel Condenser Module). The amount can also be measured by looking at the display at the front of the Module, which fills up as the main Fuel Tanks fill. The display is marked at certain intervals, indicating when the Module is a quarter full, half full, three quarters full and of course, completely full. At the front of the module is an attachment slot that functions much like the attachment slot on the front of the Mineral Extractor, except that instead of draining soil from any canister that is placed there, it would instead drain Hydrazine Fuel into the module's internal Fuel Tanks. Also; like the Extractor, you would be able to drain multiple canisters quickly by placing down a Medium Storage Unit filled with full canisters onto the Large Platform or Rover that houses the Fuel Tank Module. The canisters would then auto-attach and drain their contents one after the other into the Module. This feature could allow you to fill up an entire 'rack' or 'pallet' of canisters with Hydrazine Fuel, either at a Fuel Condenser or a Hydrazine Catalyser, then simply pickup and transfer the pallet to the Fuel Tank Module, which when then drain them. Question: How does the Fuel get from the Fuel Tank Module to the spacecraft? Answer: In order to refuel your spacecraft, simply land them at a Vehicle Bay (or landing pad if that feature is included in a future update) that is connected to the same base that your Fuel Tank Module is connected to. Next, 'dock' the spacecraft to the Vehicle Bay by attaching the flat connecter cable from the Vehicle Bay to the Spacecraft. Once that is done, head over to your Fuel Tank Module and switch it on (you interact with it the same way that you do with most of the existing Modules, by click and holding over it). This starts the inbuilt pump, which pumps the Fuel out of the Fuel Tanks and out to the Vehicle Bay, via the platforms and cables that link the Fuel Tank Module and the Vehicle Bay Module together. The Fuel being transferred would be represented by a series of purple indicators that alternate with the power indicators on the cables themselves (see last image). Once the Fuel reaches the Vehicle Bay it is then pumped into the spacecraft's own Fuel Tank via the connector cable docking it to the Vehicle Bay. This entire process would be the same if both Fuel Tank Module and Vehicle Bay where on either the same or connected Rovers. In fact, if you have a Rover with either Module, then docking it with a base with the other Module would allow for the transfer of fuel in either direction. For example, if you have multiple bases with Vehicle Bays, you could use a Rover with a Fuel Tank Module to transfer the Fuel from one base to the other. If the receiving base has an empty Fuel Tank Module you could transfer the Fuel from one to the other by switching in the Module that contains the Fuel. If the Rover has a Vehicle Bay attached to it's back, then any spacecraft that then land there could then be refuelled and ready to take off again. As the Fuel Tank Module can hold 40 canisters worth of fuel, this would allow you to store enough fuel to refuel your Shuttle eight times, or refuel your Large Shuttle four times. This is equal to five Medium Storage Units filled with full canisters of Hydrazine Fuel. Once the Fuel Tank Module is empty (or even before it is empty), you can simply fill it back up again with more Fuel. If you go crazy and build multiple Fuel Tank Modules at the same base, then the Module that is closest to the Vehicle Bay would be drained first, before the next closest being drained, and so on. Question: What is the point of this? Surely you can just fill up your spacecraft directly and then set the Fuel Condenser or Hydrazine Catalyser to refill your canisters? Answer: The dev team have been mentioning in recent months that they want to increase the number of players in one game. When the dedicated servers come online later this year that will be another step towards having larger (and hopefully more stable) games. Imagine for a moment you have a game in with lots of players, all wanting to go to different places and planets. Your team of Astroneers could split up into multiple groups and head to different planets via their own Large Shuttles. Each group might be ferrying supplies to and from those planets, which is going to require lots of fuel. Instead of having to wait until a full set of canisters to be filled up, you can just set your Fuel Condenser and/or Hydrazine Catalyser going whilst you go through the first lot of Fuel you created. Once you get back to base the canisters should be all (or mostly all) filled. You can then just place the Medium Storage Unit holding your canisters on to the Fuel Tank Module, refilling it. A single trip is not going to burn through all the Fuel a Large Shuttle is capable of holding, so each time you come back you will have made more Fuel then needed, leading to the need for some where to store it. You don't want to have to keep making more and more canisters to hold it all, so you will need some place to store it. It would also be handy for those players who (like me) like to stockpile their supplies for when they need them. Hence, I give you... The Fuel Tank Module. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. Once again, my thanks to franekdolas_eu for creating the excellent 3D model shown below. Enjoy the pictures! ?
  12. Greetings fellow astroneers! It has come to my attention that not only is hydrazine a real rocket fuel, but can also be used in a fuel cell in a similar way to hydrogen ( I feel that a hydrazine fuel cell would be an excellent way for dense power storage for extended rover missions and the like. Of course, the generator would have to be balanced such that the energy produced is less than the amount required to condense one canister of hydrazine at the fuel condenser, to prevent exploiting this for free energy (according to the wiki, the fuel condenser uses 256 units of energy to fill a canister, so I would suggest a production of 200 units). Unlike the organic- and coal-based generators, the fuel cell could pause if there is no demand for power (rover has stopped, batteries are full, etc.). I also made a very poorly drawn concept of what it might look like:
  13. Zer0

