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Found 1 result

  1. WhosTog

    Hoarders Challenge

    Hoarders Challenge The EXO Dynamics Corporation has given you a mission. Start a new world. Collect and accumulate the following: A full truck each (8 storage units, 64 pcs) of every resource both refined and unrefined: Compound Resin Laterite Malachite Copper Aluminum Hydrazine Coal Lithium Titanium Hematite Astronium Power Oxygen You need to line up 14 trucks with double storage ready for pickup by the mother ship. Bonus Challenge: Collect a rover full (4 slots) of each unique type of research item, according to the (, there are currently 19 such items. Again, line up your 19 rovers with single storage for pickup by the company. Rules: Items to be collected must be brought back to your starting base. No trade stations. No fuel condensers Good luck. Feel free to post your progress and your completed collection of goodies.