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Found 5 results

  1. First off, as this is my first post I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this game. I've never felt the need to join a forum and get involved with a gaming community before this so kudos on a great game System Era. That said I have suggestion for the GUI. While the red around the screen to show damage works, it is a bit basic. That being said, I don't think a health bar is necessary. My idea would be to keep the red but add an AI to the spacesuits that would give you pertinent information without breaking the immersion of the world. So something like lines of text appearing in the top right corner to inform the player of status updates. For example when you take any physical damage a message would pop up saying something like: "Suit Rupture Detected!..." "Source: Impact..." "Initiating repairs...." "Repairs complete" for collisions with debris and impalement from plants OR "Suit Integrity Compromised!" "Source: Acidic Damage..." "Enacting Countermeasures..." "Suit Integrity Stabilized" For acid gas attacks from plants As a bonus this would shed some light on how your Astroneer regens health. Also It could be used as a advanced warning mechanism too. Other neat messages could be: "Weather Anomaly Approaching!" for storms "Oxygen Running Low" for... well oxygen running low... you get the idea. Finally keeping with the lighthearted tone of them game I think it could cute for the messages to have a little personality. Welcoming messages , random encouragement, and maybe tips or space facts. Down the line maybe through in some voice acting, who knows. Just an idea, thanks for reading!
  2. Alignment mod for horizontal terrain Power should visually go through tethers to you, instead it stops at the posts. save and exit button in menu View distance meter and current should be "medium" or "normal" back pack upgrades to hold 1-2 more slots or to hold more oxygen and power in the actual back pack you should heal much slower, and longer before you start to heal, but you can build some sort of Health station "Large" battery, that maybe takes 4-5 lithium or you upgrade a medium battery to hold not only hold more but it is over all cheaper to build 1 large than 2 mediums yet same capacity "Large" storage for the base as in maybe a cube, or flat and double decked, Large storage on vehicles with more slots but no room for research items More things to hurt you such as another plant or if you go without power for a while hurt you if stuff drops on your head, such as research some sort of level type of device to measure habitat only has limited oxygen(in rate or capacity) and you must make a machine which pulls it from air, or through electrolysis or something food creation so you must eat like say once a day and once a night trees need diversity in research as it seems all the trees of one area will have the same two or three research pods. trees should de-spawn after they are up rooted. fuel should have a trade value, obviously not like it was, but maybe the same as coumpound. make titanium and lithium more expensive to duplicate potentially? organic shouldn't be able to trade for ammonium. that's extremely broken, a few organic and you get infinite fuel. large platform without building so you can just have a platform to put storage
  3. Adding a health bar would be very useful, allowing players to see their health and know when they are close death, or if they are prepared to fight an enemy, I still think the character's health should be regenerated, adding a health bar would also allow upgrades to the health and let players know if they're being hurt or not more easily.
  4. First off, I just recently got this game and I'm loving it, shouts out to the dev team for putting out some great content. My biggest beef with the current game, however, is that although very entertaining, it doesn't pose that much of a challenge at times. It's more of like a creative sandbox with progression and a few survival aspects. This is expected though, because its pre-alpha, and theres not really enough content to differentiate between difficulty levels. So heres a few idea's I had that could be implemented when (or IF) different difficulties are integrated. Difficulty levels Creative, Survival, Hardcore. Something along those lines, or easy/medium/hard/hardcore. How you would apply these changes to each difficulty level would be up to the devs, as some of it would be p difficult for casual gameplay. Personally, I think the game as it is now makes a pretty good easy gamemode, maybe just increased health or something. I don't think the feature of losing all your items when you die should be included, the urge to go back and get those items you lost is dangerous enough in itself. Oxygen changes Keeping yourself from dying is pretty easy once you get out of the early game stages and get your first batch of tethers and a rover. I'd like to see this made a little more challenging, for instance adding a "oxygen concentrator" module. You wouldn't need one of these for your first habitat, as habitats could also act as oxygen concentrators themselves (like they currently do). This would mean, however, that every other component of your base and vehicles wouldn't provide you an oxygen line anymore UNLESS they have a concentrator attached. Oxygen wouldn't travel through the connectors between bases like energy and oxygen do now. Concentrators would require power, and as long as they