    reporting bugs

    I cannot put fuel in my shuttle any more. The hydrazine canister attaches to the shuttle but will not add fuel to it. Also, the alternate function of the gun thing does not work. I can no longer add land anywhere, I can only remove it. BUMMER, PLEASE FIX. THANKS
  14. I posted in another thread that a health feature would be interesting.. so this suggestion will go along with it as if health were already in the game. I think a mid-to-endgame machine called the "Suit Upgrader" (or similar) would be a neat new system. The upgrades would require materials to be applied, and power of course - somewhat like a glorified Printer, but for the space suit. An Astroneer would only be able to apply, say, a maximum of 2 or 3 upgrades at a time - spread out over about 3 or 4 slots (Helmet, Backpack, Boots, etc). This could have a lot of possibilities because it is not limited to just a few things that can be made. Farther down the line, mods could add additional upgrades to the Upgrader. This machine would require a Tier 3 platform, buildable from 2 steel & 1 titanium and able to hold more Materials to build larger modules. Materials to build this module: 6x Steel, 2x Compound, 1x Resin, 1x Titanium, 2x Aluminum. Some of my ideas for upgrades are: Fall Boots - This upgrade would reduce the amount of health you lose/damage you take when falling from a height. Instead, power would be used. If you were falling from a long distance, and normally would lose about 10 points of health (or whatever system), you would only lose about 5 bars of power. This may have to be changed based off of what system health could/world be implemented in, but you get the point. Suggested materials: 2x Resin (to act as a shock absorber), 1x Steel (when it's added), 2x Aluminum, 1x Compound Jet Boots - An upgraded Fall Boots (only unlocked after getting Fall boots, and replaces them) This upgrade would require Hydrazine as fuel, and power would be used. If falling from a long distance, when you get closer to the ground, the jets activate, letting you down safely. If you have a Hydrazine tank in your backpack, and the boots internal tank is less than 50% full, it will draw from that tank. The tank can be refilled by the Suit Upgrader (the boots come fully fueled). The faster you are falling or the farther you have fallen, the more Hydrazine will be used and the earlier the jets will activate. However, there is a chance that when you touch the ground or if you run out of Hydrazine or Power, you will take damage - making these not too overpowered yet good at the same time. These boots can also give you a little boost if you press a certain key (settable in options) Materials: 1x Resin, 2x Steel, 3x Aluminum, 1x Copper, 2x Compound, 2x Canister Jet Pack - What is there more to say? This upgrade goes in the backpack slot, and as such modifies the way your backpack looks (and possibly functions). Like the Jet Boots, this provides thrust and is set to fire up on the same key as the Jet Boots, allowing you to have maximum speed by combining the two. This upgrade has a VERY heavy Hydrazine consumption, and will eat through a normal Hydrazine Canister in less than 30 seconds. This is why a better Hydrazine canister would be nice... Why not use a "Compressor"? It can compress Hydrazine into a Tank that's normally used for storing oxygen - this will allow you to have 3 times the amount of Hydrazine in one container! However, it also requires a Tier 3 Platform. The Jetpack does not have its own internal Hydrazine reservoir, so it must use traditional Canisters - but does draw on power a bit and that can be used for a couple seconds to get you to safety should you be high in the air and close to a place where you can land. This is fairly OP but could be nerfed by making it require 2 slots of Backpack space or use the two top slots. Materials: 1x Lithium, 3x Steel, 3x Aluminum, 2x Titanium, 2x Canister, 2x Compound Hover Pack - There are a couple key differences between this upgrade and the Jet Pack. The Hover Pack is not really meant to travel - so it's slower