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Found 2 results

  1. So this suggestion is 2 in one as it was brought up when running into those flowers that spew green gas and me not dying on some occasions, but getting killed within seconds on others. 1st we need a health bar so we can see when the green gas is about to kill us. 2nd Why are we dying of poison gas? We are in a sealed space suit, and breathing a confined amount of oxygen. How is this getting in?
  2. Health Bar Bar that is above oxygen bar and shows how much health do you have. It would help a lot beacouse you know how much health you have. Red color Fills faster when you have full oxygen ( that means healt fills faster too ) Same size as oxygen bar Storage To me happens a lot of times that I run out of places to put my storages. It has 8 slots Probaly best if it is same like for vehicles You can put it on 2 slots Weapons ¨Evil¨ plants ( Gas and Spikey plants ) are so anoying to mine ( kill ) with land tool. Weapon to just shoot them would be good. Realy have no idea what to say about it Probaly / Maby ( your choise ) You activate and hold it same as land tool Uses power / Does not use power You get it when you spawn, like land tool / You have to ¨Print¨ it Kills in one shot, with slow reload / Reloads fast but it takes multiple shots to kill plant Vehicles I need to get to some places that are far and terian is not good so it is hard to drive truck and rover. So at that moments it maby would be good to have: -Motorcycle Fast Small amount of slots ( like 2 - 4 ) Batery - your choise -Helicopter ( but it probaly would be to hard to drive and land ) Fast Small amount of slots ( like 2-4 ) Batery - your choise And for Vehicles I just want to tell that they glich ( IK that ¨glitch¨ is like bug report ) a lot. They just fly to the space, when I come closer they just jump and slowly fall back, they just gone ( that happens only for truck and rover.. and any vehicle like that and I do not have it jet ). Couse all that reports you probaly know for that and you just can not fix it. But it is OK . We will survive . Tell me in comments what do you think about my suggestions