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Found 6 results

  1. Sledge


    Navigation is a pet peeve of mine - I'd like to see a compass on the HUD permanently in view at the top of the screen as in other games - with p.o.i.'s marked at their appropriate bearings - at least - things you've already discovered, like gateways, base, beacons etc.Also - a map of some kind would be nice, to help orient yourself - one that expands as you uncover/discover your surroundings. A map that either automatically adds POI's or one where you can set markers for things of interest - like an iron deposit, or underground cave entrance of note etc. The compass you have at the moment is annoying, in that you can't see it while driving - meaning you have to stop every so often, get out of your buggy, click on your character, to see vaguely in which direction you're going - but by the time you've skirted untold holes, hills, forests and other obstacles, you can still get hopelessly lost, as the flag for your home base is only visible a certain distance - after that you have no idea - unless you know the area well. Excursions that go further away are always fraught with the danger of not finding back home. I can't say how many times I've fallen down a hole or died in a cave, with no way of ever finding back. All my gear/ore - lost.To aid this - some decent headlights / spotlights for the vehicles would be grand! Driving at night is suicidal, and the work lights are only so good.
  2. With so many items you can 3D print from your backpack now, it has become cumbersome to manually arrow click through them to find the one you want. In the attached image, you will see my proposal. Between the left and right arrows, I suggest a 3rd (expand) button. When you click it, a secondary window pops up below with all the available crafting items. You can cursor over each one which will pop up the name of the item and what it takes to craft it. Then, select from the window to either print directly or to collapse the expanded window causing the selected item to become the one now shown in the original backpack UI. In the image you'll also notice I suggest a similar interface to management of the augments. I imagine another pop-up window to the right with on / off check marks to choose which ones are active. Since there are so many augment options, I also suggest them not taking up inventory space, but instead only "existing" in this new pop-up window after each is crafted.
  3. I have been considering ideas for Astroneer instantly after installing the Pre-Alpha Version (Xbox One and my PC). My ideas are simple, but would enhance the game. --- My main idea, coming straight to the point, is a way to improve the character's pack. Maybe have a small amount of upwards boost if you add some tool made from copper or compound. I know this would be a little easy to create, so if the player could use hydrazine to fuel the "jet"pack this would . I believe that this will help from early-game to end-game. It can help climb mountains, or slow down your falling speed. This is just a draft of my idea, so contact me if you [SystemEra] wish for me to assist anyway I can to play-test the item. --- As I have noticed, and so have many of my friends, checking your health or checking your oxygen and your power supplies from a bar within your HUD. A health bar seems unnecessary, but if an update plans on adding hostile creatures it should be included. Including the amount of power/O2 supplies in your inventory would also be a great help. This idea has probably been created in multiple threads before, but I could not find one. Thank you System Era for creating this great game, and I hope I have assisted your team with new ideas. Please feel free to comment of message on this thread to ask me about my thoughts. Thanks again, Brycen The G
  4. pumpkinmeerkat

    Hiding the Hud

    Is there a currently a command or option in the config to remove HUD elements? If not, would be a great addition to allow for cleaner/prettier screenshots near bases, vehicles, etc.
  5. While playing the game I have noticed a few things missing that are just about crucial to gameplay. First, a map (either displayed by pressing "M" or a mini-map on the side of the display or HUD); additionally a very useful tool would be to have the ability to add the ability to rename beacons that are placed (also which should be displayed on the map) so that multiple beacons can be differentiated between one another. The beacon display during normal gameplay is a nifty idea and I do like it, however I can't help but feel that an actual map of the explored area would be greatly useful. Also, bonus points if the developers find a way to incorporate a way to switch between an underground map and a ground level or above ground map.
  6. Great Survivors

    Improving the game

    Hello ! Congratulations for your fantastic game its awesome . Me and my friend bought the game today and we are having trouble to play it online , the game keeps crashing . We also have some ideas to improve this fantastic game . 1- Health bar 2-Satellites ( like a spacial base ) 3-More kinds of space ships and cars to travel in different ways 4- Animals ( to provide resources ) 5-Custom base (where you can hide from storms , like a home) 6-Map 7-Water 8-More mountains where you can climb and build one of your bases , also caves , fallen space ships , etc 9- NO point of trade because one of the best things on the game is the crafting system and a trade system would end it 10- Space exploration