than the Jet Pack, even with the Jet Boots added. As you can probably tell, it hovers - and while hover takes up 30% less Hydrazine, allowing creative players to continue to build amazing things without having to cheat or use a glitch to fly. It does not reduce storage, and is less expensive to make. However, it doesn't handle all that well because once again, it's not really meant to move. Materials: 2x Lithium, 2x Canister, 1x Titanium, 2x Steel, 1x Aluminum, 1x Compound Advanced Filter - This helmet slot upgrade is quite useful. It provides a steady "oxygen trickle" by refining some of the gases on the planets of Astroneer into Oxygen - prolonging your off-tether adventures by 25%. However, it's only half as effective during a Sandstorm. It uses a bit of power, but not enough to really be noticed. Materials: 2x Filters (yes, filters), 1x Canister, 2x Aluminum, 1x Steel, 1x Power Cells
  15. Two honest questions to those who DON'T want hydrazine trading back in the game: - If hydrazine trading was put back in, could you avoid using it? - If hydrazine trading was put back in, are there other features you'd want in the game, in order to find that acceptable? Thank you, spinlock
  16. Has anyone seen hydrazine explosions? If so, did they happen at random or were they caused by having too many stacked close together or ??? P.S.: Please use *that* other thread if you want to debate the merits of trading or not...
  17. Being about 5 hours into the game, i'm sitting on a lot of Hydrazine, that I can't really do anything useful with. I think it would be cool if there was a jet item you could attach to the backpack, which would use Hydrazine for fuel, allowing you to fly for short periods of time.
  18. So there's a thread about hydrazine farming and then trading it for basically unlimited resources as long as you have power, and I had an idea to fix it. I would have posted this there, but I had a bunch more ideas, and I thought it was appropriate to start a new topic. So here's my idea for the farm fix plus more: Make the hydrazine canister a crafted item, and when mining hydrazine without one in your backpack, it will give solid hydrazine that can't be used on a spaceship or shuttle (more on that later). It should be a generally expensive item to create (the canister) so that trading it away might not be the best idea. Change the function of the fuel condenser to be a converter, it takes solid hydrazine on one side, turns it into liquid, and puts it into a canister that you put into another socket on the other side. Converting solid hydrazine to liquid should only give one charge into the canister (that's half the can). Add in another module or 2-socket crafted item that looks similar to the old fuel condenser and call it fuel storage. Fuel storage takes liquid hydrazine from your cans and stores it, kind of like a battery. There should be one socket for in and one socket for out, or a switch type interface like the printer, so that when you put a half-full canister on the machine knows what to do. So, effectively what would be done with these changes: Hydrazine would be more valuable but not any less common. The resources to make the canisters would be more valuable. Beacons would be more useful, if you wanted to only get liquid hydrazine from mining. (Mine the can full, go back and store it, come back and mine with the empty can). Hydrazine farming through the fuel condenser would be eliminated. An effective way to store fuel would be added. (And to take it with you on a spaceship if the devs go with 2-socket item requires another third socket somewhere to take your canister). Fuel storage would be a thing that you would want for-sure with the changes, who wants to make storage for all that solid hydrazine since cans don't just come from nowhere now? Hydrazine makes more sense... it's the only thing in the game that goes straight into something else (the can) that you didn't have to make yourself. Let me know what you guys think of my ideas! If you guys like these I might have more about vehicles and whatnot, too.
  19. DragonEater

