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Found 2 results

  1. FireStorm649

    My ideas for Hostile Flora

    My first idea for a flora is an A.I flora that disguises itself as a tree, and when you get a certain distance (say 10 metres) then it pops out the ground takes form of a tree leafy gorilla thing and starts chasing you until you reach 15 metres away from it, then it turns back into a tree. they should be able to catch up to you you need to dig hole to slow it down. It will two shot you and make sure you wont get your items back by guarding it. The weakness: old age. This thing should die of old age after about a day, but appear regularly on the surface of exotic, arid and terran. they should get blown around during storms and root down somewhere else. upon death it drops 3 pieces of organic or a piece of coal. (I've posted this in someone else's topic and I just wanted to make this as a stand alone thing. So don't call me out pls) my second idea is to have a flora that grows arid balls on its two limbs, lobbing both of them every 1.3 seconds to a range of 10 metres. They become aggro at 8 metres and their throws can shave off a little bit of dirt each throw throwing at a speed of 10 metres per second. They spawn on arid (on mass presumably this is how arid got the spiny balls) and exotic, underground and on the surface. these act the same as arid's spiny balls as they can be harvested for organics, so you shouldn't dig the plants up straight away. The balls will exist until you destroy them, unless you want a bunch of hazards lying around. The plant will drop an arid spiny ball which you can pickup and throw (best for multiplayer ) and some organics.
  2. Zeribax

    Zombie Astronauts?

    So basically imagine a parasitic plant that can take over the dead corpses of failed astronauts. Now hear me out, you've probably heard this a dozen times, but imagine you're going through a cave. You see an astronaut standing up and walking, as you approach him you slowly see a yellow glow on the side of his head. He shrieks and charges at you as you sprint back above ground no idea how to fight him. Lots of research needs to be put into research I guess...