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About Me

  1. Hello all, today I wanted to play Astroneer on my save that i activated sylva, desolo, calidor, and vesania but when i went to load the game, it loaded to the system era screen, then the unreal engine screen, the got stuck on the spinning circles loading screen. Im on the Microsoft Store build of Astroneer and I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling astroneer and the deleting movies things for the steam build doesnt work because I cannot find the movies folder. The current version of my game is the latest version as of June 7th, 2021. I've attached a video of me attempting to launch Astroneer. It usually stays on that screen for about 3 seconds. My computers specs are Ryzen 3600, Gtx 1650, 16gb ram, its a Hp Pavilion Gaming Pc with an added 8 gb ram stick. Thank you to all reading and supporting! 2021-06-07 23-56-38.mp4
  2. Can't seem to join my friend when they're in a game. I have tried both clicking join game and being invited by them. All it does is take me to a loading screen and then to the home screen, where if I click join I just start a new single player world. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. So I bought astroneer on the playstation store and the purchase went through but I can’t download it from my library or the playstation store.
  4. SES_Adam

    How do I...?

    Hello! Playing Astroneer and are unsure about something? First, check out the FAQ thread. If your answer isn't in there then by all means use this forum to ask your questions. Offer as much information and media as you can so you can get informed responses. If you're reading a question someone else has asked, feel free to reply with your suggestions or answers. We're building this game with the community and encourage you to help whenever you feel like. Adam
  5. I can use the terrain Tool just fine to dig. But when I try to flatten surface or build dirt, I'm greeted with a giant red X on my cursor on my terrain Tool. This didn't use to happen. How to I fix it?
  6. My friend can no longer enter the map we were playing on. He says he lost the connection with the host. Can someone help me solve it? Pc game by microsoft
  7. So my friend and I have the game both installed via the Microsoft store on our windows PC's. Now, when we go to join each other using the Xbox Companion App (we both have tried btw) it comes with an error, "Session not found" I have tried the following to fix the issues: Turn off any firewall | Restart PC | Re-install the game | Change time zone settings | Restarting IP helper in widows services | and disable smart cast from windows security. I am kinda getting frustrated because I really don't want to buy the game on steam while I already have it on xbox just to play with him. because he would have to buy the game too.
  8. Did some unexpected weird bug occur? Perhaps you accidentally fell down a really deep hole and died? Maybe you lost some really hard to obtain resources that you don't want to remake again? Normally there is nothing you can do, you HAVE to accept your fate and start over, as there is no option to Quit Without Saving. And because Astroneer does not allow you to have more than one save file, there is no way to just exit the game normally and load a previous save file. (Which you can do on practically EVERY OTHER GAME. (Why only one save file? (This is such derp on the developer's part.))) , Pushing the power button probably won't help you, because Astroneer will do a "clean shutdown" ... which likely includes saving your screwed-up game. Nope, we have to be sneaky and kill Astroneer suddenly before it can attempt to save the game. There are some options... The most drastic solution... yank the power cord on your device! Not a great idea for Windows if you had other programs running in the background, but probably the XBox will tolerate it okay, as it is a consumer device that has to be able to handle such abuse. The less drastic solution on Windows is to Kill the game program using the Task Manager, which will force it to abruptly stop what it is doing without saving. There are two ways to get to the Task Manager: Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and a list of choices will appear. At the bottom of the list is the Task Manager. Select it. Or, In the game press the Windows key, and the Windows task bar will appear across the bottom of the screen. Somewhere in the blank area of the task bar, press the right mouse button and a menu of choices will appear. Near the bottom of this menu, select the item named Task Manager. If you've never used Task manager before, it just show you a list of running programs, one of which is named "Astro". Click on it to select it, and then in the bottom right corner, click button End Task. Astroneer will close suddenly and you will be left at the Windows desktop. Now you can run the game again, and when you load the game, you will be at the point where you saved before the Big Fail occurred.
  9. my internet is really bad and randomly disconnects, and it happened to disconnect when i sent the exo request rocket with 120 attapetrol and I now lost 3 hours of progress
  10. [Microsoft Store] So I opened the game and it said I was playing offline. Since I wanted to play with my friend, I alt + f4 the game (still on the menu) and opened it again. A cutscene played and the offline message was replaced with one talking about the new patch, but both of my saves disappeared. Anyone else has had that happened to you? What do I do now?
  11. My nephew and I have been playing for 3 weeks and we built up a considerable base. We started using the Exo Request Platform and while he was offline, I completed the first 2 requests for the VR Headset and Gearhead thinking that when he was on he would get them...nope. So I started helping him complete them and he managed to get the first one, but the Gearhead Request is stuck. When he's playing solo, the goal won't budge from 98 units left and when I'm online, it jumps to 198. We've tried everything we could think of to get it to move/unlock, but nothing worked. Can anyone help us?
  12. Hi all, I'm not sure what's going on here but my game save is suddenly unplayable. I've spent hours on the game (to infinity and beyond) and after the latest update my game suddenly dropped to a incredibly low frame rate. At the time it happened I was attempting to farm compound for the exo request platform using the centrifuge loading directly into a medium resource canister and it just stalled. I've tried quitting the game and reloading the save, but it's the same. I'm heartbroken and can't bring myself to start over, hopefully it will get patched/fixed. I've tried to start a new game and that appears to run perfectly fine. I'm running the gamepass version on an Xbox One S. Please help... Any suggestions? Hopefully the attached video shows just how bad it is... VID-20200703-WA0003.mp4
  13. This is a list of bugs that are vastly effecting gameplay on my cross platform server. Nitrado hosted. 1. Rovers tractors buggy jumping when exiting out than embedding i to ground 2. rovers med and larger getting stuck on nothing or every tiny floating stone 3. chem station making a non selected resource. such as making diamonds then making hydrazine 3. auto arms bugging out and not functioning 4. hydrozaine thruster not seeing the fuel or locking player in orbit. 5. camera going so buggy that driving rovers underground becomes impossible to do safely 6. med storage containers randomly turning from input to output when not around or on planet. 7. players randomly dying on logout. 8. loss of past xbox event items. 9. nor sure if glitch or mechanic but when group works to turn on the portal only one person gets credit making each player activate portal. 10. backpack printer holograms jitter and shake badly. 11. players tools randomly stop working. 12. items fall into world and are lost at random times. 13. camera grabs wrong item while locking onto item wanted. 14. shuttles throw passengers out into space. 15. planets become partly invisible on death or planetary travel. 16. soil centrifuge randomly gives atmospheric condensers menu making unit useless. 17. landing bubbles not appearing where they should. sometimes missing while marker still present. 18. resources disappearing from ground willing to invite dev team onto server to allow them to see the glitches themselves. Any help would be wonderful.
  14. I've had Astroneer for around a month, and have played around 20 hours on the same saved game. After I updated to the most recent update, it still ran fine, but after saving my world and logging off the second time after the update, I came back and my save file had been reduced to the size of 1 KB and I could not load it, rename it, duplicate it, or generally interact with it. I've made other save files since then and none of them have had any issues similar to this. I did not close the game prematurely before saving, I'm certain of that. I'd like to know if there's any way for me to fix my world and gain my 20 or so hours of progress back. I've restarted the game, uninstalled and reinstalled, scanned and repaired files, and restarted my computer multiple times. Any suggestions or fixes would be greatly appreciated.
  15. So I activated glacio the other day and I never got the achievement or the cosmetics. I'm on pc and I have tried to restart the game multiple times. I think the game might have been in offline mode even though I was playing with some friends since when i closed the world it said I was offline. Help would be very appreciated.
  16. Ever since I first went to those planets I have been getting stuck to the ground constantly. Every few meters I become unable to move unless I jump first. I don't have this issue on any of the other planets. And vehicles works fine.
  17. How do I submit ticket to System Era?
  18. Hi All, I'm really glad to be back playing this awesome game. When I tried to use the terrain tool it would not allow me to raise or smooth out terrain. Just showed me a red "X". Do I need to upgrade the tool now? Thanks
  19. Hey all, So I have played Astroneer since day one.. took a break for awhile but have come back in the last week after all the updates.. started a new world all is fine.. But I am confused a little and had to make an account to ask this question.. A friend of mine and i were out in 2 large rovers exploring.. i stopped to get out and look at stuff.. he was behind me making his way up the mountain with a drill 3 mod and paver on the front of his truck and ran into / over my truck which i was out of at the time.. when I turned around my truck was gone... We though it was burried so we dug down and couldnt find it.. half the mountain is now gone looking for it with not sign of it at all.. Was the truck destroyed by the drill 3? was it burried some how deeper then it should have? There was no cave under my truck it was full solid ground, there is a large cave area further down but not near where it vanished.. thanks in advance for any help you can all provide..
  20. dxy5