    Hydrazine refining

    Suggestion: Need to refine Hyrdazine for use as fuel Mining will produce crystals rather than direct fuel cans ( That appear magically!! ) Using the already present Fuel Condenser module, require that one bottle of liquid fuel requires 2 nuggets of Hydrazine crystals plus power. This will slow down the "Trade hub issue" and also stretch out the game advancement a little.
  20. Itstwoam

    The fuel pass

    If you have seen my previous post talking about storage then you would have seen the boatload of hydrazine sitting around with no shuttles to go in because I haven't found enough materials to make them yet. Let's talk about that. Instead of running around and finding hydrazine nodes lets replace them with just hydrogen nodes that pop up like the oxygen and power ones. Either in the convenient stone, ground patches or both. It would collect on the gun/backpack like o2 or power. Here is how I imagine fuel production would work. First thing is it gives organics another use from the itty bitty wearable geny. So you gather organics and put them into the decomposer at the cost of energy and time. It would output at the very least nitrogen with hydrogen, oxygen and carbon being optional. The second module would then combine the hydrogen and nitrogen into hydrozine at the cost of energy/time again. With optional output from the decomposer water/food can be synthesized if hunger or thirst was to be implemented. Also as demonstrated coal could be generated in this manner and done right it could even make it where it costs more energy to make the coal than it can provide in generators. That would make it a viable thing to carry into caves where wind and solar power are not an option. Now onto fuel usage. Shuttles and spaceships in game just use a fuel to travel. We all know that O2 is required for this. If the decomposer also output oxygen then this could be stored. craft would have two tanks, one for fuel and the other for oxygen. Having both being a requirement to take off.
  21. CuteKills


    A few thoughts on Hydrazine: Should have minimal, even zero, sale value, as it's effectively just stored energy. Still cost as a common to buy though (doubtless due to shipping, VAT and Customs Duty ) Should need the right kind of atmosphere for a condenser to work ( N2 & H20/NH3/CH4) --> H2N2 + X
  22. I play on Steam with a Mouse and Keyboard. Having a partially empty Hydrazine hooked up to the Fuel Condenser is the only way I know how to reproduce this exploit. Starting the Fuel Condenser with a partially filled bottle and removing it when filled as the second bottle fills the machine will complete before it has filled but then automatically fills the bottle the rest of the way anyways. I would have attached video but the way I recorded me and my friends session last night did not seem to record the game at all it just recorded the steam page. Good Luck.
  23. Trylobot

    Auto-Shuttle Re-fuel

    Here's an idea for the fuel condenser structure; being able to hook it up directly to a nearby shuttle or spaceship, to passively refuel over time, at the cost of energy (normal cost of hydrazine), making the process more automated.
  24. Here is how to replicate the dupe bug: Be in Multiplayer Game Have a Fuel Condenser Any player can start the Fuel Condenser Non-host players click on and pull partially filled Hydrazine tanks from Fuel Condenser as it is filling creating duplicates You can trade partially filled tanks with the same value as full tanks through the Trading Platform Hmmmmmmm, I wonder what these are for:
  25. Swagmaster21

    Hydrazine ideas

    I was thinking of different ways of fixing the hydrazine OP problem while adding new features to the game rather than just making worth less in the trading station or something. I am not saying that this is necessarily the best solution, just tossing around ideas. 1 Hydrazine fuels trading station and base shield Your trading station rocket would be powered by hydrazine, making it more expensive to trade therefore people will give more consideration to what they are trading and hydrazine would not be as available to trade. Then, have some sort of base shield or vehicle shield that would need hydrazine to power it to protect you from wind storms and toxic gas. It would mean that people would have to use hydrazine more for protection. The storm would cause actual damage to your base hence the reason for needing a shield and same with the truck. 2 hydrazine to heal you. As of now, you automatically heal, but what if you did not? You could use hydrazine to power a medical droid that makes band aids and medicine from resin and compound. Or, you could have hydrazine as a healing tool directly. 3 hydrazine used to create energy. You could use hydrazine in the generator to make energy at night or in a cave. It could help if your solar panel breaks (assuming that is implemented) and stuff like that. Anyone feel free to voice your thoughts!