have a power source, they provide an oxygen line to the player. They could be attached to vehicles, bases, but not a player, as it would take up the same amount of space as a full sized solar panel (and would ruin the point of having an oxygen system in the first place). This module would drain energy very slowly, so long distance expeditions in vehicles wouldn't be impossible if you only had a solar panel or limited fuel. I would suggest a printer be required to make these, and four compound elements (or aluminum for more of a challenge). Now, you could argue that tethers would kind of ruin the point of this module, so I would suggest a change with these as well. I think they should have a range, so that they can only keep an oxygen line going for so long (how far that range is, up to the devs). This would allow beginning players to travel around their starting point, but not have an unlimited range of exploration like they do now. This would also require players to bring vehicles with a concentrator into caves for mining operations, which I like a lot because bringing vehicles into caves is beneficial anyways (more excavating/harvesting modules for vehicles?). You could still string tethers along for as far as you wanted, but they would stop giving the player energy/oxygen after that certain range. Kind of a stretch, but you could add a smaller contentrator module that would fit on a players backpack that would produce one unit of oxygen for every unit of organic it consumes. Would only cost 1 compound to make, and would allow for early game exploration. With all these changes, it might be beneficial to make a slight increase in how much oxygen your tank can hold (based on difficulty). Health changes Please add a health bar ): In harder gamemodes, health should not regenerate. Instead, add a few features that can regenerate health. For instance, easy medpacks that can be crafted from the inventory with 1 compound, that heals 50% of your health. Also, a module that can be attached to a vehicle, player, or base that would slowly heal any player near it. This means you could stay healed when you're doing solo operations, or act as the medic for your group. Also, lower health should adverse effects, such as below 25% you move slower, and below 10% you cant jump or something similar. Also, an armor module, that gives the player more health. Weather changes Different types of storms, with different levels of lethality and effects. Harder difficulties would have an increase in more dangerous storms, and easier levels might have the same amount of storms as they do now, but less deadly ones. I like the idea of a storm that can actually destroy vehicles and bases, like a tornado or something similar. It would have a small area of effect, but would rip apart anything in its wake (players included), leaving behind only materials of whatever was destroyed (probably like 75% of the production cost, plus whatever was attached). On exotic planets, acid rain. Slowly depletes health over time, and a user has to be inside of a habitat, or underneath cover to avoid it. This is also where the armor module would come in handy. Overcast days that make it so solar panels wont generate electricity. I'm aware that actual solar panels work on cloudy days, but still. Maybe some planets have adverse weather affects on harder difficulties. For example, you can freeze to death on tundra planets, or vehicles can overheat on desert ones. The solution? More modules obviously, that prevent freezing and overheating. Or perhaps just one that makes your suit/vehicle weather-proof. This would be only something needed for late-game players, as starting planets wouldn't have these extreme elements. Stronger sandstorms because why not. They last for a shorter time, and dont have the big rocks that come with the current ones, but the player and any loose items get thrown around more. Maybe add a stake module (or something similar) that can hold the player or a vehicle down to the ground. Other environmental changes Earthquakes. Would create rifts in random spots on the ground, and cause certain areas of caves to collapse. I like the idea of caves collapsing, because it would add a whole new sense of danger to cave exploring beyond scary plants. Also, if part of a base was over a rift that was created by the quake, it would be destroyed. Vehicles would simply fall into the hole. Animals? Monsters? Something that can kill you? Would also mean combat would have to be introduced, and I feel like thats a while off (if its even planned), so not really getting into it. I would also think an option for "custom settings" at the start of world creation would be nice, so you could set how often and what types of storms happen, health options, oxygen options, ect. Hope the devs take these ideas into consideration, and I'd like to hear what you're guys opinion is as well.
  5. Expected outcome: Jumping into a habitat or enclosure should allow character to heal. A storm came, I was hit by some rocks and I jumped inside of a ship. Had the red edge mist on the screen. Walked away from the game for a bit until the storm abated and came back and still had the red edge mist. Can recreate by getting hurt and entering vehicle. Screenshot is after 3 - 5 minutes of sitting in vehicle not regenerating health. I'd argue that jumping into a seat in a truck/rover may not protect you from flying debris during a storm and allow you to still get damaged. But, health should still attempt to regen.