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Found 3 results

  1. Right now the aircraft's in the game are a little underwhelming. No sense of full control and stuff really. Wanted maybe a small aircraft that can hover and help with building stuff. Better control And such . Thinking of a helicopter or something that hovers. That being said; I'd like to see stackable buildings or materials made from iron or any of the existing resources. (Attack a winch for building?) I would also like to see a small wagon that can fit one or two storages that you can push/pull materials. I think that would be really neat to see implemented in the game
  2. Idea for two additional vehicles: Low flying 'hover' vehicle, slower with more transport. High flying vehicle/aircraft, faster with less transport. Why is this needed? Currently the vehicle tier is as follow's: Ground T1: Rover Ground T2: Truck Space T1: Lander Space T2: Spaceship I suggest this as a more appropriate vehicle tier: Ground T1: Rover Ground T2: Truck Air T1: Hover/ground effect vehicle Air T2: Aircraft/atmospheric flyer Space T1: Lander Space T2: Spaceship However we have skipped the natural middle jump of aircraft/flying vehicles. I believe we have all experienced the turbulence of driving quickly over a rock and flipping your rover/truck and having to stop and recover the situation. My proposal would allow one to move above the terrain quickly and free from those issues, both encouraging the player to explore further from their base and increase a players drive to establish bases further out in the field, which perhaps will be more important if biomes are ever added in later patches. Low flying 'hover' vehicle T1: This would float just above the ground, being able to move over most obstacles but would not be able to 'fly' in any real sense, think of speeders in StarWars for example - floating vehicles. To offset a lack of altitude and speed a large transport capacity, and so would be perfect for larger mines or moving between medium and short distance bases (similar to the lander). High flying vehicle/aircraft T2: This aircraft would 'fly', of course i think a No Man's sky semi-rails system would be most appropriate, higher in the atmosphere and would travel at a much faster speed, at the expense of transport capacity. This would be perfect for traveling to a distant base without going back forth to space, while also further encouraging wider exploration of the planet/moon. Benefits: Provide a collision-free alternative to the rover/truck surface travel or the ineffective use/wait of moving back and forth from orbit with the lander/spaceship. Would encourage greater organic player exploration of the environment, rather than limiting landing sites or the unreliable and short range of rovers/trucks. Encourages establishing bases further afield, creating the sense you are truly claiming a planet rather than just focusing on your landing site. Negatives: May be seen as unbalanced, however given the complex whether system this unbalance can be tackled through risk of damage/turbulence due to storms. May be difficult to code flying/hovering vehicles, however use of a 'on-rails' style system could mitigate complexity.
  3. When I first launch the game, and load into a saved game, the items in my pack hover in the air behind them, instead of being attached to the pack. I have to physically click them and re-attach them. Doesn't cause any gameplay issues, just simply a cosmetic/annoyance issue. EDIT: The items WILL disappear if you do not re-attach them to the pack. So this is a gameplay issue.