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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, Today I played some Astroneer and I was very excited about the new update and the full release. But I had to notice that the multiplayer function is very bad. If I play with my friend on his world, I have big performance problems. I have a good internet connection and my friend too. I play on a Xbox one X. If you can help me, please let me know it. I like this game but with this bad performance it is unplayable. Thanks :)
  2. Hello addicted Astroneers Aggressive flora and other threats are being prepared, are there any diseases? If so, it would be worth adding a healing module to the habitat. If the astroneer attacks the plant he will fall ill. When he is sick he walks slowly and does not run. You must heal him. Collect organic or maybe new herb material. You can also leave the herbs in the confectioneries. Graphic proposal: Astroneer light.avi
  3. Expected outcome: Jumping into a habitat or enclosure should allow character to heal. A storm came, I was hit by some rocks and I jumped inside of a ship. Had the red edge mist on the screen. Walked away from the game for a bit until the storm abated and came back and still had the red edge mist. Can recreate by getting hurt and entering vehicle. Screenshot is after 3 - 5 minutes of sitting in vehicle not regenerating health. I'd argue that jumping into a seat in a truck/rover may not protect you from flying debris during a storm and allow you to still get damaged. But, hea
  4. I landed hard right before I got in my spaceship and it doesn't seem that I'm healing in there. I went to space immediately so maybe there's something in the script that does it that way. I feel like you should regenerate health in your ship, even if you got hurt and took off.