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Found 211 results

  1. Hello, fellow Astroneers! My name is Prestiege and i was wondering if anyone out there had any tips or tricks that may help to increase overall FPS for singleplayer and co-op. I am currently running around 35-43 fps at any time in solo and around 15-20 in co-op. If anyone has any advice to assist me please comment below. Thank you. System Specs Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2712 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) : 16.0 GB Available Virtual Memory : 4.49 GB Graphics Card : GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, NVIDIA compatible
  2. So I fell off a cliff... I go back to my dead body, but just when I got near it I had to make a bridge, no proble... oh wait when I removed a tiny bit of terrain under the body it fell through the map with all of my solid fuel thrusters... help
  3. Hello! When using this mod, I'm finding all kind of behaviors except what it could be expected. In particular, the following happens to me: * With normal use, it digs a hole perpendicular to the center of the planet * Pressing ALT, it grows a pillar perpendicular to the center of the planet * Pressing CTRL, creates a ¿vertical? wall, These three behaviors happen even if centering the pointer over a triangle as horizontal as possible. It's even deforming the initial undeformable black floor around the shelter. I'm 100% sure the augment is active, as the green ciclet around the plug glows, and i have few soil containers equipped and filled as well. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't the normal use smooth the surface in a spherical form, around the planet?
  4. Fps Drop *Must Read* Ok so when i first started my first game i was running at 60 fps constantly easily and it would never drop below 60 fps.But now my play time on the game is over 24 hours and i have about 3 habitats.I have expanded all of them to the max with each having its own ability (printer ext) and now even when i am away from it i am running 20-30 fps. Please fix this in the new update And if you was wondering if it might be my graphics card its a gtx 1060 6gb so it is a high end graphic card which can max out gta V settings and run at a smooth 60-100fps
  5. Hello guys, hello developers First of all, I would love to congratulate on the release of the game and express respect to the developers - you worked hard, and now the game feels way better and is definitely more polished (I know, I played Astroneer 2 years ago and I play it now after release 1.0). But I've faced strange issue - after 20h playing on the same world, my framerate drops and frametime spikes drastically. I have no issues in the brand new world. I've recorded a log with MSI Afterburner, it is available here, and also I've recorded a video (available here) where I'm playing a few minutes in an 'old' world and some time in a 'new' world. Specs are described in a log sheet. Content of ..\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor also available in .zip archive. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks and again congratulations with the release of the game.
  6. ☣ ƝαКє ☣

    How to play alone?

    When I want to play solo automatically an online game is created, only my friends can join, but when I play solo my fps remain around 30 fps. When I connect to a friend's game my fps are at 60. I would like to be able to close my games so that they are private and not have to host a game whenever I want to play 🙄
  7. SES_Adam

    How do I...?

    Hello! Playing Astroneer and are unsure about something? First, check out the FAQ thread. If your answer isn't in there then by all means use this forum to ask your questions. Offer as much information and media as you can so you can get informed responses. If you're reading a question someone else has asked, feel free to reply with your suggestions or answers. We're building this game with the community and encourage you to help whenever you feel like. Adam
  8. I’ve gone down all the way to the core but I can’t find any graphite on vesania, the wiki says it’s a primary resource on that planet but I can’t find it anywhere. pls help
  9. ☣ ƝαКє ☣

    Fall of fps

    When I enter a friend's game my fps go to between 50 and 60, when I host a game my fps are regularly 30 - 40, when a friend joins my game I host between 20 and 30 fps and when there are 3 friends or more and I'm the host I play with 15 - 10 fps or less... some times I play between 5 to 1 fps . Is there any way to fix that?
  10. Hi SES! This is probably just a small mistake but the symbol at the core of Glacio does not match correctly and exactly with Diamond, for players new to the game this may be hard to understand as the symbols are quite easily mixed up, but they might go and make nanocarbon alloys instead of diamond and then be dissappointed that they did all of that for nothing. Just thought I would make you aware. Thanks!
  11. Erik Liebeskind


    Hey guys, Today I played some Astroneer and I was very excited about the new update and the full release. But I had to notice that the multiplayer function is very bad. If I play with my friend on his world, I have big performance problems. I have a good internet connection and my friend too. I play on a Xbox one X. If you can help me, please let me know it. I like this game but with this bad performance it is unplayable. Thanks :)
  12. Hello, I've been playing with my friends during the 1.0 release of Astroneer, and the three of us encountered extreme lag. I have a pretty beefy system, including an RTX Titan and 64 gigabytes of RAM, as well as a brand new Ryzen CPU. For some reason, the lag spikes continue to happen no matter what. Is this an issue of the internet, or just something on the side of the servers? I haven't gotten any lag spikes in single player.
  13. Nur-Taher Kejje


    Someone can find the retro suit that was up to those who had bought the game preview?
  14. I was playing a game with my mate when he exited the game (on purpose) while on the unidentified satellite. Now when he joins in the game crashes for him. Please help
  15. me and a friend started playing yesterday again and played about 6 hours. today we loaded up the world and the tractor got stuck in a hole as soon as he went into it to drive it out his screen went black and the game crashed we have (reinstalled etc.) now when he joins he gets a screen where it looks like the view you get from the space station in main screen. this lasts about one second after loading for 10 seconds and then it exists after it spins out of control. please find the screen shot attached. we are playing keyboard and mouse on steam I really hope you can help I believe a reload textures or world option would get around this problem. thanks Pieter
  16. Hey, I purchased Astroneer on the Xbox store a-while back and it was running fine on my windows machine, after the release of 1.0 I cannot update / Reinstall it. Could you help me with this and let me know? Thanks, AxleRex
  17. I have had the game since august 12th 2018 and after launch i do not have the retro skin even though i had a save file with it when it was introduced into the game.
  18. So basicly i came back from exotic where i got some iron and when i tried to smelt it, what came out was just some ordinary aluminium! Can somebody help me? Only one of the hematite actually turned into iron. The rest turned into aluminium,
  19. Hey so I was in a cave and I found two of these black rocks/soil bits and I can´t suck them up with the terrain tool, in fact the terrain tool doesn´t do anything to them. Does any one here know what they are? Here is a photo:
  20. Sorry, I already mentioned this problem in the steam discussion because I thought I can get more help with this. ANYWAYS it wont let me get on my save, I dont know if the save is too large or something. It happened when I pressed the power on my computer because the game was frozen when I tried to get to my desktop (which is another problem) Can any of you help me out?
  21. Hello Astroneer players As part of a group project for my college course I and my classmates have been tasked with finding out some information about the demographic of Astroneer and some opinions on it from the community in order to find out what things the player-base would most like to see added to the game. If you would be so kind as to take a few minutes to fill these short surveys out, we would all be very appreciative! Thank you very much.
  22. Hi I made a shuttle and made a thruster and went to barren without any resources and i cant get back to the home planet. the thruster says USED SOLID-FUEL THRUSTER can you please help me get back to home base
  23. Acendrion

    Lag with tethers

    I have been playing for like 7 hours and I have been getting problems when one of my friend's place a tether we all lag, I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it.
  24. I have several cubes af various sizes growing throung the ground around my base and i can not get rid of them . . .help ?
  25. jujutintin37

    astroneer he have a wiki

    i don't found a wiki to astroneer and i don't say why