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Found 5 results

  1. Ever felt that pursuing the main quest gets grindy after unlocking the first few planets? For me that was the point where i had researched the most important stuff and it was just a repetitive task to go from planet to planet and do the same thing over and over again. Because the reality is that while the planets look different they play very much alike. So how about making each planet actually unique with it's own environmental hazards, with an own set of research to deal with them and require you to adapt your routine in order to master each planet. Storms (Calidor): The old storm
  2. Each planet should have their own unique Storms. The Terrain planet's storms can stay the same. The Barren Planet should have Meteor Showers. The Radiant Planet should have a radioactive storm that slowly eats away at your health if you are not taking cover. The Arid planet should have Solar Storms that temporarily cuts off the power supply of all machines exposed on the surface. The Tundra planet should have a more intense version of the Terrain planet's storm with the wind being able to push the player around. The Exotic planet should have tornados.
  3. While viewing the Astroneer 1.0 what I thought was an asteroid impact was merely a plant slamming itself on the player but that got me thinking. Are there more realistic hazards that could be added? Here are my ideas of course they might have already been suggested or are being worked on as we speak. I realize coding is not easy so these are just thoughts :). This will be expanded in the future. 1.Asteroid Impacts: Having an asteroid impact would be fantastic for astroneer as it poses a threat from anywhere! The asteroid would leave a trail of flames and could be visible from Space just b
  4. Ok, so I recently watched the Vlog 025, where they were showcasing some experimental aggressive flora. This thing down there. And can I just say. No, please no. The name of the game isn't Plants vs. Astroneers. The few 'agressive' flora in the game right now are more annoying than anything. However, that's only because they are rather incapable of doing anything other than slowing me down the few seconds it takes me to remove them with my 40-foot pole called the terrain deformer. Anything more capable than them will be outright infuriating. I distinctly remember the de
  5. Nothing much on the moons surface so I drilled way down. I found lots of deadly plants and other things that kill you when you get close, also a ton of coal. These little purple dudes were everywhere down there. You can kill them with terrain tool but they give off poison gas. Deadly plants were everywhere, especially around the coal deposits.