    FPS cap?

    If my settings are lowered, the fps seems to be capped at 100, if my settings are maxed out, my fps is capped at 50. How can i disable this? i have a high refresh monitor and 50 fps wont do it for me. This game is beautiful, so i want to play it on max settings. I definitely have the hardware to push it. I tried going into the note pad and editing the max fps, however when i launch it, it rewrites the line. I am on windows version, not steam. Is this on purpose? If so that is pretty unacceptable in 2020 to have capped fps on pc
  21. hi guys recently started playing Astroneer on my ps4 & ive awoken slyva, desolo & vesania & i got all the cosmetics from awakening all those planets but last night i awoken glacio & i got the trophy on my ps4 but the tundra suit & palette are still locked. if anyone could please help me out it would be appreciated
  22. Has anyone been having this problem recently? I have put in about 90+ hours into Astroneer on Steam, and only now is it starting to act up. Every time I load up Astroneer, it says that I am offline. However, I am in fact online. I checked my internet and steam connection and have tried numerous solutions through Google but I can't seem to find something that works. Does anyone have a fix to this? Please let me know.
  23. I was recently in my world trying to do all the achievements when a steam "friend" randomly joined. I had no idea that this person joined and that they hid in my game, getting all the achievements I was working for. I think devs should add an alert when someone joins your game since this situation could have turned out much worse. Devs should also add a feature where players can be kicked from a game. I feel like this is an essential part of Astroneer and hope to see it being implemented in the next update. I realize that these aren't the best achievements, but it's the concept of a steam "friend" joining without your knowledge is concerning.
  24. If you need any money in order to try to fix the lag I can try to help. Because the lag is extremely bad ! Please help I made two other posts and the lag is real 25mb and 100 mb internet ( two different times and the internet is slow please help. My only guess is I need to be popular for this to get read or get any help. Because nobody is viewing or even trying to help. System Era has never fixed the lag since alpha.