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Found 241 results

  1. SES_Adam

    How do I...?

    Hello! Playing Astroneer and are unsure about something? First, check out the FAQ thread. If your answer isn't in there then by all means use this forum to ask your questions. Offer as much information and media as you can so you can get informed responses. If you're reading a question someone else has asked, feel free to reply with your suggestions or answers. We're building this game with the community and encourage you to help whenever you feel like. Adam
  2. PRPike

    Cross Play

    So I have a friend that plays Astroneer on xbox. I play it on steam. Is there or will be a crossplay for these 2? Thanks!
  3. Kreme#0669

    Discord help?

    HELP. i need to be sent to a "astroneer discord" mod or owner. and quick. i need to ask and do some other things. please? i also need to know how to get the "flight test" i am on steam
  4. Sam Sego

    Low framerate on xbox

    Hello, I didn't know where else to turn to. It wasn't so bad on version 1.0.6 but the 1.0.7 update, my game just struggles with the fps. I do not have very many tethers active and I still are only getting like 16-20 fps. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. I was trying out the small shuttle for the first time, but lost my thruster after taking off from the unidentified satellite. If I quit and reload, I'll appear back on the "unidentified satellite" with a working small shuttle, but I still can't get any farther than orbit. Is there some way I can get my Astroneer back on Sylva, or should I just delete the save and start over?
  6. Hey guys, bought Astroneer a couples of years back (pretty sure it was close to release but not sure as cannot find on steam purchase history) and loved it, had a long break from the game and just come back today to see all that has changed long story short I noticed there was a retro suit available to those that played the beta and wondering if that is something i still need to claim or did i miss a distribution back in beta Thanks
  7. So I have recently purchased (from the windows store) and installed the game on my Windows 10 computer. When I first opened it a sort of cut scene played before the menu and I closed the game before it was finished so now when I load up the game it gets stuck at the beginning part. Even after countless reinstalls it still does it every single time. I can turn my camera and play around with my backpack but I cannot start a new game or see the menu.
  8. For some reason no matter what me and my friend do on Astroneer he cannot join me at all. I can sometimes join his game, but I CANNOT join his. We've been trying to figure it out for 2 days now.
  9. LeBacon

    Won't install on pc

    Hey My friend plays the game a ton and I wanted to play with him. He has an Xbox so I went through the Microsoft store, so I could play with him. I recently bought it and tried to download it but it doesn't want to work. I have updated my version of windows ten to the latest version. Any help would be great.
  10. Hello there, So I bought Astroneers way back but the Microsoft store says I don't own the game. This hasn't really been an issue until I saw that Astroneers has Xbox play anywhere. Here is my problem, I can't play on my pc. I have no idea if you can fix this because it has to do with the Microsoft store. No harm in asking. (The Attached File is Video form of my issue with proof that I own the game) I dont own Astroneers.mp4
  11. Did some unexpected weird bug occur? Perhaps you accidentally fell down a really deep hole and died? Maybe you lost some really hard to obtain resources that you don't want to remake again? Normally there is nothing you can do, you HAVE to accept your fate and start over, as there is no option to Quit Without Saving. And because Astroneer does not allow you to have more than one save file, there is no way to just exit the game normally and load a previous save file. (Which you can do on practically EVERY OTHER GAME. (Why only one save file? (This is such derp on the developer's part.))) , Pushing the power button probably won't help you, because Astroneer will do a "clean shutdown" ... which likely includes saving your screwed-up game. Nope, we have to be sneaky and kill Astroneer suddenly before it can attempt to save the game. There are some options... The most drastic solution... yank the power cord on your device! Not a great idea for Windows if you had other programs running in the background, but probably the XBox will tolerate it okay, as it is a consumer device that has to be able to handle such abuse. The less drastic solution on Windows is to Kill the game program using the Task Manager, which will force it to abruptly stop what it is doing without saving. There are two ways to get to the Task Manager: Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and a list of choices will appear. At the bottom of the list is the Task Manager. Select it. Or, In the game press the Windows key, and the Windows task bar will appear across the bottom of the screen. Somewhere in the blank area of the task bar, press the right mouse button and a menu of choices will appear. Near the bottom of this menu, select the item named Task Manager. If you've never used Task manager before, it just show you a list of running programs, one of which is named "Astro". Click on it to select it, and then in the bottom right corner, click button End Task. Astroneer will close suddenly and you will be left at the Windows desktop. Now you can run the game again, and when you load the game, you will be at the point where you saved before the Big Fail occurred.
  12. EzzieValentine

    Random Game Crash on Novus

    Summary: Random Crash on Novus Description: My game randomly crashes on Novus while I'm clearing away soil for my base. Video: Shows I'm not doing anything special, just a random crash. ASTRONEER 3_24_2019 4_44_14 PM (3).mp4 Platform: Steam Version/Build Number:
  13. McFley

