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Found 5 results

  1. Ever felt that pursuing the main quest gets grindy after unlocking the first few planets? For me that was the point where i had researched the most important stuff and it was just a repetitive task to go from planet to planet and do the same thing over and over again. Because the reality is that while the planets look different they play very much alike. So how about making each planet actually unique with it's own environmental hazards, with an own set of research to deal with them and require you to adapt your routine in order to master each planet. Storms (Calidor): The old storm mechanic, but spiced up a little. for one storms should blow away all lose items (technically they should be despawned and be managed in a 'storm inventory'. storms could then later randomly spawn items from their inventory. note that such a technical implementation could help performance at it is a cleanup of unused objects laying around). additionally building or vehicles hit by debris could be damaged. damage would accumulate and provide a growing stat debuff (more energy consumed, less produced, vehicles become slower, ...). but everything can be repaired with a repair tool that consumes scrap (including the randomly spawned debris). Additionally there would be large pressurized and connectable tents (see picture below) with enough space to place a base inside them. there should be a variant with translucent roof to enable placement of solar panels within. Freezing (Glacio): Cold environments would cause your buildings and vehicles to freeze after some time at which point they become not operation until heated up again. To counter this there would be heat sources. Small and medium generator would be immune to freezing and heat their surroundings when active. Additionally there would be a researchable heater building that consume energy to produce heat. There should be also an consumable anti-freezing compound consumable item (produced at the chemistry lab) that can unfreeze anything and grant a time limited effect preventing freezing. tents could also be useful here as heaters placed inside would have extended range in the interior. Acidic corrosion (Atrox): Acidic air would damage most buildings, vehicles and regular tethers over time. corrosion damage could be repaired with the repair tool mentioned above. the main way to protect against the harsh environment would to put the base inside tents. however it would additionally need an air filter that consumes metal ores to clean up the air of acid - initially when the tent is raised and then a little bit every time an astroneer enters to leaves through an airlock. a protective coating spray consumable would provide time limited protection for outdoor equipment. Acid levels would vary between biomes (affecting corrosion damage frequency). Power hungry fungus (Vesania, Novus): A natural fungus from airborne spores that has a habit of being attracted by power lines. Will start to overgrow all buildings stationary vehicles that consume or produce power, which for one makes them operate slower and most importantly drains power from the grid. once infected it spreads to nearby buildings. especially attracted to power producers, most of all RTGs with their constant power output. does not like heat however, so it will avoid active small and medium generators. Fungus can be removed manually. Buildings chance of getting infected can be reduced by heating them (see freezing mechanics) but RTGs would still always be prone to infection. tents with air filters using coal would provide a safe space for a base. Oxygen free atmosphere (cave biomes of most planets, all of Atrox, Desolo surface only) : Let's say the oxygen generator we currently have is just an oxygen concentrator and filter - so it requires oxygen to be in the air in the first place. The idea is to add oxygen as a new actual atmospheric resource that can be harvested with the atmospheric condenser, wherever it is present. On planets where it is available the current generator would do its job just as it is right now. but in oxygen free environments we would require other sources. there it would work differently: having an input slot for gas canisters (accepting only oxygen) which it would consume in order to feed the tether network. vehicles have kind of a build-in oxygen generator so they would have to work the same way. note they have large blue oxygen tanks on their sides that are currently purely cosmetic... but would become an actual internal storage for oxygen so one does not have to transport large amounts of gas canisters. Reactive Rocks (only in a few deep cave biomes): special new terrain that explodes, gasses off or does something else harmful when drilled (or better when it enters the terrain tool). i.e. stuff you better get through using dynamite (finally giving it a purpose). Expansive Flora (Vasenia caves): another fungus vegetation that expands and grows fast. it's main 'hazard' would be that it creates new organic with some of it spawning larger obstacles for vehicles. growth rate will depend on the terrain material but the default gray of normal ramps will get overgrown especially quickly. I hope the pressurized tents concept has enough different gameplay scenarios to make the idea worth implementing. it is actually a consideration i made because i though calculating whether an interior space closed off by terrain is actually closed might be more complicated to do and more annoying for players to find and seal holes if not. tents would be placed by first placing a tent foundation platform. those could be connected with each other to cover a larger area. then just as the landing platform the tent can be raised forming a single tent over all connected foundations. after that the foundations would provide slots to place buildings on. there would be two airlocks, a personal one and a large one allowing objects up to the size of the medium rover to enter. of course these ideas listed here would break the bases people have established in their saves, so all this would have to come either in a new survival mode or as an starting option when creating a new game (where each hazard can be turned on/off individually). one would always have to start a new game in order to experience a new hazard added later on (well, unless it comes with a new planet that is).
