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Found 8 results

  1. I think it would make more sense while you are in your inventory, that you can use the "Context Left" and "Context Right" buttons to navigate the inventory crafting recipe. This would also make the in-inventory crafting more accessible, as well as preventing the accidental placement of context items while you're crafting.
  2. First off sorry if this is a repeat, searched and did not find these. I want to be able to set different hotkey for for use/terrain tool. I would like them to not share the same hotkey. Same goes for examine and backpack. I would love a drop it button. For quickly getting things in and out of inventory or off storage racks. An ignore snapping hotkey could be nice. Like holding alt while moving stuff around to not have it snap all over. Alternatively holding control makes it only move to snap points. A place button for quickly placing items from inventory. Starts placing all resources onto selected storage location. Perhaps based on the item you have most of or just cycling through resources (all compound, then all resin...). Would prefer it prioritize keeping stuff like generators and work light till last. Not sure which would be best but some sort of place button would be welcomed. I would love an option to disable clicking on my back to open that inventory. Would love a hot key to grab items right off of my back. For example while not in any menu, hold shift and click on a specific item on my back to place in hand. Any more that I missed would love to see but these would be an amazing start in my opinion.
  3. It's a shame to hear that players with gamepads were negatively affected by this feature and I'm happy to hear that you're improving the game. Did you consider that: * Some players may have just purchased the game since it went 1.0 (like my wife and I) * Some players may have relied on this amazing feature to quickly grab items (like us) * Some players might not want it, and some players might like it (even with a gamepad) Suggestion: Make it an option to turn off, instead of removing a usability feature like this outright. Bonus points: Detect if they're using a gamepad, and turn it off by default if that's the desired behavior.
  4. It was fun playing this game. Driving the rover was fun. But these broken hotkeys... we went from bad to worse. I don't usually use WASD, but no one uses HASD I drove the rover in reverse for a while just because … H key, seriously. Why was this not hotfixed in the first month? WASD was tolerable, HASD is over the line. This game without the rovers, well... fix the hotkeys then we will talk
  5. The rover used to be stuck using W as the forward key. Now it is stuck on the H key to go forward
  6. I have noticed that in order to activate printing on the Medium Printer is (default) E while the other tabletop printer you use the key (default) Q I frequently press the wrong button trying to activate a printer because they do not use the same hotkey for the same type of action. :-Z I know what it is to change keys after people get used to them... but... in this case I think the long term would be worth it to unify the hotkeys among the objects so that the print function for example is always the same hotkey (which ever key you have set) on any printer type item
  7. Making changes to WASD are not all carried over to driving the Small Rover (possibly other rovers, not yet tested) My WASD is remapped (respectively) to ESDF On the Small Rover with my keys remapped (as above) I get: W = Forward (old mapping?) S = Left (correct) F = Right (correct) ? = No key for backward It is my assumption that the remapping of S = Left has something to do with no reverse W-10 V
  8. Setting new hotkeys (*gasp* who doesn't use WASD to move? … me) does not update the UI where the instructions tell you which hotkey to use. So if it says to push Q my hotkey is A, but the hotkey for E is Q because I am using E... Always pushing the wrong button just because there is an icon telling me which button to push. Caused me to accidently cancel a research early lol... slightly annoying but not a huge issue PC V