    Trapped on Moon

    Hello, I have launched a rocket to the moon of the initial planet in Astroneer and do not ask me how, but my engine so the solid fuel booster is broken. So I have to build a new one on the moon, but nowhere is alluminium, which is needed for the booster. So how do I get away? And dieing doesnt help because I respawn in the rocket. Thank you
  14. I first landed on Desolo right in the crater, then I deformed the surrounding the take out my cargo I forgot something, so I went back to Sylva. But the second time I landed on the same spot, it immediately took off right after landing, I tried again but it's the same result, and it used up my thruster. I had to land on other spot on Desolo and is a bit stranded, I think I will eventually survive but it is very frustrating.
  15. Hello guys, hello developers First of all, I would love to congratulate on the release of the game and express respect to the developers - you worked hard, and now the game feels way better and is definitely more polished (I know, I played Astroneer 2 years ago and I play it now after release 1.0). But I've faced strange issue - after 20h playing on the same world, my framerate drops and frametime spikes drastically. I have no issues in the brand new world. I've recorded a log with MSI Afterburner, it is available here, and also I've recorded a video (available here) where I'm playing a few minutes in an 'old' world and some time in a 'new' world. Specs are described in a log sheet. Content of ..\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor also available in .zip archive. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks and again congratulations with the release of the game.
  16. I went to connect power to an alien artifact on Glacio while standing on the triangular power meter thing. On connect, the power meter shot up and now I'm trapped inside it with no way out. I have oxygen via a nearby platform I can't see or move, so I can't suicide to respawn. So I basically can't play at all unless I start over or there's some magic way to teleport out or cause a respawn. However, I don't want to start over and all the magic teleport/respawn tricks that worked for the preview game are gone. It was fun while it lasted, at least aside from the other time I had a large Rover glitch through the ground because a spot on Sylvana rendered with the normal wrong way in.
  17. Allen Perry

    Atrox suit missing

    So when you guys released 1.08 I unlocked the atrox core and satellite and no suit I made a new game after the patch worked hard for the stuff then went to atrox powered core and satellite nothing am I supposed to active the cores In order or what?
  18. Description: My friend glitched out then crashed while we were on Desolo. When he tried joining back, he was prompted with the character creation screen. When he launched, everything we worked hard that was on his backpack, was gone. Just, completely wiped. Please help us! Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 10.0.17134 Build 17134 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2208 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s) GPU: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (ASUStek Computer Inc) RAM: 16GB Unknown brand RAM Drive: Seagate Firecuda 2TB 2.5" HDD MSINFO 2019-02-17 7-59 PM.nfo
  19. Allen Perry

    My atrox suit

    So for the first time when you guys released patch 1.08 I got the core opened on atrox and placed it on satellite and no suit so I made a new world worked hard then got the core unlocked and satellite and nothing but my terran suit is unlocked I'm disappointed
  20. Hi, recently my friend and I could not join each others game no matter who the host was. We tried to do it where one of us has the game open and the other has theirs closed and still no luck. Tried inviting through steam interface and that didn't work either. We have made rules in both of our firewalls. Any suggestions to try so we can play together? We got the game to specifically play multiplayer. Thanks for your help.
  21. Jacob Best

    Help please

    So I bought the game before it was released; when it was released I was given the beta skin and recently I got the Terran suit, but the last update got rid of my beta suit and relocked the Terran suit. Please help
  22. 車は赤いです(red)

    tractor hijacks and destroys my save

    SAVE_2$2019.02.22-20.10.08.savegame i made the tractor jumped on it (standing still) and I could no longer go back to an old save (it still loaded) but its like it wrote over all of them , a and i cant drive it or jump of it or interact with stuff like cable or item but i can still look around
  23. Hello! When using this mod, I'm finding all kind of behaviors except what it could be expected. In particular, the following happens to me: * With normal use, it digs a hole perpendicular to the center of the planet * Pressing ALT, it grows a pillar perpendicular to the center of the planet * Pressing CTRL, creates a ¿vertical? wall, These three behaviors happen even if centering the pointer over a triangle as horizontal as possible. It's even deforming the initial undeformable black floor around the shelter. I'm 100% sure the augment is active, as the green ciclet around the plug glows, and i have few soil containers equipped and filled as well. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't the normal use smooth the surface in a spherical form, around the planet?
  24. I've been trying to play the game and do general Astroneer stuff, but my game stopped being able to load. After selecting the game and starting loading, it would freeze and eventually crash. I started a new world and at first it worked, but after a while it too came to the same fate. If you know a way to fix this or stop it from happening if the game files can't be fixed, please let me know!