  2. Each planet should have their own unique Storms. The Terrain planet's storms can stay the same. The Barren Planet should have Meteor Showers. The Radiant Planet should have a radioactive storm that slowly eats away at your health if you are not taking cover. The Arid planet should have Solar Storms that temporarily cuts off the power supply of all machines exposed on the surface. The Tundra planet should have a more intense version of the Terrain planet's storm with the wind being able to push the player around. The Exotic planet should have tornados.
  3. While viewing the Astroneer 1.0 what I thought was an asteroid impact was merely a plant slamming itself on the player but that got me thinking. Are there more realistic hazards that could be added? Here are my ideas of course they might have already been suggested or are being worked on as we speak. I realize coding is not easy so these are just thoughts :). This will be expanded in the future. 1.Asteroid Impacts: Having an asteroid impact would be fantastic for astroneer as it poses a threat from anywhere! The asteroid would leave a trail of flames and could be visible from Space just before it hits. The crater could be a reasonable size and would be hot as for if a player were to make contact, they would start taking damage. Eventually this crater would cool down after a few minutes and reveal ores such as copper or aluminium. 2.Active Volcanoes: I dont know if this is in the works for Terrain 2.0 but if it isn't then allow me to share my idea. An Active Volcano will erupt every few hours and a loud sound will be emitted. Rocks similar from dust storms but instead these rocks will be glowing will be sent into the atmosphere and will have a radius of a few kilometers and maybe damage players before despawning. Hot glowing rock can be seen at the top of the volcano almost in a water fountain fashion before falling back into the crater. 3.Projectile Fauna: I know for a fact that these types of aggressive plants are being worked on or are on the drawing boards already. These plants would work by spotting an astroneer in a certain radius and shoot out spikes or other projectiles slowly killing the player. WILL UPDATE THIS LIST SOON!
  4. Ok, so I recently watched the Vlog 025, where they were showcasing some experimental aggressive flora. This thing down there. And can I just say. No, please no. The name of the game isn't Plants vs. Astroneers. The few 'agressive' flora in the game right now are more annoying than anything. However, that's only because they are rather incapable of doing anything other than slowing me down the few seconds it takes me to remove them with my 40-foot pole called the terrain deformer. Anything more capable than them will be outright infuriating. I distinctly remember the devs being rather adamant about not giving the players guns in Astroneer because 'It's not that kind of game.' In that case, please don't include hazards which are basically snipers and grenadiers. I don't want to literally be at war with the environment. And as for the plants which boop you off a mountain. I recently got booped off a mountain by a combination of lag and terrain generation, which plopped a rock onto a slope I had made not 1 minute earlier, which didn't render until I was right in front of it. Lobbed me off my ramp as I slid down it and I died by fall damage. In otherwords, a sudo booper created by bugs, And it was the most frustrating experience I've had with the game in the past six months. Pleeease don't do this. TLDR: Nope. To the devs, if you want references for interesting fauna you can put in your game, take a look at Grow Home and Grow Up. The plants in these games are interesting and interactable and they don't shoot you!
  5. Nothing much on the moons surface so I drilled way down. I found lots of deadly plants and other things that kill you when you get close, also a ton of coal. These little purple dudes were everywhere down there. You can kill them with terrain tool but they give off poison gas. Deadly plants were everywhere, especially around the coal deposits.