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Found 19 results

  1. my habitat has got a small fabricator stuck in it and I can't remove it at all
  2. I accidentally made a second habitat but when I tabbed into it to save my game, I now can't get out of it and my world is redundant. Plz help
  3. I launched off my home planet to explore the other planets. I am not stuck between 2 planets and can't get back home. The bottom 3 dots is my home planet location but it is no longer there. PS - I love this game and the thoughts of starting over usually means I will go to another game. I am starting my new game right after I post this and hope I can salvage my current game in a future update.
  4. I think that we should have something like a tricorder when we press the LT button. It could show the nearest base or vehicle, examine the ground to find some hidden caves and show storm locations. Another thing that we could have on the game is snow, rain, storms, water, etc..
  5. I built several buildings & think there is one called a printer that I can't make with my current base config, It would be nice to be able to break down / destroy a building. Or to be able to move them around if you are in the central starting / saving pod.
  6. It would be really cool if you could build a home that you can actually go inside. Like a little space hut. This could save you from sandstorms and I think it would be a brilliant feature. Not only could you just build a small home but you can extend it out with corridors, designs and other things that would make the player satisfied with their creation. I think this would be a much better substitute for just sitting in a chair to avoid sandstorms. Watya think?
  7. Hey, guys! I absolutely love your game. If I didn't post this right, I hope someone can (respectfully) let me know. I went to an "exotic" planet in the shuttle to collect Research, and when I returned to my home base on my home planet, the world was flattened and very bland. I understand when it would need to catch up, but there wasn't any. The same caves were accessible, it was just flattened without any formations or foliage. When I drove my Truck/Rover trailer-rig into the cave closest to home and got out to collect copper, the game crashed when I tried to put a Research piece on my vehicle. I haven't had a crash before this. Your game still amazes me, and with how it is now, I can't even imagine the finishing outcome! Thank you guys!
  8. Hi dears at first, i'm really sorry for my bad english Here my problem: i start with my shuttle off to a new planet. on my shuttle, i have a seat, a habitat, and a storageplatform with some things. now i land on a new planet and set the habitat. beacause i haven't enough reisin, i would like to go back to my first habitat, to bring more things to my new habitat. but now i have the problem, that i can't start with my shuttle. i have enough fuel and also a seat on the shuttle. i also can see the red button to launch, but when i click on the button nothing happen. why i can't fly off this planet? i really need the habitat to fly away even tought i have a seat on the shuttle? thanks in advance for your help Cheers Swiss-cow
  9. I was playing the game just fine until i extended my base near a pile of my dropped various items and my base extended over them and now has the most awful sound non stop i have to make a new game the audio is so unbearable.
  10. It would be a very nice feature to be able to print walls, roofs and other stuff at the printer that you can build a base building. I know that the game is about exploring and other stuff, but the main problem I have right now is why should I go and explore planets when I don't have any use of the resources I gathered. The Reason for that is that after about 6 to 7 hours of playing you don't have any modules to research anymore and the only thing that you can do is exploring and mining. But I just don't see why I should go and do that if I can't do anything with the materials than building vehicles I already have. It would be just a nice feature that players can spend some time and resources on.
  11. Removabillity of modules All base modules, such as the conectors, and buildings, and perhaps the starter player capsule, should be removable. Along with the modules that are build/printed onto the vehicles.
  12. I understand the current system with the Vehicle Bay is bugged such that once you build a shuttle/ship it can't be used for anything else. I'm hoping a fix for this can be given a fairly high priority as there are other nasty side effects. For one - the shuttle/ship becomes the "HOME" location, and this can really throw things off. It would seem a landing pad could be part of a flying vehicle. Once it is constructed, you should be able to move it to some nearby spot, and once set down, the would be it's landing place, and the Vehicle Bay would be freed up. To get around this I created a second vehicle bay and built a spaceship on it (after some truck parts). A shuttle was made on the other. Now the system gets confused as to where 'HOME' is and I've had the shuttle land on top of the spaceship! These sort of early bugs do make the game a bit more difficult to play (space navigation is it's own confusing challenge!) and would be really nice if some of these simpler things could be tuned up before adding new cool features.
  13. As you can see there's a broken planet (which everyone is aware of already judging by this forum) but my starting planet has disappeared completely leaving just the beacons below the planet I am currently on. I used the shuttle to blast off to explore a new planet and I managed to come back "home" once to drop off some research I had found but then when I left again for the new planet and tried to come back home after picking up more research it had completely bugged out and disappeared! I have restarted the game and tried quitting to the main menu but it hasn't fixed it, does anyone have any ideas/fixes?
  14. What if players could start a space station on a planet then launch it into space then use it as a mass storage and have players build a cannon or somthing to put items on the space station and a console so that they can have their items drop down like care packages. Then maybe after that's all working make it so players can go onto the space station in a different update and make it a place of operations aka a player home.
  15. If i get too far past the horizon, i can't see the beacon to my home base/ vehicle. The "guitar picks" are no longer visible, and i can't find my way back. This is especially bad on barren, just driving a short distance in rover, and looking back, can't see where home base is.
  16. Bonjour, je viens ici pour proposer une de mes idées. Celle-ci consiste à mettre un système de numéro pour les différents habitat/home que nous joueurs aurons. Car là c'est compliqué de si retrouver car j'ai déjà plus de 3 habitat et je ne sais jamais ou aller . Du coup il faudrait pouvoir donner un nom à chaque habitat Merci d'avoir pris le temps de lire mon idée, je vous souhaite une agréable journée . Cordialement, Nonak_ .
  17. Is a nice idea to put a button in the habitats to set your home and respawn location.
  18. This is a our base, and look on this power system :-D Thanx for this game, and good luck
  19. Installs into one of the two backpack slots. Shows the icons for vehicles, home, and beacons either: a. At their specific locations, even if that location through the planet (IE: opposite sides of the planet) b. At the horizon in the direction that is closest to the player based on a measure of the circumference. This could even require a module be install at the base such as a Radar Dish to work.