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Found 6 results

  1. My friend and I were starting a new world and started adventuring and thought, "Hey! They should add creatures and monsters too this!" So maybe you guys should add some creatures that are friendly that can possibly become pets, creatures that are neutral that just don't want to be bothered with or killed, and monsters that are hostile and can kill others. Which means you need some sort of safety equipment like Armour or weapons you can have. Also maybe make a health bar which would be handy and maybe hunger since you can kill creatures you can probably add some sort of meat to the game. There are some ideas for the game that will make it more interesting and fun! Hope you read this and have a good day!
  2. I can see why hunger would make sense and fit to a game like this, but wouldn't this make the a game a complete chore as this point? why would forcefully mining or crafting food feel like anything but a chore, the great thing about Astroneer right now is at any given moment I can give myself a task and set out to do it. Rather then the game telling me to go do it. Just my thought.
  3. Hey guys, I see a lot of people talking hunger... yea / nay and what it would mean for astroneer. I have what I believe to be a compromise concept. What if there WAS some kind of food in astroneer, but no hunger. What if certain foods could cause buffs and possibly debuffs/poison for unID'd consumables. Having spent more than my fair share of hours in the catacombs of roguelikes, I can assure all who havent that there is a certain thrill in consuming some unknown alien munchable in a moment of desperation because you are about to die or want to gamble on being able to get to that special place... Buffs could include less O2 consumption, same for power, altered gravity, move speed, jump height... maybe even more psychadelic edibles could alter your terrain brush size/shape or even the visuals within the game. The list could obviously grow here as more goals and features are added. The other thing this could accomplish is adding farming for basic components of desirable "meals" or "buff Berries" or whatever... I think it would also be great if some of these farmable plants could be used in bulk to produce some of the current or more basic resources. 10x O2 helper "Buff Berry" can produce a single "filters" 12x harvested metallic wheat after processed = 1 copper multiple 'compound cotton" can be processed and produce the more usable compound resource. As with more things I wont be surprised at all if SOME of this kind of content gets added in some form or another, and probably with a flair for the theme. Who needs an actual farm if you can have a minefield full of Astroid magnets regularly attracting celestial chests full of loot... Anyway, just my late-night ramblings concerning hunger, and I guess frankly the lack-there-of, but with the little twist and compromise.
  4. On the backpack, below the top left connection on the side, add a spot to put Organics in. Your character would then eat that as food over time
  5. Farms should be added to produce food to quench hunger.
  6. Hunger and thirst should be implemented to create goals of survival in the game.